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FCC Releases Speed Test App for Android, Wants to Generate a Map of Mobile Broadband Performance

FCC Speed Test

The FCC launched an official app to Android this week – a Speed Test app that will help the government agency produce an accurate map of mobile broadband performance. What users get out of using the app is a good sense of how well their phone provider’s network is performing. Think your data speeds are a little below average while at home or work? This app will help you find out, and then give you insight into the meanings behind the numbers. 

Not only are you able to test network speeds, but interestingly enough, the FCC is looking to help you make sure that you don’t go over your monthly data limits. You can set limits on your data, as well as set a date to reset your data limits to make sure you are on top of your data cycle. There is a big list of features, so take a look below.


  • Access real-time performance data on your device.
  • Historical results available at the touch of a screen.
  • Help the FCC’s Measuring Broadband America program in developing the first open and transparent information on mobile broadband performance in the United States.
  • Tests run automatically, you don’t even have to think about it.
  • Run manual tests on Download Speed, Upload Speed, Latency and Packet Loss.
  • Additional passive metrics collected such as Cell ID, Signal Strength and GPS location.
  • By default, testing is limited to 100 MB per month–always consider your broadband usage carefully on limited data allowance plans.
  • Raise your data cap to see more performance data.
  • Lower your data cap and set a date to reset data caps so you don’t go over the limit on your plan.

Want to be a patriot and help the FCC? Go grab it from Google Play for free and check it out.

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  • CHRIS42060

    I wonder if Sprint will try to block this app on their devices since I am sure it doesn’t want people to have a readily accessible map showing their lackluster data speeds.

  • I already reported my Sprint service to the FCC. Hopefully this will just add to that. Its ridiculous that my 3G speed is 10x faster than LTE, that is if I can connect to LTE at all in the first place.

  • JoshGroff

    Murica! As always I don’t see the point of these speed test apps, but I guess I’ll leave it installed and see what it gathers. The automatic testing seems likea good feature.

  • harryballs

    You lost me at open and transparent.

  • AndroidUser00110001

    A new form so spyware from the NSA. I am sure it has been said already…

    Off to download…

  • I just just let the FCC know that in western PA Verizon’s 4G LTE is 2.1mbps down an 1.8 mbps up with full bars in a major burb of a major city. The one thing I am hoping that comes out of this as more and more people use the service is that the FCC will come down on them that advertising “FASTER” 4G LTE is a fraud.

    • blootz

      true… my 3g speeds on t- mobile felt way faster than it is now that I’m on Verizon’s unlimited 4g LTE. 2.4 down 4.9 up right now on Verizon with full bars is San Diego. this finally confirms my presumptions. and no difference in coverage. now I wonder why I switched. but still hesitant at loosing unlimited data.

    • DoctorJB

      I know my ATT LTE seems highly variable 1mbps to 24mbps and everything in between depening on the day.

    • BTLS

      I just recently realized how terrible the speeds are with vzw in this area… I get about 3mbps a few miles outside of downtown Pittsburgh, and about 2mbps 20 miles N, but in a major suburb. I was under the impression I had fast speeds until I looked at other results.

    • CHRIS42060

      When I had Verizon I had trouble outside of Pittsburgh with data speeds for some reason as well. When I was in Central PA I have no issues and regularly pulled 20 mbps +

    • nastysquar3d

      As a Pittsburgher, I just dumped Verizon and switched to T-Mobile. In and around the city (and also at my house, in the South Hills) I’m getting WAY better speeds and coverage. I’ve had T-Mobile for about two weeks now and I’ve been pleasantly surprised.


  • Droidzilla

    If I like my old speed test app, will I be able to keep it?

    • Franklin Ramsey

      This, good sir, made me laugh!

    • revelated

      “If you like your current app, you can keep it.”

      • gunslinger

        unless it updates to a new format, then it must conform to new standards set forth.

    • Wyveryx


    • Chris Hughes

      Unless your current speedtest app no longer works with the new speedtest app. Then you will automatically lose it…..wait no…now you can keep it.

    • jordanminor16

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    • cg

      5% of those who like their old speed test app will not be able to keep it.

