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Quick Contest: Win 1 of 3 Galaxy Nexus Fantom Tempered Glass Screen Protectors (Updated: Winners Picked!)

The Galaxy Nexus on Verizon is still to this day one of the most popular phones among Droid Life readers. It was the first Nexus (maybe the last too) to launch on Big Red, providing this passionate community the only fully open phone on their network of choice in quite some time. But now that the phone has been around for almost a year, it seems to take a backseat at times to all of the new phones that hit the market. So to show the G-Nex that we still love it, we wanted to hand out a couple of tempered glass screen protectors for it. 

The Fantom, made by XGEAR, is practically scratch resistant, keeps off fingerprints, and is thin enough to not add extra bulk to your device. At 8H hardness, you won’t find this kind of protection from any other screen protector. Then normally retail for $29.99.


Update:  Our three winners have been picked! David, ImmaDroid, and Sean, be sure to check your email!

Prize:  3 (three) Fantom tempered glass screen protectors for the Galaxy Nexus.

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us why you still love your Galaxy Nexus.


Today, at 3PM Pacific, we’ll randomly choose three winners from the comments.

*Winners need to have U.S. addresses.

  • SchwannyT

    ***SHhhh*** Don’t tell Verizon but they think they own my phone… *wink* they don’t. The best 4G LTE Nexus you can get… sorry.

  • I love my Galaxy Nexus because i can install the updates Verizon doesn’t want me to have

  • I still love my galaxy nexus because it is a stock Google nexus device and despite the delays on updates due to Verizon it will remain a well supported device for a long time thanks to all of the developers working with it.

  • I love my GNex is the first phone I rooted and I love all the ROMs that are out for it.

  • I stood outside in the cold the day it was released, making sure to be one of the first in Philadelphia to have the phone and it hasn’t let me down since. The tremendous support of the development community has allowed me to never have to wait on Verizon to approve an update…if I wanted to the latest features I just flashed over the ROM of my choosing.

    Most importantly though the reason I still love this phone is that it’s faster today then the day I got it. I’ve NEVER been able to say that before. I’m a proud Android supporter and have gotten many people to jump ship and join us on this platform. This is my first of many Android phones to come I’m sure, but it will always have a special place in my heart as the first.

  • 4n1m4L

    I love having the Cadillac nexus. Amoled screen and LTE and both docks. It will remain my phone until my work gets GSM service

  • Eldorath

    Love my GNex still, because even with all the flashiness and such that other devices are coming out with now… this one has everything I want in a device. Amoled, softwarebuttons, No stupid manufacturer skins.

  • brandito

    Rom support and development

  • beng8686

    USB host support!

  • TheKaz1969

    I know a lot of people will say “pure android experience” but coming from sense that really IS what I love about it!”

  • Seth Schorr

    My GNex still works as well as it did when I bought it over a year ago. Plus, even though it’s on Verizon, it is more up to date than about 98% of the other Android phones out there. 😛 (Bronx cherry)

  • Brandon

    I still love my galaxy nexus because of the large development community backing it. Cid and pink unicorns keep my device fresh and fun with unlimited number swag.

  • Spanki

    No bloatware!!

  • I still love my Galaxy Nexus because I still think it’s the best phone on Verizon

  • Its fast and heavily supported by the dev community, I have yet to see another phone that has come out yet that I would want over this one.

  • I still love my Galaxy Nexus because it’s the only LTE-enabled phone on my carrier that doesn’t lock me in to one company’s idea of the mobile experience.

  • Luis Castillo

    I have loved my Galaxy Nexus since day one. I still love the support it gets from the Dev community. Not to mention all of the accessories that are available for my device!

  • Justin John

    Because its still better than a lot of phones out there. It’s pure vanilla Google, despite Verizon’s slow update process. 🙂

  • jjg353

    I love my GNex because it was the first phone I rooted, and to this day impresses all of my friends. I will never go back to a locked phone, and you can never forget your first

  • Aaron Rich

    Best community supported phone out there with Verizon LTE network behind it.

  • BestonMars

    Was first in line at Washington Square to pick up mine, and it still performs as it did on day one. Love this phone!

  • Peter Lau

    Still able to get updates that I need. Fast and simple

  • samthomas86

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because there is a HUGE development community that is always around to help.

  • eddie

    I love it for the rom community!

