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Android 2.2 on DROID Incredible is “Incredibly” Fast

Yes cheesy pun was needed.

So we’re expecting HTC’s SenseUI for Android 2.2 to be pumped out to their lineup of devices including the Droid Incredible by the end of 2010.  If that seems too far away and you don’t feel like you can wait it out, then the CyanogenMod team has you covered.  As most in the rooting crowd already know, CM6 is in the works and one of the new devices they have included support for is the Incredible.  Fortunately for our sake, one of our brave readers has breezed through the rooting process and flashed this newest CM6 to his DI.

Wait until you see his benchmarks…

Yep, that says 39.513 MFLOPs.  Numbers that high look familiar?  Oh yeah, that’s also stock Froyo meaning no more SenseUI.  Time to grab a pint and start rooting on this hot Friday night I guess.

If you’ve already rooted your DI, you can get the newest CM6 build in ROM Manager.  Good luck!

Cheers Kyle!

  • Rivertdogg

    I was looking into something to get rid of some of the stock programs on my Droid incredible and I run into the question if o should root my phone 2day is 1/14/11 I have had my phone 3weeks so 2.2 is already on it if someone culd help me with this question my email is [email protected] I need to know because the program I wana install from the market to get rid of some this junk like Skype and so on ask le to root my phone I know nothing about this help

  • Thats an interesting post. Well Rooting” an Android phone is like “jailbreaking” an iPhone. Basically, what it does is gives you superuser (or “root”) access to your phone. It's like running a program as administrator in Windows..thanks this is great information

  • And the HTC Hero on 2.2 is 4mflops… woo

  • andyanimation

    And the HTC Hero on 2.2 is 4mflops… woo

  • Andrew

    hey guys if u need help here the video i used to root my droid incredible http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVHj6J2uCKo it works!

  • Mikeacela

    Ok i have my droid incredible rooted but i dont know which CM6 mod is for the incredible. Their is one in the nightly build and one in the other section that says its for the dream,nexus, sapphire. Which rom do i Install?????????????????

  • Wazy88
  • Wazy88

    I NEED HELP ROOTING !!! I CAN GET DIRECTORY TO COME UP when trying to run adb shell tryed both ways loop and 4 different sd card please help!!!

  • Joseph Porteriii

    rooting my dinc took me a long time as well. The SD card is the trick. I tried 3 different sandisk cards and could never get past the Loop section of the root. Went to walmart and bought the 2 gig card the video recommended and clicked it in and out, worked in about 10 minutes worth of trying.

    Will wait for final release of this new ROM but I am pumped.

    • Weird- I have used 4 different SanDisk SD cards and rooted an N1 and G1 twice each (a 2GB, two 4GBs included with the Nexus One and an 8GB)

      • CrashCore

        The process to root the incredible is more finicky than it is for other phones, and unlike other phones, the type of SD card and how it's set up is the determining factor for success.

  • ashley

    I have been trying to flash this to my incredible since yesterday. I rooted it with the 10 minute video although it took like 5 hrs before I finally got the desired results but my wi fi tethering and everything is running smoothly, When I try to do cm6 from Rom Manager I start by flashing the clock work mod and then try to download cm6 and hit to reboot and install it, make sure that wipe data and back up current rom is checked, but my phone shuts off and comes to a green loader bar and half way through turns to a phone screen with a red question mark, then my phone powers on again and nothing is different………. I have searched every where for a solution and can't seem to get anywhere HELP!

    • I am having the same problem. Anyone have a solution yet?

  • Warren Peace

    I've tried just about every variation of this & I can't even get into the double digits! I'm currently at about 12 MFLOPS using Team Chaos' Black Ice. Any suggestions?!


    • Warren Peace

      Moto Droid

  • Hitmanthe3rd

    So I got this on my Droid Incredible and it is ALOT faster the only Con right now is that my Camera is disabled. so I had to go back to 2.1. But it is deffinatly amazing.

  • Well, took me all night and half the day, but got it rooted and rockin CM6!! Lovin it!!!

    • Mrpicolas

      Nice to hear enjoy it

    • Wazy88

      if any one can help I live in chicago and am willing to pay i have tried everything and cant get rooted txt 6308497040 please !!!!! HELP !!!!!

  • Jermaine151

    Check out my results on a Dinc running CM6 with an over clocked 1.15GHz kernel:


    • Avb

      Likely you're full of something.

  • Im running it right now. It does have some bugs in it. Bluetooth and The Camera do not work, But The Devs are working on it right now. @Kellex, Follow the 10 min video and Right as you boot into Recovery before the !triangle! screen pop in and out the sd card. That is how I did mine.

    • Guitaristzero6

      this was the only way it worked for me. i left the card out while while clicking on recovery and after the first sound i clicked in the card (once) 1/2 a second after and VOILA!! It took me a week to finally get this done, i saw someone's post about waiting 1/2 after the detach sound and got right in to shell! Hope this helps.