  • Luxferro

    It’s an NSA Trojan horse :p

    • Franklin Ramsey

      That’s called a Cell Phone.

  • Diablo81588

    Garbage. The results are completely inaccurate comparing it to several other speed test apps. What good is an inaccurate speed test??

    • Droidzilla

      Wait, wait, whoa . . . hold on. Just a second. Hold it; seriously, just slow it down a sec.

      Are you trying to say that an app built by the government doesn’t work well? I’m just trying to wrap my head around that concept.

      • RoadsterHD1

        That’s hilarious!!!! LMAO

      • Daistaar

        Best… Comment… In… a while!!!

      • cg

        You are (or rather were) on a roll…..well done!

    • M3D1T8R

      Odd, my results so far seem very accurate. And I like the additional info provided, compared to my usual, Speedtest.

  • chris125

    If only this could put some pressure on the carriers to step up their network, because verizon especially has become overcrowded and although they say they are going to fix it I will be interested to see if they do that if that is not just them sticking a band-aid on it to patch it and if it will occur again shortly down the road.

  • tomn1ce

    For some reason I’ve been getting good speed as of late on my vzw G-Nexus.

    • fantom007

      Probably because the guy down the street from you who is on an old unlimited grandfather plan, who uses his phone for home internet just went on vacation…

      • tomn1ce

        Could be, lol, but will continue to monitor the speed at different times of the day.


    Sponsored by the NSA

    • Agent 86

      Yep. It will be stored with other tracking history.

  • Allen Yates

    Are they also gonna pay for my Verizon data overage after I run this for them?

  • Daniel Garcia

    errrmahgerd guberment will learn of all the dirty tings I be doing. Oh NOEZ!!!11!!!!111!!!oneone!!!uno

    • Franklin Ramsey

      They already know. They wish you would stop that thing you do every night by yourself, but they won’t judge you for it.

      • DoctorJB

        Obama made me do it!

  • kixofmyg0t

    Installed. Now they can see just how slow Verizon LTE has gotten in my work area. My BB Storm on EDGE data in Germany was faster jeez. At home it’s back to 30+Mbps.

    • Bionicman

      i’m the same way. I used to get 12-20Mbps here at work. Now im lucky to get 1-3. At home its still pretty fast fortunately.

      • RoadsterHD1

        That happened to me it went from 8Mbps to 1.5Mbps. Lately after I got my update on my Droid MAXX it went up to 2MBps, huge increase. Maybe tower repair and update was a coincidence.

  • Randall Wanamaker

    I’m just going to firmly affix my fashionable tin-foil chapeau and say, “Nope!”

  • John Smith

    BEWARE – Speedtest apps can use A LOT of data. like 20MB+ per manual test. watch out!

    • Which is why they have setting to restrict the amount of data usage that can be used a month

      • John Smith

        but that doesn’t limit an uninformed person that MANUALLY does a bunch of speed tests. AUTOMATIC tests might be limited – but MANUAL tests could F$$K you up real good. hence – my warning. GET IT??????????

        • Guest

          No… You set how many MB’s you want to allow the app to use per month on mobile data. There is no automatic testing

          • John Smith

            regardless – people need to be aware that these types of apps (like speedtest app) can burn a lot of data. many people do not know hence my warning. now can you please stop splitting hairs and breaking my balls when i am trying to do a public service, mofo?

          • M3D1T8R

            ..and you had to end it with “mofo”, tilting your comment in favor of getting that down vote. “Public service”, right.

          • jlsushman

            Gotta have sac hairs, or more importantly, balls for that to happen.

        • cg

          I have Verizon unlimited data. I use more data in one day than you’re allowed to in a month…bwahahahahahaha!!! (Actually, for real though…)

          • HarvesterX

            No shizzle drizzle … Just downloading all my apps back after a clean wipe and if I don’t use Titanium uses close to 4-5GBs. What’s the cap on Verizon? Its like 2GBs and 6GBs for those who jumped on the other plan… My numbers might be higher cause when I got the warning in the built in android usage app I still had all my games to download again so we can add another 2-4GBs to that. That took less then an hour to burn through. Felt like way under an hour hut I’d rather overestimate rather than underestimate and then have people come back saying “you cant download that much the fast” lol.. Well at 30Mbs- 37Mbs it goes by pretty fast.

