How to: Enable New Gmail Inbox With Categories

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If you have been waiting ever-so patiently for the past 24 hours to try out the new Gmail for desktop, you can do so starting now. While in your inbox on the desktop, hit the Settings (little gear on the right) and under the drop down menu, select “Configure inbox.” From here, you will select which tabs you want to have shown, including the new Social and Promotion options. What’s great is that you do not have to have any of them selected, so if you want a more unified appearance, then you won’t have to change anything.  (more…)

Using Multi-Window on the Samsung Galaxy S3 From Verizon, Compared to the Galaxy S4

galaxy s4 vs galaxy s3

Included with today’s update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Verizon is arguably one of Samsung’s most innovative smartphone features of the last few years – Multi Window. For extreme multi-taskers or power users, Multi Window shines as it allows you to work with two apps at the same time. Both apps’ windows can be adjusted, swapped, or closed with a couple of simple taps. While Samsung doesn’t allow all of your apps to be used in Multi Window, they still offer a handful of heavily used apps like Chrome, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, and your Gallery.

So since Verizon’s version is finally get this new feature, we wanted to make sure that everyone knows how to use it. And since we had a Galaxy S4 handy, which also has Multi Window, we thought a comparison between the two was needed. In the video below, you’ll find all there is to know about using one of Samsung’s best TouchWiz features.  (more…)

Tip: If an Android App Update is Not Showing as Available on Your Device, Install From the Web


How many times has a new Android app update been issued for a major app, yet you find yourself without the ability to update on your phone or tablet? All of your friends are showing off the new features, and there you are stuck in times of old, refreshing and tapping frustratingly, hoping that you’ll receive the satisfaction that accompanies the “Update” button. What if there was a way around the wait, at least in most cases? There is, actually.  (more…)

Tip: Manually Turn on Hangouts in Gmail With This Trick

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Google mentioned during its unveiling of Hangouts that it would gradually rollout to Gmail over the coming weeks, but if you’d like to turn it on immediately, you can do that today. All you need to do is sign-in to your Gmail account, login to Google Talk in the left sidebar, click on the image associated with your Talk account, and then tap the “Try the new Hangouts” option that appears at the top of the list.

Bam! Enjoy.

*Note – This trick does not seem to be working in Google Apps accounts, online Gmail.

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Cheers Leo!

Here are the Easter Eggs Built Into Hangouts [Ponies!]


Shortly after Google announced their new unified chat service called Hangouts, users discovered a handful of Easter Eggs embedded deep within. Actually, they aren’t deep at all and can be accessed with a simple command in a chat box on either Google+ or through the Chrome app (no mobile version support here). The whackiness of the Easter Eggs’ ranges from colorful ponies to KONAMI cheat codes, all of which are listed above thanks to Googler Moritz Tolxdorff. To tell you the truth, I thought there might be even more, but this is the entire list.

To flood your box with ponies, pitchforks, or a shy dino, type the commands listed into the text box of a Hangout.

Which is your favorite?

Via:  +Moritz Tolxdorff

Galaxy S4′s “Animated Photo” GIF Camera Feature is Actually Kind of Awesome

Galaxy s4 animated photo

The Samsung Galaxy S4 probably has too many features (not necessarily a bad thing). There are so many that our review couldn’t possibly cover them all, nor have we had a chance to use each individual addition to TouchWiz after having the phone for almost a month. It’s just not possible to use them all in every day life. With that said, some of these will come in handy from time to time, especially when it involves the camera. Who doesn’t love an animated GIF?  (more…)

How to: Install Third Party Apps and Watchfaces on Pebble

pebble watchface apps

I know that we have been quiet on the Pebble front since doing our review a couple of months back, but we were sort of waiting to see how the app ecosystem was coming along after the release of the SDK. To put it plainly, it’s booming. There are hundreds of apps, watchfaces, and games for you to download to your Pebble. The concept of the Pebble smartwatch that we first saw during its Kickstarter days is now becoming a reality. So to make sure that all Pebble backers and early adopters know how they can take advantage of this new 3rd party app and watchface experience, we thought it was time for a quick tutorial.  (more…)

20+ Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips

Just like we did shortly after getting our hands on the HTC One (tips and tricks), we thought it was time for a quick tips and tricks session with the Samsung Galaxy S4 (review). Since Samsung packed all sorts of new software features into this device, we probably could have made this 50+, but 20 or so seemed like the right amount.

Throughout this 14-minute long clip, we’ll show you how to use features like Air View, Air Gesture (and how to turn them on and off), managing quick toggles, jumping in and out of the camera quickly, enabling lock screen widgets, answering calls without touching your phone, and more. There are also some basic navigation and general Android tips in there for those of you who made the Galaxy S4 your first smartphone.

Also, be sure to drop tips of your own in the comments.  (more…)