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Mega-Gallery: Ice Cream Sandwich Walk-through from Nexus S Port

One of the first fully working Ice Cream Sandwich ports has been produced and made public to anyone with a Nexus S. Kellex and I just spent the last hour drooling, ooohing and awing over this thing on our very own devices – it’s super impressive. It’s not the Android 4.0 that you saw at the Hong Kong event and is instead the version we saw a few weeks prior running on none other than a Nexus S. It works, has almost all of the goodies you have been teased with, and will likely make the Nexus S our weekly driver for the next week or so until the Galaxy Nexus is released.

So what we have for you below then, is a massive gallery of how almost all of the new features in ICS will look. You will see the new launcher, widgets, Gmail, camera app, dialer, People app, gallery, keyboard, browser, swiping notifications, Google Talk account switching, etc. If you need a rehashing of all things Android 4.0, we hope this helps.  

Launcher and App Drawer









Google Talk


Dialer and People App










Movie Studio


Google Music


Keyboard and Search


Random:  Widget Grid, Notification Bar and Widget Resizing


If you own a Nexus S and feel like jumping on this, you can find all of the info at this XDA thread.

Anything else you would like to see?

  • Just wondering if the new music app has gapless playback or not?

  • Looks some of the graphics have changed since the demo in HK: the Google search box is now just underlined instead of boxed and there’s no blue outline around the Gmail widget. Might be others, but those two are welcome refinements in my book — both were things that bothered me. Is the SDK the most up-to-date version?

    • Bear0013

      It says in the post version a few weeks back sorry….but I liked the hong kong presentation

  • Theophilus30

    This is a sincere question: what does the galaxy nexus have that makes it worth getting? Razr and resounded have better specs and will get ics relatively soon. I want to like the g- nex but don’t see why. Any help?

    • Interstellarmind

      g-nex has omap 4460 whereas razr has omap 440.

    • Colin Zack

      its stock and receives updates before the others. it also has NFC, don’t believe the other two do. 

    • Anonymous

      nexus= better processor 4460 vs 4430 in razr
      battery not sure how that will be on either
      camera nexus is better watch some videos it shows the razr with same auto focus bug as bionic
      no blur, faster updates
      larger, nicer screen on nexus

  • KevinC

    how bout a video? 🙂

  • J Dub

    Not the best Deftones album BUT Deftones is Deftones which means still one of the best bands ever.

    • It was the first song to come up, don’t worry. I like ALL Deftones lol

  • How long in the tooth does Gingerbread look right now?

  • Anonymous

    this version of ICS looks better. i wasnt a fan of the new icons on the galaxy nexus version. i wonder why they are different anyway?

  • Stop posting rubbish troll. 

  • Is the camera as fast as the demos, or is that more due to the hardware improvements?

    • J Dub

      I’d say hardware, but who knows?

    • jer

      I’d like to know that to!

  • For for all those who just don’t “get” why we want a Nexus phone.


    ’nuff said.

    • Anonymous

      Not impressed.

  • Ha Ha Motofanboys….

    Your Bionic and Razr just got 1-up’d by the Nexus S.
    Just wait ’til we get the G-Nex.

    • DJstinkDIK

      Very classy bro.

    • Anonymous

      Would you relax a little. You have literally been on paTROLL all day. As Proud owner of divices from HTC, Motorola, and Samsung I would say they each have their pros and cons. Look Motorola and HTC’s current dual core and up and coming phones, Razr and Resound, will receive ICS. So stop acting like you have, or will soon have the ONLY phone with ICS.

      Ohh by the way I prefer Motofanman…

    • Robbarre10

      u mad bro?

  • Ray

    I cant wait til some full on Roms come out for the droid X to hold me over for a few weeks until i get the real thing!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll try not to steal my gfs Nexus S

    • Bear0013

      Just stare her in the eyes and say I luv you..she’ll just give it to you lol

  • guest

    Is the movie editing app better in ics?

  • Pete

    I dont see the onscreen buttons here! It means that they dont appear on phones with physical buttons even with ics upgrade?

    • Anonymous

      That would be a complete waste of screen space. I hope they wouldnt be there.

  • Anonymous

    I want the video.  AKA phone porn. 

