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Motorola Dinara to Follow the DROID Bionic, May Be One of the First Android Super Phones?

There is this empty space for devices in 2011 after the DROID Bionic that needs to be filled, and we haven’t heard a peep about any of it from any of our sources.  Well until now.  We may have just received word on Moto’s next super or “flagship” phone that is currently scheduled for a winter release and will surely fill up some “space” or at the very least, bring in some good chatter.

We’ve been told that the Motorola Dinara (codename of course) is the next big thing.  It’s still under development, but currently has an “HD” screen, 13MP rear camera, VGA front, and an internal/non-removable battery.  It will look almost identical to the Bionic in styling, but will end up as a much slimmer and lighter device.  It’s running Gingerbread still since no one has Ice Cream Sandwich yet and should be here by this winter.  No word on the processor or RAM.

Update:  A couple of additional details have been mentioned to us:  TI processor, 1GB RAM, bigger screen than the Bionic (same device size, but screen closer to the edge), lock button on the side (a la Samsung), and the internal battery has not been a problem.

There is a chance that it could end up on multiple carriers, but it’s currently being tested on Verizon’s network.  We weren’t told if it’ll be 4G LTE or not – how could it not be though?

Oh, and I should point out that “Dinara” is the name of a mountain range, something Motorola has been known to use on their higher end devices.  Anyone remember the Olympus, Everest, and Etna?

We’ve definitely flagged this as a rumor, since these things all seem to change oh so regularly.  The end of the year is pretty far away in mobile time.

The hypebeast machine has been turned back on.

Cheers ___!

  • LOL x 10000 @ this. Wake me up when they finally release the Bionic. I’s switching to Sprint to get the Photon.

  • Anonymous

    screw moto and their mythical locked down unicorns…just give us the damn galaxy s2 already samsung

  • Anonymous

    when samsung can send out updates without breaking critical features of the phone, i’ll think about jumping from moto to sammy…

  • I think I am going to upgrade my imaginary #DroidBionic to the imaginary #DroidDinara. Perhaps I can get imaginary unlimited data plan:)

  • Djlowproz

    VGA Front camera = Fail.
    Atleast give it a 2mp front camera.

  • Amu1

    Nexus Prime/3 > Anything from Moto

  • So now the question, upgrade in 16 days to the Bionic, or wait till the end of the year for the Dinara (actually I like that name)?

  • Anonymous

    Good. Now I don’t feel so bad about getting a Thunderbolt!

  • Anonymous

    Yikes.  The Bionic will be outdated before it ever drops and now we hear of “filler” devices for the rest of this year?  Once Motorola starts delivering, I’ll be interested.  I just want one good phone that can replace my OG Droid and be useful for the next two years.  So far this year, VZW and its partners have really (I mean REALLY) disappointed. The D3 is the closest thing to buyable yet the early reviews are very harsh on it.  Kellex, you got a full review ready yet?  I’m really thinking of the D3 and leave all the Bionic speculation behind.  My OG Droid is broke and I  *really* need a good phone…

  • Lg

    verizon customer service:

    you : my phone is not responding

    customer service: please pull your battery

    you : i cant its not possible its half motorola half iphone

    customer service: ohh then you have to buy a new phone, good bye.

  • al

    Mt. Wanahuccalugie is the phone I’m waiting for.

    But seriously a non removable battery ? Maybe it will have a pin hole reset button or something?

  • scanning through droid-life i saw the title and read “Motorola Diarrhea” 

    what a terrible code name.

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  • Anonymous

    As long as Bionic has 1 gig of ram and i have the ability to or should i say “freedom” to exchange or buy a extended battery.. im happy.  I get 200mb or ram free on my droid X and boy do i can tell when jumping to camera mode and back etc..

  • Davros

    wtf?  one of my favorite things to do in front of my iphone buddies is change my battery and keep on going.

  • Mr. Joe

    A phone very similar to this is coming to AT&T.  In fact this sounds like the AT&T one.

