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First Impressions of Android 2.2 for the DROID Incredible

When an “official” Android 2.2 build with Sense leaked for the Droid Incredible last night, we jumped at the opportunity to check it out.  Early rumors from HTC suggested this build wouldn’t be ready until X-mas, so this came as quite a nice surprise and could mean we’ll see a major Froyo onslaught start next week for our entire Droid family.

First Impressions: The phone is fast, but it has always been fast.  This isn’t the Eris here people; it’s always had a 1.0GHz processor and specs to compete with the best of them.  Once you start seeing phones performing at this level, it becomes tough for your eye to really notice much of a difference.  The benchmarks on the other hand show quite the improvement.

Check out the rest including a full gallery after the jump!

Benchmarks:  Our Linpack and Quadrant scores on this Froyo’d DI are off the charts.  They are right up there with the Nexus One numbers we’ve seen in the past.  The Quadrant scores come up a little short, so we’ll take this as an opportunity to blame Sense.  (Photos in the gallery.)

SenseUI:  As far as I can tell, you cannot turn off Sense like you can with the EVO.  If you check under Applications, clear out the defaults on HTC Sense and hit the home key, you are not prompted to choose a different launcher.  This is a major disappointment to those not all that fond of HTC’s custom skin.  Other than that Sense runs exactly as it used to and I haven’t noticed any major differences just yet.

Apps/Bloatware:  The update to Froyo also includes a batch of bloatware which Droid X users have already grown accustomed to.  Once upgraded to 2.2, you’ll find your DI preloaded with My Verizon, Mobile Hotspot, Skype, Flashlight, Quickoffice, and VZ Navigator.  You also get a new toggle widget for mobile hotspot control.  (Photo in the gallery.)

Camera/Video:  The camera has been updated to now include 720p as was mentioned a dozen times in the past.  It also has a nice flipping feature when going from portrait to landscape using the camera.  (Photo in the gallery.)

Keyboard:  The HTC IME keyboard has been adjusted slightly and not necessarily in a bad way.  The button to hide the keyboard has been removed and the speech-to-text button has replaced it.  (Photo in the gallery.)

Other Froyo Stuff: The market is the 2.2 version which allows for auto-updating of your apps, you can place apps on your SD card and the Google search function is much more advanced.  (Photos in the gallery.)

Overall:  You have to give it up to HTC for pumping out a version with Sense included this fast.  In the past, they have been, to put it politely, a little behind other manufacturers when it comes to updating software on their devices.  However, like I said in my first impressions section, you won’t notice a huge difference in performance as the phone already performed like one of the top dogs.  You will be impressed by Froyo if you have not already experienced it though.  While some of the changes to 2.2 seem minor, they make the overall experience of Android that much more enjoyable.  You will continue to be obsessed with your DI even after this update officially rolls out.


Any questions on what to expect?  Anything you want us to verify or check out?

  • Dgomez242

    I havent heard “full Flash 10.1” mentioned. Isnt that suppose to be included in Froyo?

    • PSU

      Yeah I can confirm that Full Flash support is working. I was watching episodes on Fox.com last night.

  • Delicious, delectable, exquisite, scrumdiddlyumptious. I can't wait till the official froyo comes out.

  • I can wait, then it's one-click rooting for moi!

  • PSU

    Most likely you never did the original OTA that was leaked a couple weeks ago. It upgrades the radio in your device. Jumping right to this update doesn't install the new radio causing a couple bugs such as no 720p video recording among other things. Hopefully you have a backup you can do otherwise use the ruu method and go back to stock once at stock install the other ota then once you done with that and 720p video rec works update back to the froyo ota.

    • PSU

      ignore this posted in the wrong place

  • Don't forget the Chrome to Phone feature

  • AZ dude

    Can we increase the App icon size with froyo?

  • SiNep

    if you're worried about the Gmail bug in this ROM, there is a fix for it. Found here:


  • didroider

    is this just for rotted users or normal DI users?

