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When is the Worst Time to Buy an Android Phone? Any Time.

A little humor on a Friday afternoon never hurt, right?  If we can’t poke fun at our Android fanboy selves, then we should just go hide in a hole because we are likely taking everything way to seriously.

(Thank @Koush for this one.)

The graphic above attempts to lay out the timeline for the “worst possible time” to buy an i*hone or an Android phone, leaving our side of the world looking a little silly.  Funny thing is, it fits right into this week’s theme, “Updates or die!”  What do I take from this?  This just proves that we have choices.  Instead of waiting for June each year, we have the option to choose a device at any time and from any carrier, and THAT is not a bad thing.  Obviously you buy something and then get locked into it for two years, but as long as you educate yourself and buy a decent phone that isn’t the LG Ally or anything with Samsung branding on it, you should be good.  As far as updates are concerned though, I’m not about to go there.

Thoughts?  Keep it as clean as your Friday mind allows.

Via:  Design Dare

  • jeasus f****** christ you are such a troll. Im being honest about what i baught. I baught an iPad way back in june because i wanted a tablet then. Im more then willing to admit that some apple products are good but some are crap! I PERSIONALY think that Macs are better then PC’s FOR WHAT I DO. I wanted a tablet back in June so i spent my money and got the iPad because thats when the iPad was the only good tablet in the market and the rest was chinese knockoffs. You are so f****** anoying! I bet you have no life and are a fat blob that sits home all day and is unemployed so you go around trolling for fun. iPods are useless when you have a smartphone, I sold my iPod. iPhones are crap because sorry i dont want to have to be told how to hold my phone with everything inferior about it. Also “damaging my reptuation?” I really dont think anyone gives a rats ass about this and I don’t think anyone honestly cares that i baught an iPad. Im here because i love android (and im going to be selling my iPad) and thats all that really matters, so why dont you go back on over to your walled garden in the land of fruit, and shut the f*** up!

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree! People should know this.


  • Fyrmedic654

    Where was this in September? I needed this samsung info then. Thanks for nothing droid-life. HaHa. All kidding aside, Sammy will not be getting anymore of my hard earned money

  • iOS, simple better.

    Android, like BlackBerry, is also updated by the carrier, meaning that updates might never arrive for some older or cheaper models, might be delayed for months after the official Android OS release by Google, and will certainly be bundled with Verizon’s chosen mix of hard-to-remove apps from partners, including annoying nagware for subscription services. A variety of reviews of Verizon phones specifically note “Verizon bloatware” as a major negative.

    The most responsive Android licensees (in terms of delivering new updates for their phone users) are Motorola and HTC, but both take on average nearly two months to get Google’s latest updates pushed down to their users. Other Android makers take even longer to update their phones, with Samsung sitting on updates for around five months and LG continuing to delay the most recent update for its low end Verizon Ally; its now been more than six months since 2.2 Froyo shipped, and LG says it will likely be another month before it can roll it out.

    Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10 isn’t even a low end smartphone, and it was released three months after Google debuted Android 2.2 Froyo. Despite that, the company shipped the Xperia with the older 2.1 software and later announced that it won’t ever be offering its users an update to Android 2.2 Froyo, which has already been replaced by Google’s latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

    In sharp contrast, Apple issues regular iOS updates that iPhone users can install themselves on the same day. Software updates are important not only for the new features and refinements they bring, but also because updates fix bugs and patch security issues. A variety of the latest apps also require the latest software update, ranging from some games to the official Flickr app to Adobe Flash Player to Google Voice Actions to Yahoo Messenger video calling. Despite this, a few of Verizon’s Android phones still ship with Android 2.1 from last summer.

  • iOS, simply better.

    Upon closer examination, it’s not hard to see why Verizon was willing to make sacrifices to get iPhone 4. Two of its four smartphone platforms are essentially on extended life support (the waning webOS and the outdated Windows Mobile 6.x). The carrier’s former star platform, while recently updated to BlackBerry OS 6, simply hasn’t kept pace with the iPhone and Android and instead offers features closer to 2008’s iPhone OS 2.0. However, despite a strong marketing push behind Android in 2010, Verizon’s Android offerings aren’t looking very competitive.