      I was trying an 8gb micro sd originally, then switched to 2gb san disk micro sd. it still didn't work until i tried the above method.

  • TheGoldenDroid

    Ok IM running Chexy's simply beautiful (which I love by the way) but Im still not getting anything higher than 16 MFLOPS…overclocked at 1.2 ghz..Can anyone tell me if theres a kernel or soemthing that Im missing to get me closer to these numbers on a Droid1 (which I also still love btw even tho everyone is jumping ship LOL)

  • Bonez

    I just rooted my Droid last night but lost my roaming boost how do I get it back and I'm using sapphire is that the newest and strongest baseband yet because I live in the middle of no where and need all the signal I can get please help I'm. A first time rooter

    • Mrpicolas

      Dial *228 and update your roaming try that first

      • Bonez

        After *228 what should I press

        • Mrpicolas

          They'll give you options one will be to update your roaming

  • Justinrobertmills

    Any way to get facebook sync to work with this?

  • Soulskater16

    2.2 with sense is gona be sick

    • Wazy88

      I HATE HTC SENSE and want to load stock froyo but cant get rooted

      • Lwl209

        go to unrevoked and download the recovery reflash tool. it will do it in 30 seconds

  • Mathenk2

    The MFLOPS are awesome, but the other benchmark seems a bit low, my Moto Droid hits around 1700.

  • WhereIsTony

    Tempted to do this but how hard is it to get back to stock for when the sense version comes out.

    • Qmartman711

      as long as you follow the nanroid back up settings, and download the initial stock rom (i dont have it bookmarked on this computer) you should be set. there are instructions on how to un-root, if you will, your phone when HTC finally puts out 2.2

  • Eric

    This is to all the people who argued with me before. Look at these numbers. You talk so much buit now shut ur mouth when the numbers come out. Where are you now???? All i got to say is i told you so!!!!

  • Stephen D

    How is it that the Snapdragon performs so much better? The Droid's Linpack scores don't get close to that at 1.3ghz, and yet, the OMAP has better architecture and should perform better. Does Google build Android around the Snapdragon?

    • andrew401

      you are absolutely right, i own a droid and a incredible. in my honest opinion the omap is far superior. granted the proc in the incredible is a little more new but without a doubt the omap performs better. no google does not build android around the snapdragon. it's just because you overclock your proc does not mean your going to get faster downloads and things of that nature. wait untill the droid x comes out with the newer omap then we can really start comparing the two.

      • Stephen D

        Now that I think about it, could it be the RAM? I can't wait for the DX though. #8's coming to my city and I'm getting it. The DX almost matched the Nexus 2.2 and it's running 2.1. I can't imagine it on Froyo.

        • andrew401

          well the Dinc does infact have A TON of RAM compared to the Droid so I am sure that def does come into play with comparing the two. I know the DX is going to be insane, I pre ordered mine on the 25th of last month (the first day we could). That proc is going to blow away any proc currently out. once rooted i will be aiming for 2.0 ghz if the proc is anything like the OMAP in the Droid. well, good luck with #8 buddy. i am trying to get the one that comes to Boston for a buddy of mine so he can have an Android phone also. i just hope i am not working when it does infact come.

          • Stephen D

            LWPs also lag like hell on my Droid. I think the RAM plays a bigger role than you would think. And thanks. I just hope I can get it first. 4 more days 😀

          • Stephen D

            And oh yeah, good luck to you too!

  • Not getting quite those scores on my 2.2 Desire. http://briefmobile.com/android-2-2-froyo-on-htc

    But, still doing really well.

  • palomosan

    I think I'm gonna give it a try.

  • digitalicecream



    Here is a really noob question… What does rooting your phone do? How do you do it? and is it safe? any has the chance to email me and perhaps teach me the ways of the droid about it leave me your e mail i have a droid incredible.

    • mastermind777

      “Rooting” an Android phone is like “jailbreaking” an iPhone. Basically, what it does is gives you superuser (or “root”) access to your phone. It's like running a program as administrator in Windows. Root is required for some apps, and to install custom ROMs. This lets you customize your phone any way you want it, thanks to the large dev community. It's pretty safe, unless you do something stupid. Usually, following instructions shouldn't cause any problems, but you never know, there's always a better idiot.

      Right now, I think the Incredible can be rooted by spoofing an OTA and switching out an update file with a custom recovery update, and then one can flash a custom ROM from the recovery. I'm not quite sure how the whole process works, or if it's gotten easier in the meantime, since I have a G1.

  • Kellex please make a video, i cant seem to get it with this one, i have been trying for the past 3 hours, and cant get past the adb shell part… it keeps saying device not found. i dont get it?

