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Giveaway: Win One of Three dbrand Nexus 4 Skins (Update: Winners Picked)

N4 Skinz dbrand

I have been playing around with the idea of throwing on different types of skins to the Nexus 4 recently. It is the perfect device for adding such an accessory since it has a completely flat surface on the back, but I was somewhat hesitant about covering up that beautiful glimmering backside.

Well, I found some skins from dbrand that will actually make the Nexus 4 look even more bad ass, so we went ahead and got a few extra so we can give a few away.

The skins are well made, ranging in textures, colors, and feel. The one I was most drawn towards was the black carbon fiber and it really lived up to my expectations in terms of shine and feel. We also had them send along a white faux-leather skin, as well as a grey aluminum one. The leather skins come in a large range of colors from blue and purple, to neon green and hot pink. But enough of talking them up, let’s get to giving. 


Update:  We have our three winners and have emailed them. Sorry for the late notice!

Prize(s):  Three people will win one of three dbrand Nexus 4 skins. One (1) carbon fiber, one (1) aluminum, or one (1) white leather skin.

Instructions on how to enter:

1. Tell us why you love your Nexus 4 in the comments below and specify which skin you want the most (carbon, white leather, or aluminum).


We will pick our three winners today at 4PM PST randomly from the comments section.

N4 SkinN4 SkinzNexus 4 SkinNexus 4 SKinsz

You can check out more of dbrand’s offerings on their site.

  • I love my N4 cause it is a damn awesome phone! It is fast, customizable, it has a nice big screen, it feels great in the hand, and I absolutely LOVE Android 4.2!!

    I would love to have the aluminum skin! I think it would look great! 🙂

  • I dig the aluminum skin

  • Google Now is fantastic.

  • Anurag Goel

    Nexus 4 is my first android phone .Have been using nokias my entire life.Could have
    bought Galaxy S3 seeing the price drops and its popularity and recommendations
    .But chose the nexus 4 not seeing its faster processor, gpu or ram
    but because it appealed me and now I know i made the right choice
    I love its brilliant, sharp screen, its cameras pics, fast UI, its mysterious back squares, its build, its …….damn could be doing this the entire night. I don’t know if the word is enough but MY NEXUS 4 IS JUST Awesome.

  • I live my galaxy nexus because it provides unlimited flexibility.

    The Nexus 4 that I will be activating later this month when my contract expires offers all that with more style and horsepower!!

  • I love my nexus 4 because…. it is a nexus! and it is my first nexus ever! now finally I have a myriad of custom rom to try!!
    which skin I want the most? well… I hate white objects! that’s for sure! but the carbon fiber it’s very cool! also the aluminum one is very cool!… maybe I prefer the carbob fiber! :p

  • Speed of use, unlocked and Apps to die for – Carbon looks cool.

  • Vlad

    I love my Nexus because its the best phone ever made + its an Iphone killer
    Carbon skin

  • Arjun Sehgal

    love the nexus 4 for its design and functionality ! its super fast and straight updates from google serve as a treat. its amazing to hold an elegant device.

    the carbon skin is something i want on my nexus 4 badly !

  • I Love my Nexus 4 coz i get to taste android’s latest desserts before anyone else and that too at affordable price. Carbon 4 me.

  • Alvin H

    I love my Nexus because my unicorn ate my other phone. Carbon fiber ftw.

  • Oli

    I love my Nexus 4 because I live a very active lifestyle and smartphones are typically too delicate to handle it! However, because the RRP of the Nexus 4 is so comparatively cheap, its really cheap to insure! I know thats a boring answer, but it really makes a difference! The grey aluminium skin is pretty sweet.

  • Keith J. Gonzalez

    I absolutely love my Nexus 4 because it made my previous iPhone 5 look like a dumbphone. These skins are really nice and it would be awesome if I could win a white leather one. Thanks for reading!

  • Aditya

    I waited for my love since Nov 13, but got it in late Jan. The wait increased my love for it even more. The smoothness, the stunning looks makes me go wow. First updates is what I am greedy of.. The unlocked price and the the best Stock UI made me fall in love.
    If I win I would like the aluminium one. But that’s just a choice. Any skin will do!

  • Kenneth Thomas

    i love my nexus 4 because it shows i’m not afraid to stray from the popular crowd i’m a high school student who paid for it with my own money while the about half the people in my school got their parents to buy them iPhones… even if i’m off its only by a slim margin. the skin i really want is the titanium one 🙂

  • Cake please

  • Don Mega

    I love Vanilla Android without bloatware like most other Android phones. The N4 is the perfect minimalist feeling phone without annoying Android modifications that manufacturers package with their flagship phones.

