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Official DROID 4 Specs, It’s Definitely a Big RAZR With a Keyboard and 4G LTE

The DROID 4 is upon us whether we are ready for it or not. The first pictures of it popped up a few weeks ago followed by signs pointing to it arriving on December 8. We also got confirmation that training has started for some Verizon shops, along with this set of official specs. Who knew we would see it so soon?

The D4 will have a 4″ screen (LCD or AMOLED?), 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, DROID RAZR styling, 5-row slideout keyboard, 4G LTE, front camera for video chatting and an 8MP rear camera. This could be the DROID that many of you have been waiting for. The Stratosphere had LTE and a keyboard, but this phone has top of the line specs to go with them.

On a related note, thoughts on the tool needed to remove the back cover? It doesn’t have a removable battery, but the cover can be removed using that circular tool pictured above, so that you can insert a SIM and SD card. 


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  • David Parrella

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  • Tiger Lyon15

    is the QWERTY keyboard really worth the wait for D4 i mean i really like the Razr, do you think the d4 will be better?

  • KRSwon


  • Fonnie Williams

    I hope it doesn’t take 3+ months for this phone to get ICS.

    • Locus

      What will your ICS phone do better than your Gingerbread phone?


    ehh, ill stick with my rezound. this is just as fat anyways.


    first global 4g phone?

  • Anonymous

    Yes!, Yes!, Yes! … It has GSM bands! … (Global Capabilities) … Hello D4, and goodbye Bionic.

  • Meh, locked bootloader. Lamesauce

  • Soren

    Even though it’s not as fast, I’m still leaning towards the Bionic. Good screen size, good bezel size, removable batter, upgradable storage. Waiting for the Nexus, then compare D4, Razr, Nexus and Bionic side-by-side in my hands. Razr feels uncomfortable to hold.

  • Joe S.

    Bionic is still looking good.

  • Jorge

    After getting the Tbolt, I realized how useful the keyboard is. I might get the D4 but does anyone know why it’s longer and wider than the Tbolt yet it only has 4″ screen?

  • Cmonnats23

    I defiantly want the droid 4! but after looking at the RAZR yesterday for the first time… I’m not a fan. The screen seemed very dim even when at full brightness. Then, it also seemed as if there was some kind of blueish tint in the screen that couldn’t be gotten rid of… anyone else with the RAZR notice that?

    • Anonymous

      Mine when it’s dim has a slight yellowish tint to it. But it’s still a fantastic screen. VERY pleased with it,especially while watching vids. So far I really like this phone….didn’t think I would but it’s changing my mind.

      • Cmonnats23

        You like it overall though? I am not sure whether to grab the Nexus or the D4. I have the D2 (running miui) and I like it. I might even be leaning toward the D4. Is the UI snappy and responsive? Hows the blur and all the bloatware verzion/moto put on it?

  • Blix

    The iFixit.com tear down of the Razr stated that the camera is capable of taking 720p at 120 fps. Has anyone ever tried this, and will the D4 (or any other phone) have the same ability?

  • Anonymous

    I wonder why there is so much talk about the Nexus on the Droid site. You should understand why the Nexus got the ics first. The nexus is Google and so is the operating system android 4.0. One should take care of self first.
    Remember how Microsoft use windows to rule the software business? Give you competitors a different SDK than the one you use and your applications run much better. LOL

  • Anonymous

    only a 4inch screen, no buy

  • Anonymous

    you have to use a plastic tool to remove the back cover? who thought of that?

  • Chris420o

    Still ill be switchin my razr for nexus…if this phone was 4.3 without pysical buttons hd screen and ics…id prob get it

    • Anonymous

      I don’t get it, what benefit do you get from having non physical buttons? The software buttons on the nexus are constantly eating into the screen real estate unless you’re watching something in full screen…so you might as well just have the physical buttons since the on screen buttons are going to be there 99% of time and making your 4.6in.display into a 4.3ish in. display.

  • Chris420o

    It amazes me how people pass such negative judgement on moto phones…its funny goes to show you 80% of you never used one…blur laggy/buggy/slow? HAH…maybe a year n a half ago…bad camera? Have u used the razr cam? Def not its super quick takes good pics not fantastic…and dont like the design?…ima be very clear on this…if you dont like the design your gay or a woman…no way around it…go get your htc bliss…but with all that said this really should have been the droid 3 i feel bad for d3 owners…and this phones not lazy now people can get a flagship phone with or w.o a keyboard…like the evo and evo shift…except way better

  • xD


    They took a RAZR, put in a cheaper TFT display, and stapled it to a keyboard.

    No thanks. 

  • Anonymous

    good device but sadly no ATT or GSM version… as usual another good qwerty phone for verizon…

    • Sam

      Check the specs image again. It is quad-band GSM capable!

      • Lou

        It’s Verizon, they block other US carriers even after unlocking it for foreign carriers. Looking at other global Android phones there isn’t much success with hacking to enable US GSM carriers.

  • geno villafano

    Time to rave once more about keyboard shortcuts! 

  • angelface77

    Congratulations for the users getting the droid 4.
    It seems moto will win again 🙂

    • Guest

      moto failed AGAIN!!  

      • Anonymous

        You should take a good long look at that picture yourself.

