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Possible “Nexus Prime” Specs Sneak Out This Afternoon, This Isn’t the Galaxy Nexus (Updated)

GSMArena has apparently received a tip from an “anonymous” tipster who works at Google, yet is…anonymous. This source claims that the real Nexus, which they are referring to as the “Nexus Prime” has completely different specs than the ones released this morning for the Galaxy Nexus.

Their source suggests that this phone will actually run Samsung’s new 1.5GHz Exynos processor – a chip that has yet to even go into sampling and was just announced last week.  It will also pack a PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU, 8MP camera, and 2050mAh battery.  The screen though, is indeed the 4.65″ Super AMOLED HD that was reported earlier.

So what do we make of this?  Well, if this device truly exists, it is NOT the Galaxy Nexus.  The G-Nex is as was reported earlier.  I know people with the phone that are not “anonymous” and believe what they have told me.  

So what is this unicorn that the anonymous Google tipster speaks of?  I would bet that if it exists, could be the Nexus Prime or the non-Verizon Nexus that is expected to come out towards the end of the year or beginning of 2012.

It sounds like a wonderful device, but there are too many things going on here that would suggest it won’t be announced next week at CTIA.  The fact that the processor will start sampling this quarter means there is almost a 0% chance that it will make it into a retail device in the next few weeks. Remember, the Galaxy Nexus has been rumored time and time again to be available at the end of October/early November. Let’s also not forget that Texas Instruments has been flaunting their relationship with Google for Ice Cream Sandwich for months.

My thoughts are that the Galaxy Nexus is the SCH-I515 and is headed to Verizon at the end of this month. The unicorn Nexus Prime could be the GT-I9250 and will be the non-Verizon Nexus released early next year.

You guys tell me what you think. What a day, eh? Anyone else wishing it was Tuesday, October 11?

Update:  Is there a chance that the phone referenced above is a version similar to the Galaxy SII LTE HD and ready for a stateside appearance?  I guess we have all been surprised before.  I just know that the device that is currently floating around to some pretty major players, is not that phone and is the one mentioned time and time again this morning that is known as the Galaxy Nexus.  Would it be amazing if Samsung and Google surprised us with this SGS2 LTE HD variant in a last second swap?  You betcha. We’ll know on Tuesday.

Update 2:  Check out this mock-up that was posted to Tumblr (not real of course):

Via:  GSMArena

  • If this is true, all I can say is once again Verizon screwed us!!!  Either way, I’m buying whatever freaking phone comes out on Verizon in the next month.  It doesn’t matter how amazing a phone is, a better one will come out months later, get used to it.  My phone is 2 years old and both of these rumored phones sound amazing.  Am I really going to be able to tell the difference between a 1.2Ghz and a 1.5Ghz or a 5MP camera and an 8MP camera.  Probably not.  Just give me stock ICS on a beautiful fast phone on Verizon and I’ll be happy and won’t look back.

    • Juan Moreno

      Don’t settle and don’t give loyalty to one carrier.

  • I’m hoping this ends up being the device. Exynos is the best processor on the market, bar none.

    • Juan Moreno

      A5 holds that honor, sorry.

      • Anonymous

        In terms of CPU? Ha, no. GPU, yes. Absolutely. Unless that GSM Arena rumor turns out to be true and this thing has the SGX543MP2, in which case GPU ties.

  • Juan Moreno

    I have a major quibble with this article; you see, if TI is supposed to be the reference, why release the MAIN Nexus with an Exynos? See, it doesn’t add up. The Verizon Nexus might have the TI, but Verizon is the minority base when compared to everyone else. The Non-Verizon one will reach more hands, and will thus be the real Nexus base. It can’t be that the main version gets the Exynos AND that the TI chip is reference. Doesn’t make sense.

  • Anonymous

    In this case I don’t believe Droid Life. All other sources have said that the specs posted earlier are wrong and Droid Life is saying that there are now TWO devices. There is only one device, its either what was posted eariler, or later, or a combo.

    • Juan Moreno

      Well, remember that Two Samsung devices were pegged through to Bluetooth and WiFi certification. The Sch one for Verizon and the other one for everyone else.

    • I think it’s been stated for a while now that there have been two devices out there.  I say we all just wait until 5 days from now so we can find out.

      • EC8CH

        WAIT 5 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Anonymous

      There are two devices.  Sorry.

