Koush Releases Universal ADB Driver for Windows

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If there is one step along the rooting path that has continued to test people’s patience over the years, it usually has something to do with ADB drivers. There is nothing worse than firing up your new device for the first time or after a fresh new update, finding root instructions, loading up ADB to shoot off some commands, only to get a “device not found” error. I know I’ve had my fair share of troubles because I deal with so many different devices, but our inbox certainly indicates that you have run into just as many.

Finding a fix usually involves XDA, countless searches, figuring out proper keywords to narrow those searches, and then at least a half-dozen threads or random sites that have popped up thanks to those keywords. It’s a pain in the ass, to say the least. 

There may be an easier solution today, thanks to Koush, after he had had just about enough ADB issues when working through his Carbon and Tether apps and decided to find a solution. He has put together a universal ADB driver that should install on any version of Windows without having to turn on test signing or disable driver verification.

From what I can tell, he was able to make this driver universal by including a massive list of hardware IDs. I’m talking massive, just take a look at his Github page for it.

Feel free to grab the file below and give it a test. I know I’ll be firing it up immediately.

Download Link

Via:  +Koush [Github]

Cheers Scott!



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