        • Guest

          i did i saw a picture of J_McClane in it! HA!

    • Guest


    • Guest

      looks like you’ll have to flag it again losers! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I agree. There are too many Droid devices. Basically, every phone with a few exceptions on Verizon is a Droid. It’s dumb. I also hate the fact that the Droid (OG, 2, 3, etc.) doesn’t have its own look now. The Droid 3 was a Bionic with a keyboard sans 4G and the Droid 4 is a RAZR with a keyboard.

    I think it’d be cool of Verizon and Motorola to reinvent the Droid branding with a whole new Droid that paid homage to the first one. It’d be a new design, have a keyboard, state of the art, and most importantly, stock. That would be my perfect phone. I like the Nexus phones because they get updates right away, but if a phone has an unlocked boot loader, like the OG Droid or most HTC phones, it doesn’t matter as much because someone in the community will give you the updates. I actually wouldn’t even mind Motoblur on this new Droid that I’d like. As long as it had an unlocked boot loader, I couldn’t care less. I would have the choice to use it or a ROM like CM9+.


  • Anonymous

    Since this summer where all 4G LTE phones were $299. It’s a standard now for 4G.

  • Anonymous

    I think part of it is the Kevlar. I also like this on Moto phones because it’s easier to take pictures.

  • Anonymous

    Motoblur is not just the launcher. Blur is also the text messaging app, dialer/contacts app, the skin, widgets, etc. It’s a lot.

    • Lou

      That’s why people complain how intrusive it is and takes up resources.

  • Anonymous

    Stupid phone will be out before the Nexus…you watch….

  • Sam

    Oh man. Oh man.

    4G, QWERTY slider, 4″ screen, world phone, LivingSocial $25 off coupon…Christmas really is coming early this year!

  • Plechaty

    F verizon i just got the D3 4 months ago and they already have a D4 they should give a upgrade for all the D3 people

  • no removable battery?  Screw it.   You’re not apple. You can’t get away with that crap.

  • This better not be $299… since when did that become acceptable for an on-contract phone?

  • Wait, this isn’t the Droid I’m looking for…
    Mine needs more Chaos!

  • Ytram

    Why are you saying the battery is not removable?  If they’re giving a tool to remove the back cover, why would it just be for the SIM and SD card?

  • Anonymous

    Damnit. Not 720p Nooooo.

  • No more BIG phones

    When will Verizon/Motorola release a phone that isn’t HUGE?  I really don’t want a phone that is 5″ tall and over 2.5″ wide.  Do people really want to carry around a brick in their pocket?  I could really care less about most of the other features – just give me a descent Droid that isn’t giant.  The size of my OG Droid is perfect.

  • Typo

    Game, Set, and Match…I believe we have a winner to replace my OG…

  • Waiting for Droid 4 Global. Also trying to see what’s up with the Nexus situation. {{-_-}}

  • Surprised to see this one still has the hump in the back, i thought they would be able to do away with it on a slider phone.

  • Glad to see that the battery might be removable after all! Check out the pic. It has a “rear cover removal tool” and the SD and SIM are under there. Maybe the battery comes out too!

  • Buying as soon as I hear positive words about its battery life, yes.

    Dear god, finally. *swoons*

  • hatethanet

    Personally not a fan of phones with physical keyboards, but it’s great for people to have so many choices. Variety is the spice of (Droid) Life, haha.

  • MM

    Im in.  After reading this im glad im not the only person who cant seem to type on a TouchScreen without making tons of typos.  I bought the Droid X day 1 and have tried many many keyboards, nothing.  They take up too much screen and i make way to many mistakes. 

    Thank You for 4g and QWERTY.

  • Not bad at all. D4 looks solid, however G-Nex is still my next phone.

    The one thing I will miss when moving to a G-Nex from my OG is the ability to touch type texts without looking at my phone.

  • IM SO IN LOVE with this DROID!!!!

  • Keyboard lovers are going to love this thing

  • Nflrunningback51423

    WTF I bought the Bionic, thinking the Droid 4 wouldn’t be out til next year, either late spring or early summer and I really needed a new phone, so I caved. Had I known this was coming so soon, I would’ve waited. Talk about buyer’s remorse..

    • Anonymous

      You mad bro?

  • Guest

    At that size, they could have put in a bigger screen.

  • I may be wrong..but it seems that anyone that would be interested in the D4…would have already invested their $$$ into the D3..correct?  I will STILL be waiting for the GNexus….

  • wasnt the D3 1.2 ghz dual core?

    this is basically a Droid 3.2

    • Anonymous

      it was a 1ghz TI Omap 4430
      This is a Razr w/ a keyboard

    • The Droid 3 is 3G. Droid 4 is 4G. {{-_-}}

    • Anonymous

      Droid 3 – 1 GHz OMAP 4430, 512 MB ram, 3G, VGA ffc, 1540 mAh battery
      Droid 4 – 1.2 GHz OMAP 4430, 1 GB ram, 4G LTE, 1.3 MP ffc, 1785 mAh battery, redesign

  • Anonymous

    Just an observation… wouldn’t the 4.0 TFT in the picture mean it’s a TFT LCD?

    • Anonymous

      Also… quad-band GSM and HSDPA? Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the first LTE world phone.