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Contest: 10 Premium Redeem Codes for Koush’s Tether App Up For Grabs

Koush’s Tethering app is all the rage these days in Android. It has given those that aren’t interested in rooting, an opportunity to tether from their phone to a computer with little hassle. Tato has actually given it some good run here at CES and would definitely recommend it.

To celebrate its official release this week, Koush handed us 10 premium redeem codes to get a set of DL readers up and taking full advantage of their data packages. After all, you do pay for it, so why not use it however you want, right? That’s probably a conversation for another day. 🙂

So here is the deal. To enter to win, all you have to do is tell us how much data you consume on average each month and if you use any sort of tethering service on a regular basis. Simple enough?

Later this evening when we leave the show floor, we will pick the 10 winners.


  • Carlos

    I use about 3 GB per month and do not have a tether app, would love Koush’s app.

  • Iamkeeler

    I use around 600mb of 3G and 2gb of wifi. Sadly no tethering because 3G doesn’t seem worth it. But I’m getting the GNEX on fri so who knows.

  • Anonymous

    I use EasyTether Pro at the moment and use around 4GB per month, but I’m very sure Koush’s app is much much better, and more well-supported! Go Koush!

  • I use about 2-3GB a month. Mostly Google Music, Nav and Podcasts. A 1.5hr commute one way keeps the data connection going. I don’t tether, but have tried Wireless Tether just to see it work.

  • I average 5GB/mo during ‘light’ months, and then upwards of 20GB during ‘heavy’ months. All of that is on device only, but I recently dropped my crappy TWC for my shiny brand new VZW 4G LTE.

  • I use about 4gb a month.  Try to stay under 5gb to keep off their radar.

  • Jascias Israel

    I tether about 3 gb a month. My school wifi seems to never work. So a lot of my time studying in the library is tethered.

  • Anonymous

    I had unlimited data with Sprint using an original Palm Pre.  I would tether my laptop and my tablet to that device and use somewhere between 4-5 Gb per month.  I’m now sporting a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon with a data cap and I’ve been watching my data usage closely until I find out how much the normal activities of my device consume.  I haven’t done any tethering on Android yet, but I would love to get my laptop and tablet back up and running with Koush’s app.

  • I use between 5 and 6 gb a month. I have the unlimited data plan and when I tether I use the wireless tether for root users app mostly… I have played with barnacle abit also.

  • Vettezx

    I only use about 7gb a month, but more if I can tether since I really dont know how to root my phone. I have a Galaxy Nexus and sure would love to get full use out of it. The only tether app I have used is easy tether. Tks.

  • Davros

    I use 1.5-2 Gb’s a month. I only tether when I have to. like when my internet goes down or we lose power.

  • Hon

    I average around 10-15 gigs a month on Verizon LTE using Pdanet.

  • Anonymous

    3GB data a month on VZW 3g connection. I don’t tether as regularly as i’d like to.. usually tether my tablet when im in an airport.

  • Robert Causey

    Roughly 5gb/month and I am currently using PDA net. But i’m always open to explore new options 🙂

  • Anonymous

    3-5 GBs a month, without tethering. I would like to have the option to tether when necessary but don’t plan on using it as a home internet substitute.

  • raoul duke

    it varies but id say i average about 10 – 15gb/month. google music and general internet. i use to use the root wifi tether but its not working yet on my gnex. i tethered my cm7 touchpad at work when it worked.

  • Derickpylant1130

    i’m currently at 6.4 gig with 12 days left in this billing cycle and have been averaging between 8 and 9 gig with no tethering yet on my galaxy nexus

  • Prdangelo665

    Since my bionic i was averaging 15 gigs. Now with my G-nex i am doing 25 gigs without breaking a sweat. I only tether wirelessly. Netflix is a huge contributor to those amounts. . Koush would rock on this fine piece of machinery

  • Anonymous

    about 5-6 gigs a month, without any tethering

  • JD11669

    I am averaging 5-6 GB per month on an unlimited plan. I don’t tether currently because I am not rooted and REFUSE to pay more to Verizon for the ability. I am a genealogist and would love to have the ability to log on and update Family Trees while with family in other states but finding wireless connections in the hills isn’t so easy.

  • Michael McHale

    I dont tether currently and have used 5.36 gb since 12/15. 

  • Hire me

    Just got laid off and could really use this. Now it looks like I may use way more in my new quest for a job. I use approx 3-5 gb per month with my galaxy Nexus. Could really use this. :-/

  • Larry

    2-3 GB, no tether.