  • Anonymous

    Is that true? Is there really a built-in audio EQ? Awesome! (Not that I really use ’em, but all the PowerAMP people are always griping about how awful it would be to not have an EQ…)

  • Ggg

    Lets have a video please?

  • Still love the new Roboto font.  Wiped my Incredible and it was one of the first things I fixed.

  • Anonymous

    Deftones. Nice choice.

    On the topic of ICS, I can’t wait. I’m still using my OG Droid (although still 100% useful and working great thanks to ProjectElite) and I’ve passed on every phone since last summer despite having two available upgrades (I now have four available). I kept telling myself another phone would come out that would blow everything else out of the water much in the way the OG did. The Galaxy Nexus is that phone and I can’t wait to own one (or two).

  • god that white nexus S is so fresh, i can’t believe Verizon passed up on it 

  • Mattg67

    Woot deftones! good man ;p

    • You know it! 🙂

    • Guest

      Yes! And old Deftones too.  Awesome.

    • Anonymous

      +1 for Deftones!

  • Name.

    This looks so much like Droptheme did….+1

  • Da

    when does the TALK app (and service) will enable sending pics and files??

  • Anonymous

    Its a pain looking at picture posts from my droid kellex..

  • “Anything else you would like to see?”

    A galaxy Nexus in my hand.

    • Bear0013

      The color of the LED pleas

      • Anonymous

        from what i’ve read the specs said “RGB notification LED”
        I assume that to mean all colors, though you might need an app from the market to take adavantage of it (my DX does all colors but it’s not in the native settings, Blink works well though)

    • Bear0013

      And a up close and personal shot of the screen

  • Anonymous

    how does the people app look with a list of people?

  • David Faber

    “will likely make the Nexus S our weekly driver for the next week or so until the Galaxy Nexus is released.”

    The next week or so?  No release date has been given for the GN and certainly not in the next week…

  • Interstellarmind

    is that it for the camera options? no ISO? metering? hue, saturation, sharpness, and/ or contrast?

  • Bear0013

    If there is a solid color notification led on the galaxy nexus I hope they make it neon blue

    • Madcow06

      On one of the slides from the announcement it’s green. Not sure if it’s the only color or not though.

      • Bear0013


  • This pretty cool…now just give me an official or unofficial…i dont care which, but i want ICS for my droid 3…..like now

  • Skwerlii

    Wow… I see nothing here I don’t enjoy….

  • Notice that some of the icons (Camera, Calendar, Clock) are still Honeycomb icons and the clock in the notification bar is white, not blue like it really is. In the picture with the camera options open, that’s a Honeycomb themed box, not like the solid gray in ICS. I think this is a really old build of the SDK, maybe even from before Google publicly released it.

  • wavedashdoc

    Ok. So now just port this on over to a second init version for the Droid x. easy right?

  • Anonymous

    Video Please??

  • Anonymous

    This is an old version It still has “huddle” on it !!

  • How is the keyboard?  I’m really excited to use it.

  • Dan

    Show us the new youtube app

    • Updated 🙂

      • Dan

        looks a lot more polished

      • OG Droid

        Deftones fan. Thats awesome

  • Still can’t believe Google didn’t put toggles in the notification bar in ICS! Of the many features that were taken from CM7 and some of the manufacturer’s customizations, that definitely should have been one of them.

    • There’s a shortcut to “settings” just not in this old ass build.

  • Warden Chinbach

    Be the first to show us the Movie Studio app in ICS! Nobody has shown it on a phone yet.

    • This Italian site has just that. http://android.hdblog.it/

      You may need to scroll down a ways, the post is at least a day or two old.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the link, never seen that site and i like it

    • Updated 🙂

  • Aaron Birnbaum

    If this is an sdk port, then why is it an older build of ICS than what we saw last week?

  • what about the music controls in the notification bar… is there any?

    • Yes, in ICS. Maybe not this build. They said as much during the launch.

    • Not seeing any in this build…

  • Pandalero

    In all the screenshots so far of the Gmail app, not one has shown labels in the main Inbox view. Not sure if that’s because there haven’t been any labels attached to the item in the screenshots or if the new version of the app doesn’t show labels. Can you verify one way or another?

