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Exclusive: Tiered Data Plans Headed to Verizon July 7, Packages Start at $30 for 2GB

We knew that July 7 was going to mark the beginning of something after Verizon extended out the free 4G hotspot promo one more time to the 6th, but what we weren’t 100% sure of was if it would have to do with tiered data.  Employees have been receiving training over the last couple of weeks on a new point-of-sale system along with new account management tools that hinted at family plan changes, so again, we knew that something was definitely on the horizon, just weren’t sure exactly what.  Well, we’ve just received word that tiers are scheduled to start the day after the promo ends (on the 7th) for new customers and will look something like this…  

Data plans:

  • 2GB – $30/month
  • 5GB – $50/month
  • 10GB – $80/month

If you would like to add tethering on to any of those packages, you can purchase 2GB of data at an additional cost of $20 per month.

Data plans w/ tethering:

  • 4GB – $50/month
  • 7GB – $70/month
  • 12GB – $100/month

If you go over your purchased amount of data, it will cost you $10 per 1GB.

Tablet data plans will now go to $30 for 2GB of data as well instead of $20 for 1GB of data that is currently available.

*Note 1 – We have also been told that this is for both 3G and 4G smartphones and that there are not separate plans depending on device.  So if you are under contract currently, you should be fine and don’t need to run out and buy a 4G phone just to lock in as we’ve seen other sites seem to want to suggest.

*Note 2 – And I should probably clarify that these new prices should not affect anyone that is currently under contract.  Major changes like this concern only new customers and possibly those that are up for a renewal.  We have even heard mention of current customers being allowed to upgrade to a new device after July 7 though, and continue to keep their unlimited data, but are awaiting further clarification on that.

Surprised by these numbers?

Update:  If you’d like to see additional confirmation, then check out this letter we received that has been sent out to Verizon employees by VPs.

Update 2:  Head of Verizon Communications confirms tiers are coming in July.

Update 3:  It’s looking like current customers may have unlimited data for life.

Let’s look at how they compare to AT&T’s tiers:

  • 200MB – $15/month
  • 2GB – $25/month
  • 4GB – $45/month

So each plan is essentially $5 more per month, which Verizon will likely justify by saying that they offer a more reliable 3G network and a faster 4G LTE network.  We knew they were coming – let me know what your thoughts are.

This is definitely developing…

  • Jeff

    This is ridiculous! You mean Verizon is not making enough money already. I’ve been with Verizon for over 10 years but this move will certainly have me shopping for another service. I already pay over $200 a month. 

  • Mlcn

    wish you would filter the language here apparently these morons don’t have children that can read

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  • Blahed

    I’m so sick of money grabbing from Corporations.  Looks like Sprint will get my business, regardless if I’m “safe” as an existing customer or not.

  • Me neither, me, my  dad, and my sister can share even probably 5 GB pretty easily. $50, can save me $20 per month…(we have an old $10 75MB phone).

  • I go usually…1.5-2.5, but haven’t activated Netflix yet, we’ll see how much afterwords.

  • I think the plans should be:
    1/2 GB – $15
    2 GB – $25 ($20 Unrealistically)
    5 GB – $35
    Tethering Should be allowed with the data packages.

  • awesome that one of my favorite websites was just shown on one of my favorite shows. (too bad it had to be due to a sad news story) during the feed on attack of the show on g4 this story on droid-life.com was showed on screen. it just aired a few minutes ago so its not posted online yet but here is the link to where the video will be  http://www.g4tv.com/attackoftheshow/thefeed/index.html

  • teddy

    Ill be leaving Verizon next month when my contract is up and it sounds like ill be going to Sprint. Anyone have any phone recommendations on sprint? I have the original droid and want a pure google phone if possible on sprint. GD verizon, cell phone companies are just as bad as banks. scumbags.

  • Anonymous

    Starting at $30?? They should offer a $15 plan to attract all the people considering adding a data to their plans…

  • Bello643

    lucky i got out of verizon before they gonna do that dum shir and i was about to get verizon again now that im 18

  • Bello643

    they gonna get bankrupt forsure

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  • Anonymous

    Typical. I can upgrade on July 16th (and I was planning on doing so). I currently have Verizon’s $15 150MB plan (on an old LG Versa) and was planning on upgrading. The only good thing is my wife currently has the unlimited data plan ($29.99) and rarely goes over 1GB.

