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Fire Up the Galaxy Nexus Release Date Rumor Engine Again – Add December 13 to the List

Is anyone else shaking their head while reading this? I sure am while writing it. With the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon getting the bump from December 9 to who-knows-when, it is anyone’s guess when we will see it. This whole situation has become one giant mess – if that word even does it justice. We were told that it would be out “before the end of the year” a number of times, but if it isn’t obvious to you that this phone should have been out a couple of times by now and that December 9 was the latest rock solid date, then I can’t help you. We don’t need an “official” announcement from Verizon to understand this. ūüėõ

Verizon informed their entire nationwide staff including indirect stores that 12/9 was the all channel launch date. They don’t make this information available to just anyone unless it is 99.9% set in stone. The phone is in stock at all stores ready to be sold, yet no one is allowed to. The reason for this delay is not known. In fact, most VZW friends of ours are as confused and shocked as all you.

So what now? Well, we look to next week unless something crazy happens over the next 48 hours and we end up seeing on Friday after all. Could that happen? Of course, anything could. Until we see another update on that front though, we will open our ears and eyes to all options. And the newest that we have seen from indirect retailers is December 13 (next Tuesday). We aren’t exactly sure why they would go with Tuesday – other than the fact that we are supposed to see the XYBOARD on Monday¬†–¬†but will accept it into the list of rumored dates.

Cheers ___!

  • PsychDoc

    Vedrizon is really, really pissing me off. First we had them passing on the superb Galaxy S2 and now their dicking all of us arond on the release of this. Why are we always last to get stuff here in the U.S.? Europe has had access to this phone for over three weeks now. That was also the case with the GS2 (which we never got). I really wish there was a viable alternative to Verizon. Sprint did pretty well in the latest Consumer Reports phone service review.  I need to take a walk over there I think.

    • nexus on the brain

      They acquired a company that owns a bunch of LTE transmitters, so they are switching their 4G from wi-max or whatever to LTE, probably have a good LTE market offering by late next year…will switch as soon as practical myself after this fiasco

  • This is ridiculous, I’m about to say screw the Nexus and all these smartphones for that matter.¬† Verizon bungles everything when it comes to launches.¬† I’ve had my Thunderbolt since the day it was released and regret getting it.¬† I had the Droid X before that and the Droid as well.¬† The Droid was the only good phone I had and the others never lived up to all the hype.¬† I wanted the stock android experience but if they can’t get the thing to work on their immature 4G network soon, I’m going back to a “dumb” phone.

  • Paulysabo

    Here was my messaging conversation at 3:06p on 12/7. 

    Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience.
    You are now chatting with ‘Mariah’
    Mariah: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with your order today?
    You: when is the Galaxy Nexus going to come out…tired of waiting…about to buy the rezound
    Mariah: It will be on the site friday
    You: That great. I saw new rumors an hour ago that is was pushed back to 12/13…so the latest rumor is not true. 12/9 is the real date.
    Mariah: Yes according to us the release date is this friday
    You: Great! thanks.

    • Guest

      How do you get “on site” help from Verizon’s page?
      As in where do you go/navigate to? 

  • mrz1125

    Instead of buying Motorola, Google should of bought Verizon!

    • Anonymous

      That is a brilliant idea!

  • nexus on the brain

    isn’t it already in stores (from photos last couple of days showing white boxing), if so, launch says “Upon Receipt”, so shouldn’t they sell `em if they got `em?

  • Guest

    For the love of God Kellex, PLEASE stop reporting about the Galaxy Nexus.

    You are like the Glen Beck of Android blogging.. Getting us worked up once again.. for nothing!

  • Flash

    Hhmmmm…. seems like someone a few days ago posted something about calling some Verizon stores and saying they told him they had just got an email and it was now coming out the 15th. Nobody seemed to crap their pants over that post.

  • Mischief85

    good thing i got the “days left” app free from amazon. Time to reset it . . . .¬†

  • RaptorOO7

    I am going to get a RAZR or Rezound on Friday, and let it roll until the Nexus comes out and then return it. Sux to pay $35 for a rental fee, but I already sold my phone so I really need to move by the weekend.