  • Anonymous

    Something else I’d like to see? This on the Thunderbolt 🙂

    • Good luck, HTC can’t even get your gingerbread

      • LOL. Who cares if HTC can’t? I already have sense 3.5 with gingerbread running flawlessly with ZERO glitches or problems. 

        • Anonymous

          Yea I hate it when people bash on the Bolt based off what they read when most of them dont even have one. I had gingerbread before Verizon even carried a phone that came with it out of the box.

          • strizzle843

            A 4.0 took I can flash that’s not asking for a official release

          • strizzle843


    • J Dub


  • Anonymous

    me want

  • Nideda24

    What’s the mms app look like?

    • Updated the post 🙂

      • jam120992

        does this port have face lock? is the stock email resigned along with the gmail app ? what does the calender app and widget look like? does this port have the people app?

  • Goblueboy

    So the Nexus S is the first device with ICS. Problem Google? :trollface:

    • No dumbass – it’s called a NEXUS phone.

      Educate yourself before blasting people.

      • Anonymous

        While I agree with you….you seem like such a prick.

        • shaun

          I concur, I’ve seen a handful of posts from this guy today and every single one seems to have this holier-than-thou attitude.

  • dan

    looks sick

  • Rob Becker

    Is the camera any faster with ICS or is it just the Galaxy Nexus hardware?

    • Anonymous

      It’s not as fast as the Galaxy Nexus. Probably partly hardware-related, but also because this is an SDK port heh.

      • Anonymous

        How do the bottom 4 buttons work? Is Menu used for task manager?

        • Bottom 4 buttons work normally except for the settings soft key. Doesn’t seem to function at all. Home is used for multi tasking through apps and such, back button works as expected, and search brigs up the “search” app. 

          • Kixofmyg0t

            And people were freaking out “Softkeys are useless now!”

            Nooooopes. Still works like normal people. Move along, nothing to see here…..well except the settings(menu?) key….sounds like a bug to me.

          • Aaron Birnbaum

            It seems google is moving to a paradigm of more exposed options, like in the new gmail app, so the settings button isn’t as needed anymore.

          • Anonymous

            What you said doesn’t make any sense unless im reading it wrong. Back is takes you back a page (ok), menu(the settings button) does nothing, home is the multitask threw apps, and search brings up search app. How do you get back to your homescreen? I’m a tad confused, surprised no one else said anything about this.

      • OG Droid

        Is there a switch to turn to vibrate or do you have to use the volume rocker on this side?

    • Anonymous

      I would imagine that it’s hard to know. The version of ICS running on the Nexus S is a port from the SDK, not a straight compile from source (i.e. AOSP). Also, the kernel in use is 2.6, and I believe ICS ships with 3.0.

    • oddity98

       That is the exact question I have!!!

  • EC8CH

    So those are the T-Mobile Ads on Droid-Life that everyone bitches about…

    first time I’ve seen them 😛

    • Anonymous

      Pales in comparison to the mega T-mo days when the banner turns white and there is literally 5 T-mo ads at the top of the screen.

    • jason6g

      my first time seeing them as well!

      • Anonymous

        You must be short, cause that went right over your head.

        • jason6g

          must have. adblock & adfree for me, so i hardly ever see ads. it literally was the first time ive seen those tmobile ads. kinda nice too, but maybe its just the nice girl in the pink dress

          • kretz

            pretty sure this was in reference to the nexus s, which is a t-mobile device.

    • AdBlock. never see ’em.

      • Balls

        + 1 for adblock first time I’ve ever seen that

        • Nex


    • Anonymous

      It’s sad people don’t support the websites they spend so much time on.  But I have to agree, although I don’t use adblock on droid life, I don’t click ads at all, but I don’t approve of blocking sites like DL that provide us with so much information on a hobby we really enjoy.

      • John

        I never ever click ads anyway, so blocking them doesn’t affect DL whatsoever.  

      • Bobby Phoenix

        I have no problem allowing ads.  Ads that are just there I mean.  The ones that are flash based, or make sound, or are so bright and colorful, are the ones I can’t stand.  Make a still, nice plain, text ad, and I will allow it, and even click on it to support you.  Any others: BLOCKED!!!

    • Matthew Rosidivito

      But… it’s the T-Mobile girl…