HTC DROID Incredible Turns 10 Years Old Today

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We received an email from an apparent ex-owner of a DROID Incredible this morning. In the email, they said the phone turned 10 years old today on April 29. After confirming with Wikipedia, holy moly, it’s true!

Happy 10th birthday to the DROID Incredible!

Many who are reading this site may have started their passion for Android with the DROID Incredible, manufactured by HTC and sold exclusively on Verizon. Powered by a Snapdragon S1 processor and priced at $199 on a 2-year contract and after a $100 rebate (omg, phones used to cost less than $1,000?!), you can check out our original video review and hands-on video below.

Wowzers, time sure does fly!



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