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Contest: Win 1 of 5 Spigen Ultra Capsule Galaxy Nexus Cases (Update: Winners Picked)

Earlier today we gave away the 5 Neo Hybrid cases (check your Twitter DMs) that we had from Spigen SGP, but we are not done. We have 5 more cases to hand out, only this time it’s their Ultra Capsule case for the Galaxy Nexus. These are the 1-piece all plastic coverings that fit incredibly well on the LTE Nexus. In fact, these are easily one of our favorite plastic cases currently available for this phone.We wrote up a quick review about them here.

The colors we have to give away are yellow, black, pink, light blue and white. The white one I reviewed, but trust me, it’s still in great condition. Ready to win one? 

Update: Winners have been picked and emailed. Thanks to everyone who has entered!


1.  In the comments, tell us why you can’t live without protection on your phone.
2.  At 4PM Pacific, we will pick all winners and update this post.

Good luck! Oh, and we have two more cases to give away this evening. Leather pouches anyone?

And be sure to head over to the Spigen website to check out all of their Nexus products.

  • Without protections my phone could get a STD and thats just bad 🙁

  • Smoovebcoffee

    I can’t live without protection on my phone. I tried and now I have a cracked G2 to show for it. 

  • rmjack

    I can’t live without a case because I couldn’t stand having a cracked screen.

  • nexusberry

    I use a rubber….so should my nexus…..

  • Tybalt

    When I’m running to catch the bus I need to be sure that if I goof and drop my phone it won’t shatter into a million pieces. These things are too expensive to be a paperweight.

  • Eric

     Because broken phones suck!

  • M1ghtysauc3

    It’s pretty simple really. I’m afraid the iPhones of the world will give my Nexus iAIDS.

  • Jonathonflores6958

    I’ve never dropped my phone. That is until I got my nexus. Face plant on the pavement and now it’s chipped on the bottom. Ugly scar staring at my face and it’s still naked. I need one.

  • Tom Luley

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because without protection my reflection is a connection between the infection I get inside of my section…Or something like that 🙂

  • Kitsuneudon

    I constantly drop things and the slippery Nexus doesn’t help… therefore a case is required.

  • I can’t live without protection because I know my insurance would send me a crappy refurb if I screw mine up!

  • John B

    Because I work in a warehouse and concrete floors are not kind to phones? (I’ve broke 2 older phones already)

    Because my 10 month old son likes to pick up my phone and drop it over and over and over? Just wait till he has his first phone and I return the favor.

  • I can’t live without a phone cover because I have MAD butterfingers and always drop my phone. Plus these look damn nice!

  • i cant live without a case for my phone because if i get the smallest scratch on the side of my phone i use my insurance to get a whole new phoneee,

  • Sean

    You gotta wrap it up…

  • BestonMars

    The wet weather in Portland exponentially increases the chances of me dropping my phone.

  • Jngibson24

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because I’ve had 4 phones water damaged…:-

  • Lilbballer38

    I need protection on my phone because last time I didn’t use protection on something… I have twins now.

  • justbaum30

    My Galaxy Nexus needs protection from iPhones of the world

  • I can’t live without protection on my phone because my level of perfectionism will not allow me to own a damaged phone.

  • I work in an Army Reserve maintenance facility and would love one of these to protect my most prized possesion. :o)

  • I need protection for my phone because it costs too much money to replace a broken phone.

  • Josh R Ingram

    I need my phone to also function as a deadly projectile. Adding a large case definitely lets it fit the bill.

  • Alex

    I am simply unable to live without protection on my galaxy nexus because it is simply too precious to take a risk of breaking and ofcourse… because its made out of plastic and i dislike its feel.

  • DadzBoyz

    Also because my wife as an IPad in the house and I don’t strange little IDroids running around.

  • Tim Buchanan

    I can’t live without protection for my phone because I and my phone are one.  When it dies, I die.  When it hurts, I hurt.  When it vibrates, I vibrate.  

  • Need to protect my baby!

  • Qeegan

    im a mechanic and my phones always require the best protection 

  • Wyllic

    Wrap it before you tap it!  Who knows what kinds of BTD’s are transmitted via an unwrapped Nexus

  • DadzBoyz

    Because I sell my phone and upgrade when something worthwhile and intriguing comes along and a phone in like new condition is better for the buyer and better for my wallet when it comes time to buy that next gotta have Android.

  • Cehrl7

    I can’t live without protection on my phone….because I don’t want to have a baby GNex to go along with my 2 kids and 2 dogs.

  • Since I got my Nexus (my first smartphone, actually), I’ve put my life onto it. I just have my 2nd-gen iPod touch if my phone breaks, so I’d much rather keep using my phone instead of going back to that ancient machine.

  • Jon McCardell-Sameulsson

    I dont want my phone to break

  • John

    I can’t live without protection on my phone because every previous phone I’ve had has ended up broken due to clumsiness. I have always been against getting cases, but I feel I’m going to want it with my Galaxy Nexus. This phone is going to be awesome for quite some time!

  • Can’t live without protection because the world is too cruel for me to have it naked.

  • Forrest Tracey

    Because my wife dropped her brand new Gnex that I just bought for her and shattered the screen!! Grrrrr!! DL PLEASE help my wife keep her phone protected!

  • Rlblosser

    I must protect my galaxy! Damage to phones should be a crime.

  • I like my naked Gnex, but I’d love to try out a nice looking case.

  • I can’t live without protection since I’m a clumsy bastard that constantly drops his phone, especially on stuff like rocks or diamond plate… never on carpet =/

  • mmeiklejohn

    I can’t live without protection on my phone bc I have ocd over my phones cleanliness

  • Rentedlunchbox

    Because I have to have a beautiful Case!

  • Vonny571

    Because I’m possibly the clumsiest person on the face of the planet. 

  • Cheapseatsecon

    My previous phone fell 20 stories and lived…but I don’t think the G-Nex would survive when it happens again.*  Just sayin.

    *without one of these cases, of course,

  • cantcurecancer

    I need a good solid case for this phones because my hands are made of butter!!

  • Twofourturbo

    My GNex is a Sexy B****… Always a good idea to keep her protected! One false move and she’ll end up Prego with a Extended Battery..

  • BrianWalls

    Because I have a 2 year old who is a big fan of my phone! He actually killed the screen on my moto droid by NOMMING IT!

  • Sean F Brooks

    I need protection, i must avoid the STD running rampant right now KID

  • Trigun123478

    I cannot live without protection because, I might catch disease. No really my phone already has a scuff on the side, I’m just to cheap to buy a case.

  • Danielcee3

    I need protection on my phone its already got a scratch on the back and I do not need another one..


  • Roshan John

    I can’t live without protection for my Galaxy Nexus because… it doesn’t ask, it already knows what Jesus would do. The world isn’t ready for these answers.