    Among other things, no Android model Verizon currently carries offers a front facing camera suited to making video calls. That will make iPhone 4 and its FaceTime video calling a key new feature for the carrier to promote. Verizon has not yet made public whether it will support FaceTime calls over 3G however; AT&T does not, restricting video calls to WiFi. Front facing cameras are available on Android device

    • You obviously have no life.

      • VZ iPhone. It Begins.

        you obviously have nothing better to say.

  • Scotty

    I was slightly offended by this at first but as I read on it makes complete sense. Choose your device carefully and you wont be kicking yourself in six months.

  • The proper way to buy an android phone is to 1 buy the flagship device 2 do on/or right after launch

    • That’s absolutely true for people like us, who really want the biggest and best thing out there. But part of the strength of Android is that there are devices out there in just about every price range and feature range, and a huge number of consumers don’t care about the latest and greatest thing, and often let their upgrades pass them by without using them because once they have something they are comfortable with, they stick to it.

  • Anonymous


  • Nbjbj


  • Nbjbj


  • VZ iPhone. It Begins.

    Kellex, you should be posting more articles about viruses and hacking risks since all you Android fanatics worship being “open source”!


    • And you should realize that a grid of icons for a homescreen is in no way innovative

    • Having just gone to read the article you linked to, I can only figure that you’re not very bright. It’s from July, and it’s not about a virus or hacking at all. Did you even read it?

      For anyone else who doesn’t care to click through, the article was about the wallpaper apps that were considered suspicious sometime back because they were asking for permissions and collecting data that wallpaper apps couldn’t possibly need. It eventually turned out that the dev in question was overzealous and inexperienced, rather than malicious.

      Also, if you’re reading the permissions before downloading apps, you’re not going to have a problem with things like this anyway.

  • Gris4444


  • VZ iPhone. It Begins.

    Just one of another reason why iPhone is a better choice and “open source”, well there’s a hack for that.


    • VZ iPhone. It Begins.

      so just remember, before you get all psyched about having access to early OS upgrade that’s nicely packaged to DL, check the source, but even then can you really trust it?

      • so just remember, before you click that link to that website thats nicely packaged to macrumors, check the source, but even then can you trust it?

        Its the same thing as on a computer, Macs, PC’s, Linux boxes, there will always be something that is an overplayed potential threat, such as Mac’s not having enough security. Plus only competent people can develop roms and those are the well known developers.
        Also, while im enjoying my early upgrade ill be playing flash games and watching flash videos.
        Soon after that ill return to my homescreen and browse my widgets. Check my newsfeed without having to scroll all over the place in my grid of icons to find my facebook app. Then I think ill go to my market and get what ever app I feel like getting because I don’t have some old man telling me what i can and cant download.

        • VZ iPhone. It Begins.

          what are you talking about? you obviously don’t know the functionality of the iPhone. All you gotta do is hit the home button twice and it pops up another window at bottom screen with list of apps you can toggle back and forth. Also, you can shoot, record, and edit videos and send it directly through IM. Flash? Ever heard of HTML5, CSS and JavaScript?

          As far as viruses go, I never said iPhone are 100% virus risk free, just far less likely than Androids since the door is wide open for ANY developers that knows how to, can bypass to the very root and do whatever they want with it.

          • I do know the funtcionality of the iPhone being that i have both an iPad and an iPod touch and what if it isnt in my recent apps? plus it takes forever if i havn’t checked it recently because its all the way down on the other end of the app and I’d also like to point out that the iPhone has some pretty gaping holes in it as far as security goes. Although its been patched just to prove they exist. Jailbreak.me? Yea thats what i thought and 90% of the web is encoded in flash and will be for the next couple of years. Also there is very little HTML 5 content ESPICALLY compaired to flash content. All you guys really get is youtube access. You can also shoot, edit and record and send videos directly though anything in android as well. Also the iPhone is stuck with pathetic spec’s always outdone by android phones. You can keep your small screen, single cored underclocked shatter proned POS and shove it up where the sun don’t shine.

          • VZ iPhone. It Begins.

            and that would be up your ass. lol. stop crying about it because my preference is iPhone. Get over it, iPhone will always be one step ahead like it always has.

          • DBK

            Uh, STFU? Seriously, I think your lord and master, Mr. *obs, is beckoning you for another blowjob.

          • VZ iPhone. It Begins.

            you can STFU and come out of the closest for crying out loud.

