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Rumor: Samsung DROID Prime Headed Exclusively to Verizon as the First Device with Ice Cream Sandwich (Updated)

If you were infuriated by the report last week that the Samsung Galaxy S II would not find its way onto Verizon, then maybe this news will cheer you up a bit.   Everyone familiar with the Nexus Prime?  Well, a report this morning out of BGR’s camp suggests that it will actually be branded as the DROID Prime (SCH-i515) and will be an exclusive to Big Red as the first Ice Cream Sandwich device.  I know, you are as speechless as I am right now, but it gets better (assuming this is accurate).  Their report also includes a time line, suggesting that the device will be out in October to compete directly with the launch of the iPhone 5.

Update:  We reached out to our sources and they are highly skeptical of this being “DROID” branded.  The Bionic is the big “DROID” device for this year, so if the Prime does come to Verizon, I would expect it to be a Nexus instead.  While there is a chance that a Verizon version could be released before the other carriers, I’m not at this time willing to put money on it joining our favorite family of phones.

Update 2:  Some of our favorite Android Twitter personalities have weighed in as well:  TeamAndIRC, black_man_x and P3droid.  We all basically agree that a DROID Prime would be highly unlikely.

Update 3:  As I sat here all day trying to figure out a way for this to happen, I’ve come to this – Verizon could release a phone after the Bionic with DROID branding instead of Nexus that is made by Samsung as the first to run Ice Cream Sandwich.  They did it with the original DROID and Android 2.0 as well as the XOOM and Android 3.0.  So it’s not out of the question that they could do this for “4.0”, let’s just not expect it to be like a Nexus would be.  Expect bloatware, a semi-locked bootloader, but still stock (no skin).  With that said though, there is nothing on the “DROID” calendar that I have seen other than the DROID HD which is made my Motorola, not Samsung.  Does Verizon change their schedule constantly?  Most definitely, so changes could happen in the next two months.  Look at the Charge which was nameless until a month or so before it was released.

Thoughts that immediately come to mind:  Why release the Bionic on September 8, the HTC Vigor on October 6 and then the Prime shortly thereafter?  Seems like overkill to me and would almost expect the Prime to be pushed to November.  However, if the iPhone 5 does come out at the end of September or early October, I’m not sure either the Bionic or Vigor have enough appeal to compete with it.  The Android world would need something massive, like the first device running Android 4.0.

And, your thoughts?

Via:  BGR

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  • Pennywise

    Since won’t want to post 200 replies to everyone saying the same thing, here is my reply to this whole thread: Phones on Verizon are locked because Verizon wants to sell you Hotspot, wants to sell you Tethering, is concerned about Network Security, wants to sell you more phones on renewed contracts.

  • Hmmm… why would Samsung offer VZ an exclusive after being snubbed on the S2? I would bet apple used its weight on vz and vz caved, now thr rumor mill is cranking up again (sigh). If the Prime comes to vz it will never happen in october, maybe for Thanksgiving but the bottom line is vz customers are stuck with few choices right now. Is the bionic something you want in your pocket for 2 years? Not me and so the alternative is move to another carrier and get the S2 or struggle with my broken down loaner while waiting for vz to release a decent dual core phone….


    Easy, I’ll just upgrade my line to the Bionic and once the Prime arrives ill get that phone under the wife’s line. Then ill have both phones and hand the DX. to my wife. 😉

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  • Anonymous

    Thank god for the update. I was scared it was going to be called a DROID. A DROID phone doesn’t deserve to be placed in the rankings with Nexus.

    • Anonymous

      Why the hate?

  • SteveT

    Might be worth getting the Bionic at Costco (with the $299 package), then if this rumor pans out, return it within the 90 day return policy… Hmmm…

    • costco is amazing for that… I had my xoom for about 85 days and heard the rumors of the amazon tablet coming soon, returned the xoom for a full refund

    • Anonymous

      Are you sure about that policy? I asked and they said 14 day return policy to exchange for a new device and a 90 day return policy if exchanging for the same phone

  • What would be really cool, at least to me, if they left it as the Droid Prime, and then someone put together an active wallpaper of the Matrix of Leadership.  or maybe of Optimus’ chest that you can double tap to open and see the Matrix.

  • I know you guys are just trying to pay the bills but the T-mobile ad on a site that only talks about Verizon phones is pretty funny

  • Aleks
    • Aleks

      Or 300

  • i’ll be alright with my thunderbolt. it’ll give me more time to play with all the devices when they come out and i can make my decision more wisely, but if that prime is released, i won’t need to play with it. it’s on the top of my list

  • Earleepa

    For all the rumors that get posted on here you would think the name of this site was the national enquirer. Why don’t you save time and space and quit reporting on rumors and stick to cold hard facts.

    • thesaber2000

      Cause they wouldnt be first then, after all, all “cold hard facts” start as rumors at some point.

      • Earleepa

        Rumors are nothing more than lies. When I see evidence of something then I believe it.