    • SiNep

      You have to have Root to install this. Did you read the article? lol

      • SiNep

        sorry wrong post.. the other article about the leak froyo explains you need root.. my bad 🙂

  • Ctmaines

    Anyone else having problems with the video camera on this build? I loaded it up today…super fast and everything is good except the video…I changed the res to 720p, tried to record video and it locked up the phone and it made a buzzing sound for about 10 seconds then rebooted. I switched it back to 800×480 res, tried to record again and it did the same thing. Wonder what the deal is?

    • PSU

      Most likely you never did the original OTA that was leaked a couple weeks ago. It upgrades the radio in your device. Jumping right to this update doesn't install the new radio causing a couple bugs such as no 720p video recording among other things. Hopefully you have a backup you can do otherwise use the ruu method and go back to stock once at stock install the other ota then once you done with that and 720p video rec works update back to the froyo ota.

      • Ctmaines

        Well I unrooted, went back to stock, installed the OTA that I was prompted to install, then re-rooted, wiped data and cache, installed this leak from the zip and that's where I'm at. Should I go back to stock again and see if it gives me another OTA? I have plenty of backups!

        Thanks for your help!

        • PSU

          ctmaines, you said you went back to stock and you did the OTA that it prompted you, then you did the FROYO update? This is where the problem is then.

          What you need to do is go back to stock, receive the OTA that is pushed to you. Then download and install the 720p OTA that was leaked it can be found in the link below. Once you get that installed check and make sure you can now record in 720p. If you can you are now good to apply the FROYO update that can also be found in a link below.

          Android 2.1 OTA with 720p recording and upgraded radio – http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?…

          Android 2.2 OTA – http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?…

          Android 2.2 Bug Fixes – http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?…

    • did you install a hydra kernel…cuz iv heard that can mess with the camera…it was causing problems with mine but i restored back and it works fine

  • PatBeats

    How do you hide the keyboard now that the button is replaced?

    • mgavina23

      just hit the back arrow.

  • Uhhhhh huh huh huh huh… “Beaverton” huh huh

  • digitalicecream

    XDA forums; appears to have a problem with replying to gmail, google voice, among others > http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?… although for whatever reason mine is working fine…

  • misphit_917

    Moto droid needs more attention i'm the droid x is poppin but remember who started the evolution.

  • palomosan

    So Kellex, did you upgrade your Radio as it was recommended on the XDA forums, I ask since I just ran the froyo with sense and everything was working except the camcorder.

    If you did, can you explain it, since going to XDA forum it's not as clear, too many people saying they did it like this or like that, thanks in advance.

    • digitalicecream

      you need to update the OTA first before applying froyo in order for the camcorder to work. I installed the OTA leak first, then rerooted, then installed the 2.2 and everything is working fine. Including swype, the droid x multitouch kb, roadSMS, and everything I had before (restored with Ti)

  • Droid904

    1275 score without froyo obviously Droid X. Its gonna be scary when we get froyo in this bad boy

    • SiNep

      actually, There are reports of the Droid X having lower quadrant scores with Froyo as opposed to 2.1

  • Arrow_wolf

    Hi guys, Im from the UK and the Droid is the same as the Milestone. I only bought the phone a few weeks ago and im seriously impressed.
    My question is thus. I had an update come through and the firmware is now saying 2.1-update1. Will my phone automatically update to 2.2 or is there a charge?

    • palomosan

      When the update is available, the phone will tell you to update and there's no charge for that.

  • Manny

    Very nice article, but I have 2 questions that hopefully someone can answer them for me.

    1) Does the Swipe beta that was released for the DIC works on Froyo? (cant live without Swipe)
    2) Is there any improvement in battery life?

    Thanks a lot

    • Manny83

      Hey another me!

