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LG Nexus in the Wild One More Time, Owner Reveals Details – 8GB Storage, 8MP Camera and More

Another prototype LG Nexus (LG-E960) has surfaced over at XDA and the owner is taking questions from curious onlookers. The pictures itself aren’t all that new, but he’s confirming specs and any other detail that you can throw at him. 

So far, he has confirmed that the device only has 8GB of internal storage and he hasn’t found a microSD slot yet. This matches up to an earlier rumor that suggests there would only be 8GB and 16GB options, a move we assumed was done to keep the price ultra low.

This lucky new Nexus owner said that the processor is a Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core chipset clocked at 1.5GHz. It has 2GB RAM, an 8MP camera, 768×1184 (slightly different than what we saw earlier in a benchmark). The device does not have an LTE chip and is about the same thickness as the Galaxy Nexus.

To find out more, I suggest you hover at the XDA thread below and wait for him to answer more questions.

Via:  XDA

Cheers Scott!

  • Michael Collins

    ew! No LTE?! I love LTE… Ill stick with my Gnex

  • 8gb and no microSD make Home go something something….

  • Tim242

    “with Google” not a Nexus.

  • SeanBello

    This thing is turning into absolute garbage in a hurry

  • Art Carter

    8gb is weak, that shouldn’t even be an option. I need 32 or 64. 16 should be the lowest offered. And no 4g???!!! smh…

    • BakerDude

      Christ! Are you people completely retarded? This is a prototype. Complain IF it goes on sale with 8gb!

  • so we mock apple all the time and now Google does the same thing in the design category… this looks just like the Galaxy nexus… I actually like the look of the LG Optimus G but don’t like last years model re-hashed… and only 8GB… now I am pretty sure I still want one of the Razr HD phones..

  • UrDoGG

    Is that a shiny silver band around the phone (I can’t tell because of how crappy the picture is)? …Dear god, I hope not.

  • EnterTheNexus

    This should’ve been the Galaxy Nexus…

  • It’s going to be hard decision between this and the Note 2. Right now the Note 2 with it’s Exynos 4412 Quad chipset with four Cortex-A9 cores clocked at 1.6GHz, 2GB of RAM and a Mali-400 GPU is winning for me.

  • Emad Zia

    think they’re releasing a few different ones at different price points for the play store to appeal to different crowds? this phone is a bag of mixed high end and low end specs. 8gb is a killer. even 16gb. i use my phone for everything, media, music… cloud is not an option for most people. networks arent that great if you travel, and unlimited data is getting rarer and rarer.

    I will take an optimus G over this ANY day, and wait for devs to get stock roms…. the phone is VERY uninspired physically, too. not worth an upgrade from my nexus.

    • InyRules

      Agreed, not worth the upgrade from my GSM Nexus. I see myself keeping this phone at least another year.

  • QuadNexus

    ugh, after owning a gnex and now a sg3. those on screen soft keys are a waste of screen sexyness.

  • Matthew Mackes

    This phone will be $199.00 Why sell the tablet for $199 with the same specs and not sell the phone? Google does not want to make money with this phone. It wants to move everyone to there ecosphere. $199.00 unlocked (No Contact!) Quad core, 2Gb RAM with Jelly Bean will be Awesome, even with 8Gb of RAM.

    • DroidBricker

      That was my exact thought as well. While Droid-Life readers probably want more in their phone, and I expect Google will deliver something, I suspect this will be an entry level device. Google will have a high end Nexus phone, they’d be crazy if they didn’t!

  • uhh you cant do anything with 8gb what are they thinking? my music alone is 8 gb

    • DainLaguna

      google music bruh

  • AhsanS

    Is it just me, or does the RAZR HD seem more appealing?

    • DainLaguna

      oh the razr hd runs stock jb now? 😉

      • AhsanS

        Nah, but it (most likely) has better radios, screen quality and battery life. And JB isn’t too far away for it (1-2 months), on it’s near stock software.

        • DainLaguna

          the screens will still be pentile. cant comment on the radios but i will give moto that. battery life? it depends. if this has the same size battery as the optimus (2100mah) it wont be that drastic from what the regular razr hd comes with

          • AhsanS

            First off, the screens wont be pentile (thank god for that). And the battery will be 2,500mAh on the regular HD, and 3,300mAh (?) on the MAXX.

          • DainLaguna

            ….like i said, if this has 2100 mah battery like the optimus g, it wont be far off from the battery in the regular razr hd. And i was all but sure both engadget and the verge confirmed pentile screens with their hands on.

