Deep Sleep Battery Saver Makes Sure Your Device Receives the Rest It Deserves

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For those of you who try everything they can to make those batteries last as long as possible, check out Deep Sleep Battery Saver. While your phone is snoozing, at night time when you aren’t using it, most people decide to charge their device. If you aren’t one for that, this app allows you to set times where it will automatically shut off WiFi and data, along with all of the ongoing syncing services to save battery. In the morning, it auto awakes for the new day and re-syncs everything before you wake up, that way you and your Android friend are refreshed and ready to go. 


  • Custom profile settings
  • Separate between weekday vs weekend settings
  • Frequency: device is turned on DS mode at a selected frequency
  • Duration: device is woke up after for a selected duration after a each frequency cycle
  • Wireless & network: control radio setting during DS on
  • Sync: Control sync strategy and sync account, auto-sync
  • Apps: Select apps that will be stopped during DS on
  • CPU: Process twist – root only
  • Whitelist: Apps are always ignored when DS on, such as online music player

There is a free version you can try out along with a pro version, which allows for CPU underclocking as well. Naturally, root is required for that feature.

More Info From XDA

Play Link: Free | Pro ($1.29)



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