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Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 Update Arriving May 22?

Could this be the week? According to a handful of readers who either called into Verizon support within the last few days or entered a store looking for help, the Galaxy Nexus is scheduled to receive Android 4.0.4 tomorrow, May 22. One of our readers said that a VZW employee went as far as to show him her screen which mentioned the date specifically.

Are we ready to fully buy into it happening? After seeing 3-4 months of delays and 2 leaks fly by without mention from Big Red, it’s tough to even consider putting any money on this. However, we like to see information flow into our inbox in bunches and that has happened with this 5/22 date. Still take it lightly as these things change and depending on who at Verizon you talk to, you may get 5 different answers. This at least gives us a day to focus on for a brief minute.

Cheers Bill, Derek and everyone else!

  • like I said before, worse phone ever made, when this contract is up, i’m done with verizon,google,samsung and android , i’m going apple,had it with all this crap,its like android phones are made in someones basement

    • goatodoom

      Worst fun ever made because it didn’t get an update? Sounds reasonable.

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

      • you need to educate yourself,then you would know how many things are wrong with it,,,try to think before you talk

        • im with him, whats wrong with the Galaxy Nexus? besides low signal here and there?

          • dude really ?, have you not been reading about all the problems with it ? speaker is a joke as in the camera and radios, reboots,3g to 4g handoffs,hell sometimes when i pressed the text message icon it randomly loads apps, might be the camera or what ever,have to reboot to make it stop,etc etc, have you two been living under a rock ?

          • well maybe i got the only one good galaxy nexus out of the tens of thousands sold, because i’ve never encountered any of these problems. personally i’d say it’s the best phone i’ve ever owned. if you’re phone is such a POS, why dont you go throw it in the ocean and go buy another phone that you can find problems with.

        • CharlieK

          Yeah Joe, what’s wrong with the Gnex besides horrible voice and data reception? I mean how important are those features in a SmartPhone?

    • KenLarson

      I hear ya, Joe. My GNex blows. Voice quality and reception is horrible. Unusable. 4G works well when there is a decent signal. 3G is terrible.

      I hope Verizon kills off unlimited data so I have no reason to stay.

      However, I will give Android another shot. I had 3 years of iphone and I hate iTunes. However, if my next android sucks and the iphone get a decent sized screen (at least 4.3″) then I may need to rethink my dislike of Apple.

  • My GNex has been giving me nothing but problems, and I was on the verge of unlocking it and installing 4.0.4 manually, but saw this and thought I’d wait. After sounding like it’s not going to happen today, I called VZW Support about exchanging my phone out, and asked about a software update…she said that there’s nothing in her system at all about any software updates for the Nexus 🙁

    • its a pos,cant wait for my contract to expire,will go to the beach the throw this thing in as far as it will fly

      • KellyO

        I hope it hits Sergie and whoever that other Google turd burglar is (no, not that Nazi freak Eric Shitmidt) in those greasy heads of theirs.

    • Iny

      They will always tell you that.It’s their default response. “Software update? What update?” “Why, I’ve never heard of the issues you’re having!” “Let’s wipe your phone RIGHT NOW!”

    • Jwhap

      Seriously. Install the most recent leak. Instructions on this site about 2 or 3 weeks ago…You will ask yourself why you did not do it sooner!

  • MikeSaver

    I know one way we can get the update. Cancel our verizon contracts and go to sprint! Either that or wait 2 years for 4.04 to come out.

    • theNewDanger

      Great idea, because Sprint did such a great job getting its LTE network up before launching devices that use said LTE network just like they did when they promised they’d do the same for people buying WiMax devices regardless of locale /s

      • MikeSaver

        i don’t know what most of that means but yeah!! that’s exactly why!

        • theNewDanger

          Going to Sprint is not a good thing, sir. Would you trade great coverage for an update that you would be paying the equivalent of an Early Termination Fee to gain?

  • IdanShtayer


    • IdanShtayer

      Kidding… I got nothing… This sucks

  • Drummer62

    Just got off a live chat with Samsung. Verizon forums are reporting that Samsung is pushing this update. I’m not sure that is true but at this point who really knows?? Here is the copied chat……

    Vincent: Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. How may I help you today?

