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Verizon Roadmap: Galaxy Nexus Appears Headed for Release Just After Black Friday (Updated)


We just received word from multiple sources that Verizon is targeting the week of or just after Black Friday for the launch of the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus. In the screenshot you will see below, the initial marketing push from Big Red will be for the DROID RAZR and HTC Rezound leading up to that weekend, with the launch of the G-Nex coming in just days after.

There is a chance that the device could be out for Black Friday, but the chart below shows it as happening just after in “Samsung’s Holiday Porfolio.” Looks like we have a couple of extra weeks to go before we get our hands on Ice Cream Sandwich here in the states.  

Update:  We had a handful of people ask a couple of great questions and thought we should clarify something. The schedule below is indeed an advertising schedule of sorts which is why we mentioned that the G-Nex could launch on or around Black Friday. If you look at the schedules for both the Rezound and Razr, they begin just after each phone is expected to hit stores. The Razr went on pre-order back on October 27, which is reflected below. The Rezound is expected to be out anywhere from the 10th-14th which is also reflected below. So could the Nexus drop just before Black Friday? It most definitely could, which is why you should try not to freak out too much yet. 🙂

Talk about a holiday spectacular for Verizon. Of course, the device that the majority of you are asking for is going to be the last one out. Ahh, got to love marketing strategies.

Cheers ___!

  • Nathan Hosford

    My og droid stoped holding a charge past 4 hrs today after seeing this post i ordered a slim extended battery
    by Sedio on amazon for 8 bucks 1500mah http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B0047BIANW/ref=dp_olp_used?ie=UTF8&qid=1320202225&sr=8-11&condition=used 

  • Arcnsparks

    I love how in the text above the chart they mention the Razr the Rezound and the Stratosphere!? but no mention anywhere of the GNex! Just goes to show that unless Verizon is able to get their grubby hands into an OS with all of their bloat, they really couldn’t care less about releasing it, let alone in a timely manner… 

  • Nathan Hosford

    Even if it is legit the person who made this should be fired.

  • Nathan Hosford

    This chart is so vague it makes no since at all how do you read this thing?

  • Sheesh Man

    the problem for me is that this phone like the bionic has been buzzing since almost the beginning of the year. the phone was announced two weeks ago on the same day as the Razr. VZW passed on the GS2 for this, but we’re months out from the GS2 being released on every other network.

    why wait so long to start marketing on this phone and why relegate it behind these other phones? i’ve seen some comments saying its for marketing, but marketing usually dictates that you push a product when its hot not when it has lost some luster such as what they did with the bionic.

    it’s just ridiculous that this phone has been announced and it will be a month+ before they even start marketing the phone. except for the first Motorola Droid, VZW always finds a way to kill the mobile experience for its customers. the company could sky rocket promoting both the mobile device and network as the ultimate experience for customers, but the narrow vision of putting the network over the combination f**** the whole thing up every time.

    • Agreed, their new marketing campaign for their 4G network with the skydivers throwing lightning orb’s to stores and devices is so stupid.  Relate that to an experience that might benefit the customer and it’ll work as a marketing strategy.  Nobody cares that HALO jumpers can throw lightning orbs to my phone (unless you’re a LARPER, in which case it’s the coolest thing you’ve ever seen)

  • Sdg1

    anyone else notice how it has apple iphone under 11/14? considering the 4S was released a couple weeks ago advertising doesn’t line up with releases….so i guess the galaxy nexus can be announced anytime, 

  • Dominick DeVito

    Whatever – still getting this phone no matter what

  • Anonymous
  • Bigdaddyellison

    The problem for those of us barely hanging on with our OG, the new versions of most apps are made for phones with more than 256 MB of RAM.  I have to run a sinful process killer in order to keep enough memory free to keep it useable.  It got to the point I had to remove angry birds so I could keep my email apps going.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly hope that if it isn’t Nov. 17 that it ISN’T on Black Friday.  I wanna be able to walk in with my T-bolt and walk out with my G-Nex.  Black Friday sucks.  I am annoyed beyond reason by waiting in line to go into a store.

  • Youngthinka1421

    Ahhh this process :/

  • Watch, if it comes out on black friday, everybody’s going to stop b*tching about the high prices on Verizon.