    • Anonymous

      It is the at&t one. check out hofo and they say this codename is coming to at&t not verizon. fone sex
      Damnit, sorry guys, looks like my guy gave me wrong info. I had to tell him it wasn’t the Bionic! After further examination looks like its a phone for ATT. If the Bionic is anything like this however I’m still on it. Here is what I was able to gather:

      Model Number: MB886
      Android Version: 2.3.4
      Webtop Version: “Unknown”
      Build Date: July 7, 2011

      Possible name or code name: Dinara

      Def 13 MP camera
      Front facing camera
      Power button is on the side
      Rubberized back
      Says “Dual Core technologies” at load screen
      Super fast

      Sorry again guys, I’m just as disappointed as you are.

      Yeah, that isn’t for Verizon.

      Great source Kellex you might want to change it.

      • you’re so confident that Kellex’s sources are wrong and the one you posted are 100% correct. 
        how do you know Kellex hasnt done the research, douche?

        • Anonymous

          Pretty sure the sources who actually have the phone would know. Forename Dinara is at&t maybe they are doing like the gs on all carriers but it isn’t called Dinara. Maybe do some research then talk to me dumbass.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “Dinara” or “Dinero’.. cha chinggg

  • Is this that “Droid HD” that we saw pictures being taken with at the Motorola campus in Libertyville, IL?

  • Anonymous

    Kellex your so called source is off check howard forums this is for at&t!

  • Kon101

    Is it “Dinara” because you will have to shell out lots of Dinero to buy it?

  • QQMore

    Wow, well, if nothing else came out between the Bionic and this, and this turned out to be a great performer, it could have been my next upgrade.  I’m finally eligible (20 month mark) to upgrade my OG Droid in November.  The sealed in battery kinda kills it though.  Especially if it comes with the “new policy of not locking the bootloader” we were supposed to see at the end of 2011.  I guess they could put a reset button on the side kind of like what a PC has but otherwise uh uh.

  • GinoSylum

    I love everything about it, but come on, the screens are just too big.

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  • Anonymous

    a 13MP camera with a VGA front??  Man, how cheap!

  • Anonymous

    ive waited more over half a year for the Bionic, whats another 3 months!

  • Anonymous

    This may be my next phone, we’ll have to see….

  • Anonymous

    how much bigger do you need? It will really be a brick and probably another 6 month delay. Non removable battery? Here comes apple lawsuit lol.

  • Anonymous

    13MP? They would be better off just not making pieces of S 8MP cameras.  The one on my OG needs 3rd party apps to make pictures pass as viewable.    

  • david

    August 4 or we riot

  • d-roids

    wake me up when a quad core phone comes out

  • Anonymous

    This phone is for AT&T according to fonesex on HoFo who got all these details. Don’t get too excited guys.

  • Anonymous

    thought this was for at&t that’s what someones source said so who said it was for verizon?

  • mdeblaz

    who cares… the smartphone industry is becoming saturated now… too many phones available.  At some point – now – people are just going to stick with they have and be happy with it.

    • James_Ever

      Yep, can’t agree more. I was like that with my first device, had to know what was coming next, now I have a DROID2 and droid2global sitting in a box that was used for less than a week. I learned my lesson and am happy with the Droid3. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading about new technology but to wait over and over for the next best thing will likely be forgotten in a few months now.

  • RW-1

    Jha Rhetoric …

    ” It will look almost identical to the Bionic in styling, but will end up as a much slimmer and lighter device.”

    How is that going to happen? I’m laughing at that statement.

    Device does more more more, but the batt will be smaller yet give twice the lasting power compared to what’s out there now.

    Jha, let’s drop pentile and go 8bit to save power on the screens …

    13MP cam?  The Jha camp doesn’t get it. It’s not how big it is in MP, it’s the size of the sensor … and the SW.

    non removable batt – the next evolution in (Jha) Droid fail.

  • Alex W.

    13 MPx… wow… Pictures will still look like crap until they put a decent lens in there. 

    Megapixels don’t mean a damn thing unless you have the lens to support them.  I’d pay $50 for a better lens as opposed to a 20 MPx camera on a phone.