  • DisappointedGNexBuyer

    Just spoke to verizon rep at local store here in Florida. He confirmed Friday was the release date and it has been delayed. Told me 13th has not been mentioned to them at all and the only thing they were told was not to sell their inventory till they hear from corporate. He did confirm having 20 in stock already waiting on release date.

    • Suushiaddict

      Only 20? What are you kidding me? He better get 100 more in stock LOL  

    • eze4

      The Verizon store I went to said they’ll have about 15 this Friday so get there early

      • Flash

        Just because they have it doesn’t mean they can sell it.

  • Anonymous

    Was told by my local Best Buy person that they were getting it on 12/11 (Sunday?), which seemed a bit odd to me.  That was in relation to VZW stores getting it on 12/9, so maybe that got bumped too?

  • Hep

    Where’s my blood pressure meds? ¬†I’ve been done with my OGD for months now…

    • Anonymous

      No joke man, now with our radio silence. something is owed to the people….. a… gnex.

      • Hep

        Like they don’t know the people want to know.

  • Anonymous

    If the double-the-data deal runs out before the Nexus is released, I’ll be seriously mad. I’m waiting to ditch my classy LG VX8600, since it can only do phone calls for ~5 min before the battery dies.

    • Partycove

      Going to go to Sprint if I get hosed out of the double data deal because Verizon keeps Jacking around with the release date on the Nexus. BTW new battery for the LG VX8600 is 12.99 on Ebay, I bought one in Sept.

  • Anonymous

    If anybody wants to join me Friday night, I’ll be fingerpainting the front of the Verizon store with my poop.

    • Anonymous

      take pictures

    • stevil

      use someone else’s poop – you don’t want them tracing that shit back to you.

  • Karma

    Karma here again. I keep telling you to stop the Nexus trolling in every single post or I will keep delaying it. Start apologizing for the trolling instead of trolling and I will think about letting it release on Monday the 12th.

  • eze4

    The galaxy nexus is becoming the new thunderbolt

  • Mark Steinmetz

    I was told by an employee at radio shack that they get their demo model in on Dec 12. He added that the phone itself usually launches within 3 days of that. Unfortunately we all know dates can easily change…¬†

  • Stating El Obvious

    LOL @ Kellex’ sources.

  • Jes396

    Listen up folks VZW knows what it is doing it crowed the freeway with smart phones and VZW is trying to insure that there would be no floating between recently purchased phones within the 14 day window. ¬†To ensure that there would be no traffic of returns of previously release devices it had no choice but to move it to another date to guard against buyer remorse and propensity of return for this HOT device. ¬†Smart move capitalism at its finest….

    • Sean Bello

      Except the 14 day window was extended to January because of the holiday season.

      • Jes396

        Thanks Sean I missed that forget the theory now….

    • They extended returns to Jan. 15th for all phones, so this isn’t the case.¬†

  • Dereknmsu

    So my guess is an early 2012 release. best case I’d say.

  • It doesn’t matter for me. ¬†My upgrade isn’t until the 23rd. ¬†I was told by a store rep that I could possibly get the upgrade on the 19th. ¬†When I thought it was coming out Friday, I have been on twitter with VZWSupport trying to see if I could get a measly 2 week early upgrade. ¬†Not so fast there ¬†good customer! ¬†No can do on the early upgrade. ¬†So…as long as it comes out in 2011 (not holding my breath) I am ok with it. ¬†Debacle that it is…not going to do me any good coming out earlier.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like this is the last time we’ll see a Nexus device at Verizon, if it ever comes out at all. ¬†

  • Pardes33

    i am so farking pissed

  • Justin Kos

    i expect a blowjob with the phone from verizon

    • Anonymous

      You’ll get one… but it comes from David Hasselhoff and City ID

      • stevil


        • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Remember when I said it takes 1 month for a phone to come out after it hits the fcc…well the 15th will be a month.

  • Guest

    In regards why Verizon playing with dates. I bet you something happened between Google and Verizon that we do not know. First Verizon passes no Galaxy Nexus II for what they say a better phone. Then, Verizon said the Nexus Prime will be exclusive to Verizon only. later we hear that all teh carriers will have it. Now they pushing the release and no one really knows why.