  • It won’t be released in October fact

  • Anonymous

    Are these the same “experts” that claimed SGS2 will come to verizon first? LOL. I’ll believe it when I see it. Especially when it comes to verizon rumors.

  • Is the second to last sentence supposed to read: “The Android world would[n’t] (instead of would) need something massive, like the first device running Android 4.0.

  • I was waiting patiently for a Nexus device. All I want is a flagship phone with plain Android.  I’m just going to buy the Bionic the day it is rooted and take matters into my own hands.

  • I think my OG can make it until the Prime’s release… Then I will choose…

  • masiv

    Help me decide to wait for the Prime or go for the Bionic.  Have NE2 to use, plus corporate 20% discount.  Does that mean that I can get the Bionic for about $160?

    • Stelv81

      The Bionic is going to be $300 on contract I believe.

    • Yes around there

    • discounts don’t apply to subsidized phone purchases. only accessories

  • Brad Cooper

    Why do you post about phones news without all the info? It gets really confusing and you get peoples hopes up. Also you make your news less credible. Also people and other android news sources use you as a source. Please from now on post all info at once and then let us know.

  • ~dArK.AnGeL


  • Anonymous

    Well, while nothing is confirmed, it certainly does give one a reason to wait on buying the Bionic until more info is made available. I’m excited for this possibility.

  • Mii

    The bionic ends next march or so, I wouldn’t put it past verizon to house a new “Droid” in November, “Droid” or not though I still would want to see this one themed transformer style, maybe with an autobots and decepticons version for the 2 different primes that were in the last movie..

  • DanSke

    Forget DROID..leave it as a Nexus. Pure and simple.

  • ckamc

    In the indirect verizon retail world we have been told in the next couple of months that their will be 8 new devices to be released.

    the 4g pantech, ally 2, 4g slider samsung, bonic, thunderbolt 2, i*hone, new blackberry, and then prime would make the 8th.

    • i’m guessing by thunderbolt 2, you mean the vigor


    Damn it!  Early last week I was waiting for the SGSII for Verizion, then found out it’s not coming.  With the news of the Costco bundle I was getting the Bionic for sure.  Now…now, I don’t know what to do?  If the Droid Prime is true and will be released before November, goodbye Bionic. 

    • Anonymous

      I think the Prime is still slated for a November or December release like the last two Nexus phones.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this is too much information with bionic around the corner and then HTc’s rumored phone and now this!!  I guess this means get the bionic since my contract is up, wait and see towards the end of the year about all these phones, if i like em’ I can just sell bionic on ebay and pay the difference for these future devices and call it a day.  I know CES is taking place in January but remember those phones will be showcased and knowing Verizon you wont see them till April.. hopefully not like bionic which was announced, then later took almost towards the end of the year to finally show up.

  • Anonymous

    de ja vu all over again from the bionic.. info is released.. and everyone is like, I’m holding off the on the TB this is what i’m getting, fast forward 8 months, bionic is about to be released, a rumor about the prime comes out, and everyone is like I’m holding on the bionic.. it never ends… this is verzion we are talking about.. the company that created locked phones, starting with the same red bar UI on all dumbphones 8 years ago, then release the first locked bootloader phones and subsequently never have an unlocked phone on their network ever since the OG? then are the first to block tethering on rooted devices.. the same company that dropped the nexus one, the same company that has never had a nexus device ever.. all the above with not a decrease in customers, but an increase… you think they are going to allow a fully unlocked device on their network, and first?

  • MikeyBotz

    Frankly, I’m sick of chasing after rumors. I’m not gonna give into this one and be stuck waiting another 6 months for the “best” phone. I’m going with the Bionic!

    Decision made.

    • LionStone

      Way to own it Mikey! Hope you like it when you actually see it and have your paws on it! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care what you call. I want it! But a transformer branded phone with those spec’s would be killer.

  • Anonymous

    If it is a Nexus Prime, then its either that or a i*hone5 if it has a bigger screen, for me! I’m tired of bloatware and slow updates. Never again, Verizon.

  • Bobby Moufarrege

    I have a hard time believing that an Ice Cream Sandwich device will be released so soon. Mostly because Google hasn’t shown off any ICS features to the public

  • I smell a rat. Are they deleting “Nexus” to make room for “Touchwiz”?

  • Donnavon Hallgren

    Samnsung plastic pos and no kbd? NEXT!!!!

    • Mack


      • James_Ever

        I think it means physical keyboard.

      • hkklife


  • Daniel Gulyas02

    If Verizon had a face, I would punch it.

    I want a NEXUS. N-E-X-U-S. And considering LTE is becoming more of a 4G global standard, they have a chance. If Verizon keeps this crap up, I will leave them, as soon as my contract is up. I don’t want your Droid branding, I don’t want to see an icon for “apps” and most of all, I do NOT WANT TO SEE VZ NAVIGATOR ON AN ANDROID PHONE.(or Bing, but that doesn’t apply here. )

  • Hmm very interesting.  hopefully this rumor is true.  Although I’d like to see the Prime branded as a Nexus device, this should be a worthy replaced to my OG. I’m getting a real itchy trigger finger since my contract was up last month.  

