Friday Poll: Thoughts on Android OS Updates from Carriers/Manufacturers?

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All the talk this week seems to be surrounding the timeliness (or lack there of) of Android OS updates from carriers and manufacturers.  Computer World even put out a report just a few days ago which pegged Verizon and HTC as the top carrier/manufacturer combo for updating devices in a timely fashion, while T-Mobile and device maker Samsung seem to be struggling mightily.  In fact, we’ve already seen a class action law suit pop up after a wild conspiracy theory over the Samsung Vibrant’s update spread across the interwebs.  It’s getting a little silly at this point, but hey, whatever satisfies you, right?

So what do you guys think?  How are manufacturers and carriers doing when it comes to updates?  Fast enough?  Not fast enough? Doing just fine?

Thoughts on Timeliness of Android OS Updates?

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