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NFL Mobile Updated, Should Work With the Galaxy Nexus (Updated: It’s Working)

NFL junkies with the Galaxy Nexus have been dying to get their hands on a working NFL Mobile app from Verizon. We were initially expecting it to arrive back on December 22, but our sources told us that the date had been moved to around January 4. Sure enough, an update just popped up in the Android Market for NFL Mobile, bringing with it Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) support. We are already hearing from folks that it still doesn’t work, but remember that you also need the Verizon Login app to get signed into it.

If you still can’t get it working after installing both, then shame on Big Red. You may also want to uninstall the Login app and reinstall, then run it. 

Update:  Clearly the app is still having issues. Looking forward to the next update!

Update 2:  The app now works for some (Cheers Manny!):

Market Links:  NFL Mobile | Verizon Login

  • Anonymous

    (Bart Scott)

    CAN’T WAIT (’til next year) lol

  • Bcbaker919

    Really?  Why in the hell would you need a Login App to get to another app that doesn’t work.  Why do you need to pay for another app to get the volume to a descent level.  This phone could have been  so much better. 

    OK, my rants over, I still love my Nexus.

  • viewthis74

    Side step here… how come i cannot find the Nova Launcher in the Market?

  • Anthony White

    Verizon sucks at updating stuff. From OEM updates to app updates. Pretty sure they need to hire real developers. How about outsourcing to the core contributors on XDA!

  • Noahtritz

    Won’t work until VZW updates login and/or video app

  • Still not working VERIZON!!!!!!!
    Cleared cache and signed back into my VZW services and NFL app still says not compatible with my device!
    I’m on a stock G-Nex!
    Come on Verizon!

  • Still not working. I hate you Verizon.

  • Jukboxhero

    cool, seasons over…

    • Rick

      if you wanted the entire season on your phone you should have bought a TBolt instead of bitchin the app was not out for a phone released 2 weeks ago..

  • Anonymous

    just installed, signed in, and FAIL…..(G-pseudo-Nex)

  • James Friedman

    43 comments and not one successfully working….someone needs to be fired with Verizon for releasing an app that doesn’t work at all!

    • Jeremy Morrison

      I think Kellex needs to make a correction here. :0

    • Michael Forte

      I thought Verizon does vigorous testing…maybe that’s only for their bloated phones.

  • Bawboh

    Ug. It doesn’t work for me. And there is no way to uninstall/reinstall “Verizon Login”. Oy. Annoying. Fully stock, not rooted.

  • eze4

    This doesnt work & neither does nba gametime on my Galaxy Nexus. Guess what? Both work on my thunderbolt just fine. Come on ics.

  • Anonymous

    Stock rooted and I have Verizon Login. Not working.

  • Bear0013

    Hey can any one please tell me if the speaker on the galaxy nexus is as bad as the on on the dx

    • Anonymous


  • sweet, cool story. what about hulu plus on the galaxy nexus?

  • Anonymous

    Not working

  • JMac726

    Lets say i used the ICS hide bloatware feature on Verizon Login anyway to get that back?

  • Tre

    Just installed it on the Nexus. Still doesn’t work. Whoever told droid life about this, lied.

  • Just my two cents: stock, unrooted 4.02 and it does not work.

  • Still not working for me yet!

  • Installed both, opened nfl app, it kicked me over to login, and it times out saying “services are temporarily unavailable”. Anyone else?

    Rooted, running aokp.

  • Mustang5Oh

    What absolute morons. The update said now support Android 4.0 devices yet their only Android 4.0 device isn’t supported. Total morons at VzW.

  • Anonymous

    I see no way to open or install the Verizon Login App.  #Verizon #Winning  🙁

    • Jon H

      Launch the NFL app. If you don’t have it, it will direct you to it.

  • Coldness

    I was unaware that bloatware apps being updated was news worthy… 

    • Mustang5Oh

      How is this bloatware? It’s an awesome app that gives us access to NFL games with video on the go. It’s not like it’s a game that suckers you into purchasing it that can’t be uninstalled.

      • Anonymous

        Not to mention you get to download it for free when you purchase a 4G device this year.  Would be nice to have for the playoffs for people out of town.

      • Marr Adam

        Some phones come with this pre-installed, and it cannot be uninstalled without rooting. As its just an app, that is pretty much the definition of bloatware. Especially if you could care less about the NFL. While I’m sure this is a great app for people who want it (or are installing it by choice), its still crappy that it is included as ‘bloatware’ in some phones.