    And the fact that you are first inline for updates makes it super sweet, doesn’t make sense to have the latest and greatest spec monster phone if it’s running an old Android build!! Samsung could release the GS4 and two months later Android updates to 3.0 and it would take the GS4 like 4-5 months for them to push an official update -if they care, they could be already lining up their GS5 and not even update the GS4.

  • Scott Hartman

    I just got my N4 yesterday (replacing my Verizon Galaxy Nexus) and I love the beveled glass edges that make it a pleasure to interact with the snappier interface. I think I’d most prefer the carbon skin. Cheers!

  • Nexus is an awesome phone from google.. If you like google you will love nexus.. Great specs with great price.. Carbon skin looks great!!

  • The price!

  • Marc Frappier

    I love my nexus 4 because its super fast, and it sells at a low budget phone price even though it isnt! aluminum looks epic! 😀

  • kartik

    ohhh.. i am still waiting for my nexus 4.. i m in india n my friend from US is getting one for me.. will have it on 12th march.. its been a long waiting.. i was planning to buy dBrand Carbon skin.. reviews say its the best in terms of feel n grip.. would love it if i win one from you all..

  • Mike Pado

    I would love to get the black carbon skin from dbrand.com so I could tell all my envious friends that I won it from my favorite Android news site, droidlife.com!!

  • Ben Solomon

    Just ordered a Nexus 4. Excited about Stock Android. The Aluminium skin would make the hot phone even hotter.

  • Jonathan Dowse

    I got to say that the sleekness of the device & the beautiful screen, once calibrated using custom kernel ;), really impresses me every time I pick mine up. I love the whole black slab minimalism look which really helps the software shine through.

    I’m still worried about the back shattering at any point so the carbon skin would be a great addition if a crack would to appear 😉

  • Neal Horowitz

    Best in class hardware and up-to-date software for $350. Wish everyone did that.

    As for which skin… it’s tough, but the white leather gets #1. The carbon skin is also pretty awesome. Not a huge fan of the brushed metal look. Wish you guys had the white carbon one; that one is super sexy.

  • Love the nexus due to the developer friendly nature of it. I’ll love to have the carbon skin.

  • Mark Simis

    I’d like the carbon

  • Joel Velazquez

    I love lamp I love lamp…. White nexus 4 skin

  • I love my Nexus 4 because it doesn’t ‘quack’ like the Motorola Triumpth I had before and because it really is a fantastic deal.

  • nightscout13

    More Nexi need to be covered in the rear, the glitter is FUGLY

  • kauthor47

    I love my Nexus 4 because I don’t even own it yet (gotta wait for next paycheck) and I know it’s the only device I’ll be investing in until the next Nexus Season.

  • jonathon buccieri

    Also I like the aluminum skin

  • jonathon buccieri

    I love my nexus 4 because it’s unlocked on straight talk @ 15/MPs and it gets all the updates first and it is setting the bar for top of the line smart phones putting to shame those who cost double


  • jpn1tr0

    I love my nexus 4 because it is the best nexus ever!!!

    • jpn1tr0

      Because of my excitement, I forgot that I wanted a carbon fiber skin :))))))

  • aluminum
    It is the Android flagship phone, what else can I say?

  • Nikhil Rathi

    I love my Nexus for the sole reason for it being a Nexus..An Aluminium skin would make it even more desirable…

  • I love my Nexus 4 because it gives me contractless freedom!

    And that black carbon looks mighty fine.

  • Guest

    I love my Nexus 4 because I get all the updates first! Woohoo! Also, I’m diggin’ that carbon fiber skin.

  • YusufIslam

    It’s a nexus.. That is all

  • I love my N4 as much as of my nexus devices, dev friendly, vanilla android. whats not to love? Carbon or aluminum. No love for the leather.

  • Michael Aston

    I love my Nexus cos’ it slips cosily into parts other devices cannot reach

  • Mayank

    Simple, Sleek and Stylish


    Love not having contract anymore. Aluminum for me please.


    Ian B

  • i love my nexus because its google. Aluminum please 🙂

  • Chris Andrew

    My Nexus 4 is uber loved because the top performance, smooth experience, amazing design and the freshly updates granted straight from Google source. Now it will be just freaking stylish with the amazing dband white leather skin.

  • MVNO FTW. Aluminum

  • AshtonTS

    I love my nexus 4 because its thin, light, fast, and better than any iPhone.
    I would love the carbon one 🙂

  • michael

    I love my Nexus 4 because how fast it is. It just flies through every app i throw at it. Really satisfied with my device. I like the carbon skin the most

  • fajitatt

    My N4 unrooted is so fast and fluid… and I think it’s one of the sexiest devices ever made. – carbon is my favorite