    Visitor: Hi, When is the galaxy nexus for verizon going to receive its update to Android 4.0.4 ?

    Vincent: Hello.

    Vincent: I understand that you are inquiring on the ICS update on your phone, is that correct?

    Visitor: people on verizon are reporting in the forums that samsung is pushing out the update soon, is that true>

    Vincent: I’d like to inform you that

    Vincent: Please ignore the above statement.

    Visitor: Our
    phone has ICS already but it is very buggy and there is supposedly an
    update to address all our issues, I am trying to find out when that is
    coming to our handsets

    Vincent: I’d like to inform you that as of now there are no reliable information on the ICS updates.

    Vincent: You can check under the new section of the Website for the reliable update on the ICS.

    Visitor: what section?

    Vincent: I mean the News section under the Samsung Website.

    Visitor: ok ty

    Vincent: You’re welcome. Is there anything else I can assist you with?

  • duke69111

    Well its the 22nd… Whats the over/under on whether this gets released today?

    • L9VYWmcJXO

      Not gonna happen

    • hateverizon

      damn Verizon

      • MikeSaver

        Why did I get my hopes up?

  • Markuz

    Nada, nada, nada… F*** you big Evil Red!!!!

  • L9VYWmcJXO

    Screw this its just BS verizon would have posted something if it were real

  • 12:00 central and still no update.

  • Scott

    No update…I call bull!

    • wolf26915

      I second that motion

  • why cant google just release the update on their own website and we could side load it? leave the 2-6 month late OTA for verizon?

    • Jwhap

      even better. How about Google puts it on their website and allows us to download it from them directly. I would even pay for updates if I knew I could get them consistently!

  • its the 22nd, and no update today

  • Very Disappointed!!!! I was really looking forward to the update…

  • Michael Johnson

    GET BENT VERIZON! You really are evil.

  • InyRules

    This is a Direct Message I received from Verizon’s Support account on May 1st

    “Thanks for talking to me this morning. I trust that software update for your device will be push some time soon. HvAgr8Day!^AC”

    Still nothing…

  • joe buck

    11:46 and i still have a pos in my hand

    • Jwhap

      joe……you seem to really hate this phone. Do you think an update is really going to change your opinion of it??? Just curious.

  • feelme

    not yet, when is it coming?

  • L9VYWmcJXO

    11:04 here in new york and nada

  • achaf86

    10:08am here in northwest ohio & still nothing!!!

    • Matthew Harmon

      NE Ohio nothing…

  • So its the 22nd. Wheres my damn update? lol

  • microdot

    Big giant surprise when i checked this morning and there is nothing. this is getting old. I knew it wouldn’t be there so i guess i am mad at myself for being mad…
    ps. you suck Verizon

    • Beebs42

      You are not alone. I have more faith in the Nigerian Prince coming through on his side of the deal than I do Verizon at this point. What’s more, I’m not a litigious person, but maybe a “false advertising” suit against Verizon would get the point across. Google has had the updates ready, Verizon just has not released them, therefore this is NOT a Nexus device.

    • It’s cool. Droid Life got their hits.

    • wpscompute

      I been hoping that this update would fix the issue with mobile data shutting itself off and other poor service connection problems…. guess I keep waiting. Verizon – Ditto!

  • Rick

    Verizon doesn’t give a shit about updating your phone PERIOD ! Why would they ??? They will sell another $500 dollar phone to you to replace your 6 month old p.o.s. And since they mostly push motos you can guess why their bootloader is locked…no updates for you !

  • ill oozin

    Oh, verizon, we are not each other’s
    favorite people, but I know this time
    you were only holding back my upgrade
    to make it that much better. Because
    I know you care. About me. So, I am
    hoping it comes with a bubble machine,
    a painted pony, and the gym socks I lost
    in seventh grade. We’ve done so well with each
    other this year, please don’t break my phone.
    Please. Checks in the mail.

  • Michael G

    It says something about my pathetic existence that as soon as my alarm rang at 6 this morning the first thing I did was do a manual refresh on my GNex to see if there was a system update. Verizon, look what you’ve done to me……

    • jodytamar

      i did the same thing 🙁 at least i DID get my daily random reboot!