          • One step ahed? How is it ahead? Tell me at least 3 things that your iPOS does better then my Droid and im not “crying about it” because your preferance is the iPhone, im pissed off at you because your trolling all over the place. If you want to piss apple all over the place, go to an apple blog. Not a droid blog.

            PS Your “multitasking” doesn’t count. All your doing is freazing an app in the background which is not multitasking.

          • VZ iPhone. It Begins.

            Deep down inside, I know you think iOS of mac in general is a better operating system over PC’s and Android OS. I know this cause you yourself are a proud of owner by investing an iPad and iPod touch, which are not cheap investments, yet you indulge yourself on Apple cause face it, it’s just better! but I know you won’t.

          • Let me just clear this up right now
            I baught a mac because for what I do, PC’s suck. Thats not to say that for other applacations they are way better, but for what i have to do, they suck and i dont have to go around trolling to try to get people to “convert”
            I baught an iPod when I wasn’t a teche and android was still an ugly POS (g1 days)
            I baught an iPad because i wanted a tablet then, and while i knew superor android tablets would come out, the iPad was still the best option but this no longer being the case with the XOOM out.
            If i honestly wanted an iPhone i would have said so by now

          • VZ iPhone. It Begins.

            the point is, you bought an Apple product. “I baught an iPad because i wanted a tablet then, and while i knew superor android tablets would come out”???? Don’t kid yourself, you’re nothing but a hypocrite and a coward for not admitting. Everyone that reads what you just wrote can see right through you so just stop. More you try to defend yourself, more your damaging your own reputation so just quit while your ahead and repeat after me: “I am an iPad and iPod user and they’re both useful for their own reasons, and yes…even the iPhone!”

          • Michael

            I agree with you there VZ iPhone. Austin is totally in denial. LOL!!!!

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  • Wrfwertf25
  • Anonymous


  • Mobrienjr85

    I dont think that samsung is all that bad of a product. My wife will be getting the fascinate because she likes how it looks like the iPhone, me personally I hate touchWiz and wishes that it would. But it makes my wife happy and she is not tech savy so its ok on my part. She doesnt use GPS, and she doesnt care about flash….

    • See if she will hold out till next month and get the iPhone. She will have all the apps and it will be easier on her if she isn’t tech savy like you said.

    • Its not that we think samsungs actual product is bad (there actually quite good). Its just they dont update them. Like at all. We are on verson 2.3. All of samsungs premere phones are running on android 2.1, a software update that came out a year ago after they were promised 2.2. Thats why we dont like samsung

  • Anonymous

    LG Ally is a good phone.

    -sent from my O-Droid running 2.3.1

  • Fggj

    Go iphone

  • Fgjvffggj

    IPhone rules

  • fred

    Excuse me but I find this highly offensive towards my fellow Android community. Jk. It’s funny.

  • Anonymous

    Yea, you’re taking the wrong message from that very true infographic. It’s nice to have choice but it isn’t good when you’re only choice to keep your phone up to date is to hack it, or buy a new one.

  • My wife is resisting the whole smartphone thing. She’s still using her four year old Chocolate. I benefit from that… I renew my line, get a new phone, then renew her line a year later and get a new phone. I just wish I hadn’t gone with two WinMo phones (an Omnia and a Touch Pro2) before getting my current phone (Incredible).

  • Brett

    I’m kind of confused.. I was under the impression that the manufacturers sometimes provide updates for your phone and if not, you can port the new OS to your phone on your own or use one already ported by someone else.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • cowdog

    I think google has an opportunity to sell a pure google phone across multiple carriers. Release a new version each year and commit to phone android os updates directly from google for those phones. Other phones can can continue to differentiate with skins and hardware. That would pressure phone manufacturers and carriers to either keep more current with os updates, or stay competitive based on other features.

    Without that kind of competitive pressure, phone manufacturers will hold os updates for new hardware they want to sell.

  • I still have my OG Moto DROID (rooted, overclocked, ect) and am not due for an upgrade until next month. I havent really seen a phone that makes me want to give it up.

  • heres another thing, since apple only has the i*hone they dont have to make as many versions of the OS as android dev’s do. so this statement about being unable to get the latest version of the android software is bogus, you will get it, you just have to wait until its ported into a ROM or go make one yourself. Google actually releases the android software for free with their SDK and you can go grab a copy as early as its released. if you dont want to do that wait for your phone’s manufacturer to make a upgrade for your device.

