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Samsung Nexus Prime Seen Roaming The Halls Of Verizon?

Newest development on the Nexus “Prime” situation, is tipping towards it possibly being Verizon‘s first Nexus device. A tipster over at Techno Buffalo has stated that Samsung is shopping their newest Nexus device to Verizon, and that the device has been seen at Verizon HQ. This is what we have been waiting for, and what so many people have been begging for. If Verizon will loosen up, and allow for an easily unlockable device on their network, then we might be in some serious business.

We have heard similar info from our sources, and now that we are starting to see specs surface, we will have to hope that it holds water for now. So far, we know the device will run Ice Cream Sandwich, have a reported 4.5″ 720p Super AMOLED HD screen, and rock an OMAP 1.5 GHz processor. Definitely the type of device that would start making Verizon look like a good guy in the eyes of potential Android customers.

If Verizon gets the Nexus, who is throwing their current device on the cool pavement and walking into their nearest Verizon store?

Via: Techno Buffalo

  • I am pretty sure I will follow the Nexus Prime to whatever carrier it is available on when it is released. If it is out on Verizon, then I will stay. Otherwise, Sprint, Here I Come!

  • Shawn

    Yes I will throw away my Droid x in a heartbeat.

  • If the Nexus Prime isn’t LTE I would have to really think about it. If I am locked in with a device I would want it to be LTE, it’s already widely available in my neck of the woods.

  • Guest

    Please please please don’t be a dream

  • Madcow06

    I’m in as long as it’s not cheap shiny plastic on the back, one of my pet peeves.

  • I want this, but no keyboard = no deal. I love my Thunderbolt but I am ready for the Stratosphere to be out next month. I thought I could go on without a keyboard but I was sadly mistaken.

  • Anonymous

    Check please, I’m stuffed on rumors and have no more room for dessert.

    • Lakerzz

      So no Ice Cream Sandwich for you???

  • TomHolmes

    Both Samsung and HTC are forecasting announcements before Bionic launches. I’ll look for actionable intelligence coming from those announcements and then plan accordingly. If no HTC or Samsung 4.5 LTE phone is announced with a reasonably quick ship date, I’ll go with the Bionic.

  • Kmulliger

    OG Droid ,I luv ya, Nexus Prime I want to luv ya. Not going to jump off the cliff yet, but I am ready, willing and able for a worthy phone.

  • Sean Lee

    this would definitely make me consider ditching my Thunderbolt.  I went to it from an OG DROID and seriously miss the stock experience.  If I can talk a friend/family member into letting me use their upgrade i’m definitely in.  If i have to pay full retail I may have to pass though 🙁

  • I must be dreaming, this sounds like april fools day!

  • Sorry but this doesn’t sound good enough to make the jump from my LG Dare… this Prime guy can’t be that much better….

    • Lakerzz

      I could understand if it was an LG Voyager!!!

  • J G

    Awesome awesome news!!!

  • In for 1

  • Anonymous

    In the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit….. Amen

  • Sidearmguitars

    “If Verizon gets the Nexus, who is throwing their current device on the
    cool pavement and walking into their nearest Verizon store?”

    All of us.

  • If this is true, I can happily forget about the Bionic, Galaxy S II, Vigor, Droid HD, and everything else. This will be the device to have.

  • Anonymous

    If this is true goodbye bionic.

  • Adam

    II got my fascinate with a 2 year contract last September. How much would it cost to get out and get this bad boy, if anything?

  • Anonymous

    For an unlocked Nexus device with those kind of specs, I would be fored to retire my og droid… but it won’t be on the ground it will be in the hallowed tech drawer… or the ghost of tech past as the girlfriend calls it.

  • Travis Whiteker

    If this comes to fruition I will throw down whatever phone I have in my hand and walk in with open arms!!

  • i too agree, available to upgrade since july, waiting for something like this to replace my OG droid

  • Anonymous

    If this is true I’ll finally replace my OG Droid. 

  • Anonymous

    Same here, had OG bc of multiple issues i was switch to droid X, ive been able to update for months.
    But with HTC coming out, Nexus prime isnt a bad idea but will it get the same support that would a motorola phone since google bough motorola?

    Is it worth staying within motorola family or whats you peoples takes?

    • What are you asking will it be supported hells yes it will have all the updates first

      • you don’t know

        • crazycheetah

          We don’t “know”, fine. But as of so far, Google has expressed that they will keep the Nexus line exactly as it is now, without change. If that’s true, then yes, they will support it, giving it all of the updates immediately (along with the Nexus One and Nexus S).

          • i thought they meant the motorola phones. nexus will definitely get the updates immediately

  • The Observer

    If the Nexus comes to VZW, I’ll be all over like it like Michael Jackson on Macauly Culkin.