  • nothing here,really didnt expect it,still the old pos

  • kfath1978

    NADA…..lie…but what did we expect!

  • wolf26915

    Its 5:44am Central Time (US & Canada) do you know where your update is lol

  • GeO

    as of 4:15am EST, still have received no update.

  • yellowcanary73

    I say the Razor Maxx will be updated to 4.04 ICS before GN gets its update.

  • Just to let you guys know, dial
    *#*#2432546#*#* to force a manual update (if it’s available that is)

  • Metakarma

    So it is 12.05am on the East Coast. Anyone seeing the 4.0.4 OTA coming through or this was a Hoax!

    • Metakarma

      Tried turning phone on/off, removed battery, SIM card etc. No new update yet 🙁

    • Stereo

      Just checked for the update and got nothing.

  • what happened to 4.0.5…i tried the 4.0.4 updates and still had troubles with signal and had horrible battery life 4-5 hours between charges with extended battery…at home im on wifi because cant find a solid 4g connection (sisters razr gets 4g in the same area just fine) and 3g is so slow on this device my dads droid 3 kills it…

    • Chris Anderson

      Mine is exactly the same. I think it’s a hardware problem. I can’t imagine that they’re all like this. I’m about to have mine replaced since 4.0.4 (which I installed manually) didn’t fix anything. I hope that it’s not a design flaw, because there really aren’t any other phones that I would want.

      • Jwhap

        which leak did you install. The more recent one is way less buggy with much better signal. Battery I do not notice a difference but I would not expect to. The battery readings are more accurate however they do not say android system consuming most of the battery now it shows screen being the culprit which I would have suspected anyway!

  • Counsel Dew

    If it doesn’t make it so my phone can have a 2-way convers
    ation, It’ll be worthless to me…


  • yarrellray

    Honestly at this stage of game WHO CARES the overall situation with this one device has soured me on Verizon all that glitters isn’t gold. The network they tout in so many markets isn’t as great as they claim poor signal strength, poor dBM and asu,
    constant switching from LTE to 3g in one of the strongest markets according to it’s coverage charts Manhattan New York. Enough is enough of all this overrated garbage and poor communication. At this point of the game here almost June 1st I will except this update but that will be it for me as far as Verizon is concerned. I will take my two lines of service to either T-mobile this CDMA Verizon Galaxy Nexus won’t see jellybean that’s for sure. I will plan to purchase the Galaxy Note 2 on T-mobile when that launches by July and just lay in the weeds till November when the new Nexus gets announced with jellybean. I will purchase that device from the google play store and place that on t-mobile as well and be happy getting my updates directly from google. CDMA devices are done in my world every single devices I have ever had has been CDMA EVO4G,EVO 3D, LG REVOLUTION, GALAXY NEXUS. The one GSM device I had my Galaxy S2 Skyrocket on At&t was a amazing device always kept a signal at all times. Plain and simple GSM technology makes CDMA useless. Verizon can keep there overratted network as well as there overpriced devices.

  • JDHokie

    Overheard at VZW corporate headquarters …
    “How do we shut all these people up about losing their unlimited data plans?”
    “I know, let’s release that Nexus update we’ve been sitting on for 2 months!”

  • Verizon, is the sole reason I root my phone and install custom ROMs. If I didn’t have to wait so long for some half baked ROM that they supposedly thoroughly tested -hence the reason for the delays- then I would be content leaving my phone running stock. Hopefully this build is better than the 4.0.4 that leaked out a few months ago. Although it was better than 4.0.2, it still left quite a bit to be desired.

    • Jwhap

      I have tried both leaks….the most recent is almost perfect. No major changes though. I will be keeping my eye open to see if going back to stock is going to be worth nabbing this or if it is exactly the same thing I already have….

  • its about damn time…. if it really happens

  • lugoogle

    Verizon has done this with every phone they hype. Build it up put it out and leave you hanging when it comes time for update look at the Droid X the Thunderbolt now the Nexus. They will do the Sam with the S 3 nothing wi ll change

  • MikeSaver

    Any one have any idea of what time these updates usually roll out? Should I expect my phone to update on May 22nd at midnight on the dot?