  • pipboy

    Sadly this joke outlines my reason for wanting to jump on the verizon iPhone as soon as it comes out 🙁 tired of having my phone outdated even faster than computers are outdated

    • go grab the SDK or get a root. easysauce.

    • EC8CH

      So your solution is to get locked into an outdated phone and OS…

      Good luck with that illusion…

      I guess if all I*hones are outdated none of them are!

      • Excuse me sir. iOS isn’t outdated. The Nexus S currently has 2.3 while 99.99% of all android phones don’t. By the time they get 2.3, it will be outdated. Not to mention that the average lifespan of an android phone is roughly 8 months until new hardware comes out.

        Android phones outdate equally faster, only nice thing about iOS is by the time your rich neighbor gets the iphone 5, pipboy will have the SAME OS version is him because apple updates EVERY PHONE AT THE SAME TIME.

        Only illusion here is that you think the current state of Android’s hardware/software update is a better option lol.

        • EC8CH

          Talk to me when your outdated OS’s Home Screen can do more than my App Drawer.

          There once was a phone from Cupertino.
          It’s screen a grid of blocks like in Keno.
          But then Android arrived,
          Running Widgets in stride.
          Now the I*hone looks dated as Devo.

          • VZ iPhone. It Begins.

            this again? getting pretty old real fast!

          • EC8CH

            Oh I’m sorry… did iOS get upgraded so its more than just a grid of shortcuts… Didn’t think so.

          • Personally I would rather have a screen on icons than an app tray. Less finger strain scrolling left to right than up and down. Not to mention when Android’s app tray force closes and has to restart, it takes a good 20 seconds for the tray to reload the apps. Trying clicking on an app while it is reloading and it will open a different app. Awesome.

          • EC8CH

            “Finger Strain” LMFAO

            Thanks for the heads up, next time I’m swiping through my awesomely customized homescreens filled with widgets giving me real-time information without needing to open an application… I’ll try to make sure I don’t strain my finger.

            Oh and by the way, I can have an app tray with left to right swiping too, but I don’t, cause it sucks, just like it does on the i*hone.

          • EC8CH

            Alright, I’m done laughing over “finger strain” and am ready for another one…

            Maybe this time you can tell me how the i*hone’s notification system is superior 😛

          • mine has never crashed. Finger strain FTW

          • Vsvajira

            I have both IOS and Android On my iPhone 4g , It allows all updates , and works really nice ,

          • EC8CH


            On your i*hone 4…”g”?

            That’s Awesome!

        • Andrew Hewitt

          Let me give you an example of the exact argument you just made.

          Ethiopia isn’t economically bad. In America, 1% of the population has a yearly salary of millions of dollars while the other 99% doesn’t.

          But the nice thing about Ethiopia is that everybody is poor at the same time!

        • OMFGitsJUSTINsMOM

          looks like apple users hate the innovation and forethought that has brought in the next new market of mobile and customizable operating systems. Apple users have finally become the pc dinosaurs they used to disdain while drinking lattes at Starbucks with their trendy imacs pretending to be tortured artists with depth and social individuality.

        • B_hoff

          to quote you “Android phones outdate equally faster, only nice thing about iOS is by the time your rich neighbor gets the iphone 5, pipboy will have the SAME OS version is him because apple updates EVERY PHONE AT THE SAME TIME.” what about the original iPhone can it get the iOS 4.2? what about the iPhone 3g, can it do multitasking as the 3gs or even the iPhone 4 can. not with out hacking and modding the device you can’t. thus making everything you have said false and you now look even more like a dumb ass for caring such a gay “fruit” phone. iPhones are for girls who want to look cute taking pictures of them selfs in the damn mirror, hence the logo on the back”. just a real quick slap in the face.

        • An example is the i*hone 4 and the droid incredible. i*hone 4 comes out with 5 megapixel camera, ect ect. Incredible comes out like a month later, 8 megapixel camera, and according to tests and i have one, it is faster. Apple was outdated less than a month after they released a phone. And they said they pioneered VC on a phone while other companies have been doing it for years.