    I think its Apple time. Tired of having an out dated Android 4months later , tired of waiting on updates ,tired of bloatware. Until VZW let’s me get a nexus, because of all the carrier data changes I’m not leaving VZW.till then Im retiring my o.g. ,dinc,x ,and tbolt.

    • Why not root your devices and be adventurous? You have a Droid X? that’s one of the best Android phones!! and one of the consistently supported in the community. I have one running CM7beta and it’s still awesome.



        • Mack

          So much shouting…

    • Rich Floresjr

      I just flashed Liberty on my overclocked DX and man, this phone just got even better.

  • Bewara2009

    I guess once I get the Bionic, and after this phone comes out “Dinara” and wait and see the reviews, if its a killer phone than I just have to sell my bionic on ebay and get this phone…

  • Interstellarmind

    non-removal battery? what gives?

    also, gonna just wait for HTC’s next big offerring, but, i AM intrigued.

  • The Observer

    .I’ll wait for HTC’s next device. I just can’t put my trust in Moto.

  • jimbob

    Smells like the original Targa.  Not the downsized, has-to-be-like-the-original-Bionic thing we have now.

  • Anonymous

    Droid HD anyone?

  • Jake Bailey

    I really don’t want to wait again like I did with the Bionic.

    • Anonymous

      Same then something else will be right around the corner.

    • Anonymous

      OH you’ll wait AND you will like it!!! just kidding dude.   🙂

  • Earleepa

    Non removable battery kills it for me. If I wanted that I would go with crapple.

  • Cb3fsu

    Motorola should try releasing a working product before leaking details of the next great device they have planned.  At this point I don’t know if I will ever buy another Moto product. They have ruined any sort of brand loyalty they earned with the OG Droid.  Getting one product right doesn’t make up for:

    1) Locking down the bootloader on the DX
    2) Selling a partially functioning Xoom Tablet for $800 that still isn’t 4G or SD card capable
    3) Dropping the price of the Xoom without offering Xoom early adopters anything even though the features they used as a selling point to buy at a premium still are not operable.
    4) Releasing the X2, which is a carbon copy of the original with a crappier screen and improved internals

    Seriously, what has Moto given anyone to be excited about since the OG Droid?  A bunch of promised devices that never materialize?  Attempting to lock developers out of using their products? Bloatware?

    Samsung gets it, so they will likely be getting my money when the time comes.

    • xoom is sd card capable and samsung tab is not..

      Samsung gets what….samsung charge….retards still buy it, ugly, overpriced, plastic, underpowerd, etc.

      You will keep crying about bootloaders but 99% don’t give a shit about them or even know what it is.

      DX was the best selling android phone on Verizon last year.

      Go buy an Atrix since it’s unlocked now.

      • Cb3fsu

        Apparently the Xoom SD card is read only, according to the newest post on this very site.

        Samsung is bringing the Glaxy S II which will be better than anything Moto comes out with for the next 2 years.  Better screen, thinner, thinner and supported by the developer community.

        DX has physical buttons for whatever reason but was a good phone, locked bootloader was a huge PR gaff, if it weren’t they wouldn’t be unlocking them.

        Why would I buy a POS Atrix?  Another disappointing product that no one who owns one is happy with.

  • Brendan

    I just yelled “13MP rear camera?” out loud to myself I was in such shock.

  • I dont understand why any one cares about a vga camera….I dont need it for pictures all I need it to do is make it decent enough so the other person can seen me I dont need a crazy 20mp ffc its just stupid….vga is adequate enough for everyones needs…Unless  your that loser that takes pictures of themselves and uploads it to facebook every day……..

    • Anonymous

      That’s fricken HILARIOUS!!! 🙂 You are so right too. 

  • Anonymous

    … cool, so we have to skip bionic, and go for dinara?

  • Sounds like a Bionic for other carriers….

    1gb ram, I already have that on my phone…ugh… want  2gb ram………

  • So many people carry spare batteries around??? Does everyone have HTC’s…or what? lol

    • Interstellarmind

      i had a spare battery and external charger for my DX. most usefula accessories i bought for it (also kinda necessary since i was overclocking it to 1.3ghz)

  • Sounds a lot like the original Targa rumors.