Galaxy Nexus No Longer Launching on December 9? (Updated: More Details)

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Not necessarily the post I wanted to start the day with, but in the span of 15 minutes, multiple sources reached out because they were informed that the Galaxy Nexus is no longer launching on December 9 (this Friday). I’m still in shock that this could happen after the entire U.S. Verizon staff was informed that the 9th was the day, but then again, I’m not sure anything should surprise us when it comes to this phone anymore.

Is Big Red just trolling us? Could we still see it Friday or are we onto Monday now? Stay tuned as we dig for confirmation. Keep as rumor for now, and try not to completely freak out. New updates added after the break.  

Update:  Equipment Guide now says “launch date is coming soon.” The same sheet yesterday had an all channel launch happening on 12/9.

Update 2:  A couple of folks have suggested that this move could have to do with the 4G LTE issues that started popping up on phones yesterday afternoon. If that is the case, you can’t fault Verizon for waiting another couple of days to make sure their network is stable enough for this phone.

Update 3:  Hate to keep at this, but the reports of the delay are hitting our inbox from across the country. No reasons given, but again, this could easily be because of the LTE issues that are still ongoing. Or who knows, maybe Verizon is trying to throw us all off and will announce this puppy Friday morning. Great way to throw us all off, right?




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