Koush’s New Vysor Chrome App Gives You Device Control Via Computer (Updated)

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Koush, a man of yachts, re-emerged on the dev scene this week with the release of a new Chrome app called Vysor (in beta still) that lets you control Android devices via computer. But not only does it let you mirror and control your Android devices, you can also share your Android device’s connection session with anyone else in the world through an easily shareable link. 

The latency is really low with the connection, so as you are touching apps, swiping around, etc., the mirroring is almost instant. But this whole sharing thing is something else. With your Android device attached, a click of a “Share” button creates a URL that anyone with Vysor can view. It’s pretty slick.

To get started, grab the Chrome Vysor app at the link below, then enable USB debugging on your phone or tablet, plug it in, and follow the simple instructions in the Vysor app.

Oh, and some simple shortcuts from your keyboard (Escape>Back button, F1>Menu, and Home>Home button) should help you move around.

Chrome Link | Vysor Website


Update:  As Koush notes on G+, this is a free beta for now, but that won’t be the case when it fully launches. There will be a free tier, a one-time purchase with local viewer only tier, and other monthly subscription versions. Read more here.



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