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Google Celebrates the Phonograph’s Birth, Fifty Classic Albums Selling for Just $3

To celebrate the birth of the phonograph, Google is hosting a sale on fifty albums that have shaped music throughout the years. For example, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, Bob Marley’s Legend, and even Licensed to Ill from the Beastie Boys are up from grabs at just $3. It’s a pretty ridiculous list of awesome music, so go grab some rockin’ tunes and get your weekend kicked off in the right way.

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Cheers T!

  • Edison was a hack. He just copied people who were better than him.

  • Timothy

    They forgot to put in carter 4 with bonus tracks.

  • Justin Hunt

    What kind of a music lover doesn’t already have these? These are all true classics?

  • paul_cus


  • aggiesang23

    I thought the phonograph’s birthday was in December……Humm

  • stoptheman

    Cool, I guess somehow I should just pretend Piratebay doesn’t exist?

  • TinmanTinman

    can somebody please recommend which ones i should buy . A novice here …

    • michael arazan

      Jackson 5, pink floyd, u2,steve miller,meatloaf, kiss,velvet underground, beastie boys (my fav), john lennon, aerosmith, bob marley (my fav), the who, rolling stones, duran duran,rush.

    • gpzbc

      James Brown Live at the Apollo. Often times ranked as the best live album ever.

      • TKL

        I would definitively buy that one if I had the possibility to buy anything else apart from apps from Play store.

    • paul_cus

      Make sure to get Rio by Duran Duran. It’s the best album of the bunch, in my opinion.

  • allansm66

    Where’s to the extreme by Vanilla Ice? !

  • Mike Petty

    Where is the “buy all” button?

  • Pdiddy187

    Slick Rick aww yeah!

  • MONEH.
    geht aweh.
    Yull geht a good jerb wirth gerd peh and you’re okeh.
    It’s a gas
    Grab dat cash with both hands and make a stesh
    New cur, cavi err, fer ster daydream
    think i’ll buy meh a futbol teem

  • EvanTheGamer

    Purchasing Legend (Remastered, Bob Marley & The Wailers) immediately! Hell yeah!!


  • I just picked up The Dark Side of the Moon & Licensed to Ill. I could not pass on those for $3.

  • It’s small stuff that like this that really make me love Google. Gonna take advantage of this right away!

  • SirSoloDolo