Tip: The Fast Account Switcher Swipe in Select Google Apps is so Great

Google App Switcher Trick

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In recent months, Google has slowly been adding one of the handiest tricks to its apps that Google users with multiple accounts should all be taking advantage of. It’s a simple gesture, but it allows you to jump between accounts quicker than any other method.

As you’ll see in the GIF below, a simple swipe up or down on your Google account icon in select apps will let you switch over to other accounts you are signed into. For me, it’s a massive timesaver, since I happen to have three accounts on my phones at all times. Rather than sliding out a side menu or tapping on the account icon to let me choose an account, this swipe does the job in a split second.

I believe this trick first showed up in Google Maps or Google Keep, a couple of months back. We’re now seeing it in Gmail and Drive too. There could be others, but those are the only that I’ve noticed.

Give it a try!



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