        • An example is the i*hone 4 and the droid incredible. i*hone 4 comes out with 5 megapixel camera, ect ect. Incredible comes out like a month later, 8 megapixel camera, and according to tests and i have one, it is faster. Apple was outdated less than a month after they released a phone. And they said they pioneered VC on a phone while other companies have been doing it for years.

  • Micvachon

    Or just get a one year contract and be locked in for like 10 months.

    • Landau93

      except verizon is no longer offering those

      • MNG

        Incorrect. It’s the NE2/Annual Upgrade programs going away, not one year contracts.

  • Ilhe1s

    The way I look at it is Rooting get’s me what ever I want. Well almost whatever.

  • hahaha i cant stop laughing cuz this is so so so so so true. XD

  • Justin

    That is too real..

    Screw it, back to tin cans and fishing line.

  • Bachinphx

    This is just WAY too funny. My ne2 early upgrade is August. Bring on the Bionic, or whatever else we may have by then or even rumored by then.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares about Google or Verizon updates, stick with the Developers like Chevy, Pete, CM and the list goes on. Root and get all the goodies you got coming. Donate and keep our Dev’s going…. they love what they do and we love them right!!!!
    LP Pro Plus

  • nic

    that’s why you buy a nexus series phone! 🙂

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the Nexus S have Samsung’s skin? I was under the impression that it wasn’t just carriers that held up updates, but the manufacturers with their skins and apps and what not. The Nexus One got timely updates, sure, but I’d wait and see how quickly the S gets updated before considering the whole Nexus series a sure thing.

      • Anonymous

        You are wrong. Consider yourself corrected.

  • jothen2002

    I’m with you there. I bought my of Droid on day one. MY first and only smart phone and it still hasn’t flatlined.Now I’m patiently waiting for my July birthday present.

  • AK

    this is wrong…. whoever wrote this is Apple ass lick-er, Google always releases android new versions, and I got them!

    this graph shows how Google is always updating their OS and are doing a great job, unlike Apple, spend the whole year sleeping !!

    • EC8CH

      actually I think the person who wrote this is the guy who was first to root the G1…

  • Actually it should be noted that the millions of users that adopted the Original Droid are coming up on a upgrade cycle just in time for Droid Bionic…..the second coming! Finally a phone worthy of replacing my OG Droid!

    • Cloudxv

      I would be one of them YAY!!..can’t wait to get my hands on the Bionic


    this site is hilarious……. *sarcasm* you buy all the droids like me and you wait ages for A SOFTWARE UPDATE with little to know changes…..keep it real kellex.

  • Disqusannoysme

    Best time to buy an Android Phone, mid August, early September – Late November. Why? Because most new models have already been released and the better ones won’t be released until January. That means, for that 2 month period, you will have the greatest Android phone, ever. Yes, I know, Samsung released the Galaxy S, during that time frame, right after I purchased my Droid X. However, given show horribly Samsung has treated its customers (i.e. Bing on the VZW Fascinate, and no update to 2.2) after Motorola released the Droid X, there was no Android phone that was better, until maybe the Nexus S. Of course, that one is also Samsung, which means, it likely won’t have as much longevity as the Nexus One did. So, with that, we can probably push the DX as the best Android phone up until the Atrix 4G is released on AT&T.

  • Substitute in for “good luck”: A plethora of new options have been released and you get to choose your next phone like a kid in a candy store!

  • Of course with a rooted Android phone, the timeline is more like
    – Updates or a new OS or a phone with some special widget or another is released
    – My ROM creator adds that functionality plus so much more
    – I download and use

    Rinse and repeat as needed.

    • This couldnt be anymore correct

    • Anonymous

      That is very true.

      However there is a lot of truth in this graphic. Although I blame the carriers and manufacturers, not the OS itself. They also left out the Nexus One/S options. With those you get immediate updates.

      • Oh I totally agree, I was just being kind of a smartass and also promoting the idea of rooting. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Im allergic to Apples.

  • Chris


  • Anonymous

    WRONG WRONG WRONG! The worst time to buy an iPhone is ANYTIME! Theyre ALL outdated compared to Android! /FanboyMiniRant =P

  • Graham


  • Anonymous

    Whats an iPhone?

    • Visoskya

      r u f**king serious??? lol nice

  • Ain’t it the truth.