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HBO Go Released on Android

We first reported that HBO Go was on the way to Android and possibly on May 2, but the folks behind this fine premium network have given us a present early.  You can grab it from the market now and start to enjoy all of your Game of Thrones and East Bound and Down action from anywhere as long as your provider is AT&T U-verse, Charter, Cox, DirecTV, Dish, Suddenlink, Verizon FiOS or have Comcast’s Xfinity.  I’m actually surprised that Comcast is letting this fly, but you won’t see me complaining!  HBO Go on the Thunderbolt is all sorts of win.  

Market Link

  • Magman117

    No Cablevision supported!!! Are you kidding me?

  • d

    not working with my FiOS login. this sucks, i wanna use this. 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Aw, man, you use FiOS? For TV? As a DISH customer/employee I’d never use anything but DISH. I get to use the TV Everywhere app, which allows me to pull LIVE and recorded TV from my home receiver to my mobile device. This means I can watch, record, or pause live TV from anywhere in the world I can get a 3G or wifi connection. FiOS just doesn’t offer that. Also, DISH has the most HD channels available.

  • Rizzet

    Anyone know how to get this on the xoom?

  • Anonymous

    Will not run on my up to date but stock Droid

  • Anonymous

    Attempting to run this app after downloading & installing, I get the app message that my device is not supported … Original stock Droid with current 2.2.1.

  • rob

    Works great on my og droid….but will not even start on my xoom bummer

    • rob

      My rooted og droid running cmod 7.2 that is….

  • guest

    for all yopu droid 2 users go to this link

    [REQ] HBO GO for Android – xda-developers

    used it and am now watching sherlock holmes and runnig just find so far

  • shamrockx

    works on my droid x running rooted gingerbread watching terminator salvation now and looks decent. fyi tho i had to install jrummys apk file to find the app on the market.

  • Azilla

    bummer can’t get it on my D2 w/ gingerbread. but win for working on my nook color running cm7!

    • Azilla

      did get the apk from xda and runs fine and dandy, on the nook color it FC when I try to sign in

  • Illinipoke98

    Gha, no go on og droid as everyone points out. will run on my nook, but when I hit the sign up button it forcs closes

  • so say my parents have Xfinity and HBO in Boston and I have, Directv but no HBO in Houston is there a locality check or could I somehow use their login on my Archos 70?

  • Slythefox

    Works great on Comcast/Xfinity on my DroidX nonrooted. 3G picture is alot better then I thought it would be.

  • Works on Droid X with Xfinity/Comcast. Running Liberty 2.0….

  • Beach Pirate

    Is not working on my rooted OG Droid

  • Anonymous

    After installing market fix for Gingerbread, works great on DX using Dish!
    Watching Sopranos right now!

  • I installed the fix.apk and it works DX GB on Charter. It gave me the “more than one account” error the first time, so I closed out the error and tried again – works great.

  • Mithedhel11

    Working perfectly on thunderbolt with dish network subscription .

  • Anonymous

    No OG Droid? F U HBO!

  • Alex

    When I go to play a show it says:
    Sign In Error. You have exceeded the maximum number of household accounts that can stream video on HBO GO at one Time. To play a new video on HBO GO, one of your household accounts must stop a video stream.
    There is no one else logged into my account, only me. Is this a problem other people are having?

    • Alex

      Droid X Gingerbread 2.3.3, System 4.5.573

    • Sssjmmm

      I’m getting the same error message. DroidX with Charter cable

    • MrToTo83

      same here, with charter, on droidx and computer, going to try xoom

    • hoser

      Same here. DINC w/ Charter.

    • yep same here with droid x, iPhone, and PC with Charter

    • yep same here with droid x, iPhone, and PC with Charter

    • Alex

      I have Charter as well, seems like its a recurring theme…

    • Alex

      I have Charter as well, seems like its a recurring theme…

  • working, Droid 2 🙂

    awesome, now i have something until Netflix works 🙂

  • JayBeEzY!


  • Christopher M Brannan

    Can’t install on my Xoom?

    • MrToTo83

      nope, sideloaded and no supported

  • Badtj

    Rooted Ginger and I ran jrummy fix. Find it in the Market okay but it doesn’t install. Just downloads and goes away. Any ideas?

    • Badtj

      oh on a DX, rooted with newest Ginger leak.

  • Anonymous

    Not supported on my og Droid running cm7

  • Lakerzz

    Time Warner sucks!!!

  • Confirmed working on my DX

    • Jerry

      Same here. (Non-rooted)

  • Bqluong

    Works on my Rooted Stock Droid X. However, at times the video disappears and says “This is an Audio-stream only. Please switch to a faster network or wifi for video-feed.”

  • icedrop

    Working great on my Incredible. Pretty good picture for 3g. Also amazed Comcast came through on this one!

