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Exclusive: First Pictures of the DROID 4 by Motorola


Keyboard lovers, get ready – the DROID4 by Motorola is coming and according to our sources, has the best slideout they have “ever seen on a smartphone.” In this set of glamour shots we received, you can get a taste for what’s to come which means ultra-thin slider with DROID RAZR styling and wait for it….4G LTE. You asked for it and Moto appears to have made it.  

Spec breakdown:

  • 4″ screen (assuming Super AMOLED Advanced)
  • Full 5-row “illuminated” keyboard
  • RAZR styling
  • 4G LTE
  • Non-removable battery
  • Android 2.3.5
  • 1080p video recording (assuming 8MP)
  • Front camera
  • HDMI out
  • MotoACTV syncing

Sexy device, right there. No word yet on processor, but will bet that it has at least the 1.2GHz OMAP4430 that the RAZR has. Would not doubt it if it had something newer though. Haven’t heard of a release time line – all others in the DROID keyboard series seem to be getting the summer treatment. However, this phone looks like it might be done. See all of that bloatware already up and running?

This device was rumored to be codenamed Maserati a few weeks back.

Gallery below.

Cheers ___!

  • Anonymous

    From a Droid 3 owner, it would need to have a pretty big increase in specs to make me jump for it.
    I do like the fact that the punctuation symbols have been put on the number row – that is a good idea.

  • Pennywise

    OMG where was the coverage on this while I was champing at the bit to get the Bionic (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE btw).  THIS looks like it will be my Bionic’s successor. 

    Also looks like qHD Pentile OLED to me; kind of too bad because I really like being able to use my Bionic outside in the sunlight.

  • Well damn, a slider I actually like.  Although I just got a Dinc 2 a month ago.

  • Wendnrein

    Disliking the non removable batteries- so when it freezes like my OG Droid exactly how many hours am I going to be waiting til the battery dies an I can force a reboot? This is the only reason I won’t be getting this device. Makes me sad this is the one I have been waiting on, with an awesome keyboard 🙁

    • Wendnrein

      Sorry- Hadn’t read comments about the Left shift + left alt + delete = phone powers off and on instantly, even if frozen.    But still being locked in a contract for 2 years and not being able to replace the battery causes me great discomfort, esp. since I am a cheapskate and don’t get the insurance. 

      • $600+ to replace a phone off contract? I’ll pay the 6 or 7 bucks for insurance/extended warranty and know I’m not screwed down the road. 7 bucks is not that big a deal.

    • comando

      read the top right corner sticker, it doesnt matter if its frozen or not, a hardware rebbot will always work…

      • Anonymous

        Hardware reboot has failed for me in the past

  • RW-1

    Although still on the OG, I’m not going to miss my physical KB< I didn't use it as much as I thought I would, aside from holding "X" to go to recovery ….

    However, not on ICS, it's motos idea of cashing in on the RAZR for people who want a slider.

    PASS, and make 'em make one with ICS on it…

  • Aartvark

    I’m over 2 years on my OG Droid – and just bought a new battery.  Was disappointed with the D3 and hoping that the D4 would be worth waiting for.  So far I think my wait has been worth it.

  • Anonymous

    At this rate, the Droid 5 will be released next month.

    • Anonymous

      Already released. It’s dropping tomorrow.

  • Scott

    Did anyone notice that there will be no ledge on the bottom (right side if holding landscape) of the phone anymore? There has been that little 1/4 inch wide ledge on the OG, D2 and D3. The pictures show that there will no longer be a ledge. Almost exactly the razr, but with a slide out QWERTY.

  • Anonymous

    The non-removable battery scares me. There have been many times I couldn’t get my phone to reset without popping the battery out. With Moto’s horrible software ROM, how can we expect this not to happen a couple times? Also, whats the point.

    • Anonymous

      The point is thinner phones if you can work the internal devices around the battery cavities not worrying about a nice rectangular void.

      There is a key-sequence to do a hard reset.  As far as I can tell the only valid claim for removable battery is if you want a swap-out spare.

  • Knightcrusader

    Locked Bootloader? No thanks.

