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Quick Contest: Win 1 of 3 Galaxy Nexus Fantom Tempered Glass Screen Protectors (Updated: Winners Picked!)

The Galaxy Nexus on Verizon is still to this day one of the most popular phones among Droid Life readers. It was the first Nexus (maybe the last too) to launch on Big Red, providing this passionate community the only fully open phone on their network of choice in quite some time. But now that the phone has been around for almost a year, it seems to take a backseat at times to all of the new phones that hit the market. So to show the G-Nex that we still love it, we wanted to hand out a couple of tempered glass screen protectors for it. 

The Fantom, made by XGEAR, is practically scratch resistant, keeps off fingerprints, and is thin enough to not add extra bulk to your device. At 8H hardness, you won’t find this kind of protection from any other screen protector. Then normally retail for $29.99.


Update:  Our three winners have been picked! David, ImmaDroid, and Sean, be sure to check your email!

Prize:  3 (three) Fantom tempered glass screen protectors for the Galaxy Nexus.

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us why you still love your Galaxy Nexus.


Today, at 3PM Pacific, we’ll randomly choose three winners from the comments.

*Winners need to have U.S. addresses.

  • Higher_Ground

    I still love my gnex because she’s beautiful, smart, and doesn’t mind when I slide my fingers over her perfectly curved gl.ass in public 😉

  • Harvester4

    Dat vanilla experience

  • Love that I have so many choices in roms, keeps me up to date with latest android.

  • Jared Tau

    I still love my nexus because it just feels right

  • Jason Brown

    i still love my gnex because of jellybean with google now and flashing of roms to stay up to date with the latest OS knowing damn well that verizon loves to take their sweet old time pushing through updates.

  • YarHsoj

    I love my Nexus because of the pure android experience, large screen, and sexy curves!

  • Nicholas Kent

    I love the openness of the device and generous mod community, even if Verizon doesn’t!

  • his is the first phone that I followed from the day it was first rumored…oh the nexus prime…even in the midst of the DNA and note 2 I can still rely on my nexus prime to give me the latest and purest aosp

  • Sam Freistedt

    I love it because a year after its release it still runs on par with the latest and greatest smartphones IMO. I have no complaints about my Gnex. My OG Droid was great while it lasted but it seemed to get dated much faster than the Gnex.

  • I love that it works seemlessly out of the box and I can do whatever I want with it. I also love that I’ve dropped it a ton of times and it just keeps on going… tough phone.

  • coltinunruh

    I still love mine because I consider it to be the best phone on Verizon right now. If this didn’t come out when it did I would have been stuck with something awful. I desperately needed to replace my og.

  • dolphinmarino

    Because of the Customs Rom’s, Won’t be waiting around for Verizon for my updates…

  • Hakeem Purnell

    I love my GNex because it’s like once you find that right girl you stop looking at other girls. I couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve even been back to a VZW store to look at the new phones. Plus with all of the roms out its like a new phone everytime i which to a new rom. Long live the GNex.

  • Zebov

    It’s a Nexus device (sort of) on Verizon. Refuse to buy anything else. Even though I’m STILL waiting on a car dock…

  • robertlwalters

    It is still beautiful and of course easy bootloader unlock and the roms!

  • Jon

    lol. I think we were more likely to get the MOGA

  • maldevil

    It to me is still a great phone. I love it!

  • because of all the developer support i can get on this phone.

  • Dev

    I love my Galaxy nexus as it is still the best Nexus device in terms of speed, factory Android 4.1 and Stable! This is the best Nexus I have had.

  • benjamin Kilar

    It is possibly the ONLY Nexus on vzw. I am still on unlimited, so until another nexus is on big red, I am keeping my GNex

  • WCM3

    Love the OEM! I usually hold onto a phone for about three months. The galaxy nexus has been with me for a year so far. I bought it on launch day.

  • alex

    Love the 32gb storage for my apps.

  • hgomes30

    Easy – curved display. The trendsetter…ahead of it time, and if you asked me, it’s still relevant. A father to many (included the highly praised…SG3). Great marketing from Google. Too cool for school

  • Besides the G-o-o-g-l-e on the back, the screen is awesome. The form-factor is not too big, not too small, not too thick, not too thin. Love the LED.