  • Could be possible the device in testers hands was to test ICS using the design of the Galaxy Nexus using tech that has been available but that the final production device will just be an overall spec boost.

  • OG Droid

    Makes sense; I think we all know how Verizon loves to stick it to its customers. So a updated spec prime on other carriers would not surprise me. But I’ll still be getting this one.

  • onymous

    So what are the names of your people “that are not anonymous”? Or would you prefer to keep their identities anonymous?

  • ti is good but i hope they go with what they used on the ipad 2…cause you say they havent tested the exynos than why dont they use the a5 since they made it? exynos and a5 are probably the same so i hope they just throw in the exynos 

  • Kris Brandt

    I will call shenanigans on this one.  Maybe the Nexus Prime will be Spring of next year, but not certainly anytime by the end of the year.  The Galaxy Nexus will be my next phone and it will be my phone for a good 2 years.  My OG Droid has been with me since I got it.  It has scratches and dents all over it.  The battery cover doesn’t latch onto the back very well, but it still uses the battery it came with.  It has been dropped on everything but water and it runs like my ’94 Crown Vic – stubbornly, but powerfully.  Getting the Galaxy Nexus, running vanilla ICS, will allow me to retire my OGD with pride and without regrets.

    • Anonymous

      Glad to know I won’t be making this leap alone.

      • Me too folks…same story…can’t wait…the OG is ready to retire and start golfing everyday.

        • Guest345

          Hear, Hear!!!

  • another huge screen. oh goodie….

  • Sometimes you gotta put your foot down and say I’m buying this phone. I can’t wait forever. My OG is starting to go. If someone keeps waiting and waiting they’re going to be waiting for a longtime with these leaps phones are making now. Galaxy Nexus here I come.

    • i’m with you on this. I’ve been waiting since January. I will get this when it comes out and i still have 2 more upgrades available for whatever comes out in the spring and summer. Love the family plans!

  • JPC776

    This is nothing. I am in the process of developing a new phone with a 5GHz 8-Core processor, 4GB RAM, 24MP Camera, 5.5″ Screen, 4050mAh “slim-line” battery that runs Android version “Popcorn”. It will be out sometime in the next 5 years so just hang on to your upgrades. I’ll probably release it on Verizon…….but 2 months later release one that EVEN BETTER on the other carriers.

    • pffft 4 gigs of ram? weak! 

      • JPC776

        That’s the verizon version…the version for the other carriers will have at least 16!

        • Benjamin Landwehr

           Nice brah, so buttery!  4gigs is weak, but I’ll still stick it out with Verizon.

    • Anonymous

      It’ll be outdated by then.

  • Matthew Morrison

    now cooooooooome on!! i just took the freakin poll and said galaxy nexus would be my next phone!!! GRRRRRRRRRR they have to make things complicated don’t they?!!

  • If vzw gets to lower spec one, in gonna be mad…. And you won’t like me when I’m maddddd

    • you mad bro?

    • Juan Moreno

      If this is true, I’m switching to Sprint. I am tired of Verizon and their crappy sub-par hardware.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s hoping you’re wrong. That GPU blows the pants off the SGX540 in the OMAP4460.

    • Juan Moreno

      It certainly does. The SGX540 is a stagnant beast that can’t adequately handle that 720p Rez. The Exynos 4212 should be nice though =)

      • Anonymous

        Wrong, the SGX540 can easily handle much higher than 720p, or did you forget that it can mirror out to full 1080p?

  • EC8CH

    G-Nex vs Nex-Prime…. FIGHT!

    • Juan Moreno

      No contest if Kell is right….which sucks for us Verizon customers.

      • EC8CH

        yeah… but ones on Verizon 🙂

  • Anonymous

    It figures that Verizon is getting the lame version and the other carriers will get some crazy megabeast.  I don’t really care anymore though.  I just wanna get rid of my OG Droid.

    • Juan Moreno

      I just want a high end no-compromise device, which seems to be the type of phone Verizon has gotten over the last year or so. The Droid X was the last real flagship verizon phone.

      • Anonymous

        Agree verizons version as long as its stock should be the device to get. There is always something around the corner you just have to get something and be happy. Don’t play into the hype.

    • Anonymous

      You do realize that even the ‘upgraded’ Nexus Prime will be outdated compared to what’s coming mid next year right?

