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DROID Incredible Finally Receiving Gingerbread Update Right Now?

I’m as confused as you are by that title. The DROID Incredible was supposed to receive Gingerbread (Android 2.3) back in September, but as non-rooted owners of the device know, that sort of happened yet didn’t at the same time. It vanished as quickly as it was available, only to never be mentioned of by HTC again. And then just moments ago, one of our readers was prompted to receive a new update with build number 4.08.605.2 which differs from that of the original Android 2.3 build. The odd thing you will notice here, is that Verizon is claiming this update to be just 8.6MB, but how could that be if some of the people scheduled to receive this are still running 2.2? Wouldn’t this update need to be of epic proportions? Confusion at its finest.

To those of you still running a stock non-rooted Incredible, please check for a software update now. And if you are on 2.2 or 2.3, let us know which so that we can straighten this out.

More info.

Cheers Hannah!

  • Psydeways

    Verizon Incredible updated today to 2.3.4 build 4.08.605.3 (slightly newer than above!). Not surprised I had to update a few apps. No probs noticed so far. I also see Sprint tab in Market app on my unrooted verizon phone. Wife’s phone, same, although she received notification of new Data Usage widget (I have the widget, but didn’t get a notification). SD card apps seem fine so far.

    Good luck.

  • Ice456789

    My wife’s phone upgraded to 2.3.4 as well.

    Notice that everyone’s wife has this phone? How did all the women end up with it? Let me guess… all the guys have the OG. That’s what I’ve got.

    • Anonymous

      LOL, I had the OG, but upgraded to a used incredible sometime this summer when I was itching for something with a little better performance.

    • BananaDan

      My fiancee has stock Inc, I have rooted Inc running cm7. She got the update this morning, I’ll check it tonight.

  • Anonymous

    My wife’s phone updated last night. Not the build number you listed above, though. It’s the same build as the manually installed version that I downloaded when it first started to roll out.

  • Tzoller

    Received last night:
    build 4.06.605.3
    version 2.3.4
    display 4.3 inch wvga resolution
    wifi 802.11 b/g

  • Jksigmon

    My wife got her update this morning….funny cause I got mine back when they pushed it out in September.  

  • Anonymous


  • Uncagedchipmunk

    Running S-Off + Rooted and tried “checking in” to my surprise popped up Gingerbread! installed but stayed at the Rebooting phase. (Phone didn’t freeze) Restarted phone manually with Quickboot and nothing happened. Unrooted now and checked in with no update now 🙁

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  • Kirkdm92

    My droid incredible is being updated to 2.3.4 and is 87.8mb in size!!!

  • Tonythoj

    Got it 2.3.4 but all my app saved on my SD card got corrupted in the process. Had to download all app again.

  • Meliku18

    I just got mine, got stuck on droid eye, master reset, still got stuck, left it there for a couple mins and it booted, probably didn’t have to master reset lol, oh well

  • Anonymous

    My unrooted Incredible has had gingerbread since September…..

  • Opher Banarie

    Daughter’s DINC is now 2.3.4!  That’s TWO OTA upgrades of the FOUR DINCs we own.  So HTC gets credit for 1/2 right?  WRONG!  NEVER buying an HTC phone again.

  • kevvvv

    Itasked me to install it and i clicked aaccept or whatever and it never rebooted… iv been doing the phone number and checking for updates constantly but nothing still… I hate my life. And iv restarted my phone in the process

    • Wrigbone

      Are you rooted? I had the same thing happen. Just trying to.figure out if all of us that had this happen are unrevoked.

      • Jpesh

        I think so, I was rooted using unrevoked.  I then got s-ON and flashed stock 2.2 rom today and checked for updates, saw the 87 MB update, downloaded it, hit reboot and nothing happened… FML

      • kevvvv

        I was but I unrooted quite some time ago

    • Toddab7

      I had the same thing happen. I finally decided to try the update and after the countdown to restart it did not restart and changed to “your system is currently up to date”. Restarted and same thing. Still shows ver 2.2.
      I’ve never been rooted.

    • John

      same thing happened and im not rooted and never have been

  • Fox

    Umm I got the update to gingerbread the first time (build 4.06.605.3) Didn’t realize people were still waiting. Have to say though that that update caused my dinc to start messing up. Random glitches with the most annoying being the constant recurring low memory warning despite wiping almost everything off of my phone. I wouldn’t mind going back to froyo! oh and no i didn’t get this new update

  • Geo40

    Just received mine. 10pm PST.  I’m in CA.  Build 4.06.605.3     GB 2.3.4
    Is this the newest or that buggy one?

