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Motorola Releases Initial Ice Cream Sandwich Update Timeline – DROID RAZR, RAZR MAXX, Bionic, and DROID 4 Still Being Evaluated

moto ics

Motorola updated their timeline for device updates this morning, finally revealing their plans to push Ice Cream Sandwich. So far, the list is not going to excite any of you. As far as U.S. devices go, none of them on Verizon have specific details and are currently “in evaluation.” You will see that the Atrix, Atrix 2 and Photon 4G will all receive Android 4.0 in Q3, but the RAZR, RAZR MAXX, Bionic, DROID 4 and almost any other device tied to Big Red has not been given an expected rollout date. In fact, those non-VZW phones are all in development while the ones you all care about are still in the “planning” phase.

Why is that? Tough to tell. We were all hoping that the RAZRs and the Bionic would see this major update first since they were released just before Ice Cream Sandwich went live. Q3 though for many of these? Seems so far away. Then again, Moto did provide an outlook into how they update phones which we calculated to be about 6 months. I guess that would put us right around the end of Q2 or early Q3. Someone figure out why the Atrix series and the Photon would be up first ahead of the DROID brand. Carrier, maybe?

Hoping to know more very soon. 

Via:  Motorola

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately as a Bionic owner I don’t think “evaluation and planning” means negotiating with the community devs who just did most of the work for them. Maybe it’s time to finally root this thing and dive into the ocean of custom ROMs.

    • Anonymous

      Dive into the ocean of custom ROMs? I’m on the brink of calling Verizon and asking for a good explanation or a swap to a Nexus. This is ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to ROM my phone to get the latest update (and if you’re going to make us do that, UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER!!!), especially when there are devs out there that have everything working except the camera. And that’s WITH having to deal with the locked bootloader. Tell me please why is it that dev’s who take time out of their personal lives and get paid with donations can have a fully functioning ICS build done in OVER HALF A YEAR sooner than dedicated, likely highly paid Motorola engineers can? I really wish I could have waited for the Nexus, but when the screen died on my OG (another failing Motorola product, imagine that!) and I still had unlimited data, I just had to go with what was out there and that was the Bionic. No Rezound, no RAZR, and certainly no Galaxy Nexus. Severely disappointed.

      • If you dont have a 4g phone already, even with a defective product they wont give you a galaxy free for it. unless you are still under the 10 day thing. 

  • Poker_vol

    Could the delay for Verizon devices have anything to do with Verizon possibly promising Samsung a certain period of time of exclusivity for ICS on their network if they made the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon? Otherwise, I see no other reason why GMA Moto devices are getting it, but not the Verizon versions. My two cents.

    • Theriem3

      Exactly…..if these idiots would read, they’ll see that Evaluation and development included carriers (Verizon ) not wanting to disclose a date

  • jake creed

    this is why google needs to give sanjay the boot!  he released too many variants… instead of the droid 3 being 512 ram and not lte, release an upgrade droid 3 that has everything the droid 4 has and release the droid 4 in a year or more… merge the x, bionic and the razr into one phone and make it lte.  google also needs to step in and tell their partners to release only 2 or 3 phones a year and make them upgradeable until at least the next os update…i’ve own a G1, D1 and now a D3 and I love my android experience but this is BS!

    sanjay is greedy he doesn’t believe in stock even tho stack android saved moto and he’s into releasing multiple devices then he has high price point, he killed the xoom by releasing it at the ipad price point.  its absolutely insane that devices released in 2011 cannot get ICS… if blur is the issue then get rid of it…
    this has pissed me off so much when my next upgrade is on i’m going to consider an iphone & I GREATLY DISLIKE IPHONES or i’ll get a nexus even if it means leaving verizon unless google fires sanjay and cancels everyone of his crap plans and goes stock…

    • Anonymous

      As much as I would like that to happen (because I definitely see where you are coming from) Google buying out Motorola was a patent only standpoint and nothing more.. I doubt we will see any change in management at Motorola.  