  • Boblevel

    Guess we’ll have to wait until next week for the REAL information..See what nonsense rumors and ‘sources’ did to the iPhone 5?..LOL…

  • Anonymous

    What a phone tease, I’m getting a serious case of blue calls

  • Gunther

    I don’t know what Kellex is talking about, I have the Nexus Prime in my hand right now, and not only does it have everything that GSMArena reported, but it also comes with a very advanced AI. Wait, what’s happening, OMG, no, it’s becoming sentient…run Sarah run!!!

    • Wildcat11

      duuude, Sarah might be have a better chance if you didn’t yell it to her on droid-life.com comment section!

  • Anonymous

    I think Samsung is going to come out with guns blazing. I don’t buy BGRs spec sheet. The GSMA spec list sounds too good to be true though…

    …Unless it was a world phone with +1 everything? I wouldn’t put anything past Samsung, I have a hard time believing they will let *pple have bragging rights on any spec. They mave have sampled internally. Or it’s the 1.5GHz OMAP 4470.

    One thing is for sure… the 11th CANNOT come quickly enough.

    • Anonymous

      Gandalf from the ’70’s cartoon Lord of the rings. Nice one. Oh… your post is good too.

      • Anonymous

        Good catch. Lets hope what I said rings true.. 😉

  • Guesting

    all rumors and speculation….ill just wait and see next week on the 11th for the real deal…unless the device itself gets leaked.

  • Andrew Dilks

    I hope Both are on Verizon!

  • Trunks1667

    So Verizon actually getting half ass version while everyone else getting the real beast. WTF Verizon letting me down again.

    • Juan Moreno

      +1 This has me considering switching to Sprint….

      • Kalel

        If that turns out to be the case… I will be breaking my contract and moving over to sprint.  Actually, my contract may be up on my main line.  I must have this phone.

  • It’ll take the one that is on Verizon. 

  • I want a Nexus Prime. Now.

  • Paul

    I noticed that the Bluetooth certification for the GT-i9250 states that it’s destined for Europe, not America, while the SCH-i515 said America. How does that factor into all of this?

  • Anonymous

    if this is true, thats the dumbest thing ever. bring out a half baked nexus to verizon as an “exclusive”. say screw you to all that bought it and release another nexus to everyone else with far superior specs.

    • EC8CH

      what if it takes another 3-4 months before they put out that phone with “far superior specs”?

      • Anonymous

        doesn’t matter. if they are gonna make a nexus, which has been once a year, why make multiple versions and snub verizon customers. who pretty much put android on the map. release a device to everyone with the same specs. 

        and no, i dont care about exclusives, if i had my way, all devices would be compatible on all carriers

        • Juan Moreno

          Every word you uttered is christened with truth.

        • EC8CH

          Could be that the inclusion of the LTE chip requires compromises in other areas.  

          Too early to get bent out of shape though… there could be a good reason for it, or it could all just be rumor.

        • Anonymous

          If you knew what was coming next year you wouldn’t be getting your panties in a twist over this Exynos.

      • Kalel81

        Aren’t we supposed to be going to quad core in the first quarter of 2012? Why not have a phone that’s 1.5 ghz now?  Or are we jumping from 1.2 dual core as a high-end standard straight to quad core devices? I want the Prime and I want it now.

    • Anonymous

      They did something similar with the original DROID.  Released it as a beast and then released the Nexus One like a month and a half later. 😛

      • EC8CH

        So long as this time around their “OGD” is a honest to god actual Nexus device.

      • Anonymous

        yeah, i realize that, and i actually made a comment about that a month or so ago on one of ur articles. but just seems kinda dumb. especially since they are calling this a nexus device.

      • Sweet Jesus, what do you we?  My head is exploding right now!!  WAAHHHHHHHHH

      • Anonymous

        Still makes it a dick move. Also, you just convinced me to hold off replacing my OG Droid with this.

        Fool me once….

        • Anonymous

          The Prime won’t be available on Verizon.

    • Anonymous

      *Hint: it’s due to technical reasons

  • EC8CH

    he said “furious”

    • U furious bro?

      • EC8CH

        nope… all this Nexus talk has me Gellin’

      • Anonymous

        lmao, man I would be pretty pissed if Verizon passed on a device like the rumor mill has going and IF it were true. I remeber Kellex mentioning that some tipster said anohter device would be better than the Nexus.  I hope thats wrong. 

