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HTC Sues Apple, Seeks To Ban Sale Of Apple’s Products In United States

In a slight change of lineup, HTC has now sued Apple for patent infringement. Their claim is that Apple is infringing on several patents that are in use on Apple’s i*ods, i*ads, i*hones, and their wide range of computers (did HTC patent glass?!?). Is this not becoming more and more ridiculous? HTC has not released information on which specific patents Apple is infringing, but we are sure the legal docs shall be released eventually.

What’s even better is that HTC is seeking to ban the sale of these products in the entire US. Excuse me but, “zOMG!” Someone in Washington needs to give all these companies a good spanking for all this craziness. Rest assured, if HTC has a case, this will make national news. Even more news worthy is if they win and Apple has to stop selling their products. Could you imagine that?

What are everyone’s thoughts on this newest lawsuit? Getting a tidbit crazy now?

Via: Phandroid

  • Emily

    Payback’s a bitch. OMFG I want them to win soooooooo really really really really very very very bad. Just so Apple gets payback for consistently constantly being little bitches.

  • Anonymous

    Poor Apple…NOT!

  • Anonymous

    My 2¢ is apple products are overrated, overpriced, uncreative, underpowered kids toys. If you really want to do something serious get a pc. I sold my iPod touch because my dx has half a dozen media players that I like better and can easily upgrade the as card if I want more music on my phone.
    I do have a 120gb classic that stays constantly hooked up to my car stereo in the glovebox because my head unit syncs to it nicely(which my phone can do also but I got sick of plugging in and unplugging all the time).
    To each his own but I think apple products are easy to use because of lack of options and that’s why I love pc and android!!

  • Silencedelta

    Yea i think apple deserves this after what they have been doing

  • Base

    These patent infringement have gone over the edge.. in the long run only the consumers are getting hurt. 

  • Mikedeamicis

    i love the free market and innovation through competition. but i really want to see apple burn so in this on case, i am a bad person as well and want HTC to win no mater how stupidly ridiculous this is. 

  • Jon Tobin

    i wish all these companies would stop wasting money suing each other and actually invent something new and awesome. pretty sure lawyers aren’t too good at r&d.

  • Anonymous

    I cant wait for the day when the ifail gets discontinued because everyone has an Android. They are the biggest damn baby’s in the world and HATE competition. Glad that HTC is giving them a taste of their own medicine.

  • Apple NEEEDS to loose this case, they Sue way to much, for illegitimate reasons. They sued HTC on 2 patents that smartphones use, it’s redicolous.

  • gerbergeek

    Go HTC! Finally somone is standing up to the fakest company alive!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe this will make someone realize that patents for software and other redundant patents are ridiculous, what if *pple patented peeing? Then what would we all do? I can see some hardware infringement being ok but if your suing another company because you thought about swiping left to go left well what else are you going to do swipe right to go left? My .02

  • Is over of = % over 100 I love mac books but please let this happen.

  • KPa

    Apple started this fight with HTC. Glad to see HTC go on the offensive against them this time around.

  • The day Apple makes something that doesn’t suck is the day they start making vacuum cleaners.

  • Connora87

    It will never happen. There’s a lot more at stake for apple than there is for HTC. Plus, the government will never allow the stop of such a huge amount of revenue and tax dollars.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    It looks like Apple is getting some of it’s medicine.

  • Zach747

    Lol Suing Apple? they have more money than god

  • Patent wars episode 3 : the revenge

  • Anonymous

    Love it!!  About time Stevie gets a taste of his own medicine!!  What will be even better is when the Apple train gets stopped in its litigation tracks when Google starts waving the Moto patents in their face.  Since Moto practically created cellular communication, all i*hones and 3G i*ads infringe!!  Ban em all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You’ll see me wiping my eyes but that will be because I was laughing so hard….

  • Please for the love of God let HTC win this. I hate HTC but I HATE Apple. 

  • Anonymous

    Apple has been making the same kind of lawsuits against everyone else (samsung actually DID have to stop selling their product in europe). Happy to see someone giving them their own shit. Will never work though, people with the most money make the rules and apple has the most money.

  • Ufish2

    damn jobs looks rough…i see who they model zombies after..x)

  • Anonymous

    Hahahah, sorry I had to post it.


  • Anonymous

    Karma’s a bitch.

  • I agree about the spanking. None of these companies care about us, the users. They only care about their backroom Patent Monopoly games. It’s disgusting.