  • This is BS… I am just going to wait for the next big thing.

  • joejoe509

    Thank you. Okay, after reading the Update: this makes more sense now. I mean the IP4S is already out and this has a date of 11/14. So they will have a special promotion for the IP4S starting 11/14. They will have a special promotion for the Galaxy Nexus (among other Samsung devices) starting 11/28, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be released on that date. Hmmm… so if the SGN is released on 11/10 or 11/17, but the promotion starts on 11/28 I might wait until the 28th if it’s a good enough deal. Chances are that the temptation will be too great and I’ll purchase the SGN as soon as it’s available. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Nothing on the Droid 4, aww so no advertising should come out a month after razr

  • Anonymous

    I propose a new “rule”: When a phone gets announced, so does its release date

  • Tyler Krason

    I’ll continue to wait. But I wont guarantee it’ll be patiently. I cannot fault a company for pulling this crap. They have their reasons and we are all just speculating. Still sucks something ridiculous though.

  • Anonymous

    One trial after another. I refuse to let verizon sucker me into buying one of their bloatware beasts. Gnexers hold strong!

  • Anonymous

    Now that I’ve calmed down a bit and given a second look to the picture I think we may be getting ahead of ourselves. 

    As pointed out this is an advertising schedule, not a product launch timeline. Verizon would not begin selling the Nexus on a Friday or over the weekend. With any product launch, no matter how small, you want to build up interest over the week to drive sales up over the weekend. It would make absolutely no sense to launch a premium product during “bargain basement weekend” unless they have some new radical marketing strategy. I predict the GNEX will be out out before the 28th, barring any unforeseen delays. 

  • joejoe509

    My Thanksgiving vacation starts Nov 19th. I’d sure love to have a phone to play with on my time off!

  • Anonymous

    Why _would_ they want to push the Nexus during the holiday sales?  It’s going to be pure Android without all of their bloatware.  They want phones out there with as much of their bloatware as possible so they can make more money.

  • joejoe509

    Droid Life: I wouldn’t have a reason to freak out if we just had an official release date. For now let’s just hope and pray it comes out sooner than later. I’d love to show off my Galaxy Nexus over Thanksgiving weekend.

  • Good freaking grief.  SELL ME A PHONE VERIZON!!!!!

    • Jacob

      And not just any phone i want a UNLOCKED phone so i can do with it what i please!!!!

  • I can’t wait… I’m getting some thexxay GNex love for Christmas!!

  • Cam

    I’ve been re-thinking this, I’m not nearly as mad. There is the chance this could be a sweet Black Friday deal from VZW!

  • Droiiid

    I bet the following post can get more likes that the “If You hate Verizon post”


  • Anonymous

    Verizon’s own road map has been accurate so far. http://www.droid-life.com/2011/10/22/new-verizon-map-shows-droid-razr-galaxy-nexus-still-at-november-10/

    So there is still no reason to think the nexus will not be released on the 10th.


  • Anonymous

    ” It most definitely could, which is why you should try not to freak out
    too much yet. ”

    You started it.. check your own article 😛

  • Anonymous

    I might have to re-root in order to get through this month. My OG Droid could use some overclocking.

  • Anonymous

    the iphone has been out weeks and it is just getting advertised then.

  • Jerry Ostrove

    Although this may actually mean that we don’t see the GN until after BF, notice the bizarre date range for the iPhone.  It began weeks before 11/14 and will likely keep selling after 12/5.  The same with the Rezound… only a two week lifespan?  Perhaps this is more of just an advertising schedule push versus and actual calendar of releases?

    • Anonymous

       I think so too.

    • joejoe509

      That means the SGN will start on 11/28. Ouch.

  • Anonymous

    First, I’m okay with this. I probably wasn’t going to get mine until after the Thanksgiving holiday anyway (my birthday is the Saturday after). Second, something tells me that this phone is being pushed back so they can market the hell out of the Razr and Rezound first. I just don’t see Verizon having a huge marketing campaign for a phone that’s bloat-free, unlocked, and pure vanilla Google. I figure this is why it’s coming out after the other two.