  • Anonymous

    Pffft! This phone is crap! They are coming out with a quad core phone in Q1 of 2012! I’ll hold out no thanks!


    • Lakerzz

      Haha!!! You just made this sound like a Bionic post!!!!

  • radyoactive

    Skipping right over the Bionic, Vigor, SGS2 if the rumors pan out.  In the meantime, maybe i’ll pick up a used Bionic and sell my TB to hold me over and burn my upgrade for the Prime!

  • Anonymous

    Vanilla Andorid ICS please!

  • virtual human

    Yes, please! If Verizon gets this, it WILL be my next phone!

  • Rmaybach

    I have an upgrade ready and waiting.  If this is true, and VZW gets a LTE Nexus device, it’ll be my next phone!

  • Keith Sumner


    • Matthew Galyon

      If it’s a nexus device they can’t.  Google makes the carriers keep it as a “Pure Google” phone.

  • Sean Spediacci

    I have been with Verizon for almost 8 years because of their service, I am definitely ready for them to finally open up to the Nexus devices so I can have everything I want in a phone and need from a service provider.

  • Rob Becker

    I would get that in a heartbeat.

  • Anonymous

    Yes I would switch to verizon if it were not coming to Sprint, but unfortunately your tipster is confusing a future Ice Cream sandwich, Samsung device with the Nexus Prime. Samsung would not be the one to be “shopping” this device. Thats Googles domain since it is a Nexus. Also, Verizon would never allow an unlocked Android device on their network. I want it to be true but I’m 99% sure its not.

    • DBK

      Agreed. And even it was true, you can bet money that Verizon will find a way to bog it down. The Nexus we see on paper won’t be the end product.

    • Keith Sumner

      Good points on most fronts but dont forget, Verizon’s already released such a device, the King, The Droid.

  • These rumors are getting out of control. Please keep them coming.

  • Kaufkin

    ok, so who’s going to start the fund to make dang sure that Pete gets one of these bad boys when it’s released!!

  • Aaronmweiner

    I think a major problem with this is that the galaxy and this nexus would be 2 upper tier sammy devices competing against each other. Would samsung or verizon do that? I feel like they are too similar. Oh and whats the different between super amoled plus and super amoled hd

    • Jake

      You mean the way the Samsung Galaxy S and the Nexus S competed against each other?

      • Anonymous

        I got a Nexus S without even thinking about getting a Galaxy S 🙂

        Once you go Nexus you never go back…

      • Aaronmweiner

        No because it doesnt matter if its not verizon 😛

    • Anonymous

      The Super AMOLED Plus is an 800×480 panel with a tradiitonal RGB layout. The Super AMOLED HD will likely be 1280×720 with a PenTile layout which creates a strange pattern and isn’t as pixel perfect or accurate with colors. However, since it will have such a high resolution/ppi, the downsides of PenTile may not be so noticeable.

  • John

    YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

    I know I constantly complain about pentile matrix screens, and giant screens, but I’d overlook my desire for an amazing 4″ screen for this device in a heartbeat. 

  • If it has LTE, it will be mine.

  • S Allen

    If battery life is good on this device, I’m all in to upgrade to it!

  • Would be SOOOO Tempted!  However, it looks like that it may come out JUST in time for me to upgrade my Droid2.

  • Garygwhite

    Iam in.

  • kpurdu1

    definately me.  good news is my renewal hits 9/24 couldn’t be much better timing on this one.

  • Anonymous

    If Verizon gets the Nexus, who is throwing their current device on the cool pavement and walking into their nearest Verizon store?

    Me- and it may be the first smartphone I keep for longer than 6 months!

  • Chris Schmucker

    UHHH Can someone hand me a towel?!?!? This would be so awesome!

  • Anonymous

    I will camp out like a moronic i*one fanboy outside a Verizon store for many nights if this is true! Who’s with me?  I’ll bring booze, we’ll have a potluck! 

    • John Doe

      Do you live in Los Angeles?

    • Anonymous

      I’m in. Seattle area.

    • I’ll bring the weed

      • Anonymous

        Since I travel for work, I’m usually on the road so I can be anywhere. If this phone is 100% legit, I saw we have a Droid-Life camp out at a pre-selected store! 

  • Mr.Joe

    ” If Verizon will loosen up, and allow for an easily unlockable device on their network”

    UH… verizon has a bunch of those.  The Charge being one them. 

  • MFG

    I’ll sell my newly purchased GSII for this puppy.

  • Although I’m not eligible for an upgrade until September of 2012, I’ll all over this if this is in fact true. I’ll miss my physical keyboard, but it’ll be worth it.

  • Raptor912