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DROID RAZR with 4.5″ 720p HD Screen and 13MP Camera Appears in China?

Recent purchasers of the DROID RAZR, please turn away now or prepare to be semi-frustrated by the news we are about to spread. Turning away? OK, good. To the rest of you, what you are seeing in the picture above is a RAZR variant that is headed to China, only it differs slightly from the newly released version we have our hands on here in the states. And no, I don’t mean that it has a different radio or slightly tweaked Blur skin, I’m talking about a couple of changes that would have been nice to see on our shores from the beginning.

The phone will rock out in the photo game with a whoppin’ 13MP HD camera, a slight bump from the 8MP shooter included in the DROID RAZR that was released here in the last week. It will also ditch the 4.3″ qHD Super AMOLED Advanced screen for a 4.5″ HD 720p screen. That’s right, the phone that was just released here in the states, already has a replacement on the way – at least in China.

Now, I don’t want to jump to any major conclusions here, but after seeing the Bionic get replaced by the RAZR after less than 2 months on the market, and with the DROID3 about to get 1-upped by the DROID4, it’s hard not to think that this new HD RAZR will be here in early 2012. There have been a couple of rumors floating around the back alleys of our Android world over the last couple of weeks suggesting that an “HD” Moto device is on the horizon – I’d say this is probably it. 

And the phone in the front of the three shown above with the “Dolby” audio is being rumored as the next DROIDX device, possibly the DROIDX3. How many more phones are we going to see in the next 6 months, eh Moto?

Via:  Engadget

  • If higher megapixels don’t matter, shouldn’t we all petition the phone manufacturers to use 1 MP cameras, and use the manufacturing cost savings to upgrade other components?

    If everyone is going to say higher megapixels don’t matter, then tell me-what is the magic resolution at which it stopped being useful? 

  • Kenny

    well….. i bought a razr…..

  • Anonymous

    Omg!!! Please let a real moto Razr come to the states with specs like that! I’d quickly say goodbye to a G-Nex! Im honestly having trouble choosing whats better with the current Razr… the only thing the nexus has going for it now is the screen, 4.0, and the first to be updated.. If another Razr comes out it will meet all of those standards.. !

  • Kilmonjaro

    Also I just looked at the leaked Droid 4 pictures and the onein the middle does kinda have a similar shape

  • Kilmonjaro

    Phone on far right = Razar, Middle = Droid 4 and far left Droid X3? Maybe?

  • Booboolala2000

    I went and picked up a Razr yesterday. Making the wait foe the Nexus much easier. My Droid Charge just had too many little issues. The Razr is pretty nice though. Wonder how fast it will get updates when Google finally gets behind it. I love that $3.5 million back out clause. Insures that none of the shareholders will vote against. Oh well, will have Nexus soon enough. Great placeholder though.

  • haha this is funny. Moto is really frustrating a lot of customers with this crap. Everyone on here wants the latest and greatest, and I’m still rocking the OG even though I am due for an upgrade simply because I know that if I go buy the RAZR, then Moto will release a phone 2 days later that I will envy for ever. Rumored that such a phone will be called the “in your face ma’sucka.” I guess at the end of the day its still technology, and whether its a t.v. or a phone you cant keep up. Unless you have a decent bankroll. Im just gonna wait till q1 and make my decision and  hopefully I can be content. And on a side note, im kinda pissed that consumers of an American company are the last ones to see the products…

  • Guest

    Not enough choices. Too many choices! New models released too slowly. Released too fast! My phone is better. No! Mine is! 4G is cool! It’s not real 4G! The only thing that everyone seems to agree on around is “I want everything for free.”
    Deal with it, people. The wonderful world of electronics has been the same for many years now. There will always be something newer and “better” around the corner. As technology advances the rate at which “newer” occurs will become more frequent.
    In regards to the article, adding more megapixels is useless unless the sensor’s physical size is increased as well. More (in this case) is not always better.

