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doubleTwist Begins Holo Transformation Process Through Google Play Updates


The design team at doubleTwist has been creating Android apps for some time and thanks to Google’s consistency in design (finally) with Holo, the team is introducing the newly redesigned, doubleTwist Player. For some time, doubleTwist stands out from the pack of other 3rd party music players for its ability to sync iTunes playlists, legally download album art at high resolutions, plus allowing music lovers access to radio that features a library of over 13 million tracks.

According to their blog, this is only “Stage One” in the process, which will bring new life to the aging player. 

We haven’t simply adopted Holo, but worked to incorporate everything great about Google’s latest and best designs to bring doubleTwist fully in line with their conventions and design patterns. We took a lot of care to balance the clean and crisp look of Holo with our own aesthetic and I think it turned out fantastic.

Each page throughout the application has been redone, including the necessary artists, songs, albums, genres pages. In essence, it should feel and look like a completely brand new application.

The update isn’t completely 100% live yet, but should be showing itself starting sometime today and over the course of this week for users.

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Via: doubleTwist

  • Pengwn

    It’s all holo until you get to that bottom gradient bar. That still screams iOS.

  • Steve Benson

    Who the hell even uses doubleTwist anymore?

    • EC8CH

      Henry Swanson?

  • schmaltzy

    How about a Double Twist update that makes it compatible with “Media Storage” mode. Useless on my GS3 without that ability.

    • jzwerlz43

      same thats why i switched over to google play music

  • mustbepbs


    I hate slow news days. You guys don’t report on anything interesting anymore. It’s just the regular stuff that everyone else reports on. Dig deeper! Do more opinion stuff! Anything!

    • EC8CH

      We desperately need some rampant Motorola speculation.

      Samsung is slowly talking over the world with S this and S that.
      HTC is slowing burning up in flames.
      LG is… sorry I just fell asleep.
      Sony might as well sell phones on Mars.

      • mustbepbs

        I really want Sony’s phones to matter in the market. They have some smexy looking hardware, and their decision to jump on with Google and AOSP is a serious plus in my book. For some reason, they just can’t get traction. I think it’s the fact that they only release their good phones in non US markets.

        • EC8CH

          Agree with every thing you said. Good looking hardware + AOSP is what we need more of over here.

          What is stopping them from making a push into NA markets though? If Sony wants to become relevant again that seems like a good place to start.

          • mustbepbs

            Probably fear of failure. They aren’t exactly making money as a company, and if they push one of their devices in NA and it bombs, it could be disastrous.

  • picaso86

    I remember when this use to be my main player…. now Google Play Music all the way!

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