      • jake creed

        I read a few weeks ago, google has his replacement ready from the android team but they were waiting on approval to buy moto before replacing Sanjay.  I’m hoping that is true now that they’ve gotten approval.  The android team prefers stock so i’m hopeful they make moto devices stock.  Sanjay must go.

    • Thanks for that well thought out, not at all entirely ignorant of whats really going on, wall of text.

      • jake creed


        • Ah did I strike a never? Sorry I become obnoxious when I sense people talking out of their butts.

          • jake creed

            You clearly are an idiot.
            1. Sanjay believes overlays are good, no carrier wants stock. He said so a month ago & it was reported here on DL.2. He believes volume releases make more money. again same interview. Hence the multiple variants each with their own special brand of issues and totally screwing several droid from moto owners.3. Since the D1, Droid from Moto has gone down in terms of user experience under his watch.Sanjay sucks and needs to be replaced.

            Lastly, stfu.

          • Derp captain obvious. However, aside from public info about Sanjay which is readily available to every rhesus monkey with an internet connection, like you for example. Sanjay Jha is not the one evaluating updates for Verizon. Put the blame where it belongs is all i’m saying…cept you can’t do that cause you don’t know where it belongs because if you did you certainly wouldn’t be blaming a non-carrier official for the delay in android updates.

            And stock android in and of itself certainly did NOT save Moto. The Droid being a well built phone with stand out specs, even if only for a short time till it was eclipsed by the Nexus One, and the deal with Verizon saved Moto(including that advertising push) is what saved Moto. 
            So most everything you said was just ignorant babbling, or some cliche hate speech about Jha that everyone’s already made, and you ranting. Plainly you don’t really know jack squat, so yeah, talking out of your butt.

          • jake creed

            who’s in charge at Moto? Sanjay. who decides what happens or not? Sanjay. Who’s been pushing blur? Sanjay.  Verizon won’t put anything on their network without extensive testing, they put 2 apps in the Gnex nothing more. They don’t demand new phone variants. That’s SANJAY. 

            D1 was was well built but it was STOCK, thats why most people got it.  Then SANJAY switched to blur which sucked, it’s gotten a bit better but it’s probably the reason ICS won’t officially come from Moto.

            The blame goes exactly where it deserves, SANJAY and his need to volume release instead of quality release.  And the original DROID line should have remained stock.  How come other phone makers are releasing ICS to their devices but moto needs to wait? B/c of that crap called BLUR and that was green-lit by SANJAY.

            get it now troll?

          • Anonymous

             Sanjay said the focus was going to be even more on their overlay.  YAY, MORE MOTOBLOAT!!! 

          • Are you really that stupid? That’s the point! this crap for whatever reason takes time whether you’re running stock or not. The thunderbolt aint running stock, is that on ICS right now? How about the Charge? The Droid Incredible 2? Any HTC or Samsung devices on other carriers that all came out before even the Bionic? The page says the updates are moving through Verizon right now and you’re still complaining about blur when no other manufacturer has it on their device yet? Every OEM is working on it and it’ll still take months because carriers have to certify them.

            No it being stock isn’t why people bought it you twit. It was the marketing, I certainly don’t remember any Droid commercials advertising it as a stock android device. The advertised it as android, and android doesn’t stop being android just because you put a skin on it. Most people don’t know stock android form the backs of their heads. I work in close quarters with at least 10 android users on a daily basis. Not a single friggen one of them can tell me what build of android they’re running or whether or not they’re running stock. And 3 of those people have T-Mobile G2s…and you want me to believe it was stock android that sold the Droid and not the most aggressive phone marketing push the world’s ever seen.
            YOU are not representative of the entire customer base of android and neither are all the other skin haters on his blog. Look how many devices Samsung moved worldwide last year. You know how many of those models were stock? And I’ll bet my kidneys that the majority of those devices sold haven’t even been rooted. People just don’t care that much.

            And wtf do you mean others are releasing ICS? Where? What phone on sale right now has ICS besides the Nexus? Oh wait there’s that Huawei on sale in china, and what else? Don’t worry I’ll wait…
            You moron.