  • Slashly32


  • Dylan Blom

    does this have LTE if not the better screen and camera must replace the the area the chip takes up

  • Sucks for the Razr buyers

  • Jvrcb17

    it was probably “1.3 MP” and someone photoshopped out the “.”


  • Manuel Olague

    Soon as you buy a Droid 3, Droid Bionic, soon as you buy a Bionic, Droid RAZR, now this. SLOW THE F*CK DOWN! I hope they don’t come out for at least another year so that Droid RAZR and Galaxy Nexus buyers can enjoy their devices’ flagship status for a while.

  • ShadowofGodjira

    So, we have a picture that for all we know could be photo shopped.  Maybe everyone should claim down until we get more proof that this is even real.

    Besides, the cell phone market is nothing but a hand held computer market now (and has been for the past few years), when you buy the latest and greatest, it  is obsolete with in a few weeks. It’s been that way for desktop/laptop computers for years.  When buying anything like a smart phone you have to make sure that the phone will meet your real needs for day to day use, and will last you for the term of your contract.  I know a lot of us still have that kid inside of us that wants to have the best phone out there, but if you get caught up in that though process your just going to be unhappy and either waste a lot of money getting a new phone each month, or won’t be able to pick out a new phone when it’s time to upgrade.

  • Penisaur

    HOLY CRAP the Dinara actually exists?


    • Anonymous

      delete yourself

  • Anonymous

    And in another 2 months it will come to the US and replace the Razr. Reason I am going with nexus so atleast I know my phone will be supported.

  • DAMN you motor, I just got this razr!!! *temper tantrum begins”

    • Anonymous

      These aren’t coming to the U.S. relax

  • Anonymous

    The major thing here to me is the 720 screen and the fact that is it more rounded.  The VZW Razr is just to boxy and industrial.

  • Best phone hands down!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Why do we Americans usually get phones later than and sometimes with lower specs than the rest of the world (except Canada, of course)?

    Is it truly the carriers that screw us?  Do they really have that much say in the phone specs?  I mean, why would they not want us to have HD screens for example?

    Or is it the manufacturers?  Do we not scream loud enough that we’d buy these phones if they offer them here?

    Or is it the iPhone?  Do the manufacturers sell phones that are on par or slightly better spec’d than the iPhone for the same amount simply because they can get away with it?  In other words, they only try hard enough to beat the iPhone and that’s it because they know they’ll get their $300.00US?

    I believe that we had a summer relatively empty of new high end phones because the iPhone 4s was “delayed”.  This allowed the carriers and manufacturers to keep selling existing phones and maximizing the profits (not saying that’s bad, that’s business), because they didn’t have to compete with a new iPhone.


  • Yeah, more 4G data drops and larger file sizes with that crappy Moto camera.

  • Anonymous

    Bionic 2 will be announced at the end of Jan.

  • Justin Kos

    lets saturate the market with locked bootloader phones, the nexus wont stand a chance!

  • Keep the X, please. How many lines of phones does Motorola want to keep? I don’t care about their cheap phones, but keep the top-tier phone to just 2, please. With keyboard (ie, the Droid #) and without (ie, either Droid X# or RAZR.)

    Also, after Google completes the acquisition, please release stock Android phones ONLY.

  • Master O’Disaster

    Who cares anyways? A camera on a cell phone is much more limited by the lousy lens system (not to mention pocket dirt) than it is by the pixel count on the CCD.

    If you are using your phone camera to take pictures of anything you really care about, you deserve the quality you get.

    CCD pixel count on phones is all about marketing and nothing about quality.

  • Anonymous

    nope i want to see this live, video showing screen res, hardware numbers or this is one hellva knock off!!

  • Anonymous

    Dump the hump, Motorola. Thumbs down.

  • Balticzar

    That looks like a MUCH better speaker set-up also. Still have a bad taste in my mouth from the Droid X’s less than stellar low volume speaker.

  • Tferrell7368

    I think its crazy too, however, supply goes up and floods market. Suddenly Big Reds drowning in surplus phones. Hopefully it will drive down prices.

