Galaxy Nexus Car Mount for $39.99, 2-Minute Video of the Android 4.0 Camera Software

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This morning, we received photo evidence leading us to believe that the Verizon 4G LTE  version of  Galaxy Nexus will launch with a bigger 1850mAh battery – 100mAh more than the GSM-Euro version. Also included with that photo was a list of accessories that should be on hand for the big day (whenever that may be) such as a desktop dock and car mount. The desktop dock we saw priced at $59.99, but the vehicle mount was still up in the air. It looks now like $39.99 will be the price.

And to add to all of the G-Nex fun that has taken place today, we wanted to share the video below of the ICS camera software put to the test. If you aren’t impressed by this, then go fly a kite. 🙂

Cheers Spaniard and Trevor-kai!



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