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Waze Updated in Google Play, Sets Google as Primary Search Provider


Back in June, Google acquired Waze for reportedly over $1 billion. Today, the official Waze app is finally starting to see some Google-esque changes, with a Google-powered search bar now visible whenever you are viewing the application’s map. In addition, the app has received somewhat of a UI makeover, now cleaner and minimal, allowing users to more easily see what is on the map. 

On top of all of that, 1080p devices now have full support, as well as some good bug fixes and optimizations.

What’s New:

  • Search bar accessible on map
  • Cleaner map UI – elements on map appear based on distance and duplicate reports grouped together
  • Full support for 1080 pixel devices
  • Optimization & bug fixes

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Cheers Humberto!

  • Paul

    I’m just so glad they added 1080 resolution support! Now it looks so much better on my S4! I’ve been waiting what felt like a long time for this.

  • It would be better to just fold Waze into Google Maps and use all Waze’s features THERE. {{-_-}}

  • Sandy K

    Good, now the NSA can track my every move.

  • Raven

    After some of the changes to Maps 7 ticked me off I decided to try Waze as a replacement for a while because the concept of crowed sourcing seemed like a great idea. The problem is that it never seems to work for me. There is a major 8 block length of road near where I live that has been under construction all summer so you have to navigate through some narrow side streets to get through the area. I have many, many times used Waze to report the road under construction and every time I try to use Waze to navigate through the area again it still sends me on the same old route that is closed. So, if it is not learning from my construction reports, what is the point?

    • TSY87

      my guess is waze doesnt actually know that construction takes XXXX amount of time so when you report it, it puts up that warning for however long, then it goes away so the next day it routes you down the same path. My experience has been decent on road trips where all of a sudden traffic stops and google maps doesnt show anything but waze users report (with pictures no less) of an accident that just occurred etc… its not perfect, but i think the creators of waze were definitely onto something awesome which is why google bought it. Hopefully google pulls it over to maps instead though. I prefer the look.

  • nina

    i still refuse to use navigation on waze. it’s 50/50 as far as accuracy and reliability. don’t get me wrong i use the app twice a day..but i’d never trust the navigation.

    • jadeveon da destroyer

      i feel ya my buddy recommended it to me a while back so i decided try it out to find a dairy queen close to my new apt. When i got there it was a whataburger and had been one for 2 years. waze is whack

      • Jon

        But now its using Google search which means those issues like you describe should be a thing of the past now. That’s what’s so awesome about this update.

        • michael arazan

          I still get search results in Google for business’ by me that have closed down, one of them have been closed since 2010

    • Larry Mahnken

      One time I was on 83 South heading towards York, and Waze told me to get off at the next exit, get back on 83 North, go east across the Susquehanna, then south towards the PA turnpike, and take the PA turnpike west and get off on 83 South less than a mile from where it wanted me to leave 83 South to begin with.

  • Give us speed limits and show us where user-reported police and accidents are in Google Maps!

  • Shane Redman

    “Connect to Facebook to meet up…”

    C’mon Google, really?

    • mjmedstarved

      I like it; now, any event I have on my FB calander (that have an address) show up without me even having to manually type the address.

      I can also see who is already on their way, too. It’s nice.

    • Evan Knofsky

      That was a feature in Waze before Google purchased them.

      • A lot more people use Facebook than Google+, which makes it a lot more desirable.

        • I guess I should clarify, I’m not saying Facebook is better than Google+, but generally people use facebook to connect with the majority of their friends and family. If Waze wants it’s users to see their friends and family, Facebook is unfortunately the best service to use.

      • Shane Redman

        I know, i was just teasin

  • Adam Truelove

    They need to just roll all Waze features into Maps and be done with it. Also, give us speed limits while you’re at it.

    • Blue Sun

      Please don’t forget to add Latitude support too. How am I supposed to remotely navigate the wife through traffic on her commute home?

      • Robert Goulet

        Once a Waze user selects a route to follow, Waze actually allows you to share your route and location with people via email or text. It sends them a link that directs you to a webpage with realtime location monitoring that performs far better and updates much faster than Latitude ever did.

        • Blue Sun

          Thanks. I’ll definitely check it out.

      • koralroget7yq

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        I like it; now, any event I have on my FB calander (that have an address) show up without me even having to manually type the address.

      • Google actually closed down Latitude. {{-_-}}

    • anywherehome

      Google is no more a flexible company……so many flaws in the major Google Android apps (play, maps, g+) so don’t expect much

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      And finally add waypoints or multiple destinations.