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Download: Facebook Home Beta Leaks, No Chat Heads Though (Updated)

facebook home1

We’re not even a week out from Facebook’s announcement of the HTC First and their new home replacement called Facebook Home, and we already have a leaked beta build to play around with. Thanks to Modaco, you can give Home a spin as long as your device has a screen resolution of 1280×768 or less and doesn’t have Facebook baked into your system (meaning you can uninstall Facebook). If you have a Nexus, it would be the perfect phone to test this on. 

Below, you’ll find .apk files for the Facebook app, new Messenger client, and the Home launcher itself. Before you begin, it’s a good idea (maybe even required) to uninstall Facebook completely from your phone and then start fresh with these three .apk files.

Update:  Facebook appears to have killed these from working.

Download:  Facebook App | Messenger App | Home Launcher

Again, uninstall Facebook from your phone. Then install these. I had success by installing Facebook, then the Launcher, and finally Messenger. Once done, login to Facebook and enjoy.

You’ll notice that one of the most important features, Chat Heads, is missing. For whatever reason, that feature is not working at this time, so you’ll have to go without it.

facebook home2

Via:  Modaco

  • Tasso

    Wont let me sign in …. Any tips on what i should do

  • Didn’t work on my Note2, wouldn’t allow me to sign in to FB. Didnt’ realize this completely takes over your whole home app launcher thing. Thought it was just the home unlock screen.

  • Jacob

    I couldnt log on on it. With my galaxy tab 2. Im retrying though.

  • enigmaco

    I am curious to see how intrusive this thing really is

  • I have note 2 and its saying the mega download isnt available for my device.

  • Robert MacDonald

    Go here http://www.modaco.com/page/news/_/android/facebook-home-pre-release-leaks-r1028 and read the comments. Explains what to do to fix this.

  • Robert MacDonald

    I get a error upon logging in.

    • theswillmerchant

      me too

  • Hatyrei


  • “An error occurred. Please try logging in again.”

    I keep getting this error when trying to login. I installed Facebook, Home Launcher, then Messenger. Very strange. Any ideas?

  • Harsh Karn

    As per Modaco set ro.product.model value to MystUL if you see blank screen. Its not as pretty as it was looking during launch. No one uploads high resolution pics in status update.

  • Richard Yarrell

    No thanks. Will use it and download April 12th.

  • Kerry Fath

    So how many people out there use the android app and how many use the web based version? I have read that the app kills battery life but i haven’t seen any proof via. battery stats plus.

  • Blake

    I’m getting a black screen Facebook shut it down:(

  • EvanTheGamer

    Galaxy Nexus FTW!

  • the best feature is left out, chat heads is the only part i like

  • troy studnicka

    I don’t know what all you clowns are bitching about. I had no issues downloading these apps from mega

  • @sb_81st

    I don’t use Facebook enough to takeover my phone in that way… have fun..

  • GS

    When are you going to do a post on the privacy factors of Facebook home? Word on the street is it does some nasty things like looking at your txt messages.

  • Guestus

    I want to go to this Thong Thai place

  • RichFromBX

    ehh, missing the only part of it I found interesting…

  • FBSucks

    How about Hell to the NO!

  • Ryan Borden

    Next time upload it to a file host that works.

  • Sam

    Installed over stock on Droid Bionic by pushing to /vendor/app, fixing permissions, and restarting. As expected, It doesn’t work fantastically–it could work better with an AOSP ROM.

  • Will

    Getting the “Find Me on the Builds Page” error on my GNex. Yes, I have uninstalled the current FB apps, and re installed the new ones listed above. I even tried different installation orders…thoughts?

  • I would consider Facebook Home if it was no more than a lockscreen with swipeable stories and status tools. Then I could quickly unlock to my default launcher home and get all my widgets/app favorites. As it is I lose too much information to justify the cool chat-heads and lock screen access to facebook.

  • Austin Warren

    The fall of the Zuck begins

  • Thought i’d give it a shot. After it downloads it stays at “untitled” with file system underneath and the status bar keeps running.

  • sean.yesmunt

    Although I know I will not use this permanently, I will definitely download and mess around with it. No harm in that.

    • K

      Thats what the frat bro said about slaying the huge beached whale at the end of crazy party. “I’ll definitely mess around with it but I won’t keep her around permanently.” Little did he know the memory of that night would be with him forever.

  • jojo4747

    I would try it. But my phone keeps on downloading a .bin file 🙁

    • Best thing to do is hook up your phone to your computer and transfer the .apk files that way after you download ’em. Easiest way.

  • Daniel Simpson

    Kellex always uses the worst hosting sites available. I can’t even figure out how to download this on my S3 straight from the link.

    • Daniel Simpson

      Disregard, MoDaco hosted it

    • This is the same host used in the source.

  • EC8CH
  • storm36x

    running on my galaxy note 2 right now. pretty cool. ill run it for a couple hours and see if i notice much battery drain. or any other bugs

  • Nashdroid

    Let’s don’t and say we did. Or even better, don’t and say we didn’t

  • Bionic

    i’ll pass

  • Alex Marmon

    its too bad the next version of android doesnt leak this fast

  • EMcTx

    Wow, I hope someone checks the grammar on the settings’ page. The background fetch interval effects battery life, really?

    • Just noticed that as well

      • darciematteau

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  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I’ll check it out once it’s fully release… I mean it’s only a few more days. Just want to check it out to see what ideas some ROM makers could steal from it.

  • JBartcaps

    Definitely gonna give it a try for poop and giggles, but only when it’s working properly.

  • Can you just use the facebook apk to replace your current facebook?

  • Adam Neighbors

    That’s great! 😀

    Now, who actually wants this?

    • Probably no one heh.

      • I beg to differ. I’m actually gonna mess around with Facebook Home right now.

  • Mike Cox

    umm no thanks