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Contest: Two Weeks of Holiday Tegra #2 – Win a Lenovo Tablet K1 (Updated: Winner Picked!)

Day 2 of Two Weeks of Holiday Tegra is here! Yesterday, we handed out an Asus Eee Pad Slider and are now ready to open up entries for today’s tablet contest. The prize is a Lenovo Tablet K1 which is one of the lesser known Tegra 2 tablets, but is one that shouldn’t have missed your radar. As expected, is powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor, has 1GB of RAM, dual cameras, a 10.1″ HD screen, has all of your favorite ports including HDMI, and comes standard with 32GB of storage. And not only that, but this is one of the prettier tablets you will find.

So who wants one?  

Update:  With more than 3,700 entries in under 10 hours for the second day in a row, you guys are proving to be wild animals. Lovin’ the enthusiasm! I’m also hungry now after reading through your favorite holiday dishes. We have a winner though! And the Lenovo Tablet K1 goes to…

ss2 who can’t wait to dive into a cheese steak on Christmas Day.

Congrats Mickey!


1 (one) Lenovo Tablet K1.

How to enter:

1.  Follow @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
2.  Tweet the following message:

Contest:  Ten NVIDIA Tegra 2 tablets up for grabs from @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra – http://goo.gl/npSmG #android

3.  In the comments, tell us what your favorite holiday food is.
4.  U.S. residents only.


At 5PM Pacific, we will randomly chose a winner from the comments. This post will be updated, comments closed, and the winner notified. Prizes will be shipped at the end of the week.

  • Anonymous

    Chocolate covered marshmallow Santas!  The best!

  • Shopbuy11

    Chinese food

  • Edgar

    Pumpkin gooey bread, its ten times better than pumpkin pie.

  • Favorite holiday food is turkey!

  • Anonymous

    fruitcake. did i make it on time?

  • Anonymous

    Prime Rib

  • Mitch

    Hands down its fried turkey

  • Seannyboy39

      favorite food is whatever i find in the local dumpster lol.

  • Choppacha01

    My favorite holiday food is the glazed ham my wife cooks and then the pecan our my aunt makes. So delicious.

  • Fishboy

    Anything stuffed with almond paste!

  • Christmas day deep fried turkey.

  • Cnlson

    I like ham….

  • Usually My favorite Holiday food is deep fried turkey… but this year, I’m hoping to try “Ice Cream Sandwich” for the holidays!

  • Mandy

    Apple cider

  • Anonymous

    Green bean casserole

  • Favorite holiday food… Matzah Ball Soup

  • I love me some tamales! I hope im not too late!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Joe

    Homemade Pumpkin Pie with Cool Whip

  • Anonymous

    deep fried turkey FTW!

  • ArchEval

    My grandmothers candy cane shaped shortbread cookies, always the best!

  • Liquid Lunch

    Nothing beats some Pumpkin pie with some Cool-Whip on top.

  • Gingerbread with Ice Cream of course.

  • Mason Lammers

    This one has to be all finger foods like sausage, crackers and cheese or those Mexican roll-ups.

  • Favorite Holiday Food.. Tamales!!

  • Marc horiuchi

    My favorite holiday food is sweet yam with pecan souffle.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite holiday food is Jagermeister…for some reason my family always has a bottle of that floating around during the holidays

  • Mashed potatoes and homemade mac n cheese! Please pick me to win the tablet!! 😀 

  • Kevin Guzior

    For the record, eggnog should really be the best.

  • Anonymous

    My mom makes this candy dish. Pretzels, M&Ms, peanuts, and chex cereal all covered in white chocolate. I know its not really a dish, but still. Es gooooood

  • Anonymous


  • My favorite holiday food is pine cones…..wait are we not supposed to eat the decorative pine cones???

  • My favorite Christmas food has to be gingerbread cookies.

  • Lakerzz

    Some not so authentic enchiladas that my sister makes every year…so tasty!!

    And I can’t forget about the tasty side of Droid-Life to go with it!! (I know. I know. But I had to!!)

  • Rien Kim

    HAM (Hard As Mofo!!!)

  • Davedemaria

    Turkey, Mac N Cheese & Stuffing

  • Ben Rice

    My favorite holiday food is cheese soup with some honey ham 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Gingerbread cookies topped with froyo, honeycomb cereal (anyone remember that cereal?), and a side of eclairs and an ice cream sandwich. Oh, and donuts.

  • I love CHRISTMAS BUGELS!!!  They are the corn chip bugels, stuffed with peanutbutter, dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles!  A-Mazing!

  • is bourbon a food? Well, if not then turkey.

  • ANYTHING and EVERYTHING…especially my mom’s homemade sweet potato pies!

  • Jeffrey Su

    Favorite holiday food: Fried rice hahah 

  • cheesecake

  • Anonymous

    Favorite Christmas food is Mexican Tamales made from Chicken and Red, spicy sauce. Drinks include Ponche, also Mexican with some El Presidente to smooth the night out.

  • Patrick TenHoopen

    My favourite holiday food is turkey!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, wow, thank god I just came home in time for this!

    Favorite holiday food? Well, for winter holidays it sure don’t beat jelly donuts, but for any holiday then I really can’t find anything more satisfying than my mom’s Matzoh Ball soup.

  • iamaLlama

    Sausage, egg & cheese Casserole* 8^D

  • My favorite Holiday food is definitely the desert. It doesn’t matter what kind, as long as it has lots and lots of sugar.

  • andthrax

    noodle pudding