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Breaking: DROID X Android 2.2 Update Starting Tomorrow at 12PM EST

Just as we said yesterday, the Droid X 2.2 update will be released tomorrow to the masses.  The update will become available at 12:00PM EST giving any user with a DX the opportunity to “pull” the update manually.  Yep, just as we talked about at the beginning of the month, Blur does have one major benefit and that’s the ability to pull updates rather than forcing users to wait for them to be “pushed” to their devices.

To have your phone check for the update visit the following screen:

Settings>About>System Updates

At noon tomorrow, or 9:00AM here on the west coast, the update should be waiting for you.  Oh, you can stop checking for updates now.  Might as well wait until tomorrow.  🙂

One more shot after the break.  

And finally?

  • Steve Hall

    Go get it…it's available NOW!

  • Chrishd4ever

    90% donne so far

  • Jay_holi


    Check your signal strength. I'm at 90% on my download and it's only been about 15 minutes.

    • birdonamission

      Wow…90% for you. I have 5 bars, but still going painfully slow — after all this time, just at 2%.

  • Steve Hall

    Must have meant 12am EDT. cuz I'm downloading it now as I'm swyping this. Check your X's now.

  • Bondra23

    I checked my phone at 12:02 and froyo was there. Finished installing. Its amazing

  • Chrishd4ever


  • birdonamission

    So… How fast is your downloading going? It's still at 1% after almost 20 minutes. Over 3G. Is Wi-Fi faster?

    • Jjlinke18

      I have been downloading on 3g for about 20min too but im at 16%

      • birdonamission

        You're doing better than me. 🙂

        I'm in the basement..phone in multimedia dock. Going to bring it upstairs to see how much better it gets.

  • Jjlinke18

    Just an FYI the article shoud say 12AM EST because my DX is downloading the OTA right now!!!!

  • Jay_holi

    It's been a long time coming! Just made the rest of my week. Guess Verizon and Motorola CAN keep promises after all

  • luis

    I'm downloading the update now!!!!

  • David Degnan

    Its 12:11am here in cobleskill ny and here I am downloading it now cuz for some reason I felt like checking for updates. Dunno why its lettin me pull it so early but I am ^^

  • Baldypal

    It's a little past midnight on the eastern side and i'm downloading 2.2 on my X as i type this. I did a pull and BAM…there it was.

  • Chrishd4ever

    it 11:13 pm here by the way my bad lolo im so happy

  • birdonamission

    Yep…in Maryland. Started right at midnight. It's slow, though. Still at 1%. Glad I can do it now because there's no signal in my building at my desk at work!

  • Android 2.2 is beginning to roll out right now! I just checked Settings/About/Update and it says “Update Available”. Hell yeah! It's 9:00PM PST here so I guess at Midnight EST!


  • Jay_holi

    the update has been released….finally 11:10 P.M. Central Time

  • Bigass41ft

    it is 9:08 on 9/21 pm and i am downloading 2.2 right now….it came early

  • Chrishd4ever


  • Jjbass311

    Downloading in orlando fl

  • Dashman32

    It's 12:09 a.m. on the East Coast and I'm now currently downloading the Froyo update!!!

  • Rrebozo

    just started the download 12:01am

  • Placeofstillness

    I think they meant 12:01 AM guys. I'm pulling it down now. Bit of a misdirection from big red if you ask me.

  • locsta

    Just got my froyo update 12:07 am EST

  • Kylr

    Froyo available now

  • Jason

    Update available now…downloading

  • Ssplumb

    I am downloading update now.

  • MMM333


  • Steggall2580

    Just hit the update button and guess what 2.2 downloading right now guess they couldn't wait till 12.00 pm

  • Leron

    Mines downloading right now 🙂

  • Screechny

    Pulling update as i post this. 1202am east coast.

  • MN6

    Just checked and froyo is downloading as I type!

  • Thetechie

    Really? Cuz I'm downloading 2.2 RIGHT NOW!!!!

  • i totally called it

  • This will pass the time spent in jury duty for me tomorrow, go by much quicker.

  • Mauricegregory

    What about the volume..

  • Marcio

    I have installed the leaked froyo 2.2 but have some issues. So I would like to do the update but do I need to revert back to 2.1 first? if so how do I do that?

  • Roger

    Does anybody know what the behavior will be if you're on stock 2.1 and rooted and try to upgrade? I'm speaking of those who've rooted with the 1-click method (and who haven't modified/deleted/frozen/removed out any of the stock apps) Will 2.2 tomorrow:
    1) not allow to upgrade
    2) Allow you to upgrade, but lose root
    3) Allow you to upgrade, and keep root

  • carl

    I'm so stoked for this I can't wait (: take an already amazing fast phone and make out faster and make full web content available on the gorgeous 4.3 inch screen..this update will virtually eliminate the need for my lap top..the leaked froyo fixed my speaker issues so I'm sure the official will to..yay yay im excited..droid x best phone ever made!!(:

  • Evermour

    We'll see.

  • Hambrtd

    About time…. guess next time I purchase an android phone it will be from HTC. I've now had the original droid and now the droid x and from my own experience and what i hear from users and read htc is a better experience and they seem to be on top of things when it comes to google official updates and overal satisfaction…. just my opinion…

  • PassTravelFool

    It keeps saying 12:00 EST but we're still in EDT! Is this a simply mistake or is this a hoax email?

  • Larry

    Anyone know if i'll lose root with this?

  • Jtnix430

    Anyone heard anything about the volume fix for the dx?

    • Dragoneer

      Lemme Google that for you: http://tinyurl.com/33ojr3f

      • Aubreyvt

        Thats sweet!!!!!! Never seen that before. Maybe im to old :). Nice link.

  • Tracy Wilborn


  • Poopetr

    I've had Froyo on my discontinued Droid Eris since forever now. What took droidx so long?

  • Turner

    This is why I love DL. And my dads new X just got here. He's going to love Froyo! (I already do!)

  • Hlema

    Our they going to do something about the weak sound output? Can hardly hear the phone ring. Sucks.

  • aha this is hilarious to me in the last two droid x post i had just said verizon had the update if u go to the store they will push the update to you cuz i had it for two days already and no one believed me now look yall getting it tommorow when u couldve had it when i told you guys sucks when u dont believe someone lol

    • Dragoneer

      I call BS on this. You're a liar unless you prove it by posting a screenshot of your system info showing that you have the official build.

      • Aubreyvt

        Tried to get “Javonte” to prove it yesterday. Wouldn't. So im with ya….. BS.

      • how do i post picture

  • Awsome but now what are we gonna complain about hahahaha

    • Carlos

      When gingerbread gonna be heah?

      • Hope X users get it first!

      • Wayne

        How do you root gingerbread

    • Hahaha geez where is my ginger bread lol