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WSJ: Google to Open Nexus Program to Multiple Manufacturers at a Time, Sell Directly Through Google Play Store


The Wall Street Journal reported this afternoon that Google may give multiple (5 to be exact) smartphone and tablet manufacturers early access to the latest builds of Android for lead devices, and then sell those directly to consumers through the Play Store. The plan, according to this report, is to have these 5 devices ready by the time Jelly Bean is launched around Thanksgiving. As you all know, in the past, Google has hand-selected one partner to release new versions of Android each year, a program better know as the “Nexus” program. This would be a drastic change from that, but I’m having trouble trying to find a reason why it doesn’t sound like the most amazing change ever. 

In recent weeks, Google began to sell the Galaxy Nexus directly to consumers through the Play Store, a move they had not done since the original Nexus One. Along with this move came a dedicated “Devices” page in the store which most of us assumed would mean more devices in the future, possibly tablets.

The sources that spoke to the WSJ mentioned that this would give Google “more control over the apps that run on smartphones and tablets powered by Android, thus reducing the influence of wireless carriers over such devices.” Nice timing, right? I just got done voicing my frustrations over a similar matter, where carriers are slowing the update process, something that should also be fixed with more “lead” or “Nexus” type devices around.

So in theory, we could see stock Android devices built by Samsung, Motorola, Asus, HTC, and more, all running the newest version of the OS, and available at the same time on the Google Play Store – sold to you directly without a contract.

Tell me your thoughts…

Update:  I’ve added some of my own thoughts at this post.

Via:  WSJ

  • ddevito

    November – right about when all other Verizon phones will get 4.0


  • PC_Tool

    So…GSM only, and us LTE users are pretty much left out?

    Sucks for Google and device manufacturers…isn’t VZW the largest carrier in the US? That’s a pretty large piece of the pie there…


  • iNfAMOUS70702

    This will surely be a GSM unlocked deal only…..I can’t see any CDMA carrier hoping onboard

  • mikeym0p

    Lets see HTC make one with an SLCD2 laminated display in the Gnex form factor. I’ll throw money at them.

  • Abu

    Nexus is a very special brand, at least for Google and Pure Android lover. I cant imagine how 5 different Nexus devices “fight” each other to be the best one..will hurt the Nexus brand at last.

  • tomn1ce

    This would be nice and if they make a CDMA nexus compatible with VZW air waves it would be even better….But something tells me that this is a dream for many of us on VZW with a unlimited data plan….Notice how Google only has the unlocked gsm version in the Play Store. Is it because AT&T and T-Mobile refused to carry the G-Nexus in their line up of device months after the device was release or/in combination with VZW and Sprint bossing Google around regarding the CDMA version not to be sold in the Play Store?

  • dsass600

    What if you dont buy phones off contract?

  • burpootus

    My Verizon contract is up July 15 (1st day DroidX idiot here), it looks like I’ll be switching carriers and manufacturers come Thanksgiving. Only unlocked, non-interfered-with, non-Motorola hardware for me in the future. If I can’t have that, I’ll stick to the free dumb phone I get from work.

  • Travillion

    This is exciting news for anyone not on Verizon…

  • GazaIan

    That’s how it should have been from the start. Aside from Honeycomb (which still proved full of fails), Google released updates first because only Google had the source.The source is released well after Google has begun work on it, and by the time manufacturers start, Google has already put out updates. There, manufacturers start from scratch, add their overlay, do their radios for their devices, test it in performance and field tests, etc. This takes a while and consumers end up bashing Android for slow updates when in fact its kinda Google’s fault.

  • moelsen8

    moto nexus? shut up and take my money!

  • You can stop the carriers but you will never stop the whining.

  • EdubE24

    I see Verizon is taking a well deserved beating on these pages but Samsung needs to take some blame on the latest Nexus also. For a flagship device to have that camera on it is a shame. I know it’s not suppose to be my main shooter, but when I do use it at least take a reasonable picture. And the external speaker on the phone is just horrendous, thank goodness for volume+, now we can hear notification tones from more then two feet away. These are two examples that are prevalent on all of them regardless of carrier.

    • brando56894

      I haven’t heard many GSM GNex owners complain about stuff as much as I’ve heard VZW owners though.