    Otherwise, I’d jump on this in a heartbeat! My Stratosphere and custom kernel work just fine for me. 🙂

  • 4 inch screen with a small bezel i believe is my sweet spot for me. i’m not sure if I can wait on this but I could see myself buying it outright and selling my (Razr/Nexus) not only is it the perfect screen size, but there’s something nostalgic about have an OG Droid series.

    here’s to unlock bootloader (doubtful) oh well.

  • Anonymous

    Like the look! Hate the fact display no mater how “advanced” and AMOLED it is, will be pentile matrix (clearly seen on one of the close ups). But even more I hate the decision to add dedicated caps lock button and to move the sym button off the corner. D3 keyboard is better laid IMO. 
    Screen feels like 4.3 inch (same as on the RAZR), if so – pentile patterns will be more visible 🙁 wish screen was RGB..
    As long as battery can do 6 hours constant use, non-removable isn’t huge concern for me.
    And lets hope it has got at least a gig of RAM this time!

  • Cherielee63

    which cell companys will carry it?

    • akhi216

      Cricket, MetroPCS, and US Cellular. /sarcasm

      Verizon will carry it…did you really have to ask that???

  • Anonymous

    Its already obsolete. I’m waiting for the Droid 5 with ICS and a removable battery. Its due out in March. I’m sure the Droid 5 will be obsolete by June though.

    • brandon holley

      dude……………………….it wont come out for a while. Just like when you saw the pics of the galaxy nexus leak in like July? This probably wont drop till february. IT will have ICS solely due to the fact that google will send out the ICS build to all manufaturers by the end of january.

    • akhi216

      At this rate the thin supermodel smartphone trend is moving, I highly doubt that the Droid 5 will have a removable battery. Until we, the consumers, start spending money on bulkier phones with full features, they’re gonna continue to push the supermodel phones down our throats. The things is that they have to remove features to make the phone slim, and this results in unremovable batteries (Droid RAZR, this) and lack of sd card slots (Galaxy Nexus). Sooner or later they come up with some wild wireless technology to replace HDMI slots and we won’t have internal memory storing everything in the cloud lol. It’s only a matter of time before Samsung, LG, HTC, and others make efforts to follow this trend. They’re not gonna just sit there and let Motorola have the bragging rights to being the maker of “The World’s Most Thinnest Smartphone/Slider Smartphone.”

  • Rob

    Wow, I just got my Droid 3 in late July, now they’re coming out with the Droid 4 which is what the Droid 3 should have been in the beginning….unbelieveable Motorola and Verizon. I hope there’s a special upgrade offer for the Droid 4,  for those of us that bought the Droid 3, suffered through 2 months of buggy software until the end of September only to find out at the end of October that it’s going to be replaced by the Droid 4.

    • D.

      No offense, but go ask Bionic owners how they feel about the RAZR… or how ’bout the original Droid 2 users and the D2G being released about 2 months later? It’s nothing new, and don’t expect to get any special treatment… the rest of us didn’t.

      • akhi216

        We will both get special treatment when Verizon gets that Droid Loyalty Program underway.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure it will be a great phone (with tons of bloatware), but I’m not waiting any longer, NEXUS NEXUS NEXUS!BTW – look at those pixels, yuck!  why does my OG droid screen look better? I can’t see any individual pixels with the naked eye

  • Stephen D

    Keyboard looks worse than the D3’s. And I’m not a fan of the design. 

    • D.

      I have to disagree – my thoughts are that it is finally the kind of keyboard I’ve wanted on VZW since they started carrying Androids. Now, whether it will work as nicely as it looks… well, that remains to be seen.

    • Benjamin Landwehr

      Lmao, what?  This and the D3’s keyboard are glorious.  But, people have different taste I suppose.

  • Chris

    I really dont see why people get so mad, sell your droid 3 or bionic or whatever on ebay for $300-$400 and buy this for $600 and your pretty much paying the same price and its like paying contract price

  • Tyga

    So basically, everyone that bought a Bionic and now a Droid 3 just got screwed?

    • No, everyone who can’t afford to pay full retail price for a new phone that just bought a bionic and Droid 3 just got screwed. 

    • Anonymous

      Of course. Welcome to the world of Android.

  • Why did i just get a droid 3 like a month and a half ago then? This is total crap, now the D3 may not even get ICS……where is my love Moto? Why did i pay $200 for this phone?

    • Because you like to make people laugh at you for not waiting to late fall/holiday season for a phone like normal people. 