  • I don’t really understand how they’ll be able to justify charging for tethering when they are actually selling you a specific quantity of bandwidth.

  • Nicepp

    Guess they weren’t making enough money

  • Rex_D

    I’m curious how much DATA everyone ACTUALLY uses.  I’ve never gone over 1.2 gigs on my phone, MOST of the time I’m below a gig.  Always less than a gig on my tablet too.  Has anyone actually looked to see how much they use?

    • Droid Charge, no tethering and I use 3-4GB weekly.  News, sports, Facebook updates and Pandora after work on America’s fastest 4G network!  I’m grateful.

  • Rex_D

    I’ve never hit 2g even with using Pandora, Rhapsody, and downloading TONS of porn… $25 is cheaper than my $30 unlimited

  • Anonymous

    With 2 Droids on my family plan and much less that 1GB used on each phone, I can’t frickin’ wait for the family shared data plan to be announced.

    Sucks that VZW’s prices don’t match AT&T’s (lower).

  • Anonymous

    We knew this was coming just after the iPhone went there. It stinks but can’t blame a huge evil mega corp for raising prices according to demand… I will blame the iPhone fan-influx.

  • Anonymous

    “We have even heard mention of current customers being allowed to upgrade to a new device after July 7 though, and continue to keep their unlimited data, but are awaiting further clarification on that.” pleasepleaseplease. I want a BIONIC or a Pre3 (if LTE) and have an Inc. If they don’t give unlimited, I’ll just keep my current phone/plan and tether like crazy >:)

  • yaygage

    I guess I just don’t understand why there has to be such steep rates for data?  Is it just simply that there is really a lack of competition?  That’s what it seems like to me.

    • Anonymous

      Lack of honest competition. If everyone charges an arm and a leg, all of the companies win and all of the consumers lose.

  • well i can see that this is all positive stuff

  • Anonymous

    I was hoping for 3GB @ $20/month, I was expecting 2GB @ $25/month, I am laughing at 2GB @ $30/month. It is absolutely hilarious. I am dropping Verizon like a bad habit at the end of my contract in November.Hell a LTE Nexus 3 subsidized on Verizon wouldn’t change my mind. And I’m not a huge data hog, I use less than 3GB/month on Verizon, sometimes less than 2GB, usually I hover around 2.3GB. Since Netflix was released I haven’t gone over 3GB, but my data usuage is higher.

  • Any update as to if you get to keep unlimited when you upgrade the next time if you are currently under contract?

  • Closielle

    I will leave verizon once my contract expires ( apr 28th, 2011. DINC2)

    They don’t care about customer loyalty,

    all they want is to make their money however they can, as if they are not one of the leading phone providers already.

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  • LPMeteoraremix

    Looks like sprint is going to be getting a lot of new subscribers

  • Cell Geek

    I don’t think its too bad cause at the end of the day,you get what you pay for and as far as I’m concerned,Verizon has the best coverage,not that much dropped calls and as long I’ve been with them,their customer service is top notch.True the other carriers offer cheaper plans but there’s always a catch plus they don’t have good coverage hands down.And its only going to affect the customers that use too much data and most people use about 2GB of data on avg from what I read,so it shouldn’t be an issue,that’s my opinion.

  • W Gress

    If someone could help me out that would be awesome! I’m currently the primary line on a family plan and we dont have any data package right now. I’m eligible and plan on going in for an upgrade on july 2nd. Will i be able to get a new smartphone and pay the unlimited data for +$30 a month? Or will i have to pay these new rates?

    • Johnq

      I’ve been reading that you’ll be locked in as long as you have an unlimited data plan before July 7th… I’m thinking of upgrading now to the iphone4 to get the unlimited data as well!

