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Verizon Makes Prepaid DROIDs Official, Launching September 28

Those prepaid Droids we talked about earlier in the week have turned official.  As of September 28th, you’ll be able to buy any Droid and turn it into a prepaid minute plan.  Actually, you can probably take your current Droid and turn it into one if you’d like.  While the press release below says 9/28, the VZW prepaid site is already live…

BASKING RIDGE, N.J., Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ — Verizon Wireless today announced it will be expanding its portfolio of prepaid offerings to include a new 3G Prepaid data package that lets customers access unlimited data on select 3G Smartphones and Multimedia phones for $30 monthly access. Multimedia phone customers also have the option of selecting a new $10 monthly data package for 25 MB per month ($.20/MB overage). These new prepaid data packages will be available in Verizon Wireless Communications Store today and online at www.verizonwireless.com beginning Sept. 28.

“These new data offerings will help our prepaid customers experience the full breadth of Verizon Wireless’ robust device portfolio and the many engaging, informative and helpful applications that depend on a data plan,” said Jim Sullivan, director of marketing for Verizon Wireless. “Our prepaid customers will now have the freedom to enjoy all of the capabilities that these phones have to offer, while controlling costs and without being tied to a contract.”

Full lineup of Droid devices is available:

  • DROID by Motorola
  • DROID X by Motorola
  • DROID 2 by Motorola
  • DROID Eris™ by HTC
  • DROID Incredible by HTC

Monthly plans:

For more, visit www.verizonwireless.com/prepaid.

Anyone switching to a prepaid plan?

Source:  PR Newswire

  • etxsgyrl

    Can I turn my droid bionic into a prepaid?

    • etxsgyrl

      If I can change my verizon motorola
      droid bionic- what do I need to do to get it changed to prepaid?

  • Diamond

    Can I convert my Droid incredible 2 from a contract to prepaid? How?

  • picaso86

    Wait… thats not a bad idea… just pay for the unlimited data plan and use Google Voice for your text and voice calls… Awesome! 🙂

  • Goateeruffian

    you still have to have a $30 data package plus you havta to pay full retail for the device which is usually around $550 droid…not only that the plans on average are $5 more then the contract plans….it really not an exceptional deal…..

    • Trevs

      It's mainly geared towards people who would typically have an enormous security deposit also the phones will not be the full retail price but will be discounted albeit not by too much!

  • I don't see much difference between this and the contract plan. You're still paying over $60 for talk and on top of that you're paying $30 monthly on your prepaid plan. Thats about the same as a contract plan.

  • trumpet444

    25 cents a minute “after” you run out of your 'unlimited' minutes????…….I suppose that has something to do with the **

  • Snowblind64

    Didn't see and smart phones on that site. No mention of prepaid data plans. Looks like it's only good for feature phones or dumb phones.

  • This will totally receive higher praise than T-Mobile's Sidekick prepaid plans. You can get Picture messaging! lol. The pricing is right on, and no contract required. One my contract is up, I'm taking advantage of this myself. I don't want to be in a contract anymore. It's completely smart of Verizon to do this. Just don't forget, they never mentioned the price for the phones, I'm assuming the Droid X would be around $299.99~$349.99 for the prepaid.

    • Epell

      you don't have to have 2 year contract to get a postpaid plan, do you?

  • whats the “plans” for data to these?

  • saimin

    Are the pre-paid rates higher than the contract rates? What's up with that?
    Aren't T-Mobile's pre-paid rates much cheaper than their contract rates?

  • Hmm… can this be abused by buying only a handful of minutes, the unlimited data, and using google voice for texting to get a seriously low price?

    • yes. but it's perfectly legal 🙂

    • Snowblind64

      Where did you see an unlimited prepaid data plan on that site?

    • picaso86

      Wait… thats not a bad idea… just pay for the unlimited data plan and use Google Voice for your text and voice calls… Awesome! 🙂

  • indiana85


  • TMoney2007

    Can someone comment on if this is any cheaper than the regular plans? It should be considering they aren't subsidizing the phones.

    • They are the same as a contract. The phone price wouldn't be though. They would crank up the price of the Prepaid phones, as they do now. the reason you get a cheaper phone on a contract is because exactly that. You're in a contract and you have a $350 ETF if you cancel prior to the 2 years. With Prepaid you won't. Yes Overall it is a great deal, especially for those that want buy one off of ebay and activate. Now you will have to have good “credit” with Verizon to activate though, as with any prepaid phone. No previous defaulted lines and unpaid bills.

  • Evermour

    My mom will love this.

  • krze