  • Ozyman666

    It’s cool.

  • huskerkate

    the GNex is still a beast, even after a year! many phones are obsolete within a few months of release. with the GNex, i can run the latest OS versions thru custom roms, and i can customize and tweak it however i like – unbrickable, just like the OG! it does everything i need it to, and still does it amazingly well and fast. i can easily see holding onto this thing until next year’s Nexus.

  • JetsFan316

    It’s a nexus!!! Have tried CM9/10, AOKP, CNA. SO MUCH FUN, but I always go back to AOKP (Where is 2.2.1 already?!!). My father has an S3, and obviously as a DL reader I HAD TO root/unlock and the roms are so much less stable. NEXUS FOREVER!!!

  • CurtisNic

    I love mine because it can hang with the best even though its a year old! I cant say that about my Incredible though…

  • Chris

    Even after a year it’s still the best phone VZW has got to offer. It just works for me. Simple as that.

  • Samuel Lim

    I was originally waiting for the iPhone 5.. When the iPhone 4S came out, I realized that Apple was.. Chaining me down… The Galaxy Nexus was right there for me. I bought it the day it came out, and loved it since day one. It’s fast.. It has a beautiful screen.. And.. The best part.. It’s not made by Apple.

  • kretz7

    I love my Gnex because of it’s screen – gotta love those deep blacks.

  • Alan Taylor

    I love the galaxy nexus so much because it is customizable, i have put roms on it about 100 times, i believe its the phone someone on verizon should have that i have made over 12 people get the phone when it was time to renew their contract since february. I trate this phone like my baby and it needs screen protection that only this product can provide

  • his is the first phone that I followed from the day it was first rumored…oh the nexus prime…even in the midst of the DNA and note 2 I can still rely on my nexus prime to give me the latest and purest aosp

  • Emmanuel Korkodilos

    This phone is still my favorite handset to date. I like that it is unencumbered by bloatware. I can and have flashed a multitude of ROMs always ensuring i have the latest and greatest Android available. The size and weight are just perfect. Even with an extended battery it still feels light and fits into my pocket nicely. Watching videos on it is a great experience. Rock Solid performance with no issues to speak of.

  • s2k_848

    The only Nexus phone on Verizon and had tons of devi.

  • bheider

    I love my galaxy nexus because it’s the only verizon phone that can be updated quickest with a little tinkering.

  • I payed a $600 early termination fee to get away from TMo and get the GNex (Okay.. that’s not even half the reason, but it was a factor). I still love mine because it’s the latest Nexus device VZW has, and it runs 4.2 better than my N1 was running CM7.

  • I love my GNex! It is easy to load anything I want on it and I still get comments about how good the screen looks. Going to be hard when I have to replace it.

  • Rtsousley

    Gave my wife my gnex when I got my s3, traded back! Enough said

  • I still love my Galaxy Nexus because every time I see my room mate’s iPhone I think, “Dear Lord do I love my Galaxy Nexus!”

  • shdowman

    This would be for my wife, but for me, it was the phone that actually got me more excited than the OG Droid. I only upgraded to an S3 due to camera, yet still run stock as Google untended. Basically a nexus in a different body.

  • Grabber

    I love my G-nex because it comes from a magical place high in the mountains. A very special place where it rains robots, that ride on unicorns.

  • James fisk

    went from the DX to a GNEX… being able to freely do what i please by having a nexus makes me never want anything but nexus…still an amazing phone

  • because it performs just as well as any new phone out there!

  • i love my gnex because of the dev support. that’s everything.

  • The Wraith

    It’s thin, light, fast and sexy. It also has tremendous Dev community support for staying up-to-date with the latest OS version and customization is nearly endless.

  • Tim Buchanan

    Still love it because it’s pure Android.

  • Because its still the best nexus 😀

  • I love my GNex because it does everything I need it to do and more and is still oh so sexy!

  • havokx626

    I still love my galaxy nexus because it is my first nexus phone and I’m not gonna get another one until I deem it worthy!