    • D.B.Evans

      It’s pre-configured to perform tests in the background and to not exceed 100MB per month – but that can be manually adjusted by the user to set a different maximum usage, or to turn off the automated background testing. http://www.fcc.gov/measuring-broadband-america/mobile

      • Wyatt Neal

        I’m gong to leave the background data on and give it a 2GB chunck…I’m curious how it will do on the battery

  • Haroon Dar

    i think that despite all the spying people r gonna say abt this app, it generally will be good for consumers because now this lets us see the competition in real world speeds and allows us or the small majority of tech minded people to make smart decisions on which carrier we pick

  • MrT

    What?!?!? They can build something that works?

    • CHRIS42060

      They’re apparently better at mobile application development than they are at developing a system to regulate communications within the United States…..

  • T_Dizzle

    Also so the government knows where you are at all times.

    • Devon Delcourt

      Government already knows that, homie

      • T_Dizzle

        Like the Boston bombers…

  • Colton

    i like this, look nice! kudos.

  • Josh Shaw

    BAHAHAH I’m not downloading any government apps.

    • Daniel Garcia


      • youreadouchetool

        sheepish dumbass

        • Timothy McGovern

          conspiracy sheepish dumbass

        • Adrynalyne

          Incompetent ignoramus.

          The Man doesn’t need an app to watch you.

    • anna willoughby

      Why not? They’ll just get what they want by hacking Google anyway.

      • michael arazan

        From what I read and seen in the news it almost sounded like Google was more on the compliant side than the hacked side. But with all news agencies biased and controlled by corporations kind of hard to find an honest unbiased news service. I usually go to foreign news sites to find the honest reporting about the states and also gives perspective at how others see our country too.

        • anna willoughby

          Ah…see, I read a very different story on the tech sites, but I don’t necessarily hold those as gospel. I don’t really hold anything as gospel. I usually just read as many different versions of a story as I can get my hands on and parse out which information seems to be best sourced and most agreed upon. I don’t necessarily think foreign sources are less prone to manipulation. That said, we may both be a little right and a little wrong, perhaps it was a sort of soft hack that Google allowed to happen, or they are just outright lying.

    • Lee McLaurin

      Says the guy with a Google phone.

      • Josh Shaw

        Who’s to say I have a Google phone? Plus I trust Google, they love me.

        • jlsushman

          Google doesn’t love you. Google love Steve wozniak!

        • HarvesterX

          Lol Google loves collecting data from us so they can sell it to other companies to help with those company’s advertising which I’m turn makes Google very rich. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Google loves you 🙂

    • CHRIS42060

      They already know everything about you anyway…… actually they may be coming for you right now. Quick put on your tinfoil hat and hide the radio waves from the implanted ship. (Crap now I cannot remember which movie the tinfoil hat is from)

      • MovieMan

        That would be Signs.

        • CHRIS42060

          Thank you!

  • spying?

  • Michael


    • Nathan Borup

      what are you? 5?

      • Michael

        I am 6 sir thank you very much!

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          High 5!

          • Droidzilla

            I guess if we say that we have all fives defined as 5+x/(x+1), then 6 is the highest five available as limit x-> infinity. So yes, 6 is a high 5.

          • Jonathan Williams

            Isn’t that Pre-calc or calculus? I haven’t had that since high school.

          • Droidzilla

            Limits are always calculus, as far as I know.

          • anna willoughby

            I did that, and I dropped out before getting to calculus. I think it gets wedged into pre-calc sometimes.

    • JimTendo

      Good job sire, you win the interwebz for today *a tip of my fedora to you* XD

    • Chris Wallace

      You won’t remain at the top for long. The default order is by best, not first.

      • Michael

        yes. but first on this post will always mean first in your hearts…which is what really matters

        • Chris Wallace

          Touché. You win 🙂