  • Bigsike

    Any word On MaxGo?

  • Aaron G

    Works great on the T-bolt as soon as it buffers for a couple seconds. Pretty decent picture for streaming.

  • Aaron G

    Works great on the T-bolt as soon as it buffers for a couple seconds. Pretty decent picture for streaming.

  • Matt

    Just tried ripping the .apk from my Droid and loading it on my Xoom. No luck. “HBO GO is not supported on this device”

  • MFG

    Dammit…come on Cablevision.

  • Failjoh

    No Honeycomb suuport. Fail.

  • kendu

    tried to get it on my xoom and says my device is not compatible

  • Dean2359

    When I try to sign in to xfinity,it says parental controls are in place and I can’t get past it,and why can’t I get the app on my xoom

    • Anonymous


      • Worob

        You have to use your main Comcast email ID name and password. I had the same problem but when I used the Comcast email ID which I never use it worked.

  • Angry Turd

    My OG Droid with slingplayer…love it! Although I hardly use it. Netflix, HBO Go, etc, etc…don’t need it.

  • If you are on the DroidX Gingerbread Rooted ROM you will need to install the fix.apk found here: “http://jrummy16.com/jrummy/testing/”. After installing that it will show up in the market.

    Thank jrummy for the market fix.

  • If you are on the DroidX Gingerbread Rooted ROM you will need to install the fix.apk found here: “http://jrummy16.com/jrummy/testing/”. After installing that it will show up in the market.

    Thank jrummy for the market fix.

    • Chewybang

      Thanks dude, you are my hero!

    • Josh

      great fix for rooted X on gingerbread…much appreciated!

  • Anonymous

    playon.tv is working on a plugin for that right now. if you have playon.tv you’ll have it on your DX,etc.

  • No go on the og droid bro!

  • WTF, no DroidX support? POS.

  • Shawn

    droid x running gingerbread, is supported, but unfortunately I have cablevision 🙁

  • Anonymous

    This doesn’t really work with Charter. I sign in with my charter ID, then create an HBO GO account. Next, I try to watch something and it tells me that I’ve exceeded my account streaming maximum and that one stream needs to be shut off before I can watch anything. So, I log out and try to log back in. It now wants me to re-login with my charter ID. When I do, it tells me to login with my charter.net email address and not my ID. I do this, and now it prompts me to create a new HBO GO account. My old username and email address are already taken, so I try different ones and create a new account. When I try to watch something, it tells me the same crap about exceeding my max streams and to shut one off.

    So, I try it on my macbook. I log in with my Charter ID (the one I used the first time) and it prompts me to create a new HBO GO account, even though I already created 2. So I log out and try to log in again, and it tells me to use my charter.net email and not my Charter ID. I do this and it now prompts me to create another HBO GO account.

    This = ridiculous.

    • ChrisinFtWorth

      Same thing here. Hopefully they will fix soon.

    • I was able to log in with Charter and started a movie just fine. Didn’t watch the entire thing I just wanted to see that it worked!

  • Aaron B

    Why the heck can’t I put it on my Droid X? Boo!!!!!

    • mustardhomie

      i feel like the DroidX is already obsolete…

    • CultLdr

      I have the GB leak and it didn’t show up but ran the market fix from a post from Jrummy and it loaded up and is working great on my X!

    • Anonymous

      I’m using a Droid X with the last GB leak as well with the market fix from XDA (JRummy’s I assume) installed. Shows in the market for me…watching Jonah Hex over 3G. Seems to work pretty well. Good on HBO…hopefully Verizon doesn’t throttle it to wifi or 4G only.

  • Anonymous

    OMG Emilia Clarke naked on my Xoom? Yes please!

  • masterodst

    Droid X not supported either

  • SugaShane

    TimeWarner, you are useless.

    • Anonymous

      could not agree more, and it certainly doesn’t help to see all the TWC iOS app commercials either..

    • Cheese

      I agree and i work there…ugh..wtf

    • Mike

      FAWK.. I have TW too.. muther eff

    • Bullet Tooth Tony

      Do you know the worst part of it all???

      Time Warner owns HBO… that’s about as bad as it gets.

    • Anonymous

      They are working on it. I am sure they wouldn’t let this go considering they have their own iPad app for watching tv.

  • dave

    Can we watch shows?

    • Anonymous

      Shows, movies, you name it.

  • Anonymous

    Market comments say the app says the OG Droid is not supported. If I had HBO, I’d be pissed.

    • Sp4rxx

      Get TV FLash … it’s free and it streams HBO movies. I’ve caught re-runs of Entourage every so often as well.
      Sucks though that OG isn’t supported

    • g00n

      I am!

      • Anonymous

        ME TOO!!!

      • Anonymous

        ME TOO!!!

    • Anonymous

      I am too… read and missed any market comments about original Droid not being supported