      • Or maybe my Droid x wouldn’t turn on anymore and Verizon couldn’t fix it, and they said my warranty was up, so i had to get a new phone.

        • Anonymous

          Nothing like having a phone die after a year and buying another Droid from the same manufacturer. The jokes on you.

  • for a second or two I thought about getting this instead of the galaxy……its going to be no different than the d3 i already have, oh yes, a bit slimmer…..BIG deal

    • Chris

      slimmer, 4g, ice cream in a few months

  • Anonymous

    Anyone have a guess for a release date?

  • Nathan Hosford

    They need to slow down and make a great phone instead of pumping out phone after phone.

  • Anonymous

    a razr with slide qwerty keyboard too bad its CDMA and verizon only no worldwide GSM… i hope that it get the same feature as the razr

    • akhi216

      It’s a safe bet that they’ll make importanle GSM versions.

  • Cmonnats23

    Gah! I really like the keyboard phones… I have the d2 and before that i had the enVtouch. I was set on selling out on the keyboard scene for a pure google and ics experience, but now… i dont know. i did like the sleekness of the RAZR. what do you guys think? i have never once had to yank the battery on the D2, so thats not an issue for me… what do oyu guys think?

  • rrosotho

    Whats up with the non removable battery?

    • Anonymous

      My guess would be that in order for Moto to get the slim design factor in this phone and the Razr the device had to be built around a battery that is tucked nice and tight inside the inner workings of the phone itself.. Just a guess though.

      • rrosotho

        Ok good point and slim design are where phones are going now. But what if i have to do a hard reset? or is it necessary to do a hard reset with the ICS? 

        • Anonymous

          Li-ion batteries only last about a year. After that the phone is junk. But the way things are going, after a year most Android phones are obsolete junk anyway with a year left on their contracts.

          • Loki4Droid

            I have to disagree about the batteries.  My OG Droid is almost 2 years old and still running on the battery that came with the phone.  I have noticed that I need to have a charger available if I am going to be watching netflix on the phone for any length of time.  But I believe it is because I have it rooted and overclocked to 1.0ghz.  The back of the phone can get very warm when I am playing a graphics intensive game or watching video.  But even with it overclocked, if I am just using the phone normally I usually get 6-8 hours before it is dead.

        • Pennywise

          Just like the XOOM, if the device locks up, you don’t need to open your phone and d!*% with the battery any more; you just push a butt on the phone that basically does a battery pull for you.  It’s a nice feature if you think about it and one that I would like to have included on phones that have removable batteries.

    • Anonymous

      I’m wondering the same thing.  It’s not like battery life in the new Android phones has dramatically improved. 

  • nydrumboy

    I wouldn’t want a non-removable battery. The first thing I went and bought for my D3 was the extended battery, which wouldn’t be possible with the D4; and, I find that I still need to pull the battery a couple of times a week.

    • none

      They will probably have some other process to fix issues if pulling batteries are a thing of the past. Its not a dealbreaker. Very nice. Pentile sucks but that keyboard is nice. 

    • Pennywise

      Just like the XOOM, if the device locks up, you don’t need to open your
      phone and d!*% with the battery any more; you just push a button on the
      phone that basically does a battery pull for you.  It’s a nice feature
      if you think about it and one that I would like to have included on
      phones that have removable batteries.

  • GotSka81

    Am I the only one that sees the pentile on that screen?  Maybe it’s just the screen protector…

    • Pennywise

      Not the protector. You’re seeing the less-than-OG-droid-sharpness on straight edges from the pentile matrix, and the god-awful over saturation of colors from the (garbage) OLED display tech = the D4 looks to have a Pentile OLED display.

  • I’ll stick to my rooted, unlimited 3G Droid 3 with a removable extended battery. This thing is blazingly fast and I have no complaints with 3G speed in my area.

  • Matt2783

     “but will bet that it has at least the 1.2GHz OMAP4430 that the RAZR has.”
    I thought it was confirmed the Razr had the 4460?

    • Anonymous

      razr has 4430

  • Android One Eight Hundred

    Droid ‘4’ without Android ‘4’.0? Missed opportunity there Motorola.

  • Mpickup9


    Will this be ma global phone?

