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Dear Apple, the iPhone 5 is Not the “World’s Thinnest Smartphone”

At 7.6mm thin, the iPhone 5 comes in as Apple’s thinnest iPhone offering to date. Interestingly enough, today Apple’s Phil Schiller made the claim that it is the world’s thinnest smartphone, but it looks Apple didn’t even bother to take a look at what the competitors have put out in the past year or so. In fact, there is one device in particular that is much thinner than the iPhone 5.

The original DROID RAZR for Verizon by Motorola comes in at a 7.1mm, which is a quite noticeable difference. So, is this Apple just not fact checking or are they trying to tell me the RAZR wasn’t a smartphone? Either way, case solved.

Update:  Since there are a few in the building who would like to point out that the RAZR’s hump makes it thicker, we may as well toss the Huawei P1 Ascend (6.7mm), ZTE Athena (6.2mm), and the Oppo Finder (6.65mm) into the conversation.

Cheers Kyle and Chris! 

  • The rant Droid Life just posted explains this situation perfectly!

  • Oppo Finder: 6.65mm
    ZTE Athena: 6.2mm
    Huawei Ascend P1S: 6.68mm

    Just to name a few. ;]


      All of these have camera sticking out so it still comes down to a matter of perspective. Plus Athena has no foreseeable release date yet. It’s amazing how fast the Chinese firms really pushed the numbers to the extreme when compared to all the big players in the industry.

    • beachguy757

      i dont see whats so hard about understanding you have to measure fromthe thickest people dont comprehend. I dont remembering ever hearing about anyone in history measuring thickness of anything at the thinnest point

      • beachguy757

        and not to mention what is the performance going to be like on these phones? it wont be as great as how slim the phone is

  • a.youth.in.Asia

    What Apple meant to say was that the iPhone 5 is the worlds thinnest 4″ screen… Because last time I checked ZTE and their Athena smartphone measured 6.2mm

  • Mike_Cook7

    I think Moto or Huawei (Ascend P1 S) should sue for False advertising or maybe I should buy one then sue for false advertising. “Not the thinnest” and after their Samsung win unless they want to take that back it can’t be unlike any other smartphone out there today!

  • Adam Medina

    Wow! You should see the iphone blogs when a new android phone comes out its non stop commentary and articles. Just kidding. You guys care too much lol. IOS = stability speed awesome apps and superior hardware. My gnex is cheap. Bye haters. Jk.

  • NexusMan

    I guess it’s subjective…just like how Apple also claimed that ios6 is the world’s most advanced OS. lol.

    • beachguy757

      so thin they couldnt fit all the pieces inside…try again, theyre both still thicker like it or not

  • ~dArK.AnGeL

    When people compliment my RAZR; no saids,,, “awww… but what an ugly bump!”;…. nor does it even crosses my mind when I use it on a daily basis… enjoying it’s ecstatic and awesome thin feeling…. RAZR ROCKSs!

  • Pedro

    Shoot, if you can measure a phone’s thickness at any point, my GNex is only 0.1mm just near the edge.
    How thick is that power switch?

    RAZR was never 7.1mm if it can’t slide through a 7.1mm slot.

    And I’d rather see an iPhone at x.1mm and 48 hours of real life battery to push other manufacturers. Did I mention I have a GNex?

  • Stinker

    Half a mm is “quite noticeable.” Also, who cares?

  • TimothyLMJR

    Phil screwed up then. All they say from their site is:

    “The thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever”.

    • Hunter

      They said it in the live presentation

      • TimothyLMJR

        Right, but I guess the main site is all that matters. Now, if it was published on their site, and it was being used as a selling feature, then they are in hot water.

        • Hunter

          I’m not all that up in arms about it. And it does matter that a representative of the company actually said it…presumably as a selling feature, and many reporters are going to take his words verbatim and republish.

        • Jason James

          no its not all that matters because if someone does a search and all sites say “worlds thinnest phone” then that person will believe its true and apple will leave it off their site and say its not on there and at the time they said it they didnt know it wasn’t true. which is BS!

  • well thickness integrated over the length should be the standard of measure so id say razr wins.

  • China has the OPPO Finder Android phone measuring at 6.5mm thick. So there’s STILL no excuse for Apple’s BS!

    • AmpSkillz

      go learn somethng.. the Oppo is still thicker at the camera hump. What’s the excuse for your BS?