      • digitalicecream

        Yes, and appears to be yes on battery life also running it for 16 hours now, had several conversations and moderate use. about 50% battery life remaining (on Eris 1500mAh battery)

        • Manny

          Thanks for the input 🙂

      • Manny

        Ha Ha, actually a little bit below there is another Manny asking one of the questions that I ask! :p

    • Obamab 69

      Swype beta does work on froyo 2.2

      • Matthew Spoor

        I cannot get a file manager to see the Swype file on my DI with new 2.2 upgrade. I have tried 2 file managers including astro

        • Chris Nimon

          did you try using the search tab in your file manager? If you downloaded it on your phone it should be in either Download or Downloads. Also, did you enable Unknown Sources under Applications?

  • LLPH

    Have you been able to tell if there's any improvement to voice sound quality with 2.2? This has been an issue plaguing the device for many of us from day one. Verizon's been promising a fix.

  • El El Kool J

    Damn Beaverton! sounds like an interesting town…lol..
    but cold 57 degrees at 11am whoa..

  • Odes

    Notice kellex never responded to what phone he uses. Hmmm…. *suspicious* 🙂

  • Scotty89

    I thought the front row keys are the bottom were gonna look different.

    • Scotty89

      also…post some video of the new 720p. I'm interested to see how good it looks.

    • dalex7777

      Yah, disappointed that Sense does not include the “floating icons of froyo”. I like the one click access to the phone, apps and web and think the transparent background is more elegant than Sense's arch.

  • El El Kool J

    the wifi tethering (rooted version) doesnt work on Dinc! it runs fine but cannot be seen on another wifi device?

    • briderx

      Reinstall it. My buddy had the same problem.

    • Qmartman711

      yeah do a reinstall..or head over to xda and see if your problem has been addressed…my DInc is running wifi tether fine..i'm using it…right…now…hollerr.

  • DroidTech25

    Can you tell us if the youtube app was updated to automatically play in HD?

  • mgavina23

    not all of my paid apps moved over. is this a problem with the 2.2 market? is there a fix for this??

    • PSU

      of course there is a fix the dev community for the Inc never lets us down.
      Follow adrynalyne's instructions and you should be good to go.

      • mgavina23

        thanks!! everything is back up

  • I'm really really disappointed I can't disable sense.

    • xmetl

      so download launcher pro its better than stock launcher anyway

      • I don't want to cover up sense, I want it gone!

        • palomosan

          Go to XDA forums and look in the Incredible section, there's plenty of ways of getting rid off sense or most of the apps that are garbage.

        • jhankg

          Then why did you buy an HTC phone with the Sense UI?

        • digitalicecream

          If you use a replacement launcher you don't just cover up sense, you turn it off (at least the launcher) but the truth is that if you want it gone then find a senseless rom, this is not the answer for you. I'm really impressed with all the new functionality the new sense has. But I don't mind sense.. so it works for me.

  • blazingwolf

    Sense can be shut down. Just add another home launcher and there you go. HTC removed the stock launcher that is all.

    • ForgottoLogIn

      My DInc has never had the stock launcher! I got mine on April 29th and that was the first thing I checked! Very bummed.

  • Is the HTC news widget included? That's all I need to know.

  • This sounds like an isolated incident but after putting froyo on my di everything runs great except in the notifications bar it prompts that its “preparing phone storage checking for errors…” The only thing I found that it effects so far is music on the phone storage…and it's ugly, ideas?

  • what about mobile hotspot ?

    • digitalicecream

      hotspot, check.

  • Manny

    Will this upgrade help the battery life?

  • WhereIsTony

    I was hoping for a horizonatl home screen option….

    ahh well.

  • El El Kool J

    her is my D1 quadrant scores: check it 😛


  • paris91

    Is the music app the same as in 2.1?

    • digitalicecream

      yes. try doubletwist

      • does doubletwist give you the lock screen widget?

        • Anonymous

          I don’t think it does, no.

  • Off topic: @Kellex What phone do you use on a regular basis? Like, which phone is “your” cell phone that you use to make calls, text, etc.?