    • derick

      I'm having the same problem. If you look at comments to the video for rooting the INC on youtube, people are reporting that snapping in the SD card right after you boot into recovery works, however i still have not been able to get past the adb shell, even using that method as well.. this sucks!

      • derick

        oh and i have used 3 different SD cards, and even formated them as well.. i lost all my stuff.. for nothing lol..

        • andrew401

          both of you guys need to go out and buy a Kingston 4gb class 4 sd card or a a-data 16 gb class 6 card. both of those cards have had 100% success rate with the people in the irc channel ##incredibleroot and ##incredibleroms . if you guys are still having troubles go to http://www.droidirc.com channel- ##incredibleroms i will be there under the name Borgey. i will be more then happy to help you out but like i said the first step is buying one of those sd cards. i will explain to you further why you need to do so if you come into the channel.

          • derick

            bestbuy doesnt carry either of those cards, at least not in my location.

          • andrew401

            your absolutely right, i had to go to t mobile to get the kingston 4gb class 4 card. also people could only find the a-data 16gb class 6 card on newegg.com ….. they have to be those exact cards tho just so you know

        • same

  • Bonezmusic

    shouldn't froyo give me a better signal so far it's not

    • Djspikezz

      No, The OS FROYO, doesn't give the better signal, it's the BASEBAND that improves the signal.

  • Bonez

    How do I boost my signal through roaming I just rooted my Droid for the first time and lost my roaming

  • Bonezmusic

    wow i just rooted my droid and i am already watching flash movies on my phone go to momomesh.com it's the best

  • noobie question…what is a MFLOPS?

    • ajavgeek

      Not trying to be rude, but this is what I do before askin anyone,


      Just taking advantage of all the tools at disposal 🙂

    • Admin

      Millions of Floating Operation Per Second using the Linpack app. Honestly, its a horrible way of benchmarking. Quadrant is the best benchmark. MFLOPS mean nothing.

      • Dave

        MFLOPS do not necessarily mean nothing, it’s just that it’s a test of the speed of the FPU (Floating Point Unit) in the CPU core. So it’s not a very good measure of smartphone performance.

        It is, however, a good benchmark for computing systems that do a lot of math-heavy computation, for example a computer simulation of a complex weather pattern would run a whole lot better on a device that had a higher Linpack score.

        However, you are correct in this case. For the typical usage pattern of a smartphone, Quadrant is a MUCH more telling benchmark.

  • ME

    Cool, although I wouldnt expect numbers that high when Sense is thrown in the mix and the official ROM probably wont be that fast.

  • trombone dixie

    every time i try to root my incredible i get stuck at the LOOP part on the video. do i really need to buy another microSD card for it to work? or could i wipe my microSD and get the same results?

    • Eric

      try wiping thats what i did and it worked.

      • trombone dixie

        Sweet thanks. I'm extremely new to Android. What are the perks of ROOTING?

        • gophergun

          Ability to install custom builds of Android like Cyanogenmod, free wireless (and wired) tether, and complete backup/restore of applications and such, though Android 2.2 has made many of the perks of rooting obsolete.

    • andrew401

      yes you need to go buy a cheap sd card. the trick is to delay adb from starting up untill the phone THINKS it has killed it already. so that's why the sd card comes into play. different sd cards make the phone boot up differently. we had to go through a lot of testing to finally figure all that out

    • I used the sdcard that came with the Incredible. I deleted my sdk and all HTC related drivers first. Then I used the. Zip that came with the 10minute video and the pop the sdcard trick. It will work eventually, just try try try and try again.

  • My Nexus One Quadrant score on CM6 is 1680.

  • Derick

    tempting.. very very tempting.. but i really like the sense UI… dont know if i can go without it… I'll have to think it over.

  • i get a quadrant score of 1680 on my nexus one

  • EC8CH

    Why does an overclocked droid match the snapdragon phones in the quadrent benchmarks, but lags so far behind on the linpack scores? Is the gpu making up for the slower cpu on the quadrent benchmark?

  • Icio

    Sense UI has little to do with MFLOPS. The current 2.2+Sense Desire leak reaches 43MFLOPS without breaking a sweat and currently without overclock.

  • Yes we are getting 40-45 with hydra's oc'd kernel

  • The linpack is impressive but you still can't touch the graphics processing speed of the Droid. In my near future I see a rooted and overclocked Dx in my hand running these same tests and saying holy s*** that's amazing!

    • kellex

      This could be true!

    • Jimmy

      yea if the dx even gets rooted with its locked bootloader.

      • Mrpicolas

        Why i think the milestone will come in handy Is because of the process Used to obtain root

    • andrew401

      linpack is impressive? to be honest it's an awful benchmark test. the best one out is quadrant and even that is not all that great.

  • rage151

    Just checked ROM manager and do not see CM 6….