  • Anonymous

    It is a good time to be a lawyer

  • Nathan Buth

    would be a bad thing for me since im going into mobile development….shooting for google, but if apple is all i could get id take it :/  dont care for apples practices at all but they do in the end make good products, whether better or not you cannot look at some of their things and say oh that is absolutely hideous because they arent.  now the other side of this on why i hope this doesnt happen, is that apple has a larger iconic fanbase than that of android, therefor when they launch something people finally understand the use for it.  there were android tablets out before the ipad but nobody really ever got tablets until the ipad was released and showed them a practical use for them. the last reason i dont want it to go through, is its worse than what apples been doing.  sueing apple im fine with, please by all means do that htc, but making them have to stop their sales of products in a country they not only existed in before htc but started in as well is just sickening to me…

  • J3ss3 Priest

    It’s about time apple had a taste of their own medicine.. Even if htc loses hopefully apple realizes that them bullying the competition is just going to end up screwing them

  • Warlike1919

    I know this is off topic but if you live in syracuse. And areas around it verizon 4g seems to be coming on and off today

  • This whole thing is ridiculous, but hot damn it’s funny. It’s like the school yard, if a bully (apple) pushes you..(HTC) punch him in the face! lol

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely ridiculous, but hey, we’ve seen crazier things happen.

  • Just because Apple is so arrogant in their advertising and propaganda, I want to see HTC win!

  • RedOne1

    Yay for HTC 😀

  • Rizzidy

    Injunctions are standard in patent cases.  Try learning a little bit before you post “zOMG” like this is something out of the ordinary.  What would be surprising is if an injunction were NOT granted.  That has only happened a few times and is a recent development in the law.

    The whole point of a patent is to exclude.  I really wish you would just stop posting articles.

  • Not gonna lie, there is no way they will suceed haha. I hate iphones and not a big fan of apple, but alot of people are

  • BroRob

    BWAHAHA That should put Steve in a bad position. He can’t
    say those are ridiculous claims because that would be admitting they have ridiculous
    claims. All they can say now is touché!

  • I think HTC is just trying to point out how ridiculous the whole system is by doing this. They don’t actually expect to win this case.

  • Bryce

    I reaaly hope this goes through, just to see the look on my I*hone fanboy friends face.

  • Bert336

    sue them bitxhes! +1 for HTC

  • Anonymous

    “Is this not becoming more and more ridiculous?”

    It was already ridiculous when Apple started suing over “look and Feel” and using the name “Appstore”.  I figure fighting fire with fire is only right.  Wasn’t Apple already found to be violating patents HTC holds?  Maybe this is to punish them for that violation.

  • Anonymous

    If HTC can pull something off that monumental it would be huge.  But Apple has to stop first followed by everyone else.  It’s past out of control already but more so from Apple.  

  • JP

    I’m all for HTC actively enforcing their patent rights, but come on!  What judge in their right mind will enjoin the sale of Apple products in the U.S.?  Apple’s one of the few bright spots in the entire US economy right now.

  • Death to Apple!!! But all joking aside — this lawsuit will probably be thrown out like the others and shown that it has no merit. But atleast someone has finally tried to put Apple in their place to stop all these suits trying to stop a competitor…

  • JDRyan

    Am I the only one here that thinks that HTC should be the adult here, and not stoop to Apple’s level? This is getting ridiculous. I can see Apple getting threatened by all the amazing Android devices coming out, but HTC….really???

    • Did you think that maybe they were doing this simply to prove a point of how ridiculous this has become by seeking a ban on all iPhone/Pod/Pad sales? It’s pretty obvious that this is what they’re trying to accomplish.

  • Muffstic

    My thought are that you guys sound like idiots when you use a * when you say iPhone. Grow up already.

    • Anonymous

      Your supposed to use * when saying a bad word. 

      I.E “i*hone

      • Sruel3216


        • Anonymous

          ^Thank you. This comment has been flagged for moderator attention.

      • Marvinaire

        ooooooh you just said a bad word. ill tell kellex to kick you off lol

    • Scott Willenborg

      We are grown-up… Mr. Muffstic Poopypants.

  • STOP SUING. Put that money, time and effort towards making a better product for less money. That goes for all the companies.

    • Anonymous

      Its not HTC’s fault. They won’t have the money to make better products if Apple is suing every company in the world once a week.

  • Anto

    Never gonna happen android fags.

    • Scott Willenborg

      Ouch, great response.  Your high caliber use of the English language makes me think your own a Razr… right?

    • Guest

      WOW unexpected and uncalled for

    • Anonymous

      I know you scared lololol

      This is why Apple needs to die. 
      So we never have to here these immature iSheep again.

    • Anonymous

      (fish bait)  

      So would that be Droid Bionic, Samsung GS2 or HTC Vigor?  If you don’t want to wait there’s plenty of excellent phones to choose from right now.  
      I know it’s been real tough lately with no new offerings from Apple.  Apple is to busy suing everyone because they lost the motivation to innovate.  Cheer up, don’t be sad.   

    • Sruel3216

      Steven Jobs is that you?

  • Anonymous

    Sure it’s crazy, but given Apple’s recent behavior towards Samsung, I say “Play ball!”