  • paul_cus


  • Bad apple! You should be sued for false advertising!

  • Sjschwar

    Huawei Ascend P1?

    • paul_cus


    • vvtim

      The P1 is 7.69mm. The P1s is thinner, but not uniformly so (ala RAZR).

  • Ok, so apparently everyone immediately thought of the hump… does it count if roughly 90% of the phone is thinner? Majority rules, right?

    • will bartlett


    • mike.s

      Nope. The RAZR is over 10 mm thick. Most of it is 7.1 mm, but the top end is thicker. If it won’t fit between two parallel plates spaced 7.1 mm apart, then it’s thicker than that, otherwise, it’s like claiming a wedge of cheese has no thickness. The iPhone 5 is a consistent thickness throughout.

      • dmagicp

        Well lets not get so caught up in how thick the Razr is, or how thin the iphone is. The iphone is an LTE phone and that my friends, is innovation.

        • Ian Flanagan

          The RAZER is LTE too

        • mikewong27

          why would it be “innovation” when iphone is an LTE phone. There are lots of android phones that are LTE. But guess what, HTC and Samsung will sue Apple for using LTE on their phone. iphone 5 ban soon???

          • Troy Hedman

            Sarcasm is lost on the internet…

          • beachguy757

            gee maybe its innovation because there was barely any infrastructure for 4g when these phones had lte…..that called being impractical

          • sam_d

            Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Nokia all use Qualcomm chip which gives them LTE.. don’t give biased credits to Apple for LTE.. the LTE chip and whole protocol software stack comes from Qualcomm. Qualcomm seems to be the company to beat these days..

      • JolleyMan

        That’s a good point. I always hold my phone between two plates of glass when I talk on it. I wonder if the iPhone 5 will cut the aforementioned cheese.

    • Too bad they’ll need to wrap a 5mm case around it to keep it from the Apple signature “grip of death”

      • Adamania

        Is that like a Death Knight’s “Death Grip”?

      • beachguy757

        what the hell grip of death are you talking about? does everyone have montrous hands that own iphones? im pretty sure its very easy to hold with little effort

    • nightscout13

      False. Phones should be measured as the thickest part of the phone. Just like an edge-to-edge should be labeled only if it really is edge to edge.

    • AmpSkillz

      well a judge ruled that Motorola could not claim to be the thinnest based on their Droid RAZR hump so… no

  • Bill Mitchell

    I don’t know about that, honestly. I’m an avid Android user, even owned a Droid Razr for a little while, but I never considered it a 7.1mm phone because of that horrid hump.

  • Aaron

    They will just say they measured the razr at the hump. You can manipulate numbers and stats in a million ways and apple is very very good at it.

    • beachguy757

      any engineer will tell you you measure “thick”ness at somethings thickest point not the thinnest, all of the other companies and you android fanboys are manipulating numbers, if you cant fit all of the parts inside the thinnest point its no longer that thin.

  • I was screaming this on the live abc feed. They only wanted to post positive comments and ignored me
    Some journalisttc integrity

  • Does the 7.1mm take the camera “hump” into account? The Droid Razr Maxx is listed at 8.99mm, and I thought that was the same thickness as the camera portion of the standard Razr.

  • Michael Forte

    Didn’t you know? It’s also the first phone with a 4″ screen and LTE as well…

  • TD

    Without the hump?

    • Agreed, I have the Razr and i love its slim design but hate the hump

  • schoat333

    The entire phone isn’t 7.1mm tho. I think thats the point.

  • LivinFree

    yeah and lets not forget the SG3 is the SAME thickness if you convert to metric. then low and behold there was another device by I forget who but was measuring in at 6.2mm


  • Jarrett Guma


  • drewfus0929

    Thinnest overall phone maybe is what they were thinking. I don’t really count the Razr either because of the large hump.

  • shopdroid

    Yay! I have the thinnest phone in the world! But I am sure apple is measuring the hump that Motorola put in the RAZR? Sigh… Motorola…

  • Yeaaaaah, but the razr has that ugly hump. Not a consistent thickness.

  • NexusMan

    Did you read my post? LOL. I literally just posted this exact same thing on this site, in my reactions to that ridiculous Apple event…at least Jon Ive got it right, though, because unlike Tim Cook, he called it “the thinnest iPhone ever,” NOT “the world’s thinnest smartphone,” as Tim Cook erroneously claimed onstage.

