Koush Releases ClockworkMod USB Tethering Application For Mac, Linux, and PC Users – No Root Required

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Have our rooted users been taking advantage of the WiFi tether ability that our phones are capable of?  Are you non-rooted and wishing you could have 4G LTE speeds on your PC without having to go through the trouble of rooting and the risks associated with that? Well our good friend Koush has released ClockworkMod Tether Alpha, which is a USB tether application that you can install on your PC, Mac, or Linux machine which requires no root permissions from your phone.

Once you install the program, you simply install the adb drivers for your select device.  Then just hook up your phone and hit, “Start.”  At first, I was having troubles with the program ‘seeing’ my device, but after closing the program and reopening, everything was great.  USB tethered 4G LTE is boss.  The program is programmed to stop working on January 7th, so stay updated on the latest versions by following Koush on Google+.  Go grab this now and let us know if you have any issues down below.  For downloads and tech support, head over to Koush’s Google+ page listing for all the info.

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