  • Matthew Mackes

    You guys are missing the point. These are the same specs as the Nexus 7, and that came out at $199. What if this phone comes out, unlocked at $199 on Google Play. That would be a game changer! Unlocked Quad Core at $199! No Contracts? That is damm sweet, even if it only has 8Gb of RAM.

    • DainLaguna

      i gotta agree…that would be amazing, and would do well to counteract the complaints of low storage options

    • Diablo81588

      That’s alot of RAM 🙂

    • Captain_Doug

      The N7 doesn’t have cell tech and it’s in a much larger package meaning not necessarily current gen stuff. Also, there is no way the new S4 quad will be as cheap an option as the tegra 3 was. This phone will definitely not be $200. Small possibility it’s under $400. Maybe @ $350. But no less. This phone coming out may however make the Galaxy Nexus price drop down $50-100. But yeah, not trying to kill dreams, just manage expectations.

      • Robert Jakiel

        Regardless of the technologies used if this device is priced at $350 for the 8 gig model it will not sell at all. It needs to be at the $250 – $300 price point for 8 gig and $350 for 16 gig. If Google/LG is able to pull that off then they have a winner on their hands. If not then it’s over before it started.

        • Captain_Doug

          Why wouldn’t it sell? It’s a nexus. Most phones similar are another $150. I agree that 8 GB is pretty unacceptable and if sold needs to be at a much smaller price point but $250? That’s very wishful thinking. However $350 for the 16GB is feasible.

    • SeanBello

      did anybody buy an 8gb N7? If they did, I feel bad, because I got the 16 and I only have 4 useable left and that’s without music or movies.

  • DainLaguna

    ok ok….i understand the 8 gig option may not be to everyone’s tastes…but what is with the ‘if it doesnt have an sd card it NEEDS 16 gigs of storage??!!!’ rants? isnt the best selling iphone the 16 gig version? sure we would all love more space, but i think we will be able to survie without 32 gigs. i havent even gotten close to filling my gnex, i still have about 20 gigs available, even with a healthy video and picture library and several high end games. if it means a lower price, higher quality camera/screen/overall hardware, i’m all for it. 32 gig phones are expensive on contract, and if this does come to verzion, i’d rather have the option of being able to pay for it soon after launch for 199 then 299. i can see why others would disagree, but i just dont personally find it as much of an issue, certainly not enough to rage on the internet.

    that being said, i love the way this phone looks and i have high hopes for the camera. (cnet loved the international version’s 13mp shooter…hopefully this one uses the same sensor.)

    anyone else diggin the metal band? ties it in visually rather nicely with the n7

    • BakerDude

      With respect, your price view is very myopic. Just because YOU don’t use/need more storage doesn’t constitute a rule. It’s rather an exception, to my personal rule, in this case. Nexii devices are few, so storage option should be akin to Apple’s model. I had a Galaxy Nexus for a while but now use a 64gb 4S. I have 30+ gigs of music and I take lots of photos and video. It is many devices to me. When you start this “race to the bottom” argument, you start going backwards with technology. A 16gb phone means many would have to carry another device for media and maybe even a standalone shooter. Personally, I like to move forward. If you cannot afford a 32/64gb phone, then buy something cheaper or shut up! [Also, the Nexus 7 is Google’s perfect plan to get Android out there, in a good way. Something no other tablet manufacturer has been able to do.] Apples to Oranges if you compare the 7 to a phone.

      • Chris

        Blah blah blah blah blah…. Google Music…there just saved you 30+ gigs and a pointless rant

        • BakerDude

          You’re the biggest Google shill I’ve ever seen. Not an original one however. So, how we’ll does their music work at 30,000 feet, or where I live, in a dead zone? What if all those magical servers crash, get hacked, or I just plain don’t have access to them? Also, do they have my exact music and playlists, do they have high bit-rate or loss-less [Flac] conversions? Why don’t you go back to your mom’s basement, troll.

  • BakerDude

    8gb seems more than reasonable for prototype phones [read: cheaper]. It will handle updates, apps and some games. People should only freak out if Google tries to sell this thing with 8/16gb only. I need 64gb and will not accept less. Then again, Google did manage to neuter the Galaxy Nexus a bit, so we will have to wait and see.

    • DainLaguna

      in what way was the gnex neutered in your opinion? (honest question.) def the camera and radios…and the skimping of a decent sized battery.