    • If it truly does start rolling out tomorrow (which I doubt), then you’ll get it sometime between tonight at midnight and a month from now. We won’t all get it at once and it could take weeks before everyone has it.

  • Greyhame

    FWIW, I spoke with a VZW rep yesterday (lack of signal issues in central WI). She didn’t mention anything about an update for the phone on the horizon. When I asked her what was taking so long on the update front, she said VZW had nothing to do with updating the phone and that I should contact Samsung at 888-987-4357.
    I told her I didn’t think the delay was due to Samsung since the Sprint Nexus is already running .4. She reiterated her earlier statement.
    This whole CDMA Nexus fiasco is a mess. Finger pointing all around. I don’t know why Google, VZW, and Samsung don’t realize an updated, fully functional phone is WIN for EVERYONE involved (and their respective reputations).
    Also, I asked her about updating a 3G phone with unlimited data to a 4G phone without renewing the contract (i.e. buying a 4G phone myself). She mentioned the SIM card is free and the line would keep its unlimited data status. Thought I’d pass the word, as this will be my plan before the family plans get shoved down our throats.

    • Hawkm

      I called Verizon about the updates and I was told that it first has to be let out by Google, then the hardware company (i.e. Samsung) and then by the carrier (In our sad case, Verizon). I was shocked that they didn’t play the blame game or say that it isnt their fault.

      • InyRules

        I’m shocked that they didn’t say they had no information on an update. Their inconsistency is really what gets me. “You’ll get an update soon.” “We have no information on a software update.” “Listen, it’s in the works now, none of your replacement phones will work correctly until they get updated.” And one of the dumbest I’ve heard: “No, that update is only for the GSM model, our model isn’t due for an update.”

    • Greyhame

      for anyone else in a fringe area… the radios leaked in March work much better than those leaked in May for attaining a data signal while in an extended network area. it seems to be able to find, lock on, and stay locked on EvDo much much better than the radios leaked in May.

  • Jeff “BIG RED”

    Why not just find the leaked version and download it to your phone? I know I did and It helped with several of the issues i was having……

    • gnex

      because not every person out there lives and breaths to root their freaking phones…so STFU about it. It’s not like we don’t know it is an option…let if F’ing go already…smh…

      • You don’t need root. . .

      • Jwhap

        I agree with you….but it took me two hours of my time and now I don’t complain about the update or signal issues or my phone rebooting. I have not had a reboot since installing the update. So though I agree with you and you should not have to, it is worth the investment of a couple of hours to enjoy your phone.

  • Damn well better come soon.

  • BrianWenger

    I’m rooted and all that, but as a matter of principle, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • EvanTheGamer

    YES, finally at last!

    If this is really the case. Guess we all shall see tomorrow, hopefully.

  • I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Will an OTA update break root?

    • summit1986

      get OTA Rootkeeper from the Play Store to be safe

    • florious80

      Yes it definitely well. I’ve got the OTA rootkeeper installed and backed up just in case.

  • JagoX

    What’re they talkin about? My VZW G.Nex has had 4.0.4 since I got it a couple weeks ago…thanks to AOKP 😀

    Android Community FTW!

    • wtsamatta

      ! And my gnex is so much better thanks to AOKP.

      • Jwhap

        just curious any major bugs with aokp? like cameras not functioning….I was running cm7 on my incredible. Seemed to work great mostly except video player.

        • wtsamatta

          I haven’t had any issues at all to be honest. OK, had the first one today…cant get myverizon to work. Actually had to go to the website… 0.0 …to pay my bill

  • Waiting Stock GNex Owner

    If this were true (and I hope it is) wouldn’t the Verizion update pdf be updated already? Don’t they usually change the page a few days before the update actually rolls out?

  • TurdFerguson1

    Just like everything else, I’ll believe it when I see it. Freakin’ Verizon, always trying to stick it to us.

  • hehe, i’ve had 4.0.4 for a while now…no more waiting for updates from them people, all they talk is lies and slander!