    • Anonymous

      you don’t know what you’re talking about 🙁

  • I believe this is incorrect.  Verizon is saying the Galaxy Nexus still is not supported and it isn’t working on a lot of phones.  Can anyone confirm that it has worked for them?

    • James Friedman

      There isn’t any other phones that have officially gotten ICS, or am I wrong? So I can only assume that the update was made for the Galaxy Nexus. No workie for me…

      • Jeremy Morrison

        you are correct sir.

  • Anonymous

    Stock, not working.

  • Anonymous

    Im rooted but on stock rom and it doesnt wkrk. Says device unsupported.

    I havent said this much such I got this beast of a phone, but what thr hell!?!?!?

  • James Friedman

    Not working on 4.0.2…try again

  • Anonymous

    Verizon tweeted me back and said that it is NOT supported for the gnex and they have no estimated time of arrival …suckage

    @VZWSupport: @JUrquhart4 It is not available yet on the Nexus. We do not have an estimated date of when it will be. ^LA

  • Anonymous

    My Verizon Login app says its 2.0.22 but the market app says it’s 2.0.14. Wait… Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Pete’s version of 4.0.2 rooted

  • Spugemaster

    I wonder if it has something to do with the dpi. Anyone want to try changing it to something like 240?

  • Handsomej50

    My phone is locked and it still doesn’t work…

  • Anonymous

    Just in time for Monday night football! Oh wait…

  • Completely stock (no root or anything) Galaxy Nexus on Verizon.  The Verizon Login app is installed (according to the Android Market) and the app still says the device is unsupported.

  • JMonkeYJ

    doesn’t work on stock, rooted 4.0.2 i cleared the data to Verizon Login, and when i started the NFL Mobile app it made me go thru the login process, but NFL mobile still doesn’t work. something is definitely wrong with the NFL Mobile app still.

  • Ginosylum

    Not working… Unlocked, unrooted GNex running 4.0.3… Boooo

    • Ginosylum

      Oops.. Typo… 4.0.2… Kinda hard to have 4.0.3 without root..;-)

  • Jeremy Morrison

    Also you can’t uninstall Login app. Unless maybe if your rooted and delete it. Someone willing to try?

  • Anonymous

    Fail. No work. Hulk mad!

  • Anonymous

    Relocked and unrooted my phone, still doesnt work

    • Jeremy Morrison

      Lol that’s a little extreme. You could’ve just waited and see for someone who’s stock locked to see if it worked. Sometimes a factory reset aint so bad though.

      • Live2Rootz

        Yeah that’s a lot of work lol unless you just unlocked bootloader and didnt have any ROMs on there yet. I’m rooted running 4.0.3 and it ain’t workin still. BOOOOOOO!

      • Anonymous


        Haha just kidding (kind of…), I had to relock and unroot anyway because of a warranty claim. Figured I’d post the information for those wondering if the unlock or the root was the problem.

        • Jeremy Morrison

          I’ve relocked and unrooted a couple times already myself. Once when 4G was being gay and I thought it was my radios so I was going to take it back. And once because I wanted to make sure I could do it. So far everythings working great unlocked, rooted, Android Revolution HD 2.1.2, with 4.0.3 radios, and softkeys mod.

  • Lewisd

    Still no workie…ugh smh!!!

  • Boblevel

    Doesn’t work with a 4.0.3 Roms…

  • Jeremy Morrison

    Still not working on my G-Nex either. Unlocked on Android Revolution with Verizon Login app and NFL Mobile both installed. Even went as far as uninstalling and reinstalling NFL Mobile. Still doesn’t work. :'(

  • David Shaver

    Not working on my stock Gnex.  Login app is installed.  

  • Bryan Corazza

    Running both apps and not working on gnex. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Doesnt work gnex…yes i have verizon login

  • Anonymous

    Does not work stock gnex.

  • WormDoes

    Of course, now that the season is over. Thanks, Big Red

    • Abe

      Maybe for your team.

  • Michael Forte

    Still says unsupported on my G-Nex. Could it be because I’m running a custom ROM?

    • Michael Forte

      Well I seem to have the Verizon Login already installed but it still doesn’t work.

  • gregmr

    Mine is still not working after uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Maybe not working on “unlocked” phones?

  • Anonymous

    Is there still free streaming of games to 4g customers?