  • Eric Hedden

    Why is there a “caps lock” key? Shift+shift = caps…

    • akhi216

      Some people like convenience.

  • Anonymous

    I wish they’d stop releasing phones until they can sell them with ICS preloaded. Otherwise it is last years OS!!

    • Anonymous

      Agree especially if this isnt coming out until the summer ICS should be standard

      • Lgreg64

        if it comes out in the summer it will have ICS. but company’s still need to make hardware will they wait for software.

  • Michele

    Global ready?  Anyone know?

  • Billy Jenkins

    Whats with the new phones having non removable batteries? Thats one of the many features of Apple that I hated. are they trying to get sued by Apple?

  • Anonymous

    what are you supposed to do when it starts boot-looping and can’t pull the battery???

    • Anonymous

      Vol-down & Power for 10 secs = battery pull.

  • jnt

    looks like pentile again?

    • Pennywise


  • I Thought the RAZR was the OMAP 4460, same as the Nexus…Turns out the MotoDEV site is listing the 4430… hmmmmm…. http://developer.motorola.com/products/droid-razr-xt912/?pubid=987654

  • But does it have KEVLAR

  • Chris Sandoval

    Make it a 4.5 inch 720p HD screen and pre loaded with ICS stock. And ill wait for the guy.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully it has 1GB RAM, unlike the Droid 3’s 512, which made the device sluggish.

  • Unless you’re rich there is no way to keep up with all these devices … No Way …

  • In six months this will look awesome sitting in my kitchen draw beside my Droid, Droidx and Droid3. LOL

  • Thanassi

    Everytime a new Droid comes out, I drool and get all excited and buy it on Day 1. Every model has surpassed its predecessor, and every model has introduced a new disappointment.

    With the D2 they made it faster/better keyboard but added BLUR
    With the D3 they made it faster/better keyboard/screen but left out LTE
    With the D4 they made it faster/better keyboard?/LTE but gave it an iphone battery.

    Wtf? We querty folks can’t win. In my opinion this device should be a flagship like the D1 was for Verizon in ’09.

    #endrant. Im still gonna buy it though. Incremental goodness is better than nothing.

    • Thanassi

      Oh, and I just noticed, they took away the motherf*ckin “@” symbol next to the space bar. #FAIL

  • Bewara2009

    Everyone calm down about not having ICS, Any phone that comes out from Motorola will have ICS out of the BOX… SO please STUF about the ICS.. 

    • Bewara2009

      Starting Next year…. 

    • Anonymous

      Maybe if they are lucky.

  • Alexander Garcia

    LOL now I’m really convinced that ol’ Kell has insiders on Motorola AND Verizon!  😉

  • Anonymous

    I’ll never understand carrier exclusivity. Motorola should be making this phone for every carrier out there instead of only Verizon. The whole success of Samsung’s Galaxy S phones was that they were on all of the national carriers and most of the regional carriers too. Now the iPhone is on almost all of the US carriers short of T-Mobile, now they’re going to reep the benefits of sales without the increased manufacturing cost of having multiple designs. But here is Motorola still making phones on a carrier specific basis. If Motorola made a Razr for all US carriers and a Milestone 4 for all major carriers and then went on to develop the next gen that would streamline their whole process, cost less money in the long run, and would help them build their brand recognition of the few lines they’d have. Not to mention would help them keep up with Android updates. Idiots. I’m no CEO, and efficiency makes sense to me.

    • Anonymous

      moto does make all their phones worldwide. Droid 3 and razr both have worldwide counterparts

  • Scott

    No removable battery = FAIL, unless they plan on improving battery life big time.  No ICS 6 months to a year from now!  What’s the point?

    • Bionic

      actually they were saying most phones will get it early in 2012

      • Bewara2009

        any phone that comes out from moto will have ICS out of the box, starting early next year.

        • Bionic

          Well all i know is that there was an article saying that Bionic will see ICS likely in FEB

  • Droid 4 without Android 4 is just sad.

    • akhi216

      They could decide to call it the Droid 3 LTE or the Droid HD. Everyone thought that the Droid RAZR was the Droid HD but that turned out to be a misconception hence the lack of a 1280 x 720p display on it, thus this could be the Droid HD. Remember last year when they released the Droid 2 Global shortly after releasing the Droid 2; I don’t think anything’s changed.