      • BakerDude

        The camera was the killer for me. I absolutely loved the device! The screen quality and size were perfect! The battery was my second issue. I suppose everyone, everywhere, complains about battery life 🙂 The radios didn’t matter much because Verizon coverage in my area is terrible anyway. It’s mostly 2G, even though the screen says 3G. No, I don’t jest. I live south of Chattanooga and while most look forward to 4G, I just want the 3G my phone, falsely, tells me I have. Also, Verizon effectively killed the Gnex before it was even released. Do you think I wanted to switch to an iPhone? Nope. It was a downgrade in all ways except the camera and storage space. I like the extra space because I don’t like, nor trust, “clouds”. “Clouds” are things of P.T. Barnum goodness to the masses.

        • DainLaguna

          nah i’m with you there, battery life isnt as good as even my non maxx razr. i’m hoping the camera on new nexus is comprable to the shooters on the 4s/5. that would be a welcome change.

  • Bob G

    I wonder where’s that smart ass who told me I was crazy to say that Google would ship a phone out without LTE.

    Eat crow now, sucka!

  • I really want a new Nexus. Hopefully this is just a test phone and not the final product. When I got my Nexus One it was one of the best phones on the market and had a great design and I was very excited about it, hopefully whatever actually comes out can be that way too but its not looking good so far hope I’m wrong :/

  • kauthor47

    No multicolor notification LED, no deal. I’ll say that to every manufacturer, so I hope some of you out there are listening.

  • ChuckDz3

    I’m not sure if this has been discussed or not but I’m curious about the two ports at the bottom that look like 3mm headphone jacks? I also saw one at the top too? Anyone else curious about those?

    • if u go to Engadget and look at there review on the lg optimus g for sprint it shows that’s were they have 2 screws that hold the back on. kinda like the iphone

  • no sd card slot…..again!!

  • XvierX

    That cluttered notification bar is killing me… Haha please clear it!!! 😛

  • Please stop with the “no LTE = fail” comments. This is just a prototype that might not have the LTE enabled. I’m sure it will be enabled for LTE regions. No CDMA version might actually be a good thing. CDMA needs to die.

    • mog386

      While I agree with you on the fact that CDMA needs to die. The majority of US subscribers are on CDMA based networks, it’s the sad state of things, but companies need to cater to them.

      • They are because carriers like Verizon are using CDMA networks due to various reasons that screws the consumer and fills their bank. Its not like the subscribers want to be on CDMA, they hardly have a choice as Verizon happens to have the widest coverage. The GSM alternative in ATT is not really a shining example of a good carrier and that leaves the users with little choice. Carrier locked devices should be banned to begin with. So-called subsidy and lopsided contracts have long plagued the US, I don’t how its come this far and how nothing has been done to stop or at least change this. LTE sure is the way forward but CDMA and carrier-locked devices need to stop, for the good of the industry and the consumer. Europe is lagging behind in LTE deployment but its ahead in so many other ways. GSM is the global standard and even India has gotten rid of CDMA for the most part.

  • John Simonelli

    A little disappointed to say the least…. I had higher hopes unfortunately.

  • William_Morris

    Anyone else notice the speaker bar is on the bottom right corner of the back of the device instead of in a centralized location ala G-Nex or Nexus 7. I find that kind of… odd.

  • Chris

    guarantee It will have LTE and at least 16gb once its final. I can’t imagine Google lowering the bar with their Nexus program. Unless the rumor is true and other models are introduced later in the coming weeks. .

  • cloverz7

    Has it been said wether or not these prototypes have CDMA radios?


    But it’s an LG…

  • enekom

    Trash Phone Trash Nexus

  • alex drum

    His phone is already full, look at all those app updates/installs in his status bar. In all reality you only have around 6.5 or 7 GB. I was so excited about this phone till i found out the storage options…

  • RaptorOO7

    Are they kidding with 8GB of storage. I thought flash memory was cheap and the minimum you should be offering is 32GB with no expansion slot. Way to go LG and Google, way to set the bar so low.

  • bogy25

    No LTE no SD card slot Looks like the old Nexus … what is this the iphone? And all you can +1 a comment ‘Please have a huge battery’ ??? Are you people OK?

  • hopefully there really are other nexuses offered this year, because this one would disappoint. no big battery? all the improvements are nice, however no expandable storage + low internal storage.. = no go. ill hold on to my gnex for a while longer. in love with the note 2 but i refuse to have a phone without soft keys

  • dsass600

    Please let the multi nexus rumor be true! This is underwhelming crap!

  • 8gb of storage with no option for an SD card?

    In a world of tiered data and mobile gaming, that’s nowhere close to good enough.

  • why are the docked icons so close together?