          • Anonymous

             And how do YOU know where the blame lies?  Was it not Motorola who said they couldn’t unlock their bootloaders because the carriers’ wishes?  But then HTC comes along and unlocks them all!  Whoa, what now Mr. Motorola?

            How would Verizon allow a Nexus phone that can be upgraded at any time if Verizon didn’t allow it?  It might be getting an upgrade when Motorola Droid 500 comes out and will interfere with the release.  Oh no!!

            This is all about Motorola releasing far too many phones and being unable to keep up with support.  It shows just in their forums if you’ve ever frequented them.  The D3 dropped an update and then not another word was heard.  As it is, the D3 won’t even be able to get an update to ICS before my contract is up, that is IF it gets ICS!!!!  Its not even in development. 

            Nexus or HTC (unlocked loaders which assure development beyond its contract) from now on.  F Motorola and their lack of effort into the Android ecosystem.  If Motorola cared half a penny, their support for their devices would be like what they did for the OG Droid.

          • Do we remember the announcement to slow production of phones they made? What happened to that BS?

          • HTC IS NOT MOTOROLA. It’s been covered bro. They are not in remotely similar positions with Verizon. Go look a few posts back, Aku Droid(or whatever the spelling of his name is) covered it.

            Who said Verizon doesn’t allow ICS? I certainly never did. And are you really referring to the Galaxy Nexus? You do realize shipping with ICS and upgrading to it are two very different things right? Carriers don’t have to spend months certifying the Nexus AGAIN for software it launched with…

            And sure, a few days ago two roms leaked for the D3, but sure, Moto’s not working on it. Those leaks came from someone else.

  • Droids

    If Moto didn’t have to update and test Blur, then hand it off to Verizon to update their crapware, then hand it off to the 3rd party crapapp devs that Verizon shoves on the phone (between the three there are something like 40-50 added apks on the phone), well they could push stock ICS to all these phones much quicker.

    Much as I prefer Moto hardware, my Bionic won’t be replaced by another Moto phone unless it has Nexus in the name. And as soon a dhacker has a working camera, his ics rom is going on my Bionic. No way I’m waiting until the third quarter, especially when the delay is caused by apps I don’t frigging want on the phone in the first damn place!

  • Even though my upgrade date comes later this summer, it seems more and more likely I will still purchase the Nexus, despite the prospect of newer and “better” phones sure to come in the fall and winter of ’12.   Why all the infatuation with raw phone power if you aren’t able to run the latest software with it?  
    Having the newest version of Android software has become paramount to me as a smartphone owner.  Along with the screen it’s almost everything.  I currently own a Samsung Fascinate (thankfully running ICS), and that alone has really shaped what I look for in a smartphone.  I will never again deal with the whole “when, or is, and update coming out for my phone?”      

  • Well the way I see it, I blame Motorola, Verizon didn’t lie to me to get me to purchase the Razr, Motorola did, They specifically said the Razr will have ICS by the end of January, that’s the reason I didn’t get the Nexus, so I say F motorola 

  • Flip74k

    This is some BS if u ask me. So by the time phones get ics the next version of android will be coming out Smh. They need to find a way to get this done faster.
    doesn’t even mention the x2

  • Bogy25

    So what does, “ICS ready” or “ICS Upgradeable” mean?

  • Bogy25

    So what does, “ICS ready” or “ICS Upgradeable” mean?

    • Anonymous

      It means “It’s ICS ready, but the Ice Cream part will be all melty and warm by the time we get around to releasing it! Even then, we’ll have skinned it so much and added so much bloat to it that you’ll hate it! And the bootloader will STILL be locked! But you could always buy our Developer Edition phones without a warranty or contract. Don’t you just love us!”

  • Friaform

    Interesting, I believe Alain Mutricy confirmed just around the release date that the Droid Razr would have an Icecream Sandwich update in early 2012. What is the definition of confirmed?

  • Darthseph23

    I’d like to point out that the actual structure of the software can’t be that different between the Razr and the Droid Razr.  The verification of CDMA/LTE over the GSM/LTE is what will take the longest.  The rest of the software should be identical shouldn’t it?  The phones are the exact same sans the radios themselves.

