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Quick Contest: Win 1 of 3 Galaxy Nexus Fantom Tempered Glass Screen Protectors (Updated: Winners Picked!)

The Galaxy Nexus on Verizon is still to this day one of the most popular phones among Droid Life readers. It was the first Nexus (maybe the last too) to launch on Big Red, providing this passionate community the only fully open phone on their network of choice in quite some time. But now that the phone has been around for almost a year, it seems to take a backseat at times to all of the new phones that hit the market. So to show the G-Nex that we still love it, we wanted to hand out a couple of tempered glass screen protectors for it. 

The Fantom, made by XGEAR, is practically scratch resistant, keeps off fingerprints, and is thin enough to not add extra bulk to your device. At 8H hardness, you won’t find this kind of protection from any other screen protector. Then normally retail for $29.99.


Update:  Our three winners have been picked! David, ImmaDroid, and Sean, be sure to check your email!

Prize:  3 (three) Fantom tempered glass screen protectors for the Galaxy Nexus.

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us why you still love your Galaxy Nexus.


Today, at 3PM Pacific, we’ll randomly choose three winners from the comments.

*Winners need to have U.S. addresses.

  • Jovan

    Well, I stuck with OG Droid for 6 months after my contract was up. in the 4th month it died completely and I had to use Google Voice to communicate with only neessary peoples.
    SO, after nearly getting my GNex at best buy a week before it was actually released (I’m still upset Employee Derek) I was the second person to get a galaxy nexus in my area!
    All to say I love it because I have it rooted, get awesome ROMs (BB) and expect to have this phone well after VZW contract ends

  • brandito

    Rom support and a bigger screen than my Incredible.

  • Charles Roberts

    I love my GNX because it is the first and only Android phone that got me off the iPhone…the GNX has a style and subtle allure that’s hard to explain…or resist!

  • Earl

    Because my GNex loves me back

  • strows

    Cause it’s the only NEXUS that Verizon carries.

  • its a year old and its still one of the best phones out there.

  • Bakercj

    It has one of the cleanest faces with no buttons on the front. I LOVE the on screen buttons. And dev rom support is great. I will never own another non-nexus device again.

  • Bob Schmidt

    Because it will, eventually, get 4.2…right?

  • Jason Jackson


  • It is my first awesome phone after the horrid BB Storm…*shivers*

  • Egg_Omelette

    Unlocked and Rooted! Need I say More?

  • cscotina29

    i love my gnex because it does not have bloatware like every other android phone on verizon

  • Rafa Sandoval

    Vanilla Android on Verizon

  • I got my Galaxy Nexus on launch day. I paid full retail for it because I was tired of being with the Bionic. From Day One I have been more than satisfied with this phone. I love the freedom it gives me and the new software at my disposal since I’m rooted and unlocked. There is no phone currently on the market that makes me want to ditch the GNex, and I don’t anticipate leaving it for anything other than a polished Nexus phone that has Google in control on Verizon’s network. One can hope right?

  • quiklives

    I switched from the VZW Nexus to a GSM Nexus on a cheap prepaid plan, which is quite frankly all I can afford as a poor college student now. Nonetheless, I really don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything, even still. The Nexus 4 is pretty and all, but I don’t think I like it any better than what I have, and the GNex is certainly less breakable.

  • It’s the only way for me to have stock Android and LTE. It’s everything I want and then some. I’m not changing phones for a while.

  • I was using a Samsung Galaxy S3 from the day it launched up until the Nexus 4 was rereleased (when it was sold out on the Play Store). Then I sold my S3 and bought the N4 16GB version. Greatest purchase of my life. TouchWiz wasn’t bad by any means but the pure Android experience I’m getting on my Nexus 4 is absolutely phenomenal. Everything from the software (love 4.2) to the hardware (quad-core processor and industrial design) skyrocketed my phone experience to a whole another level! After using the N4 for about a week now, I honestly cannot see myself using any other phone that isn’t a Nexus device.

  • Unlimited LTE + always having the latest Android OS = longterm relationship ;D

  • Marc Franz

    The screen, the form factor, 32GB of storage, and Jelly Bean.