    • caphoagie

      There under the nightly builds.

    • kellex

      You have a rooted Incredible? If you do, it should be under Nightly Builds.

      • Djspikezz

        How stable is the latest CM6 nightly… it states “experimental” Im not afraid to try. I'm just loving me that Kangerade 4.0.9 by Jrummy, thats one mean ROM thats stable.

        • It is stable just a few things are broken. No camera, GPS, light sensor, and that's all I can think of.

          • Heatherj00788

            My bluetooth and the wifi hotspot didn't work either. Customization is amazing. I ran cm6 for a couple days before going back to stock, despite the flaws- just because I lined the customization.

  • Chris Nimon

    DANG, 39 mflops? I better get the wifes Dinc rooted, when they get some new kernels to overclock this thing I might have to trade her phones 🙂

  • Ksizzle9

    Ive noticed that i can usally get in the 40+ range when my battery is charged fully and quadrant can get around 1400+ and thats all with the stock clock speeds. Been really impressed with this first build of CM6 and the only 2 things i can find that dont work completely is the Camera at full 8mp and Voice dialing still isnt quite there yet. Flash works like a charm and honestly works better than it does on my droid. i dont know if its the RAM or what but on Wifi it plays videos as smooth as can be. BTW, been reading on here since november when i got my Droid and this is only my second post ever. Man it feels good.

  • nick o

    imagine droid x 2.2 its gonna be 2000 on the graph one which i forget

  • Qmartman711

    kellex have you rooted your DI yet?

    • kellex

      I must shamefully say, no. 🙁

      This has me about to though.

      • gettin ready to try and do mine now also!!!

        • Finally got root… Had to format SD Card to fat32 4096 and worked first try…

      • Qmartman711

        haha, ive been waiting on you! So i can get the kellex seal of rooted success!

      • Don't be ashamed…every rooting noob is afraid at first… 😛
        Sorry, had to lol
        The process does looks sort of intimidating lol

        • It isn't very intimidating so much as it is a pain in the rear. It took me about a hundred tries over 3 days to root this bad boy. I had to use the “pop out the sdcard” trick. Let me say Cm6 on the Inc. is amazingly fast, can't wait for the final version.

      • palomosan

        I gave it a try but couldn't get my Dinc to root, I'll try the Unrevoked team process next.

    • Motivation1010

      What is the easiest way to root the Incredible?

      • Qmartman711

        the biggest thing being the sd card…head over to xda to see guides, youtube has a 10 min video showing you all of it…the process is not THAT complicated. it's more of finding a compatible sd card that won't bugger up in the process

  • mandroid2010

    Damn thats hot i guess i should root this replacement incredible. Hopefully it works this time.

  • just as fast as the nexus one >.> same hardware for the most part after all..

  • caphoagie

    Nice now if only people can get the phone.

    • kellex

      Heh seriously.

      • caphoagie

        Can't wait to get that phone for the wife so she can toss her storm into the trash.

        • I couldn't agree more…my wife's Storm 2 is a bigger POS than the first. I broke it today after its second brutally painful 15 minute reboot.

          • Alex

            Worse than the first? I'm sitting on a S1 until the DX comes out and it's borderline unusable.

          • I too have an S1 as my business phone and its painful to do anything including making a call. I upped the wife's to an S2 and initially thought it was nicer to type on and the app memory put a smile on my face. Then after about a week of use its horrible (constantly processing, slow animations, etc.) My Droid has been amazing since the day I bought it. I instantly rooted it and it's been o/c'd to 1.2ghz ever since. The wifey has slowly been using it as she sees how quickly I can find any bit of info that we may be looking for. She is getting surprised with the dX on the 15th (I will be checking my Droid-Life shortcut on my homescreen daily as I do now) for news on root. If it happens great…if not, I wait for the 2ghz at the end of the year to replace my POS BB Storm. Then it will be one big Android family.

          • Lt1Demon

            I give you props if you can actually wait until the 2ghz phone to come out! I have a BB Storm too and it sucks! I was originally going to try to wait for the Droid 2 but after hearing when the Droid X was coming out and the Verizon early upgrade, I caved in. The Storm is so bad that RIM has lost respect form me.

          • I totally agree…I will never own another RIM product again. I loved the Storm when it first came out, and then I bought the Droid. I guess ignorance is bliss because I had no idea what I was missing out on. I use the Storm for my business and because of its only strong point…email. Although the other day I set up my corporate email on the Droid and it wasn't half bad. The Storm is still receiving quicker but its livable. I think I will be happy with the Droid as my everyday driver, the wife with the Dx that I can tweek (hopefully) and the 2ghz beast will be worthy of replacing my business phone when it comes out.

  • andrew401

    people in the IRC are hitting 45+

    • kellex

      That's just insane.

  • first. woot.