    In my opinion the only thing the Nexus Prime has going for itself is Ice Cream OS. Other than that the phone is not superior to Droid Razr, HTC Rezound or even Galaxy Nexus 2. If HTC did not mixed its stupid crapware of OS with Android I would for sure get the Rezound. Not sure why everyone is calling “The Beast”. yes it does have large screen, but the CPU is slower than Rezound and Galaxy SII, you cannot expend the memory and why would they put 5MP camera in it?

    • Anonymous

      I think beast references the size. ¬†That thing is huge. ¬†I’m still interested in it, but I’m going to ¬†see how it compares in my hand to everything else that’s out. ¬†Are there any stats that show the Rezound and Galaxy SII being faster? ¬†That’s a serious question–I wouldn’t mind researching that since I’m looking for a new phone. ¬†As far as megapixels go, I could care less whether it’s 5MP or 8MP, or even 12MP. ¬†The number of megapixels doesn’t really matter compared to the actual sensor. ¬†Sine I’m not going to print any posters from my pics, or look at them on massive screen, 5MP is fine. ¬†From what I can tell, the photos it takes looks pretty damn good compared to the phones with hire MP values.

      • the galaxy s2 is faster by a tad bit but the nexus beats it when it comes to browsing speeds. the rezound is a joke. qualcomm processors suck. wait for the nexus or get a Gs2 on sprint or at&t, dont get one on tmobile, it has a qualcomm processor.¬†
        exynos/tiomap > qualcomm

  • Earl Echols

    My verizon rep friend told me this week, do not make a liar out of him!

  • Merlin

    Does ICS really warrant getting this phone?¬† I mean c’mon, look at the hardware.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t understand. ¬†Doesn’t it have a newer processor compared to the Razr, the same amount of ram, and an HD screen? ¬†What’s bad about the hardware?

      • i agree, idk why everyone keeps saying stuff about the hardware.¬†

  • Jerry Lange

    but as i recall you guys said it was “official” which gave lots of ppl hope. this is why most of the users are pissed with all this false hope. dont say its official till there is a release date. vzw always Fu**** it up

  • Wyatt

    You cannot delay something that was never announced in the first place. ¬†All of the “delayed ” release dates were a product of unofficial leaks. ¬†Verizon has not yet announced anything. ¬†Be mad about that if you want to, but you can’t blame Verizon for delaying something they never scheduled in the first place.

    I still can’t wait to get my hands on this phone. ¬†

  • Awfredricks

    i am so sick of the bullshit game that Verizon is playing. reading all these posts¬†isn’t¬†even fun anymore.¬†
    Jesus take the wheel — just release the damn phone already.¬†

  • Rp780

    I’ve never contemplated getting an iPhone until today. My OG is begging to be put to rest and Verizon/Google won’t release anything decent¬†

    • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

      Do it.

      • Rp780

        Is that a sarcastic do it or a legit suggestion 

        • Anonymous

          do it. no sarcasm. just don’t bitch when you find out its a piece of sh*t.

    • Anonymous

      The Razr, Rezound, 4S, Inc2, Bionic are all good phones on VZW

      • Rp780

        The Bionic is good….really?

        • Anonymous

          Yes, really.

        • Guest


          • Anonymous

            Fail troll is a fail.

  • Jeff Tycz

    P3Droid said that the latest target date was the 9th-13th either way he is right and usually is

  • Fire up this Galaxy Nexus Rumor Engine…..


    because Verizon hates us. 

    That is all.

  • Guest

    All these dates are meaningless. The only way to know for sure when the phone is being release is when you can ore-order the phone online. Verizon have done it with every phone. Pre-order usually starts couple of days before the actual release date. Since as of now the phone cannot be pre-ordered there is no way it would be released on 12/9.

  • Anonymous

    I have a girlfriend and a bottle of Jack, I can wait for this damn phone…

  • Anonymous

    The only way Verizon could have handled this launch any more poorly is if they somehow managed to destroy their entire stock of GNs.