  • NEXtUp3

    Ever since my OG Droid I have wanted the Nexus One, and now that I have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus it’s like the gift I’ve waited so long for and I would love to protect my investment. Other screen protectors don’t seem to do the job, a Fantom Tempered Glass Screen Protector would be the icing on top. I’ve been looking into having one of these!

  • Yellowsnow

    I love it because it’s open, and it isn’t made of glass 😉

  • HollywoodWebber

    It has 4g LTE and an unlockable boot loader.

  • jathak

    It’s a Nexus on Verizon.

  • Nearing a year of gnex ownership and love it more each day. While it is starting to show a little age, the sheer hackability of it has alleviated these worries. With V locking down devices left and right, they’ll have to take my gnex from me kicking and beeping

  • afike147

    Started my life with Android sporting a Droid X. Got the Galaxy because it was the most advanced smart phone on the market at the time. It had 4g, NSF and a beautiful screen. It can do so so so much more than any iPhone. I admit that it is annoying that it is not considered nexus phone anymore, but I can see myself using it for years to come. LOVE IT
    LOVE the Nexus community too.

  • I love my G-Nex because it is true Google.

  • raoul duke

    Went from d1 to dinc to this. Always unlocked rooted & rom’d. I like my vzw service so I’ll stick with it till my unlimited gets pulled.

  • okp3

    I still love my GNEX because of the great dev community!

  • Gage

    I don’t have a G-Nex but would love to give it to my brother for X-mas.

  • Artjoseph Caballero

    I love my GNex because it’s simple, straightforward, and runs smooth as butter. And the on screen buttons are awesome. Something no one else seems to want to do.

  • Why wouldn’t we all still love our Nexi(?)!? It’s still speedy, completely unlocked and most importantly, able to be used on Verizon’s network. All of us holding on for dear life to our unlimited data plans have the best option available at this time!

  • AnothaMexican

    I love my G-nex cause of the styling and dev community that supports it. Much love to everyone who strives to make this phone that much greater with all the roms and tweaks.

  • Samuel Victor

    Beacuse it is not an Iphone

  • Mike Yost

    I still love my Galaxy Nexus because it was my original Nexus device, it showed me just how powerful Android could be while also showing how amazing the stock interface looks. Now own a Nexus 7 and may be getting a N10 and possibly an N4 sometime soon!

  • bonanzalarry

    I still love my Gnex because it still does all the jobs I need it for and the future of Nexus devices on VZW isn’t lookin to great.

  • Trevor

    Best developers. Their roms make my nexus better than most newer devices.

  • kevin larue

    love knowing if I’m grabbing to top or bottom of the phone right when I reach in my pocket

  • I went from the original Droid to this, the day it was released at Verizon. It was my first Samsung and I have been completely thrilled with it ever since. It does everything I need, it’s a perfect size (a big, beautiful screen that will still fit in your pocket), and it doesn’t make me look like one of the hipster d-bags standing in line for the newest, greatest thing that will be released next time, in the Galaxy commercials.

  • jahsoul

    I still love my GNex because it does 105% of the things I need it to. Oh yeah, provisioned for the future.

  • David Elisha

    It reminds me how bad my blackberry was.

  • Derek Britton

    I can keep up with the new Android versions whenever they come out

  • dirtytofu

    I love how you can customize EVERYTHING on the phone!!!

  • TCCE

    Why do I love my GNex? What is there not to love about it!!! Long live our beloved GNex.

  • thefullritz

    Always the latest w/o getting a new phone.

  • LjHe80

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because I am rocking 4.2.1 on it, without any hiccups.

  • Josh Sleeper

    ROMs, ROMs, ROMs! I’ve never had to stress about waiting for Verizon to push updates. Doesn’t get any better than that haha.

  • Kalash71

    Because I just got one!

  • It’s simply the best. Can’t beat a classic.

  • Lane252

    simply put, capable of root, its sleak and it works.

  • Josh Karwoski

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because after nearly a year of owning it, it is running faster than ever with AOKP, Jellybean, Franco.Kernel, and various other tweaks. I have had an amazing time flashing ROMs, kernels, and anything else I could get my hands on, thanks to the unbelievable development support. My “Nexusversary” is on December 15th and this would be a great gift for my little beast, running as smooth as butter.