    On a different note, where can I find the wallpaper in the above shot? I asked this same question when this same shot appeared a couple days ago. It wasn’t a part of the inital ICS wallpaper leak. I’d very much like to see that wallpaper on my phone right now. If you know where I can find it, I’d appreciate you telling me.

    • Anonymous

      It’s a live wallpaper, and I haven’t seen it leaked anywhere yet. I’d love to have it too though.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon loves to crush peoples dreams and release Moto crap all the time instead of giving attention to all there portfolio of devices….

    GALAXY NEXUS is going to be worth the wait in my opinion, but this also gives me a chance to try the Rezound too.

    This could very well be a Monday release like the rumor suggested,  we’ll see though, I look for an announcement the week of Black Friday giving the date it goes on sale then Nov 28 or Dec 1st (whichever they choose, will be a BIG day for Verizon with all tech geeks that want this beauty so badly.  I anticipate the website crashing like it did for the Incredible and ThunderBolt

  • Anonymous

    Verizon dragging their feet again, color me surprised. If all the rest of the cell carriers didn’t suck just as much I’d dump them.

    • Anonymous

      Thats kinda why there taking advantage of that, if you ask me, there getting cocky

  • Cjphil01

    i’m fine with the date.  my contracts not up til the beginning of january, so that’ll be time for any issues that the device might have, to come to light and be fixed.  i don’t mind waiting, especially for a nexus device on vzw.

  • Anonymous

    This looks more like a marketing plan than a launch plan. Obviously the iphone 4s is not gonna be launched on November 14th!

    In that case, the November 10th date is probably still good.

  • Fuckers….

  • KnightCrusader

    I have one last annual upgrade left on my family plan that is available early December… I might give my Thunderbolt to my dad and pick up the Galaxy Nexus just to see what Android 4.0 is all about. 😀

  • Anonymous

    Really getting sick of Verizon pushing the good phones back and making us wait.   Almost everyday when I come to this site there is a new date. Just release the damn phone.

  • Anonymous

    When I upgrade to this phone, I don’t need to get 4G right? I can keep my unlimited 3G? If I get 4G, I am giving up my unlimited 3G?
    OG Droid 4 life (or till the end of the month)

    • Androider4life

      To my understanding we will move to 4g and remain unlimited

    • joejoe509

      The data plans don’t change if you get a 4G phone. You might end up using more data than you’re used to just because 4G is so much more fun. 🙂

    • Androider4life

      Verified with a third party vzw rep that i have in the family and they said we will get 4g speeds unlimited. Waiting for my friend who is a corp vzw rep to confirm. But i would guess no worries. Atleast vzw did that for us.

  • Androider4life

    I don’t know if my Droid X will make it that long. Every week my screen gets lines on it then it forms into a black filled in circle. I need the galaxy nexus desperately

  • Anonymous

    Someone on the Engadget page brought up a good point – It shows the iphone 4s on 11.14, maybe this chart is for promotions, not launch dates.

  • Anonymous

    Personally I like this date, I’ve been waiting so long it’s become a hobby…waiting that is, don’t you all just love waiting?

    • Anonymous


    • joejoe509

      Sarcasm. Gotta love it.

      It’s like being paddled by a dominatrix. You learn to love the pain. “Thank you ma’am! May I have another?” lol

  • Anonymous

    Great going Verizon and Google!.. not that people needed another reason to buy the iphone 4s instead for the holidays!. Thank you soooo much for proving the kind of of retards you guys are. I’m seriously considering the GS2 on sprint now.

    • Anonymous

      that isn’t spiting google you are buying another android so thus making google more money.

  • Anonymous

    Better not be black friday. I have other shopping to do.

  • Pardes33

    I AM mad bro 🙁

  • Binglut9

    Just release the stupid phone its ready so release the damn thing

  • J Dub

    It seems like in the past the source code has also been pushed to the AOSP at around the same time as the release of the Nexus. I think the Nexus S was available 12/16/10 with 2.3 source code on 12/17/10. So all you other non-GNex people should also look forward to this phones release date as ICS will be ready for devs. 

  • Booboolala2000

    Waiting for the official. Have one more update and this bitch is mine.