  • Remington Jackson

    Wow I knew their prices bad, but if this is true this is really bad. You know it would be nice if half of the smart phone users that AT&T and Verizon had left to go to other carrier’s in the next 2 years. I know keep dreaming, but something like that would have to happen for some changes to occur. I mean LTE is a nice new technology that promises to be 10 times more than normal 3G, but come on when was the last time we used normal 3G I mean the masses. AT&T had HSPA for a while that was capable of up to 7.2Mbpsm HSPA+ on Tmobile is 14.4Mbps, and WiMax on Sprint is really fast. So come on stop the marketing talk and give us something measurable since what I have read shows with what they have it only can go up to 10, which is the peak so you can imagine what the average is going to be like. Correct me if I am wrong its ok.

    • Rex_D

      All that would happen then is Sprint or T-Mobile would jack up all their prices.  It’s a cycle.  Who ever is winning charges the highest fee.

  • I also asked she said it doesn’t matter if i was upgrading/contract renewal I would be Grandfathered.

  • Before anyone goes off the deep end I just called customer service and was informed that if I am paying for that service(unlimited data) , that it doesn’t matter if you change phones as in a upgrade. You are GRANDFATHERED in at that current rate.  Also, if you do receive and upgrade that you would continue to receive UNLIMITED DATA @ 29.99 a month!   Great news for all of us CURRENT VERIZON CUSTOMERS!! All new customers, not so much

    • Dasdsadas

      Changing phones is different than renewing your contract. Call back again and ask about renewing your contract.

  • M Diaz5

    is this only for 4g or does it effect 3g as well?

  • oldman

    You are not alone, They get millions in Government subsidies to build their network and just short of armed robbery with the new pricing.

    T-Mobile should get ready for the onslaught, Hope AT&T does not get the green light to purchase them or it’s back to very dumb phones for me…

  • 3g? 4g? what is that i’m still on 1x here in bloomington, MD

  • Anonymous

    Wait. 2GB and tethering for 30$ per month and 10$ for every 1GB u go over. Why not just forget the plan and spend 20$ “going over” on 2GB?

  • Palge

    Ok guys we’re wandering off subject, for me Jabba got it nailed, but I will add, T Mobile is a good choice for now, and when it’s AT&T, the service should be good, and less cost than Verizon. And I Want a 3D phone.

  • Poopstain

    Talked to a Verizon customer rep and he told me this only applies to the Iphone and only if purchased after a certain date. Anybody else hear this?

  • Anonymous

    I thought these tiers would be more friendly to people who use very little data or none at all, and the tiered data prices are pure wallet rape!

  • Anonymous

    Wow… what a bunch of crap… I listened to chroniX Radio while I was working the other day and used almost 4GB.

  • Anonymous

    Absurd pricing coming from almost all carriers. Revolt by canceling your smartphone/data plans! You CAN live without it, and it’s surely better than getting ripped off.

    • Anonymous

      Excellent point. I can still use my DX on wifi for 90% of  what I need and reactivate my old E815. Don’t need to pay early termination fee – just cancel data until I can switch to Sprint.

  • W Gress

    I will be upgrading to a smartphone and adding data to my line on the family plan on July 2nd. Will I be in the clear, or will they force these new prices on me…?

  • this clarifies jackshit, im on a 3g unlimited data plan, after july 7th if i go out to upgrade to a 4g plan, they wont grandfather my plan in kellex not sure where ur seeing such things

  • Sprint, here I come!

  • Anonymous

    Is Droid-Life 100% about this pricing structure.. I mean come on the way Verizon Wireless has been aiming at you would think they would price 2GB starting at $20. Last I heard from Verizon about data structures was that AT&T had it wrong, and being more expensive is not a right way of doing that.

  • 0mie

    This is what I usually use


    No way in hell I’m paying $30/line for only 2GB…like I said I will just stick to my $10/unlimited data 😉

  • 0mie

    This is what I usually use


    No way in hell I’m paying $30/line for only 2GB…like I said I will just stick to my $10/unlimited data 😉

  • 0mie

    I will stick with my $10 UNLIMITED data plan…if they make me change that when I upgrade I will go PREPAID on Virgin Mobile ;P

  • Anonymous

    Where I live in the Northwest I’m kind of stuck with VZW, at least if I want decent coverage. I can drive from Boise to Seattle streaming Pandora for all but about 5 minutes. No other carrier comes close. This is one of the few downsides of living in a mountainous area. 

    When the time comes that I have to switch over to the tiered plan, I’ll make sure that a lot of the bandwidth heavy operations only occur over wifi.