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Contest: Last Day to Win a $25 Google Play Gift Card From Droid Life! (Updated: Winners Picked!)

The final day has come. All week, we have been handing out $25 Google Play gift cards to the fabulous readers of Droid Life, but this is your final chance. Well, final chance for this week. If you listened to the DL Show this week, then you know the next two weeks are going to be filled with prize giveaways. It’s going to be a hell of a ride. But, for now, let’s do one more $25 gift card, to help someone fill up their phone with wonderful Android apps, books, movies, magazines, and more. 


Update:  We have two winners today! Someone didn’t claim a prize earlier in the week, so we chose two winners which are Kenny and Josh!

Prize:  1 (one) Google Play gift card worth $25.

How to enter:

1.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t already.
2.  In the comments, tell us what your favorite holiday tradition is.


Today, at 4PM Pacific, we will choose the winner randomly from the comments.

*Contest is for U.S. addresses only.

  • Baking cookies is my favorite tradition…Oh, I meant to say “eating” the cookies that my wife bakes is my favorite holiday tradition.

  • Eating

  • Getting gifts, of course. 🙂

  • feats of strength

  • 771Doug

    Each year, one of us is designated “Santa”. That person wears the beard and hat and hands out small gifts to each of the other people present. Usually, the “gifts from Santa” come from the dollar store. Examples are dental floss, comet scrubbing powder, soap, toilet paper, toys…
    whatever you grab at the store. Just be sure to say, “Thank you, Santa”.
    If you’re Santa, you better have a Tootsie Roll bank for everyone or you’re in trouble.

  • Sarpedon1069

    Driving around looking at Christmas Lights

  • pharmdy

    Favorite holiday tradition is eating, for sure!

  • Vonny571

    Getting together with my brothers and their families at my parents house. Good times to be had there.

  • The Race To Die

    Eating all the delicious homemade food!

  • Eggnog by the fire and tree. Mmmmmmmmm.

  • My favorite tradition is going to the Lloyd center and watching the people that are ice skating fall down…but this year I have to move away from my Portland home. >.< I am so sad

  • Getting to open one present on Christmas Eve! 🙂

  • Kenny Tse

    My favorite holiday tradition is watching my nephews and nieces unwrap their gifts. The reactions are priceless!

  • Themanhere10

    Eggnog is the best tradition EVERRRRRRRR

  • Tom Dwenger

    favorite tradition is buying my own christmas presents and getting reimbursed for the cost

  • Austin

    Well, my favorite tradition is probably sitting by the fire drinking hot cocoa with my family watching either a comedy or traditional christmas movie. Merry Christmas to everyone here!

  • Roga

    Christmas vacation! Hawaii here I come!

  • Jason Pillow

    Just family get togethers. We like to just sit around the family room and play board games.

  • Going home late Christmas night, turning off all the lights except the tree, and sitting in silence. Calm and beautiful.

  • BestonMars

    The airing of grievances

  • kevintufts

    Decorating the tree.

  • chdir

    My favorite holiday tradition is fresh baked cookies

  • CptSashimi

    Staying up late with my little elf, aka Ms Claus, and getting things ready for Christmas morning. Of course I have to eat the cookies and milk too…

  • My favorite holiday tradition is all the delicious food I get to eat! Haha. That, plus seeing the Christmas lights

  • docnok

    As a kid, it was knowing every Xmas Eve the entire family would go to my Aunt’s house for the night.

  • S2556

    rum and eggnog
    and a christmas blunt

  • Mike M

    Christmas celebration in the morning, my birthday celebration in the afternoon!

  • Dillon Brown

    Doing a holiday brew and sharing a year long aged vintage ale with the family

  • We have a Night Before Christmas ornament that my parents had when I was a kid. It was read to us every Christmas Eve and I continued that tradition with my two boys who are now 18 and 14. Almost time to hand down the ornament to the next generation.

  • eating

  • Inquizitor

    Either eating sufganiyot (jelly donuts) and playing dreidel on Channukah or going out on Christmas Eve for Chinese food and a movie.

  • Drinking the good ol moonshine

  • My favorite holiday tradition is Halloween because i can be the real me and still people would believe that i’m being someone else.

  • Jeremy Stewart

    Eating massive quantities of food and drinking beer til I can’t stand.

  • Greyhame

    My favorite Christmas tradition is getting the family together and opening presents. Things have calmed considerably since we’ve grown, but I just love me some quality family time.

  • Kevin Wright

    The food, and friendship.

  • athom07

    My favorite holiday tradition is to eat everything in sight, make my myself sick and then wake up and eat the leftovers.

  • Boles

    Watching my kids open gifts is all the tradition I need. They are always so happy and grateful for the gifts. Of course, we’ve also never given them socks as a present.

  • B J Books

    Going to the tree farm to cut our own tree as a family.

  • kylebrodeur

    Go to my Aunt’s house for Christmas Eve and meet up with the extended family.

  • martyhalpern

    As my daughter got older and learned to cook and bake, she started a Christmas morning tradition in our house: homemade cranberry scones.

  • I like to eat during Thanksgiving.

  • Does having a month off of school count as a tradition?

  • Eating good food and opening presents! 🙂

  • JG

    count me in.

  • zachjen

    Having the family over on Christmas morning.

  • My Holiday family tradition is to meet up with my parents family and my wife’s family and have a nice potluck-esque type of meal and talk about current issues (personal or otherwise). Keeps us all open and helpful to needs.

  • pezjono

    Favorite Christmas tradition: Watching as many hours of the 24 hour Christmas Story special.

  • Angela Baldwin

    My favorite holiday tradition is opening one present on Christmas Eve.

  • Eating pizza on christmas