    • verizon : yeah sorry guys, we uh forgot that C4 will detonate when you press the red button on its remote, what kind of idiot thinks of something like that? oh well, get a razr.¬†

      samsung: you motherfucker…..

      google: HOLD ME BACK

  • Anonymous


  • someone needs to put sugar in the rumor engine’s gas tank…¬†

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t matter to me, I’m buying a phone on the 9th, whether it’s the nexus or the iPhone I couldn’t care less. With the way these release teasers and thunderboltesque delays I’m about fed up with the VZW machine anyway. I don’t like the way these devices are controlled and released. Personal opinion of course, since the devices mostly rock when they do get let go. It’s just getting silly and I’m finding a lean towards a more disciplined system.

  • Trooper

    It was never official.  That is all.

  • Anonymous

    Release date rumor engine = an engine that makes money via hits for Android blogs.

  • Joelseph

    I want Sausages!!!

    • Joelseph

      *Pounds hands on table*

  • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

    Talked to the VZ manager at the Juno, AK and he said the delay is from a polar bear taking a dump on a huge shipment, they need time to wipe the boxes off. I guess white wasn’t a good choice.

  • Anonymous

    Dangit! I just unrooted and returned to stock on my Thunderbolt last night…. time to trade in for the Rezound for now.

  • Cphilano

    i don’t care what any of you Verizon defenders say, this is one huge debacle for launching of yet another anticipated phone. this is honestly worse than the Bionic failure for several reasons. you can dismiss everything as rumors all you want but there have been some factual and official news that has made this a screw up.

    1. regardless of whether or not Verizon made it official, Google and Samsung had already outed their cooperation with Verizon to release this phone on Big Red months ago. this confirms all of the rumors 5 months before that a Nexus phone was coming to Verizon, and that product development was taking place on Big Red’s network despite Verizon not owning up to it.

    2. Google and Samsung’s product announcement event outed a physical phone shown in video of the lte version of the phone. again, making it clear that they had been developing the phone for the network. and there’s no way you can argue that they’ve been product testing/ developing this phone without Verizon until Novemeber of this year. To argue otherwise is ridiculous.

    3. the GSM version launches all overseas in November without any word from the US carrier for this phone. it was already outed who the US carrier was, and are we going to honestly sit here and say that Google and Samsung wanted to do a product announcement of this device with the launch date being up in the air on the US carrier’s end?¬†

    4. Verizon confirms that they are the US carrier for this device. so now we know the rumor mill has been pretty accurate up to this point, but VZW still didn’t make official until two weeks after the product announcement. just doesn’t make any sense at all.

    5. the paper trail is a mile long. we have paper trail that is a mile long. its their choice on when, where, and how to launch this device, but don’t act as if this misfire because mums the word. listen the proverbial “story” broke months ago. you can’t blame Droid Life, Kellex or any other blog for reporting their findings. they gave us a peek at the ineptitude of Verizon to get the job done. factor in that they were going to actually launch¬†(it was official, maybe not to us but internally it was official)¬†a phone of this caliber, dev phone or not, without any ads except in store and online displays speaks to craziness. and just because a company is closed mouth on something doesn’t mean that something was never there.

    no product is going to be perfect right out of the gate no matter what level of testing a wireless carrier does to a phone on its network. there are going to be problems. you have thousands-million+ units where something could go wrong. even Iphone hasn’t been able to avoid problems. they are just going to be there.

  • Keith Sumner

    How about we shut down this stupid, godforsaken “rumor engine”

    • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

      Good idea. Kellex propagates this crap with all these rumors. Facts or no posts Kellex.

  • Anthonyjarmando

    I contacted my local Verizon store and was told:

    “We do not have any in stock. It was suppose to be released “soon” but I was told by my manager that it was pushed back. Sorry about that.”

  • Mike Woods

    Just called my guy at the local verizon store and he confirmed they are in the store….they are just waiting on Verizon for what they don’t know. He also mentioned Friday is still a good possibility.

    Pissed off!

  • Bryan Williams

    Kellen, please update this article to show that this is NOT an email or letter to retail VZW locations so people can stop thinking this has anything to do with the actual release date at corporate stores.