  • Bradley Albert Nemitz

    I still love my Nexus cause it’s got a custom ROM community keeping it up to date with software, and I still get to keep unlimited data.

  • EdgeSetter

    Still love it cause it’s the only nexus on verizon

  • benjewman

    i love my g-nex more than anything. i got it looking like noone ever will but its still beautiful. and then it can take evrything i throw at it and then more. so happy i chose this over the dinc4g or gs3 never looked back.

  • MooseCat

    Even without VZW support, the phone is easy to keep up to date.

  • My VZW GNex is my frist smartphone and only smartphone. It has become such a part of my everyday routine that it feels like I’ve had it for the past 5 years where it’s almost been only a year (got it the day it came out). Can’t imagine having any other phone.

  • A Nexus device is about the only android device that’s not seriously injured by Verizon’s policies. My Galaxy Nexus is still the best phone on the VZW network as far as I’m concerned for that very reason. I’ve been running Jelly Bean for many months. Most VZW users cannot say that.

  • epicwins

    I still love my nexus because it’s a NEXUS. Doesn’t matter how long it takes Verizon to roll out an update because I am always up to date!

  • I love my G-Nex because it is the first phone that I did not have to worry about when I rooted it. It was designed to be customized and it loves when I flash a new ROM. Plus, it is super pretty and sleek. Although I wish Big Red would not do things to make my g-nex’s nfc chip sad.

  • Abdallah Hirbawi


  • Yousuf Ismail

    I love my Galaxy nexus because of the incredible developer support. Also because of the great software to hardware optimization by Google. As a result it still manages to compete with some quad-core phones in terms of everyday performance.

  • MarcMan

    It was the clear choice for replacing the OG Droid. I still consider my Galaxy Nexus a Droid. And I still love it even though my little brother got his Nexus 4 shipped to him today. The only thing lacking is BB… come back Peter…

  • Steve Palacios

    My GNex is still awesome because it is a GNex!

  • Kevin Mills

    I love it because it is the only nexus I was able to get one verizon.

  • DanielS

    I thought I didn’t. And then bought a RAZR M. Had to switch back after a day, the Gnex just works better (stock android.) – still has a great screen, great audio output (compared to M anyway), and great fluidity.

  • nexus95

    Uh, because its back doesnt crack like the new one and is the best option on Verizon.

  • MikeAR

    latest software with LTE! That’s hard to beat.

  • jcorf

    It’s a Nexus

  • i got the white housing for it. and it is definately a looker. the satin finish on the white housing makes the phone feel so slick and surreal to touch xD

  • Gaurav K

    Its my first smart phone on vzw. I definitely love the ability that I’m able to customize my phone any way I want it to be (definitely helps out my new hobby of making home screens for my phone). And I can’t forget about the huge developer community for it.

  • BrionBrown

    It’s a great phone that gets updates immediately and it doesn’t have a glass back!

  • Droidzilla

    Actually, it’s not for me but for my sister (who can’t access DL at work). She still loves her GNex (Verizon) because, even with all of the issues, it’s still the best Android experience available on Verizon bar none.

  • Kpirate

    I love that despite being on Verizon I am able to easily root my device and keep up to date with android on my phone

  • Eric Hauser

    Because it’s still a great phone in spite of newer hardware out there. It’s got a not too big screen, LTE and it’s able to run the latest software Google has to offer. Not to mention the unbelievable community that’s grown around the phone. Running 4.2.1 without any issues and I’m sure that great support will continue. Verizon might have abandoned the phone but with the great community behind it, I’m sure I’ll be enjoying the crap out of this phone until next summer when my upgrade is available.

  • carluverdrm2004

    After waiting for a worthy phone to update to from my OG Droid, and after passing on the Bionic, I decided on the Galaxy Nexus. I have been nothing but pleased! Whenever it got to the point where I really wanted 4.1, I researched rooting and unlocking the bootloader and whatnot. I’m no tinkerer, but rooting my G-Nex made me appreciate Google and Android much more than I previously did. I don’t care if the camera isn’t perfect, or that the battery sucks…. I’m lovin’ my Nexus.

  • Andrei

    best possible android experience for the better part of a year

  • mgamerz

    I love my gnex. I love the feel of the device. However I do not like the screen not being scratch resistant like my atrix. I would love a protector… I don’t like ones that bubble either. Please, let me win 😀