    I’m just wondering if someone more tech savvy than I could illuminate on why the same SW on the GSM (other than the radio interface portion) isn’t the same.

    We could see working Rom’s to fix the camera bug right now with ICS well ahead of plan once the Razr (worldwide GSM version) comes out.

    • Anonymous

      Well Verizon has to fit all their bloatware crap into it. That’ll take em at least…5 months?

      • Darthseph23

        That wouldn’t by an ICS port issue… that’s a carrier issue.  My point was that blaming Moto for not doing anything is really shortsighted considering the Razr is getting an ICS update outside the US.

        Ahhh, I can’t wait for the camera and market to be fixed on the ic3Rzr.  The GSM version should help us solve the issue.  Just don’t brick your phone and you’ll be fine.

  • Moto, Y U NO upgrade my x2 to ICS?!

    • Anonymous

      It’s because Moto no longer cares about you. I mean when you release the X2, Bionic, Razr, and Razr Maxx in rapid succession and they’re all the same style of phones and the X2 is the odd man out with a Tegra 2, you’re going to get left off the list. Regardless, with the Atrix and Photon getting ICS and having Tegra 2, you SHOULD be getting ICS, but that doesn’t mean Motorola is going to give it to you. That would just be too much work for Motorola to actually support their products.

  • They should really have to upgrade phones, if possible, if ICS was announced before or during the ship date of phones. I bet 50 bucks we see a D1 running ICS, and Moto will still say it wont run. 

    • Anonymous

      Maybe I’m wrong, but I think there are already ICS ROMs for the OG Droid.

  • csd577

    at the end of the day, what are you nexus ics people doing on ics that i cant do on 2.3.6?
    face unlock? i could careless
    not saying its not a better looking os, but at the end of the day its not affecting what i can do with my phone

    • Anonymous

      Using Google Chrome and enjoying better hardware acceleration as well as a completely redesigned UI and better multitasking as well as other things.

      • not to mention all the items that will be controllable with ics. lights, devices, etc. NFC. etc SUPER fast camera, which is VERY important to me

    • Binglut9

      At the end of the day I can’t believe your OK with a company you gave your hard earned cash to, to not update your phone in a timely manner. Along with software updates are security.fixes and that alone should have you upset that your not getting the update on a timely fashion

  • JagoX

    I like how Motorola is ignoring one of the phones that REALLY put themselves on the Verizon map…the Droid X. But then again…this is the same company that just released a couple phones less then a month ago on GB…a full 2 months AFTER ICS was already released. /sigh

  • Anonymous

    Because all the other phones that weren’t released with ics have it now

  • Jer85008

    Looks like most Verizon phones won’t see ICS for at least six months. As a Rezound owner, I’m a little dissapointed but this is what I signed up for when I passed on the Nexus. I’ll take the better hardware over the timely software updates though.

  • Anonymous

    So happy that I bought a Galaxy Nexus instead of Motorola anything.

  • damn it.  i got unbelievably screwed over with the droid 3. 

  • me

    take your time moto,ics is not that great where its worth getting all worked up about,just get it to me this year with no bugs….. on a side note i just bought a lapdock 5000 for my bionic,and it rocks.why would any one buy a tab? 14 inch screen,faster than my girls note book,free teathering…nice plues full size keyboard with andriod keys

    • me

      how bout lapdock 500,but really i love this thing

  • If the next Nexus doesn’t come first to Verizon or isn’t a multi-carrier device, I’ll just keep my Galaxy Nexus for 2 years. Seriously, I would never buy another Moto phone unless it’s a Nexus, which isn’t necessarily likely to happen (but could).

    • totally. I wont buy moto again. Not never no how!

  • Azndan4

    Lol. Stop blaming the carrier. Motorola just doesn’t care about its customers. End of story.