  • Balticzar

    Thanks for that disclosure Moto. Fools.
    Had the Razr for 3 days now. This puppy will be going back right before my 14 days are up (restocking fee or not). Nexus here I come.

  • bahahahaha, I thought I saw a razr on the internet with a 13mp camera. 

    Nexus all the way baby

  • I don’t have a problem with motorola phones or anything.  I think they’re a good product, but seriously this is getting rediculous.  The RAZR just came out and already there is a better version.  Instead of rushing products out they could just make a phone the way they want it and push it out.  What they’re doing now is a good way to jilt they’re customers and possible create product confusion in the long run with the average consumer. I’m all for innovation and its a great thing to see, but they way they’re handling this now just seems crazy.

  • Anonymous

    I’m starting to think the new strategy of Verizon is probably to have only Motorola phones become Droids. 

  • Anonymous

    G-Nex 5 MP or Moto RZAR 13 MP = Decisions, decisions….

  • Anonymous

    I think everyone is missing the big picture here.  The new one DOEST HAVE THE CAMERA HUMP!!!  That’s amazing.  It’s about time Motorola.

    • Droids

      I still see the hump…

      • Anonymous

        That’s just the lip of the change over from the kevlar to the plastic. Look at the second picture.

        • Guest

          I still see the hump as well.  They just let the kevlar cover more space so it appears to be no hump from the angle of the pic.  (harder to see the shadow created)

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, Moto continues to make hideous phones. 

  • What the hell is Motorola doing with all of these phones one right after another? Seems like an insane business model. Especially considering that most of us held on to our OG Droids until they wouldn’t even hold a charge.
    Whatever to you Motorola. <——  isn't that what the kids are saying now?

  • Bewara2009

    To all those that are bitching about how Moto keep making new phones everiy 3 months needs to STFU, first off its call BUSINESS, and it’s not Moto fault if Verzon doesn’t release the phones on time. So just be ready when the nexus 2 comes out next year!

  • Anonymous

    Ah, that’s awesome!  13MP!  I’ve always wanted to print billboards from the pictures I take on my phone. /sarcasm

    All the idiots that complained about 5MP on the GNex will be thrilled with 13MP cameras on phones though!

  • I know I said it before, but I will say it again… THIS is the kinda crap that pisses me off about android phones…  It use to be that you could buy a phone and be happy with it being a top phone for at least half a year… now that time frame has dropped to weeks.  Buy a top of the line phone now, a week later, 3 better phones come out to piss you off.

  • hatethanet

    The one in the middle looks better than the US version.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly why I switched from Motorola to HTC and got the Rezound instead, for the 720p display. I knew those bastards would do this and I will not support it.

  • It’s stuff like this that has me so on the fence about getting a new phone. I’m still on my OG Droid and want to get a new phone. I played with the RAZR and really liked it, I love the specs on the Rezound, and I think the Nexus will bring that “new car” feeling. Then I see this phone pop up on Engadget and just want to tear into whatever idiot decided not to make this in the first place! Why isn’t this the phone they released here, and how long is it going to take them to release it here. I know a new phone is always around the corner, but can you at least make those corners at least 6 months apart?

  • Droids

    At this rate we should see the Bionic 2 announced later this week.

    • Dominick DeVito

      I think you’re now looking at the Razr 2 (or HD) – this is getting insane

      • Anonymous

        yeah this sh!t is getting out of control.  it needs to stop.

        • LionStone

          LOL…yea this RAZR2 is coming out for Christmas holiday 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Whoever bought the us version got screwed hard.

  • Anonymous

    What the hell 13MP Camera man I know the “US RAZR owners are “PISSED” At This News Development” that’s messed up Moto!!  Take care of your home team!!!

  • That shit cray

  • just buy used phones off eBay and you will be much happier

  • Anonymous

    GSM variant for the states would be cool. I’d still rather have a GSM variant of the Nexus, but who knows if/when that will be available