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Contest: Celebrate the New Year by Winning a $25 Google Play Gift Card (Updated: Winner Picked)

google play gift card

The final full week of 2012 is coming to a close, the tech world has officially shut down, and I know that many of you are planning your last couple of nights of sinful bliss before you entertain life changes as we head into 2013. To celebrate this last weekend of the year, let’s reward those of you looking ahead with a $25 Google Play gift card. It’s time to talk about New Year’s resolutions, as painful as they may be. 


Update:  We have our winner! David has decided that his New Yea’s resolution is to get FoxFi working with his DROID RAZR running Jelly Bean.

Prize:  1 (one) $25 Google Play Gift Card

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, give us your New Year’s resolutions.


On Monday morning, at 10:00AM Pacific, we’ll choose the winner randomly from the comments.

  • My new years resolution is to continue to support and visit the #1 android website on the planet DROID LIFE!

  • jason

    New years resolution : save money and build a better life for me and my fiance.

  • Adam

    Don’t want to be so typical, but I’d like to lose some weight. Been starting going to the gym this year so at least I’m back at it. Just sort of lost track with the holidays.

    But I’ll be going either with my wife or a buddy from work several times a week. Now just gotta work on eating better too.

  • Aaron Crampton

    My New years resolution is obtain my MCTS Widows 7 Certification

  • Matt Gondek

    I resolve to not respond to other’s resolutions with a smile and pat on the back while thinking to myself “I give it a week.” And I’m not sure which half of that needs to change.

  • Mojorizen

    Work less (hopefully) and drink more beer.

  • david strange

    I will buy a nexus 7

  • Harit Singh

    Resolution: Stop getting so many speeding tickets! And replace my S3 for a Note 2

  • Loose weight, as always and find a way to keep my unlimited data plan when I upgrade tothe google “x” or galaxy 4

  • Jerry C.

    Use as much of my unlmited data with Verizon that I can.

  • Francesco Russo

    My new years resolution is to get a YouTube partnership!

  • Live another year.

  • Dav

    To finally decide on a tablet to buy and stick with.

  • Trey

    No McDonald’s AT ALL! Almost achieved this in 2012 but sadly slipped once…

  • 1. Get back in shape (at least from what I used to be like when I graduated basic training).
    2. Go on my first hunting trip, kill a deer and get some meat.
    3. Knock out some more debt.

  • kkanemt

    to stop smoking

  • My New Years Resolution isn’t to change myself, but to just be myself. Happy New Years, everyone.

  • Jason Hansen

    Buy a Nexus 4

  • Actually get a Nexus 4…

  • fred

    lose weight

  • colton J

    live a better life

  • brian

    Actually learn the words from my word a day calendar that I have received the last 3 years.

  • Dillon Brown

    Resolution: Not procrastinate so much!

  • Find less grey hairs…

  • my new year’s resolution is to work harder than ever before, help other people make significant incomes in their part-time, and change my family’s lifestyle permanently.

  • Kpirate

    Find Tupac, we all know he’s alive!

  • Not drop,drown or mar my HTC Droid DNA, eat less, workout more and lock down the girl I’m dating 🙂

  • My new year’s resolution is to finally launch the non-profit I’ve been working on. Less planning, more doing!

  • Dustin Murphy

    New Year’s resolution: this year, i will actually KEEP my New Year’s resolution!

  • Richard

    Eat more; exercise less.

  • my resolution is to win 1 contest on droid-life (resolution subject to change if i win this prior to new years)

  • Christopher Weber

    My resolution is to abuse my unlimited data package so much that Verizon opens a special investigative case.

  • Javelin_Jack

    Flash less (flashing new ROMs that is).

  • rocs_macho

    Buy a house and as many Android devices as possible.

  • Mark Mann

    get moved into a new apartment where the neighbors respect each other, and eventually get moved to florida, to give our lives the soft reset it needs, and get away from midwest winters…

  • My New Years Resolution – Not be eaten by zombies.

  • mkltkr

    Resolution: Finish my half-completed Android game I’ve been working on for about 8 months.

  • postal32

    resolution: to finish up college!

  • dbam987

    Publish an iOS, Mac, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Android app… so then I can quit my day job… once I make billionz of dolla’s.

  • Craig Baumer

    Enjoy Life more

  • Rodney N.

    I want to learn IP subnetting without a calculator.

  • P T

    visit droid-life more!

  • Will Larson

    New Years resolution…. hmm… I made a resolution about 15 years back to not waste my time on “New Years resolutions”. I have done pretty good with sticking to that one.

  • onthecouchagain

    Lose weight. :T

  • My New Year’s Resolution is to stop making New Year’s Resolutions. 😉

  • Bruteone

    Resolution: Buy more from the Play Store!

  • BigV592

    Resolve to win more contests. (or at least one)

  • Alex

    I will buy an apartment

  • Chris

    I don’t really have a New Years Resolution!

  • Mikka

    I will buy a nexus 4 for my gf 🙂