  • HTC and Samsung, who are notorious for being slow on updates for their phones, will reportedly begin ICS rollouts as early as March.  You know, Q1.  Note, this is 4 MONTHS before Q3 begins.
      Motorola, you recently had one of your VP’s touting how your are always one of the fastest to update your software (http://www.mydroidworld.com/topic/10383-motorola-vp-blames-update-delays-on-android-hardware/). Unless you have an update ready to go and are simply waiting for VZW’s go-ahead for an announcement so they don’t get insta-spammed by thousands of calls to their tech support asking about where in testing it is (possible, but unlikely), this timeline is completely unacceptable.

    I know the lion’s share of the blame should be on Verizon, but if that’s true they can say that its in testing, and everyone will be happy.  If that testing takes another 3 months, at least they can reasonably place most of the blame on Verizon, whereas right now any delay will be placed squarely on their shoulders (which is, of course, just the way VZW wants it).

  • Nsbjj

    Would I like to have ICS on my RAZR?  Sure.  But I VERY happy with android 2.3.6 it’s a great build with all the feature I need.  I am in no hurry.

  • Anonymous

    As soon as there is a stable ICS ROM out there for the Bionic I am going to grab it.  Sicks of this waiting game w/ Verizon/Moto!!  Should have gotten the Nexus……

    • Anonymous

      There already is, it just lacks camera support at this point. It gained 4G support just this past weekend I believe and camera support is apparently being diligently worked on.

  • Boblank84

    Speak with your pocket book and stop buying moto junk, this is despicable…

  • ddevito

    Even AngelFace wouldn’t approve of this list.

  • ddevito

    I guess we’ll get JellyBean before these get ICS. Pathetic

  • ddevito

    This is only because they have 24 devices on this list. If they didn’t have diarrhea of the assembly line perhaps their time-lines would be more attainable  

  • Butters619

    ATRIX in Q3?!?!?! Arrrggghhhhhh!!!

  • Binglut9

    And this is the reason you buy a nexus and not support these manufacturers. that is why I tell everyone to buy a nexus this chart is a joke and I would be pissed if I owned any of these phones ??q3 for brand new phones that should of cane out with ICS its laughable…now you all know buy a god damn nexus all these other fake iterations of android are giving it a bad bane its ashane

  • Sk102704

    What the hell man! What about my Motorola StarTAC!

    • Darthseph23

       Ahhh…. my first cell phone.  Well done!  I love that phone… and it was fairly rugged too!

      • Anonymous

        I have seen people still using that phone, not in the US though.

  • NO D3?!?!?! F-ing Motorolla. Been less then 1 year since release! unreal. 

    • They’re going to say there is not enough RAM (512mb) to RUN ICS WITH Blur.  I’m sure it would run just fine without the Blur.  Unfortunately, this is the risk you run when buying a skinned phone.

      • Anonymous

        … which is the poorest argument a manufacturer can make. If it doesn’t have enough memory to run the update with the skin, DITCH THE SKIN! Manufacturers need to either accept having to ditch their custom UI’s in future updates or do better at future proofing their phones released because this whole hanging customers out to dry over skins is ridiculous. Next phone WILL be a Nexus or a Google-run Motorola phone provided Google whips them into shape.

    • Anonymous

      Read the link!  It is on the list for evaluation.

      • Whoops! I didnt see the actual moto link of less memory phones. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    so whatever happend to that agreement all those companies (inckuding motorola) made with google that updates would be timely….

    • Anonymous

      That “deal” was B.S. from day 1. I think this is just the tip of the iceberg and these ICS travesties portend bigger problems for Android down the road.

      I personally know a LOT of people (non-techie types) who jumped on the Android bandwagon early on. These are primarily people who were frustrated Verizon or Sprint or T-Mob did not have an iPhone in 2009-early 2011 and are abandoning Android after one bad hardware or skin experience and retreating to the security of iOS (or even going back to BB or WP7 in a few cases).