  • Tj

    RAZR had a hump.

  • SeanBello

    absolutely pathetic on their part.

  • Bewara2009

    Apple = Fail….

  • Paul

    They needed something to impress the hoards. Motorola could sue, but apple fans won’t pay attention and just assume apple was telling the truth.

  • warren602

    Didn’t some judge in Eurpoe say the phones have to be measured at their thickest point? Maybe that’s the measurement Apple used? (just thinking out loud)

    • it could be… now if kellex could measure the thickness of the device on the thickets part, it would be something

    • Stew

      Exactly. It was actually Moto I believe that tried to sue Apple over that.

  • William Ku


  • Yeah, but does it have LTE, at least a 4″ screen, 802.11n, and a battery?

  • j__h

    The fact they are pushing thinness is something I do not like… I wish they put a bigger battery in and help push the rest of the (android) market on battery life.

    I also think that one could make an argument that the RAZR has a bump (how thick is it there?) so comparing the two becomes less straight forward.

    • Spongehead

      Thinness is a huge selling point when your market wears skinny jeans.

  • gbenj

    Is the razr that thin at its thinnest point or including the camera part at the top? What is the razr at its thickest point?

  • will bartlett

    technically apple is right though. that hump is ugly

  • Matthew Hoke

    It is because Apple invented the term smartphone and just haven’t gotten around to that particular lawsuit yet.

  • Hunter

    Apple sometimes seems to live in their own little world… in this case a world where they have created the thinnest smartphone as well as the panorama feature for the camera, just to name a few.

  • I have a Razr MAXX – and like it, but I always thought Motorola was fudging a little bit on the thickness of this thing (and the vanilla Razr) since the bulge by the camera area was ~9mm. I know the rest is super-thin, but I’m not sure I’d really count the whole thing as a 7.1mm thick phone.

    • On my Droid Razr (not Maxx) at the hump its about half of an iPhone 4s and at the thinnest part (the other end of the phone) you can fit about 3 Razr’s in the same area. It may seem bigger on day to day use but thats just because you have become so familiar with it being so thin that it doesn’t feel as thin anymore.

      • beachguy757

        you must live in another universe where you make your own dimensions up

  • Who owns the patient on “Thin” ?

  • J Nano

    Waiting for the suing wars to begin! *grabs popcorn” cough…. hurry up samsung!

  • David Hussey

    Really? The width at the hump is 11.1mm, so maybe you can call the RAZR “mostly” the thinnest smartphone, but I have to give this one to Apple.

    • ApexPred

      Oppo Finder: 6.65mm
      Huawei Ascend P1s: 6.7mm
      Motorola Razr: 7.1mm
      ZTE Athena: 6.2mm

      …and the jury finds Apple GUILTY of failing yet again!

      • The jury SHOULD find Apple guilty of a lot of things (False Advertising, Patent Infringement, etc.) but as long as the messed up court systems allow the trial to take place less than 10 MILES from Apple HQ, in the city where Apple pays about half of their tax revenue, no one will ever have a fair trial against Apple.

        • ApexPred


        • The trial took place in San Jose which wasn’t the city Apple pays half of their tax revenue to, that’s Cupertino.

      • Hunter

        the RAZR has been invalidated by the jury of our peers. Thanks to it’s hump.

        • ampskillz

          as for that list…only the oppo finder has been released yet so all these fanboi idiots might as well be arguing that the SG4 is the thinnest smartphone ever. These cheap garbage china phones running android are just gimmicks with thinness being their only distinguishing feature.

      • beachguy757

        none of these phones has all of its parts inside the thinnest point so keep looking

    • The iPhone is the thinnest smart phone because it’s the same thickness all the way around. The hump on the RAZR is what knocks it out of the running.

      • Wow! I’m amazed nobody said that in the 3 hours that preceded your post.

    • dmagicp

      David you and apple can have that one. woopty do. the iphone 5 is the thinnest phone. lol.

  • I would guess they say the trademark MotoHump disqualifies the 7.1mm claim

  • DroidzFX

    If you build it they will come..If you say it they will believe.

  • Well…MOST of it is 7.1 mm. Maybe they’re going by average thickness?

  • tanknspank



  • Just curious, is that
    7.1mm at the thinnest point, or the camera hump included?