  • I use on average 6 GB from watching movies and downloading music to brawing the internet.

  • Anonymous

    I usually use 2.8 or so gbs. My regular internet is Roadrunner Lite so sometimes I Chrome to Phone links so that I can download them on the faster 3G network. I tethered at school to use my Nintendo 3DS because the Wifi in the dorms wasn’t compatible with it.

  • Je49424

    I use my phone all day for my galaxy tab and Blackberry Playbook along with my HP Touch smart PC as I couldn’t afford Comcast anymore. I’m already at 32GB this month with my cycle restarting on the 17th. I also use my phone for work so tethering is HUGE on my beautiful Galaxy Nexus. Thanks Kellex and Koush!!

  • Aaron Victoriano

    On average i consume about .90Gb of data each month. I use my wi-fi as much as possible. I probably would start a tethering service especially since i got double the data now for verizon. But no i dont use that service yet. But hopefully soon!

  • Lance

    i use on average 7 to 8 gigs a month on my phone and currently have no way to tether and take advantage of the unlimited thunderbolt 4G i have .. hope i win..

  • Sloop

    I just got my LTE phone a week ago but have been paying for “Unlimited Data” since July when Big Red stopped letting people get the Unlimited Plan.  I have used 2GB this week so that would mean I average about 8GB a week.  I haven’t used any tethering services yet and I could really use Koush’s Tethering app to get some more return on my investment as my Transformer is due to get ICS any day now . . . . . . . .  

  • I use about 2 gigs every month, and If i need to I use wireless tether

  • Yancey

    Probably about 2GB. Not a huge power user. I havent used any tethering so far but it would be useful with my job and traveling.

  • Anonymous

    I use between 10-15GB a month currently. I do tether with WiFi Tether, but I really like koush’s app. It looks…cleaner

  • Curtadamwill

    About 4.5 a month but i havent tried to tether but i want to try sometime

  • Anonymous

    20GB easy. Google music and tether will do that to you lol…

    I live on a college campus and the internet is simply terrible. Not to mention i’ve seen a friend run faceniff and fine 130 accounts, i ONLY tether. All day, every day. IDK what i would so without wireless tether, now all i need is to keep my nexus from overheating every 10min… or this XD

  • I used 5.2 last month, 4.8 the month prior…so roughly 5gb a month 🙂

    I occasionally use wireless tether from XDA when I’m visiting family and they can’t get service to their I-devices :p

  • Anonymous

    About 1 GB…..on 3G. Once I get a Galaxy Nexus……prolly 10-15 GB I hope. No tethering, but this app would be awesome for when I go to my dad’s house. Wifi-less ftl 🙁

  • Professandobey

    Since I got my (Verizon) Galaxy Nexus, I’ve used about 10 GB, without any tethering.

  • I average about 3.5 GB a month on 3G.  Gotta love the Starcraft 2 video streams!

  • The past two years it was about .5 GB a month. Now I seem to use a bit under 2 GB a month. My Droid was rooted and I tethered a few times on vacation (averaging less data per day than under normal use), and no tethering on my Nexus yet. 

  • Timothy Bracken

    I typically consume about 4gb of data a month and only tether when i travel.

  • Sundawg102

    5.5 gigs a month… and that’s without any tether since big red restricted me 🙁

  • Risen Ashes

    I’m a road warrior I use PDA Free Version but it doesn’t do secure, so I have to RDP into my PC at home to login to most sites, what a hassle, I Wish I had a wife to tether to but Koush would be even better, I’ve had 2 wifes neither could transfer data very well.

  • Godfrey2009

    4-5 gigs a month and I haven’t tethered my phone in a few months.

  • Aaron


    Teather via wifi teather. Use for work as hot spot to update software code for work.

  • Anonymous

    I average about 3-4 GB per month, and am too cheap to pay for tethering.  A code for this app would sure be swell. 🙂

  • about 2 gbs, don’t use a tether app currently, used to back when I had windows mobile phone.

  • Technomandfw

    2 to 3 gig, and none is from tether currently

  • KTM406

    Using PDANet at approx 300MB / month.  

  • KTM406

    I guess i’m a lightweight… 300 mb is all on HTC Incredible 2.   I occasionally use tethering (non wi-fi) to get work email out on the road.  

  • Anonymous

    Anywhere from 1-4 GB’s…it varies depending on how near Wi-Fi I am.
    I don’t tether too much out of fear and general confusion…I never familiarized myself properly with tethering since it’s inception, sadly.