        What happened to the 1.5ghz processor??  I mean we can root it and overclock of course, just sayin with the other device coming out that’ll be 1.5. 

        I need to upgrade, all of this roller coaster ride over a device is giving me a headache 😛

        • Anonymous

          I agree with it being BS. I also think it’s s^^t to use the word Nexus in the name if it indeed isn’t a real Nexus device.

          Oh well, I need to save some money right now anyway.

          • Anonymous

            Yep, buy that girl her diamond ring ; P

        • Joshua Dudash

          pretty sure he said the vigor was the better device… could be wrong there

          • Anonymous

            Glad to know someone else remembered 🙂 Hopefully, its the other way around!!!

          • Anonymous

            No, the guy said the Vigor was the better of the two (in his opinion). That’s not to say that the Nexus isn’t going to be awesome.

          • Joshua Dudash

            definitly, heres to hoping (don’t see how Google/Sammy would let its nexus device be outdone by another) 

        • Anonymous

          The dude said the Vigor would be better. Based off both of the “leaked” specs for the Nexus and the set for the Vigor, I think that guy was smoking something extra fine. The Nexus is so much beefier.

          • Anonymous

            LOL Well no matter what its up to the indivual and I am pulling for the Nexus Prime pure Google ICS 😛

      • Anonymous

        Am I the only one getting tired of these lame cliches? “U mad bro?” or “Cool story bro”

        If you can’t think of an intelligent response to a post then don’t reply!! Wish there was a dislike button sometimes.

        Edit: Not aimed at Tim-o-tato. I liked his response.

        • Redsilver

          What’s up, You mad bro??

        • Anonymous

          Whoo Whoo… easy buddy, calm down dude… It’s gonna all be ok.

        • Drew Dennis

          Welcome to the internet?

        • Anonymous



        • I appreciate the “Like”. Trust me, I have emailed Disqus about possible dislike buttons and have always received a “Don’t think so” email, but whatever. Sometimes, we just have to ignore things we don’t like. 


  • Juan Moreno

    Whatever the case, this Exynos-based Nexus is the phone to have indeed. I’ll skip the slower OMAP one.

  • head is spinning. i don’t know what to do or think.

    • Esteban

      Your head is spinning bro?

      • you’re a week late, i would’ve lol’d


  • Trooper

    I don’t even know what to think anymore.

  • Jojobunny27

    This is all too confusing!!!

  • Anonymous

    Who the f knows anymore

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha love it

  • Juan Moreno

    This would be pretty dissapointing, if true. 

  • caliving

    And you base this on?

  • Anonymous

    It’s all lies…I was the tipster

  • John

    Android ICS Launch: youtube link is already up:


    • Crazydog


      • Anonymous

        Yeah, baby bring on the Cream!!!  Oh, I meant Ice Cream, don’t go there Bro!!!!! 😛

    • Anonymous

      Great find.

  • But would the Nexus Primer work on Vzw? If not I would be forced to only consider the Galaxy Nexus

  • viewthis66

    well if it’s not on Verizon i don’t care. its all about the G-Nex.

  • Philip LaRocca

    Im on Verizon with an OG Droid.  I dont want a half-assed verson of the Nexus. I want the best one whether i have to wait or not.  If this is true I’ll be furious

    • Juan Moreno

      You said it brother. We’ll find out in a couple of days….

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • Wasn’t the Exynos chip said not to work with LTE though? And on the talk of LTE, it is going to add thickness so maybe that’s why the made some compromises to bring it over to Verizon such as the smaller battery to decrease thickness and the lower clocked processor.

      • Anonymous

        The new Exynos chip works with Lte, it’s in the Samsung Galaxy S II Lte HD

      • Anonymous

        That’s exactly it.  The GS2 HD LTE’s Exynos has a GSM/LTE radio built in, it will not work on Verizon’s CDMA/LTE network, there is no processor that supports that combination available yet.  They are using the OMAP4 in combination with whatever LTE chip Samsung is pairing with it for the Verizon Nexus, similar to what Motorola did with the Bionic, because that is their only option for now.

        As far as clock speed goes, it could be because of process issues TI is having producing the 4460 capable of running at 1.5 GHz or it could simply be underclocked due to power reasons (or an overclocked 4430).