    • It's a nokia

      • El El Kool J

        it's probably an I*hone.. with lin2.com payin so many bills for him with all these ads on i*hone they had to get him one free…lol… j/k KELLEX…

        • kellex

          Hahh line2.com 😛

          I can't control all the ads, some just populate with what we're talking about that day.

          • digitalicecream

            Free droid X to current droid Incredible owners. (c'mon line2, come on….!)

    • kellex

      I go with the newest phone, so now I'm on the Droid X. Was on the Incredible and of course for a long time was on the D1. The nice thing about having a different phone all the time, is it frees up my D1 for extra hacking/ROM time. 🙂

      However, I do have 3 smartphone lines so they are all active and get plenty of use. Thank you Google Voice!

  • how did you get the mflops so high?! on my dx 2.1 w/ update 1… i can get it to between 7-8…. will 2.2 really increase speed that much?!

    • SamuelK

      Yes. Android 2.2 has some huge speed increases with respect to JIT compiler. Ever since Froyo was demoed a couple of months ago, benchmarks show a 7-fold or 8-fold increase in benchmarks.

  • Jeff

    What about tethering. Can you still do USB for free? This is going to be a big issue if Verizon tries to charge for this….thanks…

  • IncrediblyEXCITED

    so when can we expect this for those who are not rooted? Christmas?

  • Michael_NM

    Does this build enable Bluetooth voice commands/dialing?

    • evltwn

      I have been using bluetooth voice command/dialing on my Droid, so I'm sure it should be working on this.

  • Doolidg

    Ha ha….I'm 12th

  • mtkregs

    Strange….my D1 gets a Quadrant score on par with what you're reporting, but your Linpack results are over two times higher than mine.

  • wow, htc did a great job getting this out. i guess we CAN look forward to a 2.2 megabomb in a couple weeks

  • cxd1207

    Wheres the camera flipping from landscape to portrait pic?

    • kellex

      Kind of hard to show that in a pic. Pic is of 720p recording.

      • partyblind

        Is the flashlight a torch or just a white screen?

        • PSU

          its a Torch it give you three levels of brightness for the LEDs

      • El El Kool J

        record a quick video using your new snazzy 720p recording capabilities Dinc…:P

  • monkeydroid


  • andrewcweaver

    Kellex, you said VZ Navigator is added, is GMaps Navigation still there?

    • kellex

      GMaps navigation is still there. And no, you can't turn off Sense.

      • my only complaint with verizon…and pretty much the other carriers. why the bloatware!!! let us choose what to install on our phones.

        • kellex

          Someone is definitely paying them to include these. It's too bad.

          • andrewcweaver

            I'm surprised Blockbuster isn't on there. Or NFL Mobile.

        • El El Kool J

          go buy a computer from best buy, or wherever and they will surely have a bunch of crap preinstall with there 14 day trial crap..lol.. what the difference is you can uninstall it off the PC.. the phone won't let you.. so let them have the bloat#$%@ upon purchase, but atleast let us be able to remove it..

          • good point…im ok with the initial onslaught of apps on the phone…let u try it out and see if it's a keeper. but if i don't like an app, why force me to keep it on the phone?

      • Eff

        Why isn't gps accurate?

        • You have to make sure the Standalone GPS is checked. The location menu has been changed a little bit and GPS is not on by default, at least on mine it wasn't.

          • EFF


  • i can't wait!

  • nkhex19

    Something to look forward to for you stock DI owners. 🙂

  • NotFirst


  • Tony

    Wow my Droid X quadrant scores are better without Froyo.

    • Yeah mine to

    • andrew401

      too bad your only getting about 8mflops with linpack while i get 45……. NICE TRY THO!

    • Roland

      Yeah, but does your phone run faster or slower? Benchmarks are like horsepower, it doesn't guarantee a 0 – 60 time all by itself.

  • Ksizzle9

    dammit. i know i read it first but didnt post!!

  • Jfeliciano333

    1st lol