  • Scott Luna

    Hmm very interesting.  hopefully this rumor is true.  Although I’d like to see the Prime branded as a Nexus device, this should be a worthy replaced to my OG. I’m getting a real itchy trigger finger since my contract was up last month.  

    • xyzlene

      i purchased the og droid on november 6th in manhattan at 12:30 a.m. – only about 30 people waiting outside on a cold night. november 7th was the official release date. I  continued to use the og droid til about last month. Lagorama…. i did not want to renew my contract with verizon so i purchased a used droid x to hold me over till the next successor.  worthy of renewing my contract. In hand with a droid x i can wait another year… that does not mean i will not have heavy expectations…

  • Anonymous

    “However, if the iPhone 5 does come out at the end of September or early October, I’m not sure either the Bionic or Vigor have enough appeal to compete with it.”

    You’re out of your gourd Kellex.  I’d like some of what you’re smoking.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, I had to go back and re-read that because I honestly took out the “not as I was reading it initially.

      Seriously, though… Iphone 5 will not be that different (it never is). I think the public is starting to realize this.

  • shr1k3r

    i hope this is true, but p3droid is quite adamant its false 

  • GOGO

    Am I the only one left who wants a physical keyboard?

  • Dash Speeds

    P3Droid just tweeted that the Prime will not make October and that he has no idea where the “Droid” part came from. I’m inclined to trust him more than BGR and their less than stellar track record. 

    • Keith Sumner

      I thought so, too. It’s a Nexus device not a Droid device and I don’t see it coming out that quickly. I’ll put my money on sometime early next year.

  • changes pants

  • Anonymous


  • Stelv81

    The “Droid” Prime. Not a Nexus. That means it will be a phone with tons of bloat. Like said before, VZW will not let a pure vanilla android on its network. Not saying its going to be a bad device. I personally will not by a Samsung device again after having a Fascinate, my friend having a Captivate.

    • Anonymous

      All smartphones with the exception of iPhone and Nexus have bloatware; on all carriers. With a fast processor it has negligible impact. For those that it really really bothers, just root the phone and freeze the bloatware. Not a big deal.

      • Stelv81

        Yea its no big deal to me. I always root my devices. The bloat on my Inc2 was no biggie as it has a good amount of ram and a decent processor, but now it is even better rooted. I am just saying a lot of people were hoping for a pure vanilla device based on the comments here…I don’t think that is going to happen with vzw. There are some merits too to a vanilla android device.

      • Jdawg764

        Actually not on WP7 either.

  • Booboolala2000

    Go to twitter and lets trend @verizonwireless #nonexus #epicfail #vznavigatorisaripoff the corporates don’t like negative trending. Maybe at least they would confirm or deny and we can make our decisions after that point. Personally if it is stock and easily rooted I’m down with it. But if it has touching on ics I don’t know.

    • kevin

      How bout no, Scott.

  • Pfelias123

    Don’t forget about the LG 2

    • Stelv81

      LG 2. I didnt even know they made a 1st one. jjk lol

  • Keith Sumner

    How can it be branded as a Droid device? I thought it was supposed to be branded as a Nexus device? If it’s Nexus, that means unlocked pure google love, if it’s a Droid device and NOT Nexus, that just means more possibly it being a locked up phone with a custom UI. 

    Doesn’t add up..

  • If this comes out in November it will mark the two year anniversary of the DROID line and retire my OG…

  • Chris

    Idk why anyone would even want an Iphone? Iphones are like baby toys compared to androids

    • That glitch and lag about 1/10th as much.

      • Anonymous

        That’s because they have 1/10th as many features and capabilities.

        • The fact that iOS doesn’t support widgets is a deal breaker for me. Every iPhone looks the same. Same layout. Same icons. Same. Same. Same. 

          • Stelv81

            Their is no doubt that iOS is limited, but the next release is going to have widgets and drop down notifications…straight rip from Android though.

          • Anonymous

            Widgets will be coming for the iPhone 6, a revolutionary feature.

        • Anonymous

          Never used an iPhone, I see..

          • Anonymous


      • GOGO

        Not at all.
        My 3GS froze so many times. 

        And of course, the only way to fix an iPhone freezing is to restore it, and lose EVERYTHING. 

  • Anonymous

    This report is accurate, as I pretty much stated Friday.

    • EC8CH


      What say you?

      Droid Prime or Nexus Prime?

      • Anonymous

        I should clarify…accurate in that it is real, it has LTE, it is coming to VZ first, it is being fast-tracked.

        Name? Neither. Who said “Prime” was final and not a project name?

        • EC8CH

          So VZW is on the fast track to get the next Nexus device running ICS which will be LTE?

          If that’s true then that’s all I need to know to make me happy.

          Prime would be an awesome sounding name though, if they don’t keep it I hope that have something equally awesome lined up.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like an awesome phone that I will have to look at later.  I will get the Bionic and enjoy it until the holidays.  Hopefully by then I will be able to pick up the Prime from Ebay/Craigslist for a few hundred off retail.