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Contest: Win 1 of 5 Spigen Ultra Capsule Galaxy Nexus Cases (Update: Winners Picked)

Earlier today we gave away the 5 Neo Hybrid cases (check your Twitter DMs) that we had from Spigen SGP, but we are not done. We have 5 more cases to hand out, only this time it’s their Ultra Capsule case for the Galaxy Nexus. These are the 1-piece all plastic coverings that fit incredibly well on the LTE Nexus. In fact, these are easily one of our favorite plastic cases currently available for this phone.We wrote up a quick review about them here.

The colors we have to give away are yellow, black, pink, light blue and white. The white one I reviewed, but trust me, it’s still in great condition. Ready to win one? 

Update: Winners have been picked and emailed. Thanks to everyone who has entered!


1.  In the comments, tell us why you can’t live without protection on your phone.
2.  At 4PM Pacific, we will pick all winners and update this post.

Good luck! Oh, and we have two more cases to give away this evening. Leather pouches anyone?

And be sure to head over to the Spigen website to check out all of their Nexus products.

  • Evilkokonut

    Scratching it will make me hate my life

  • ethanh360

    i can’t live with protection on my galaxy nexus because…samsung makes flimsy phones!

    real original..i know

  • I like my phone to be flawless, it bothers me so much when it gets a scratch. Keeping it in this case will keep my phone perfect and thats why I need a case.

  • Because I’ve already gone through one GNex with a cracked screen.

  • Samsung did a fine job raising my Nexus, I can’t let it get diseased now. Gotta use protection!

  • Smockstack

    I only have two fingers on my right hand and I drop things all the time.

  • gnexlover

    I always use protection with my valuables!!

  • jjlyons

    I can’t live without protection from my phone because sometimes it has to live in my backpack with objects that really shouldn’t be close to a phone. Plus to save it from the occasional drop or two 😛

  • I can’t live without protection because I have a bad habit of dropping my phone from excitement whenever I see a new droid-life post…or get caught staring at a girl’s butt.

  • Because I already dropped and shattered my Galaxy Nexus screen once. Can’t afford to pay insurance again if I ruin this one!

  • Brandon Sikes

    My Galaxy Nexus needs protection because my other devices might try to sneak up and shank him in the back!

  • Brad_mlln

    “Regulators/we regulate any
    stealing of his property and we’re damn good too/ But you can’t be any geek off
    the street/gotta be handy with steel if you know what I know what I mean/earn
    your keep/Regulators! Mount up”!….What does this have to do with phone protection? Well duh, my
    phone is a regulator!  

  • Mer7pitt

    Omg I need this case. I am so clumsy.

  • Randark

    I just reordered my third Zagg invisisheild for my Nexus.  Protection is needed more than ever.  Today I even dropped my Asus Prime….

  • I cant live without my phone case because my oldest son dropped my phone a month ago, ala without a case, thankfully only the case cracked, and the screen didnt break.

    So I need the case to cover up the broken phone case I already have

  • Flyinion

    I’ve apparently become a clutz since buying my GN.  I’ve dropped it multiple times in the last couple months.  Luckily only on carpeted floors but still.  I hardly ever dropped my OG.  

    Maybe I should blame the cheap soft “plastic” or “silicone” case I got from VZW on launch day for being slick lol.

  • BayRyder

    My phone would die without protection.

  • Jdrew14

    I need protection because without it my nexus might try to have IOS relations

  • No glove no love and my galaxy nexus has a lot to love. No way im going out naked!

  • Aedwardw

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because I am scared of dropping it

  • J Tylergunnell

    Because $300 is a lot of money

  • Just bought myself a GNex so I could really use a case!

  • Nick

    Kellex fondled the white one? Even more valuable.

  • theserg

    Its a galaxy nexus. I had to replace it once already. Can’t have a fancy new phone with dings on it.

  • chad puska

    I cant live without protection, I work on telephone poles and am out in the weather all day, I can no longer run around with my naked phone, today i got my first scratch on mine from a screw driver. this would be a much needed add on to one of the best phones out there.

  • Love my nexus, need a case to protect the phone as my kids are using it more and more.

  • Dbond30 Db

    i cannot live with out protection for my phone because that would be like living with out air, you just cant do it….unless you are a fish person in which you could live underwater, but alas i am not a fish person so therefore i cannot live with out protection for my phone becuase i breathe air

  • I’d have to say I need a case because I ALWAYS drop my phone within the first hour of buying. Dropped one phone in my rock driveway and stepped on it getting out of my car coming home from the VZW store, dropped another one down an entire escalator and finally my best feat was walking out of the VZW store didn’t notice the door closing because I was so excited about my new TBolt, at the time, and yep it took a slide on the concrete walkway!!! 😀 Now I have the GNex 🙂

  • android 101 or lack thereof

    3 kids+1 gnex= recipe for disaster period.. I don’t a scratch on my precious

  • i cant stand having any time of mark or scratch on my phone it drives me nuts

  • My 3 year old nephew loves games and YouTube on this thing but doesn’t grasp the $700 price tag.

  • Kal Nimri

    I work in a daycare and sometimes my Nexus becomes a chew-toy!

  • JaizukeD

    Without protection on my phone, it may impregnate some other phone.

  • eleazar

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because I always drop it at the worst time. >: (

  • Because my parents always told me..”Don’t be stupid, make sure you always have protection”

  • Ewhitak

    Always wrap it up.

  • Will

    Two words: Stall calls.

  • RickyGrundyJr

    i can’t live without protection on my phone because I imported it from the UK and i have no warranty.

  • XoutlawX

    I can’t live without protection on my phone, because I get very paranoid about dropping my phone.  My cases have saved my phones from some bad falls so it’s always good to have them.

  • GenerationK

    I am prone to dropping very expensive technological products… >.>

  • Because I dont want anything happen to my Precious Galaxy Nexus!  I want it perfect

  • mising

    Because I am the poster child for clumsiosis extremus!

  • Arman Samimi

    I usually don’t like protection on my phone but when I do, I like an ultra capsule. 

  • Nitemare15

    Honestly, I was going to think of something witty, but it all boils down to me not wanting to pay for an insurance claim or a new $700 phone because I’m a broke college student. Love my Galaxy Nexus and Droid-Life is the best Android news site, keep it rocking DL!

    • SO instead of being witty, you tried the suck up route? lol.

      • Nitemare15

        Honesty route 😉

  • djpayne2

    One word….KIDS!!!!!!

  • Geovany Hernandez

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because as soon as I take off any kind of protection I drop it within 2 hours.

  • Mysticscythe

    I can’t live without protection because I’m not ready to handle little galaxy Nexis babies. That, and replacing a phone out of warranty is really expensive.

  • Bob

    I can’t live without protection for my galaxy nexus because while trying to type this comment I dropped the phone once and had it knocked out of my hand right after by a passenger getting off the train I’m on

  • zaraza

    I love my baby (GN) so much… and must be protected!

  • RavenThunder

    I’m trying to break a record, with your help and a great case of course. I’ve had at least one replacement phone for the last 4 phones I’ve had because of dropping them or getting something dropped on them at work. So…yes, I believe I can not live without protection for my Galaxy Nexus.