    • Anonymous

      “Timely” is a vague term. Google needs to crack down. Android is open source, but the Android Market and associated Google Apps aren’t. Force manufacturers to meet well defined deadlines with regards to updates or lose the Google suite of apps or face a fine. Make manufacturers sign an agreement. If they don’t sign, don’t let them have the Google suite of apps. If they sign and miss the deadline, fine them or even better, force them to offer a free upgrade to consumers to another device with the updated OS. Android’s biggest problem is lazy manufacturers that chase away customers. I guarantee that if you look at the people that have defected from Android, you’d find a large percentage of people that left because of updates that were late, buggy, or never came and manufacturer skins. It’s time for Google to up their game and push manufacturers harder.

  • Earl Echols

    Lawl @ the rest of the world getting updates before U.S.

  • The RAZR is a perfectly fine phone.. but I’d hoped to see ICS sooner. Disappointing.

  • Proof once again that if you actually want timely updates on Android, you can only have a Nexus phone.  All those promises of fast upgrades and that Android update alliance?  Yeah, just hoping you’ll stay on Android (or at least their flavors of Android) for one more phone.

  • After owning the Droid and enjoying freedom and updates and then the Droid X and being locked down, I swore off Motorola.  So glad I’m not with them anymore as Q3 is ridiculous just to get blur working with ICS.

  • Richard

    I am with you f Motorola. I paid top dollar last Feb 799+ acc’s. F motorola   ;-!

  • Anonymous

    Glad I was already planning on running ICS as soon as dhacker gets the camera functional for my razr.

  • If you read on the moto site, they explain that the evaluation process comes first, second is development, third is testing.

    What that means is that they have not even begun DEVELOPING or TESTING ICS for ANY of these phones. HOW LONG HAS ICS BEEN AVAILABLE TO CARRIERS, MOTO?!

  • Anonymous

    This is disheartening on a ‘jump ship for that guy with the fruit logo’ level. Though truth be told I blame Verizon entirely. Look at which devices are the most delayed on that list…

  • Anonymous

    Looks like I’m rooting my DROID 3 till I can save up to get a Samsung Galaxy Nexus!! I thought Moto would change but I guess not. I’m done with you MotoFail!

    • I went from a D3 to a Gnex.  I’ve never been happier!

      • Anonymous

        i wish to do the same, did you by chance sell your D3 online?

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t an I hate Motorola post, but I really don’t understand why it takes so long to get an operating system rolled out. Google has it ready to go and it certainly must work on Moto’s hardware. So what is the hold up? I don’t think it’s Blur cause I am sure they have that all ready to go. There must be some reason that we just are not aware of.

    Either that or it will roll out sooner than you expect and everyone will be happy.

    • Anonymous

      Incompetent software engineers? I mean, when you’ve got community devs that have everything working except the camera for the Bionic and have had to sidestep issues like the locked bootloader and closed source drivers and this is something they volunteer to do in their spare time and only receive donations, there is no excuse why Motorola’s full-time team of paid engineers can’t do it just as fast. Even with MotoBlur and Webtop, there’s just no excuse saying it will take until Q3 or longer. I don’t care how much testing Verizon is making you do, they should have a solid build to Verizon to test right now. I don’t care who the holdup is, there’s no excuse from anyone right now that’s acceptable to say Q3 or later. Early Q2 would be reasonable, but Q3 is ridiculous.

  • Anonymous

    Motorola just got Asus’ed.. I like how there is no MZ602 on this list unless I am missing it. 

  • Greekdaemon

    funny how slow the oems are I mean I have a custom ics 4.03 running on my Dinc I mean come on. Thank god I went with the Gnex not the Razr even with the special edition razr I can get as a VZW employee still no desire.

  • Anonymous

    This is exactly why as much as I want the Moto Razor Maxx for the amazing battery life, I will buy the Nexus. 

  • Anonymous

    this just makes it easier for them to make more money off of new phones coming out WITH ics. why upgrade the software when you can make people buy a DROID RAZR MAXX XTRME edition?

  • Anonymous

    This is Bull Sh$t.. Wish I could get my hands on the XT910. The ICS build for it looks great..

  • Jon Flikkema

    What about the droid 3? Hadn’t they said it would be getting ics as well?

    • Anonymous

      Go to the LINK!  It is in the next set of boxes.  Kellex FAIL for not showing all the boxes!!