  • TrojanFan

    Non rooted stock Dinc… I got the 2.3.4 update back in September… Thought that everyone did too. No update currently showing for me, although the build number reference in the post is higher than what I currently show. Unless this new build fixes the memory issue, which the upgrade to gingerbread didn’t in September, can’t say I really care about it.

  • Nativesonking

    Just updated to 2.3.4

  • Edwinrivera7

    Just got the update but the build is 4.06…

  • Me

    Getting the updates. It’s 80+ megs

  • Anonymous


  • Kmtret14

    Getting it meow!

  • Tmccu006

    Just did the *#*#2432546#*#* process and about 3 minutes later a system update screen came up…..in process now (Norfolk, Va)

  • Rctsquared

    Just checked my dinc stock 2.2 update is 87.6mb

  • pj

    I got updated to 2.3.4 almost two months ago. Only a couple small changes and its a horribly buggy rom. I wish I’d never updated from froyo. Hopefully I can pull this update and get a couple fixes out of it. Noone got the update in September?

    • They stopped the updates back then to Incredibles because they were loaded with bugs…I went into a Verizon store after seeing that I was on 2.2 and my co-worker had 2.3.4…then Googled it…they pulled the update super quick cuz everyone was having problems.  My phone is workin fine now that I got it but it doesn’t look 100% like Gingerbread other than I got the flip clock back and the font is a little different.

  • pjay

    Just got mine 2.3.4 but doesn’t look like gingerbread.

    • Justin

      maybe cause it has HTC sense UI?

    • Did you loose dozens of apps after the update…cuz I did…

  • webby

    Got it.  Installing now …

  • Dadwin

    Just update

  • i am on Nils biz 3.5 and i am still getting the notice to update.. ??? wierd.. 

  • is there any way to change the look of the pinpad unlock?

  • Jway320

    The update came, but I was updated to 4.06.605.3  The old version.  With all the problems.

  • Crawford720q

    Just updated my son’s phone to 2.3.4, I’m not sure if that is the most current?  

  • Dinc-u-bator

    I’m so excited I can barely contain my yawns.

  • Wrigbone

    Been doing the #*#* thing to try to get it back and before it was saying “Check Successful” but didn’t actually trigger anything. Now it doesn’t even give me that message.

  • HighDef

    Not showing up for me yet with stock Froyo. Hopefully this update will *not* wipe out apps on the SD card.

  • I have SkyRaider 4.3, which is running android 2.2, and I got the update notification.  Updating from a custom ROM I assume will break things. But I also thought OTA updates would’ve been blocked by the ROM.

    The big question is… is it worth updating?

    • phoenix3265

      I’m in the same boat as you… I actually thought it was my phone goofing off since I’m on SkyRaider and I thought the update was done long ago…

      Right now I’m trying to figure out where the update was downloaded so I can erase it and get rid of the notification

      • Doxola

        Make room for one more on that boat…

  • Beth Ruths

    Just received an update message for 2.3.4 for my DInc. Doing back-ups now… just in case it all blows up. 🙂 

  • Sshreffler

    Just updated to 2.3.4 apparently that I’ve tried to load and wouldn’t. Now do. Seems s bit smoother too

  • Wrigbone

    I got an unexpected notice to upgrade my Android and it said phone would reboot but nothing happened. Tried a few suggestions from here but still nothing. I have unrevoked my phone but no custom roms. Would this prevent me from getting the update? I think I would rather have Gingerbread than a rooted phone right now.

  • I just got updated to Version 2.3.4 from 2.2, took about 20 minutes.  Seems a little snappier.

    • Anonymous

      are you seeing Sprint in the Market instead of Verizon? 

  • Hamforce2010

    just got it 2.2 to 2.3.4

  • Kellygh523

    Running 2.2 Even with reboot, phone says “system is up to date.”

  • Purpleglitter39

    Mine just updated

  • Jway320

    did the *#*#checkin*#*# and the update went from 2.2 to 2.3.4

    • Wrigbone

      It’s *#*#2432546#*#* and I’ve tried it like 7 time already…arg!

  • Anonymous

    finally dumped my Dinc for the Razr.  What a change…..

    Anyone want a Dinc

    • Keyan X.

      I DO!

    • Keyan X.

      If you’re serious email me: Khaoszr @ gmail.com

  • guest

    Mine has downloaded, but it’s cycling through trying to start up and getting stuck on HTC Sense, which won’t launch. Any thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    Bad news, folks.  Apparently, this is the same build that was released previously.


    • Anonymous

      yea what a crock.  i figured it would be corrected.  so all done with dinc.