  • mikeszekely

    I really hope the rumors of multiple Nexus devices turns out to be true, because LG’s is a little underwhelming.

  • Nick Bossert

    Sorry if I touch on points that have already been stated. If this is a nexus device, it is clearly a lower (entry level) model for consumers looking for a cheaper solution. The cool thing for them is that they get a high end CPU and lots of ram.

    For this to be high end, we need LTE, a better screen, large battery, more than 8gb internal memory, and certainly an SD card slot.

    Before we know it, high end devices will have CPUs with 2+GHz clock speeds, 4+ GB of ram (YES it will be used!), NFC, lte, …. and maybe even dedicated graphics cards.

    Phone –> tablet –> laptop

    Like the padfone concept. Only thing is, Samsung will make it appealing to the consumer.

    • Neomastermind

      It does not need an SD card slot and I hope Google continues to demand that their Nexus devices ship without them. I’m all for more internal storage, though.

  • Dave

    Are people really that surprised with the lack of SD card? Ever since the Nexus S there hasn’t ever been a SD card, and I don’t think Google will ask for one now (or in the future). Price will be the name of the game, skimp on storage to get the off contract price down while propping up the other specs.

    For those who require a SD card or large storage, obviously this phone will not be for you. While I understand the outrage, I’d honestly wait till an official announcement before getting the pitchforks and torches. Overreaction over one leak over one potential variation is pretty silly I think.

  • dsass600

    Feeling underwhelmed. Can someone please release a 1080p device? Or at least something that wasn’t so predictable?

    • DainLaguna

      its no different than what the gnex was back in the day…top of the line specs with optimized software.

  • E A butler

    I need a 32gb NEXUS or, SD card. If not there is not point in moving off of my current Galaxy NEXUS…. Maybe I will trade in my G-Note for a Windows8 Phone

    • E A butler

      What will it take for someone to make a decent phone with 64gb storage or SD card, great screen, not iphone small, but not galaxyS3 big, with a great battery or removable battery and regular updates??? … I’m looking at you NEXUS!!!

  • DroidXFanatic

    Honestly what is the deal with so many Android phones going the route of non removable battery nowadays? Is it simply the fact that a user will just buy a new phone at the first sight the battery starts to crap out? Any other reason? I just bought a brand new battery for my Droid X from Verizon and my phone feels like day 1 again and I refuse to purchase a phone that doesn’t give me that right.

    • Ohiwastedmylife

      They do it in order to construct the device in a specific way. Having the battery be non-removable makes them able to construct the devices in a different manner.

      • DroidXFanatic

        Oh okay I see, I was thinking it was purely for money reasons and to have customers purchase phones faster.

        • Ohiwastedmylife

          The biggest reason is to keep the phone size down. By having non-removable batteries they can keep providing us with more powerful devices that are thinner each year. I would rather have the 2mm thicker device for the convenience of spare batteries.

  • Have to say, a bit disappointed. Don’t like the ear speaker up there, looks odd, should have just stuck with the current Nexus’ placement. Back looks like a girl bedazzeled it. Hope the cameras very good and the battery + radios are even better.


    So if this is one of the nexi, then ok.. but if this is the only next nexus phone coming out and its not even for verizon.. well. dam. but i mean i would trade this for my gnex any day.. no headphone jack on the top.. and looks less stylish. Just.. y? spec bump and less memory? no thank you. I need 32 gb minimum.

  • Ohiwastedmylife

    Google must be taking the WP8 mentality and forcing mfg to follow a similar design to be easily recognized as a NEXUS device. Everyone is going crazy about a super duper amazing new nexus device but nexus phones have NEVER been top-tier flagship devices. They are close to top but are also mfg to be at specific cheap price points. This LG device leaking and the HTC 5″ leaking makes me just want to get the Note 2 which is the only phone with all the flagship specs, excluding camera which is still decent.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Hmm… If this doesn’t come with a decent batt, I’m going for the Maxx HD instead.

    • DainLaguna

      ewwww. no amount of battery life will make up for motos crappy (even if they are hd) pentile screens and awful cameras.


    Damn LG is going to get sued for making this phone with minimal upgrades..If this is even an upgrade at all!!!

    • DainLaguna

      its not as good as the lg you have now?

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    If a phone doesn’t have removable storage, it should have (at the MINIMUM) 32GB of storage. 8GB is absolutely pathetic, especially for anyone wanting to play games on it, as they’re quickly reaching 2 or more gigabytes.

  • its great but i kinda wished for motorola to possibly make the next nexus devices >w<