        • Anonymous

          No, that is not it at all.  The SGS II (Epic 4G Touch) on Sprint uses the Exynos processor, and that’s a CDMA network just like Verizon’s, but I will concede that it pairs CDMA with WiMAX, not LTE.  But, seeing as how we know Exynos works with both CDMA and LTE, I don’t know why they couldn’t have adapted it to work with both in one SoC.

          At this point, I’m not believing ANY spec lists until we get official word from Samsung, because it’s obvious that no matter how “trusted” these sources are, they can never be truly confirmed without an official press release.  And honestly, at this point I don’t give a rip about which processor Verizon’s version has, because the hardware is impressive no matter what, it’s the first ICS phone, and it’s devoid of all bloatware.  That combination has WIN written all over it, and I see no downside whatsoever, except for the fact that I might find the screen a bit too large for my taste, but I’m sure I’ll get over that quickly enough.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, it is.  The difference is LTE, specifically Verizon’s unique network.  The LTE Exynos that Samsung developed will work on GSM networks with LTE worldwide but not on Verizon.  They can’t just adapt it to work on CDMA either, at least not easily.

      • Anonymous

        It’s T-Mobile’s HSPA+ radio that the Exynos processor isn’t compatible with, not LTE.

    • shr1k3r

      Wasn’t the OG Droid a pure google device? then the N1 came out later with better specs and the name nexus?

      • Austin

        The OG droid is not pure froyo and has a lot of bloatware. But yes I have an OG as well and was hoping that the above phone with the 8 mp 1.5 ghz is the one thats coming to Verizon.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed. Seams odd that they would give the better phone to the other providers.

    • Anonymous

      If there are different specs on another carrier it will have a different form factor. You can’t magically throw a bigger battery in something. The 1.5 Exynos isn’t even in mass production. 

      • I am also wondering this. How is such a big battery gonna fit into that phone? If they have come up with a way that lets you get more juice out of a battery being smaller, that will be great, but i dont think so. 

    • B

      The best phone is always being delayed by 3 months and by the time it comes out, it has the same specs as the competition.

    • Ryan C

      Art thou irate brethren?

      • Anonymous

        OK, now that was funny.

    • Guest

      The next Google Nexus device won’t be a CDMA phone.

    • Anonymous

      That is what I was thinking.  Theres “talk” of the Vigor with what appears to be better specs than this phone, although nice specs, I was hoping for a bit more.   

  • Anonymous

    All I know that I am pretty pissed off because they are playing with my emotions at this point. First I am static, then disappointed, then mad, then relieved, and now I am pretty pissed and confused.

    • You pissed bro?

      • Anonymous

        Can’t you read?


  • Anonymous

    But, why on earth would they release multiple nexus devices. this is ridiculous. I just want next tuesday to come already. so we can know for certain. ugh. 

  • Anonymous

    Said the same thing on AndroidPolice when they reported this news earlier this afternoon. The Galaxy Nexus will have that TI chip. This Exynos may be in the non-VZW, worldwide Nexus 3/Prime, but that’s not going to be called the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    No Verizon. No care. 

    • palomosan

      My Point, it won’t be much of a difference between a 1.2 or a 1.5, at least not at this stage or until those processors are available.

      • Firstly, you can’t just compare processor speeds from two different manufacturers.  Secondly, that gpu could also make a world of difference.

        • Anonymous

          At what texting? Sending an email or browsing the web? Come on these phones already fly if you play games then maybe you will notice but most likely you won’t.

  • John

    Ya i’m still pretty effing interested. I have cleared my schedule for Tuesday.

  • EC8CH

    Don’t Care…

    Just release a Nexus Phone on Verizon this year, and I will be happy.

    • Mctypething

      you’ll be happy bro?

      • EC8CH


        • Anonymous

          Dude, I am right with you!!!!

      • Granted

        I’ve learned that saying anything with “bro” in it, is a hidden code where the person posting is actually saying “I’m a faggot bro?”.

    • Pennywise

      I have a Bionic and I’m *DRUM ROLL* totally happy 😀

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait till early next year.
    I highly doubt that Google would release multiple Nexus devices anyway. 

  • Mctypething

    Wow, this was a very informative post.

  • Anonymous

    I. Want. One. Now.